In this video I tell you which are the best sneakers to wear with shorts and also which sneakers you should NOT to wear with shorts. I also advice you on common mistakes to avoid when wearing specific shoes with shorts

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Sneakers and shorts there isn't a better Combination when it comes to what to Wear in the summertime but there's many Questions about this for example which Sneakers can you actually wear with Shorts and which ones you should simply Not doesn't matter which type of shorts You wear well we will be getting into All of those questions in this video and Much more my name is Josh and in this Video I'll be giving you the best Sneakers to wear with shorts before we Get into the list I have to say there Isn't a one size fits-all answer here Because figuring out which sneakers look Best depends a lot on body types if you Are tall and you got some pretty skinny Ankles like I do then wearing chunky Sneakers yeah not a good look however if You got some bigger legs then chunky Sneakers don't look so bad and that is Just one example so that's something to Keep in mind so let's get into it Starting off with the Nike Dunk low These come in an infinite number of Colorways which make them pretty fun to Style it means you can match your shirt Or your hat with the shoes and they Really pop when you wear them with Shorts denim shorts cargo shorts it does Not matter dunks are just simply one of The easiest choose the style and are a Summertime staple they are low top Sneakers but they're not too low profile

Where I feel like my ankles are getting Overexposed they are at just the right Height and the SB version of the dunk is Even better SB Dunks are pretty unique Especially when we're talking about some Of the collabs so wearing them with Shorts is the perfect way to wear them Because why would you want to hide these No matter what they are going to be the Star of your outfit so summertime make Sure you get out those SP dunks next we Have to talk about the Air Force One There is a reason why the white Air Force One is still the number one Selling shoe from Nike every single year And in the summertime they look extra Crispy they are so good because you can Wear them however you like whatever Shorts you got it doesn't matter I can List them all you don't have to think About it throw on a pair of forces and They make any outfit that much better Next we got a couple of very popular Adidas sneakers right now the Adidas Sambas as well as the gazelles now this Shoe is a perfect example of what I Talked about earlier in the video Personally I am not a big fan at all Avoid wearing sambas and gazelles with Shorts simply because of how low profile The shoe is on the ankle collar area Because I got some pretty skinny ankles When I wear sambas with shorts I feel Like my ankles are just too highlighted

They're not covered at all which is why I don't like them even though these Sneakers are simply one of my favorite Shoes to wear with pants because of how Versatile they are however if I am going To wear shorts and I want to wear an Adidas sneaker I'd rather go with the Superstars which is a much chunkier shoe With a higher ankle collar but you still Get that classic Adidas vibe that you're Going for if I had to wear a pair of Sambas with shorts I would rather go for The samba Classics yeah those with the Big tongues simply because they hide my Ankles much more than a regular pair of Sambos do that being said though if you Have some wider ankles I still think the Sambos look very clean as well as the Gazelles so it very much depends on Who's wearing them personally I prefer Not to wear sambas next we gotta talk About Vans a classic pair of Vans paired With some shorts there is no outfit that Says casual summer Vibes more than that I got these recently the Vans new school Or the puffy Vans and personally really Love them really gives off that skater Type of vibe and vans are the perfect Sneakers to wear with shorts because it Simply doesn't matter what type of short To wear these with you can wear these With denim shorts skinny jean shorts Normal socks or ankle socks it doesn't Matter Vans are Timeless you can easily

Make an argument that these are overall The best sneakers to wear with shorts we Also got to talk about running shoes and There's a lot of shoes that can go into This category for example the Zumba Maro 5. you can also name pretty much any A6 Model in here mizunos as well all the Shoes in this category are perfect for Summertime use because they're all Lightweight they all got a pretty low Profile they look great on feet and Above all they are super comfortable I Know for me the Zumba Maro 5 is Definitely going to be one of my go-to Sneakers to wear with shorts this year And speaking of comfortable shoes for Your summer days look no further than The New Balance 2002 R and 1906r they're Basically the same shoe with a few Visual differences they are both Extremely comfortable and the good thing Is the hype on these have gone down Quite a lot so nowadays you can actually Get pretty much any colorway for retail Or pretty close to retail another one to Add to the category is the 860 V2 which Is starting to get a little popularity It has the same level of comfort as the Other two pairs but they're not as Chunky they're a bit lower profile so if That's something you're into and if you Have a look at some of these upcoming Colorways they are absolutely fire and Definitely a great pickup for the

Summertime but if I had to pick one New Balance sneaker to wear with shorts I Will say it has to be the 550. I know The shoe has lost a lot of popularity Over the last year probably because New Balance gave us a million different Colorways but that doesn't take away From the fact that they look so clean With shorts they're very easy to style And it's one of those shoes where the Colorway almost doesn't matter I feel Like most colorways look very similar It's also one of the only shoes on this List that you can dress up and dress Down you can go for a super casual look Or something more sophisticated it's Just a great versatile pair to have in Your rotation this summer next we got to Talk about these the Jordan one high and What I'm about to say might be a bit Controversial but I do think that there Is a right way and a wrong way to where Jordan 1 highs would short the mistake That I see a lot of people doing with Jordan 1 highs is that they pair them With shorts that are either at the knee Or even worse below the knee and when You do this you instantly look a lot Well shorter you know you look like you Have short legs if you're the type of Guy who only likes wearing shorts that Go below the knee then I do suggest Going with a pair of Jordan 1 lows Instead they look better and your legs

Look longer but if you love wearing Jordan 1 highs or pretty much any other High top sneaker for that matter then I Would suggest that wearing these with Shorts that are a bit higher cut shorts That go above the knee are definitely The right types of shorts to pair with These shoes it makes a big difference it Doesn't make you look like you have a Big torso and short legs so definitely Proceed with caution when deciding which Shorts to wear with Jordan one hides and Then we have the Chuck Taylor 70s a Classic shoe and you can pretty much Copy and paste what I said about the Jordan one highs the type of shorts you Wear really matters when wearing Chucks Simply the higher the better one more Thing to keep in mind when wearing these Is I would rather pair them with shorts That are a bit Slimmer fitting because These shoes are so thin they're made out Of canvas that's why they look much Better when you pair them with Slimmer Fitting shorts rather than baggy ones Also low top Chuck Taylors are of course A great option as well and of course This video wouldn't be complete if we Didn't talk about Jordan threes and Fours because we love flexing these Shoes in the summer now I consider these Sneakers to be more of a mid-cut Sneakers When comparing them with Jordan One highs because they do have a much

Lower cut on the ankle collar so that Makes them much more versatile when Deciding which pairs of shorts to wear With these you can wear them with some Athletic shorts I think they look great Actually with like a pair of basketball Shorts and also because these shoes are Quite chunky they work really well when Wearing baggier shorts the same cannot Be said however for the Jordan 5 and if There's one shoe that I would say just Never wear these with shorts it has to Be the fives I have yet to see one Person pull these off and the reason is These shoes are so bulky that they look Really big on feet even if you have big Your legs they're also a much higher cut Than a pair of Jordan 4s even so no Matter what it will make you look like You have shorter legs and this really Tall super fat tongue doesn't help at All that cuts off your legs even more Which is why the fives for me are just a Big No-No when it comes to shorts I do Really like them however and I'd wear Them quite a lot with pants hope you Guys found those recommendations useful Let me know in the comments if I missed Anything what is your favorite sneaker To wear with shorts do not forget to hit That subscribe button if you found this Video useful and also follow me on all My social medias you can find the links In the description as well as the link

To my sneaker podcast I will catch you Guys in the next video [Music] Thank you [Music]