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Looking for stylish and affordable sneakers? Look no further! In this video, we’ll show you the best sneakers under $100 for spring and summer 2024. Stay fashionable without breaking the bank with these must-have sneakers!

With spring and summer nearly Approaching it's only right I get your Sneaker game right at an affordable Price so I got options here options That'll be comfortable stylish and of Course affordable all the sneakers on Today's list can be purchased under $100 Now before we get into it go ahead and Comment down below your favorite sneaker That you've purchased under $100 now Let's go ahead and get into this video So kicking things off with the bang we Have the Nike Kill Shot 2 in my opinion This is like a plain white te obviously It's plain so it can be worn with just About anything and because of this it Makes it a sneaker you can never go Wrong with this Blends a retro Vibe with A more modern take not to mention they Have so many colors to choose from the Hardest part is actually picking from All the colorways because they're all a Hit okay maybe besides these and that's Just because I don't like an all black Sneaker with a gum out sole but all the Other colorways are perfect not to Mention it's also a great alternative Al Alternative alternative to sambas I mean They give off the same Vibe it's a low Profile it's sleep so if you want that Samba look without feeling like a trend Hopper try out the Nike kill shot too Next up we have the Adidas s Superstar there's not going to

Be any sambas on this list because as You guys know they're going to be Everywhere during spring and summer but The Superstar is obviously iconic the Superstar has been roing the streets for Generations and for good reason with Their legendary shell toe and Sleek Design you're getting a Timeless sneaker Now if you know me you know I love Versatility and that's exactly what You're getting with the Adidas Superstar You can stop these in so many different Ways from vintage Run DMC air Vibes to a More trendy style like blow cor with Jeans and a soccer jersey now to be Honest I don't love all the colorways The two best ones are obviously the Black and the white so stick with either Of those two this spring in summer and I Promise you your fits will be on point Next up let's talk about one of my Favorites and that's the New Balance 480 Now this sneaker could be sneaker of the Summer now I don't know about you but These look oddly familiar to another Sneaker that was super popular about two Summers ago yes you can call these the New Balance version of the Nike Dunks But to be honest it really doesn't take Anything away from this sneaker the 480 Is super clean and comes in a bunch of Other colorways mixing from leather to Suede now these green ones are probably My personal favorites but to be honest

I've Rock just about any of the Colorways so if you want more of a Lowkey calm sneaker for spring and Summer this one is definitely it let me Know in the comments if you think this Looks like a dunk to me it looks one to One real quick guys sneakers are cool But you want to look good head to toe That's where today's sponsor teach Hanley comes into play if you didn't Know teach Hanley might be the greatest Skincare system of all time specifically For men look we like things nice and Simple and with their level one system You can get everything you need and Nothing you don't with the level one System you get a face wash which of Course is essential you also get an Exfoliating scrub which is great to get Rid of all those dead skin cells that Build up on your face you also get an AM And PM moisturizer you need to Moisturize in the morning to protect Your face from the Sun when you go Outside and you also need to moisturize At night right before bed to hydrate Your face that's how you're going to up Your overall look this spring and summer Now since they are today's sponsor you Can get 30% off your first box plus a Free gift using the link in my Description down below confidence is Going to be up your style is going to be Up it's great all around plus as a

Member you'll get 20% off for life and By the way both gifts you're choosing From are a $20 value and complete Game Changers a silic cone body scrubber or a Nail and face grooming kit now you can't Go wrong with either one but personally I prefer the body scrubber and this is Because a traditional loofah tends to Hold a lot of bacteria so don't wait any Longer and click the first link in the Description down below to get started on Your skincare Journey today I promise You you will not regret it anyway Getting into our next sneaker let's go Ahead and get into the Vans new school Obviously a take on the classic old School Vans with some minor differences The Vans old school is a pretty Lowprofile silhouette but the new school To are basically a chunkier version of The sneaker you have a puffier tongue Puffier ankle collar and a puffy 3D Modeled side stripe these are just great Everyday sneakers you can throw on with Everything in your wardrobe and because Of all the extra padding I'm sure They're a lot more comfortable than the Vans old school so let's kick off the Sneakers and get into our next Footwear Option we have the Nike calm slides These are like a vacation on your feet With cushion and comfort now obviously These look oddly similar to some slides Made by Adidas but that's neither here

Nor there these are great for every day Going to the beach walking your dog Showing off your dogs whatever you want To do these are a great option it's a Musop for spring and summer especially At that price point you really can't Beat it so getting back into the sneaker Side of things let's talk about the New Balance 327 now look this is a very Unique silhouette so I understand if not Everyone feels this sneaker but my Personal opinion these are a no-brainer For spring and summer so if you want to Be a little different then these are a Must I mean you're going to see everyone In the same sneaker probably the sambas And it seems like I'm hating a lot on The sambas this video truth is I really Do like those sneakers but if you want To be a little different then these are The way to go my personal favorite is The green pair but you can't go wrong With the more earthy tones like this Orange pair and this brown pair let me Know if you guys are feeling the 327 Silhouette next up let's talk about a Classic of all classics the Chuck Taylor These sneakers are OG's when it comes to Style there's a reason they've been Around for so long with some colorways Still selling out obviously you can't go Wrong with the basic ones either black Or white but if you want to elevate that Look a little more they do have some

Fire collaborations just know they might Not be under $100 so whether you rock With the high tops or just keeping it Low you cannot go wrong with a Converse In your spring and summer rotation and There you have it the ultimate lineup For your budget friendly sneakers this Spring and summer so make sure you go Ahead and treat yourself cop two if you Want you got 200 bucks buy two sneakers Anyway let me know if you're feeling any Of these sneakers on this list in the Comments section below don't forget to Check out today's sponsor teach Handley First link in the description down below As always I appreciate you guys for Watching and I will see you in the next One [Music] Peace