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What sneakers can you find at the Nike Outlet right now? Come with me to my local Nike Factory stores to see what wild sneakers we can find!

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We got to hold up and is it 20% off of That as well yeah that's awesome I'm Going to every Nike outlet that I can in 24 hours to find the best sneakers and Sneaker deals that I possibly can and in Today's video we find some pretty Incredible stuff let's get to it but First I want to give a huge thank you to Poison for sponsoring today's video and While I talk about poison I'm actually Going to unbox this package that I Bought from Poison and show you guys What I got poison is a leading Online Marketplace with over 300,000 products Not only that they use their name on the Tape which I think is awesome getting Back to the products though those Include sneakers and lug good so really Anything that you're looking for at Least anything that you'd find on this Channel you can find them poison Obviously poison is great prices but They also have free legit checking with An easy twep process and for a limited Time you can use my code yt1 for up to $30 off of your purchase not only that They offer returns within 3 days of Receiving the product and I'll be honest I'm probably not going to be returning These cuz this is a pair that I really Wanted to double up on and I finally did Oh look at that even the bubble wrap is Poison branded that's sick if you guys Want to check out poison for yourself

Which I absolutely recommend make sure To click the link in the top of the Description below they have some of the Best prices around around and again if You use my code yt1 you get $30 off your Order now as you can see we got a pair Of Air Jordan 1es and you guys might Recognize them as oh we got the poison Card hold up we got the authentication Certificate right there with the Poison Logo on this side there's also a QR code Which you can scan but I don't want to Show you guys my serial number cuz That's Private look at this the lost and found Jordan 1es they've also got that poison Authentication tag right there just so You know that they've been legit checked By poison and these are 100% authentic With Poison's leading Marketplace you Can get sneakers like this and a bunch Of other crazy luxury goods for great Prices that are all guaranteed to be Authentic you can grab the same hyped up Sneakers that you can grab on other Sites except for cheaper on poison don't Forget if the sneakers that you get are Not exactly what you wanted you have 3 Days after you get the sneakers in to Return them back to poison which a lot Of other places don't do so again if you Want to check out poison for yourself Make sure to click the link in the top Of the description below and don't

Forget to use my code yt1 for $30 off Your order huge thank you to poison once Again for sponsoring today's video my Goal today is to find the best sneaker That I can possibly find at the Nike Outlet for the best price and because We're a couple weeks out from Christmas I'm hopeful we find a lot of returns not Only that Nike just shut down their Online refurbished sneaker program which Means that all their refurbished Sneakers that would have been sold Online should now be in store so I think There's a lot of really great Opportunity to find some pretty amazing Stuff today and rather than go to my Usual spots I decided to drive an hour And a half outside of Philadelphia to go To the Jersey Shore because there's a Nike outlet there that I never go to and I usually have a lot of luck there so Hopefully we find something got some Twos over here look pretty clean sueded Leather dig those don't know the name of The colorway though in case we're over In the Jordan section they got some uh Air Jordan Sevens right here the Infrared sevens they got the twos that We just saw these are the melon tints Okay and then some Lowe's and that's About it now might surprise you because My whole channel is about sneakers and I Have probably 150 pairs of sneakers I Don't have a pair of sneakers to play

Basketball in that I don't mind beating Up seriously it's crazy I don't Understand it but I don't sometimes Brands send me basketball sneakers but a Lot of times those sneakers or limited Editions or special editions that I just Don't want to play basketball in and Ruin so I figured today would be the Perfect opportunity to try find a be Basketball sneakers for a great price That I don't mind beating up especially If I'm playing basketball outside Because those sneakers attraction wears Down so quickly I don't want to ruin a Nice pair of shoes like a pair of Kobes Or the newest pair of Jordans or even a Pair of New Balances I'm looking for Some ball shoes though and they've got These Guys these Jordan 36 is right here Lowe's for 69 bucks that's a great price 20% off okay 20% off the wall I'm Actually going to grab these in my size Size N9 where we at here we go let me Try these guys on really quick off of Today we got the tiger Heather socks Which drop this Friday Officially oops dropping the boxes The Nine's a little tight I might go up to Size 9 and a half let me try those Really quick this is probably boring but Still I'm grabbing these for cheap so I'm going to 9 and a half is the Move not seeing anything new seen the Sakai which we've seen a million times

Before we've got the acronyms which Again seen a bunch of times before not Seen anything like I haven't seen a lot Recently we do have some Jordan MVPs but that's pretty much it like we Got some pandas in the back wall size 10 And a half it's wild that just two years Ago it was almost impossible to find Nike Dunks for retail anywhere and Nowadays you can walk into the Nike Outlet and find pairs for way under Retail Kai just pointed out these to me We got these Nike Dunks right here not My size unfortunately but the be to your Schools for 115 plus 20% off which is Not bad honestly they were my size it' Be a pick up but unfortunately not I Mean shoot there's a pair of panda dunks On the back wall for 20% off that's Crazy I might grab these I'm not sure I Get the people don't love Panda dunks But still for 20% off that's kind of a No-brainer unfortunately though it was My size so I didn't grab it but after Talking to someone who worked there Apparently they got pairs in all the Time I saw a pair of pandas over there And I was like shoot yeah we got a lot Of pandas that doesn't surprise [Music] Me no way they brought down the Undercover mock to $49.97 off of 160 That's a crazy price oh my gosh I Probably wouldn't Rock these but that is

An insane price and they've got a full Size run we got the sabrinas over here In a men's size 11 for 130 and is it 20% Off of that as well yeah that's awesome So over here in the women's section we Got these threes that we've seen a bunch Of times before I think we've picked Them up not from this outlet but other Outlets before El we got we got some Twos some OG twos in a size five for $159 little bit cheaper online but That's fine and then we've got some uh Shoot what's the name of these guys the The nah Chanel's maybe we got some LeBron's over here these are pretty Clean I've never seen this colorway Before the industrial Blues actually I Think I talked about them in consider Sell a while ago fortunately not my size The Nike s SP Force 58s this nice Lakers Colorway you got some Jordan 6 low golfs Right here for 220 and then you also got These Jordan 1 mid SE for 135 not a bad Colorway at all oh we've also got the uh Undefeateds they' been sitting for a Minute now down to 105 or 109 plus 20% Off and then also these Air Max pluses Right here I really dig Air Max pluses I Don't have any pairs at the minute but I Think they're [Music] Awesome also kind of crazy these black And red Rosies these would be going for Crazy money back in like 2012 but right

Now they're $39.99 good color way though And a full size run got some Nike Air Penny twos in this nice cream and white Colorway very solid for $149 got some Pretty solid baby kicks over here we got The uh midnight navies we got what look Like some sort of Jordan one elephant Kind of clean bunch of different sizes Too hold up I found one more pair of Sneakers up here this is the uh women's Nike Dunk high and this like satin Yellow and black that's actually super Clean for 130 plus 20% off not bad I Don't think I'm going to grab it but Solid Fine this be Jordan 36 lows might not be Your favorite pair of basketball Sneakers you might not like the way that It looks might not even like the color Way and it's definitely not going to Grab anyone's attention on the Basketball court but for $55 for a shoe That's usually around $200 I couldn't Turn it down sure it's a year old but at The end of the day it's a pair of Performance basketball sneakers you're Supposed to play basketball in these and Beat these up so it doesn't matter if You're getting pair from last year this Year or even 5 years ago they're all Decent all right some might be better Than others but the 36 is a solid shoe Especially in the low top variant and For $55 especially when I thought it was

$69 the price is is insane you might Have also noticed that that wasn't the Only thing I grabbed at the Nike outlet I also grabbed a mini basketball cuz I Thought it was cool so at this point I Decided to head back home because the Only place to go after this would be the Beach and I'm not going to do that cuz It's like 20° outside and the good news Is is that there's actually a Nike Outlet on the way Home and almost as soon as I walked in I Saw an endcap with retro Jordans on it So I had to check it out it's one the Endcaps they got the fear 3s they got The up in the air 2os they got some golf Runs that look pretty cool some LeBron Look see what they got some L low i e Here geordan the sevs some twos a bunch Of the DJ Cal fives I actually really Love these they were just a little bit Cheaper I grab them from my wife 109 for The up in the ears not a b price a full Size run they got the uh Jordan one low Crafts it's about it but 999 is not bad Of course not every pair of crazy Sneakers that you look for at the Nike Outlette is going to be on the end cap You've got to check the back wall Because that's where the hidden gems are Got some BS down here some dunk Mids got these guys that we just saw at The last Outlet hold up looks like we Got some Jordan

N9 Jordan 9 winner eyes NRG kind of cool Haven't seen these before in the outlet They're not too bad actually for 20% off Might be a pickup got a bunch of the Jordan systems like a bunch of different Sizes don't like these very much got Some Jordan one mids coconut milk Colorway got some dunks right here these Are the uh shoes what are they called Stadium green dunks brand new size 12 For 20% off not too [Music] Bad so for for some reason the first Nike outlet that I went to didn't seem To have a refurbished section and like I Said I think the refurbished section is Where we're going to find a lot of our Diamonds in the Rough and luckily enough For me this Nike outlet did have a Refurbish section first things first we Got some PRM some Heavener red light Curry Air Forces right here for 84 off Of 140 these up tempos for 85 not too Bad off of 170 oh and we got some gold Bullets right here that's kind of crazy If it's my size I'm going to grab them Size eight8 and a half I could actually Grab these 93 off of 1 85 I think this Is a pickup I think I'm going to grab These guys this is size 8 and half so I Could fit It the unknown LeBron collab for 105 Size 8 and half not bad I actually Already have these though so I'm good on

That but they're usually 210 it's a Great Price some of Shad wees 58 they just came out with the twos oh Hold up these are my size I would have Grabbed these got Jordan 37 Low's oh man I really should have grabbed these if They were my size I really would have Grabbed those if this from my size got Some color of the month Air Forces for 65 this nice Olive colorway so Unfortunately I wasn't really finding Anything hyped up in the men's section Of the store so I decided to stop by the Women's section because you never know Where you're going to find and uh I was Impressed in fact almost every single End cap or end of the Shelf had a pair Of sneakers that I thought was sold out I mean shoot there was colorways of Dunks I didn't even know existed got Some nice women's dunks colorways some Even Jordan Ones those are pretty clean Clean twos and threes these are super Clean I don't know what those are but Those are clean we got ooh fours we got The craft four is in a kid size we got More DJ khas and then we got the black Cement 3 2os got some good kids Jordans Right here ooh Cardinals these are Actually fire got the Aman year 12s some Nice ones got some silver bullets in the Women's referbished section pretty nice For 90 that's such a great price and

Gold bullets too got some women's Lany Ones up here size 10 and 12 not too bad But unfortunately as you probably could Have guessed cuz it was a women's Section I didn't find anything in my Size they got the dunk 85s for 99 97 in Like every size which is well okay 10 And 1 12 9 and 11 so not every size but A lot of sizes it's a great price no one Really seems to want these though looks Like somewhere we've got the elephant Prints and some nice one Low's the Sevens the IES more sevens right there Nothing I really want though oh over Here they got the Ambush Air Force One Low's solid shoe bought that a bunch of Times we got some Zoom freak fours and This interesting colorway now as you Guys saw I did actually end up picking Up something from this Nike outlet even Though we didn't find anything crazy we Did find find a solid pair of shoes and That of course was this refurbished pair Of Air Max 97 gold bullets now usually This shoe is priced at 185 bucks when It's brand new but I was able to get it For 93 in fact hold up I actually got it For cheaper than that because it was on The wall I got a 20% off discount which Was $18.60 so I got this pair of shoes For $74.40 and this is actually the exact Kind of deal that I was looking for in Today's video to try and find a pair of

Sneakers that was solid relatively hyped Up for an insane price and I think a Pair of gold bullet 97s in my size for $74 Barely Used is a steel so at this Point I'm going to be honest I wasn't Incredibly happy with the sneakers that We had found so far at the two Nike Outlets that we had been to so I decided On the way home I was going to take a Bit of a detour to a Nike outlet that Was like an extra 40 minutes out of the Way and see if we can find anything There first off on the kids wall they Got DJ Keds I got the cause it's pretty Solid I got some kind of dunk here I've Never seen this before this is the dunk Jumbo 20% off 125 not bad interesting Shoe though see what's inside this box Looks like it's a LeBron 21 See which colorway ooh he's kind of Clean full retail 210 20% off size 11 Now unfortunately this store is not your Standard Nike Factory Outlet Store it's Actually a Nike unite store which means It's more of a uh I guess a regular Retail location however it does still Have that sort of Nike outlet back wall So I decided to take a gander see what We could find here we got some Jordan One High Golf big size size see I can't See I'm covering it up size 13 kind of Cool color way it's not something that I Want and at this point on the back wall I I wasn't really finding anything so I

Decided to stop by the referb section Which I didn't even know that they had See if there's anything worth picking up We got a lot of stuff here today it Looks like got some shod Wares a lot of Those in that color way here the shuts Try to pronounce that got some Air Max 97s got some Jordan 1 mids for 81 Usually 135 that's not bad o we got hold Up we got the Halloween dunk highs right Here for 63 off of 125 that's actually a Dope find I might pick this up my size Size 10 I could rock it that's a dope Find let me see what the conditions like Not bad not bad at all you know what I Think I'm going to grab these cuz these Are clean I don't think I've ever seen a Price that's better than this even Online so I'm going to go ahead and grab These guys for 63 now obviously no box But still honestly great pickup so at This point I'm feeling pretty good I Found a great pair of sneakers for a Great price on the refurbished wall and I decide you know what let's just check Out let's just be done with it so I put My phone away as I'm at the checkout Counter the employees helping me ask me Do you want any of the sneakers that are Behind me on the shelf and I took a look And I was like what now to be fair a lot Of it wasn't my size and a lot of it Wasn't really worth anything I did kind Of sink my phone out and film a very

Sneaky little shot of the stuff on the Back wall just to give you guys an idea Of what I saw but there was one pair of Sneakers that at the right price I would Grab and as you may have guessed I Picked up the Air Jordan 1 reimagined Royal now unfortunately this shoe is not My size but I'm sure I can find Something to do with it maybe I'll give It away or something like that it was Such a good price that I had to grab it As you can see this shoe is completely Brand new never worn which is amazing it Seems like someone just returned it cuz It didn't have any resale and somehow I Got this shoe for almost 30% off there Was a 20% off because it was on the wall Technically and there was also a 10% off I'm not sure why maybe he just did me a Solid I'm not totally sure but I was Able to get this shoe for basically $31.60 off and what's crazy is that it Was already on sale for 144 so I got This pair of sneakers for $104 which I mean it's kind of crazy Especially because this is a $180 pair Of sneakers I mean even if you buy this Shoe online on the resale Market you're Going to be paying at least $130 $140 so I got this for like $40 off but of Course that wasn't the only pair of Sneakers that we picked up we also Picked up the Halloween dunks or I guess The uh candy corn dunks whatever you

Want to call them I'm actually not Totally sure what the name of these are These are the Halloween dunks now these Guys were originally priced at $125 they didn't take off the security Tag how did they on both shoes oh no That's crazy how did that not go off Maybe that's why they were so cheap uh Getting back to it uh these were Originally 125 they are now 63 but Actually after the discount cuz they Were on the wall they were brought down To $45 and. 36 this pair of Sho is Originally retailed for $125 and I got It for $45 and it actually resells for Basically retail one of the most insane Profit margin wise finds that I've ever Had at the Nike outlet uh but obviously There is a catch and that if I walk back Into the Nike outlet they're going to Arrest me I guess on that note let me Tell you guys about something positive That I'm really excited about and that's That we're giving away a pair of the Air Jordan 4 breads the pair that hasn't Even come out yet now the way that I'm Giving away this pair of sneakers is by Throwing it into a random Apothecary Order which is my sock brand if you're Not familiar between and the end of the Month if you didn't know we just dropped Our tiger Heather collection this Friday And this black and red colorway goes Great with the bread fors it's a match

Made in heaven and I mean hey if you Grab any of the socks from that Collection or any sock on our website or Even any clothing like this hat that's Pretty much broke hat you do have a Chance of this pair of shoes showing up At your doorstep along with your order That's pretty much it just want to let You guys know in case you wanted a pair Of bread fors so uh with that being said Let's hit the next Nike Outlet so it's a good thing that this is A 24-hour Challenge and not like a One-day challenge because I hit up this Next out Outlet within 24 hours but the Next day and for pretty much like the Last year or so this has been the outlet Where I find most of my heat and because I've been having so much luck at the Reverber section I decided to not beat Around the bush and hit it first okay so The first thing I'm seeing is this pair Of Air Jordan Twos for 75 bucks in a Size 9 that's crazy that's actually a Steal let me see what the condition is On these guys definitely worn but not Bad that's actually wild I think I'm Going to grab these they're my size too So might as well white Cherrywood all Right let's check out The Returned heat Wall what do we have three sneakers Today looks like we've got reimagine Ones in a small size these maroon ones And then also this pair of dor Beckers

Dor Becker cortezes it looks like PR Price 90 not bad size n so just like the Other outlets we've got the uh the Infrared sevens right here for 129 we've Also got melon tint Twos for 119 and of Course the up in the air Twos for 109 All good Sneakers but just not hyped so They're not moving so like I said Earlier I was looking for LeBron's to Rock to play ball in uh the man I wish I'd seen these before man I like these Better than the Jordans that I picked up These are the LeBron 20s those are clean I also really like the LeBron 21s but They're full retail at 210 I kind of Want to grab these I don't love the Color way but I kind of want to grab Them cuz they're only 89 bucks which is An insane price I think I might if they Have a size n do they dang I don't know If they do wow okay I guess I'm not Grabbing these that's crazy these guys I Would grab but they're full retail and I Just I don't like them enough to pay Full retail otherwise I would have Bought them online so I'm going to leave Them all right let's see if we can find Anything on the back wall got some Jordan one low fly eases got some uh What are these Jordan Delta 3 Low's got The basketball sneakers I picked up Yesterday oo got some Jordan one golf Shoes I've actually grabbed these before So I'm not going to grab them again got

Some jaw ones oh and this nice CNY Colorway that's pretty clean and then of Course we got the Sakai Blazers that Have been sitting for I mean almost a Year at this point here we got some Animal Instinct 3s in a size 16 full Retail except with 20% off some of the Elephant prints that's about it that I'm Seeing on the wall ooh some golf ones we Saw at the last Outlet oh and some uh Terminators and a size 11 actually up Here these are kind of clean these are The AJ ko1 Breads unfortunately in a size 11 Otherwise I would grab them but uh 20% Off full retail though what's full Retail on these guys let me see doesn't Say but I'm assuming around like 140 Most likely I'm not going to lie I was a Little disappointed that there wasn't Really any heat on the heat wall as they Call it in fact in the last episode This Is the Outlet where we found the Air Jordan 11 gratitude so I had High Hopes Uh but there was nothing in the men's Section so I headed to the women's Section oh these guys but is that really Anything nah bunch of these camo dunks That have been sitting for months some Twos hold up we got some really nice Dunks up here these nice like Navy dunks Hyper Cobalt dunks these are actually Super clean 90 bucks plus 20% off not Bad really like those a lot actually got

Some like tan and lighter tan and navy Dunks so got both colorways of the amam Maner For full retail unfortunately the lames Are down to 129 though and the ogs are Down to 134 but uh these would have been A pickup if they were cheaper that's why There's probably a fulls sizee run and Surprisingly there was some heat but Again as expected all women's sizes I Guess the y m 12s were always women's Shoes so it was possible that there was A size that could have fit me there but Still there wasn't so over here we got a Lot of dunks we got the dunk mids in a Amber brown colorway for 69 it's crazy You can see so many dunks sitting you've Got these dunk high for 99 in this uh Safety orange color way it's wild how Many dunks are sitting they're Everywhere if you're looking for dunks Go to any Nike outlet they have a Million of them but I mean hey even Though we didn't find anything in the Wall that was that exciting we did find A pair of refurbished Air Jordan 2os Which are actually in really great Condition there is definitely some dust In the out soole someone probably tried These on well at least in store and uh The original retail price of these guys Was 150 bucks now uh unfortunately it Looks like unlike some of the other Refurbish shoes they did not give me the

20% off so I just got these guys for an Even $75 which is the price written on The box which is odd because every other Time I've come to this Outlet they've Given me the 20% off of the refurbish Section so I'm wondering if some Employees do that and some employees Don't I wonder if there's like a policy And I'm just getting lucky I have no Idea but either way I got these for the Mark price of $75 which still is not bad But is about what they go for online so Which sneaker was the best pickup of the Day well there was two sneakers and I Think were both amazing pickups and they Were actually both from the same outlet But the way that I've decided to Determine the winner and the best pickup Of the day is by percentage taken off Because honestly they're both around the Same level of hyped which is a little Hyped but not that hyped the Air Jordan One Royal reimagined we got for 42.2 22222 222% off I mean it's a $180 shoe and we Got it for 104 bucks that's pretty Incredible the Nike dun Kai Halloween we Got for 64% off this is your winner and Again we got it for an incredible price $45 usually priced at $125 the best find Of the day although tainted because if I Pull this off I'm going to get covered In ink but yeah let me know your Thoughts on this in the comment section

Down below which shoe would you have Picked up if you had had the option to Pick up any of the sneakers thank you All so much for watching make sure to Subscribe if you haven't yet and I will See you all in the next one