These are the sneaker releases in January 2024 that you need to know about Dropping on January 4th is the Nike Zumex alphafly 3 in the Prototype Colorway sure this shoe cost $285 but it's one of the most Technologically advanced running Sneakers out there dropping on January 11th is the Nike Air max90 infrared in Gortex if you're looking for a solid Winter beater you can't go wrong with an OG pair of Air max90s in gortex on the 12th we've got the women's Nike Dunk low Black anite these might look all black At first but when you take a picture of These with the flash you'll realize that The overlay are actually a reflective Dropping on the 13th we've got the Air Jordan 1 yellow ochres this is honestly A Super Clean Air Jordan 1 colorway it Comes in Chicago color blocking and I Definitely think it's going to go under The radar for most people rounding Things off on the 24th we've got the Air Jordan one low Year of the Dragon I Would bet money on the fact that this Shoe is stupid limited but the materials Look solid and the colorway is great Make sure to follow for next month's Sneet releases