These are the sneaker releases in February that you need to know about on February 8th we've got two different Colorways of the brand new Kobe 8 protor First is the cord purple colorway and The second is the radiant Emerald Dropping on the 10th is the Air Jordan 13 blue gray it's a super clean 13 Colorway but I'm afraid that suede is Going to get dirty Crazy Fast next up on The 14th we've got the Nike Air foam Posit one eggplant they're finally Bringing this classic back too bad no One really wears foam posits anymore Dropping on the 15th for All-Star Weekend we've got the Nike kd4 Galaxy This shoe is the first retro of the Iconic Allstar four is that released Back in 2012 also on the 15th we've got The trophy room Air Jordan one Lowe's oh Actually no scratch that they've moved To March dropping on the 16th is the Air Jordan 1 high metallic burgundy it looks Like it would be an OG colorway of the Air Jordan 1es but it's not the 17th is The Air Jordan 4 bread reimagine this is One of the hottest sneakers of the year And I totally understand why it's an OG Air Jordan 4 colorway except Jordan Brand switched out the new buuck on the Upper for leather then on the 24th is The Air Jordan 1 black and white hey It's just like what the name says it's a Black and white Jordan 1