Looking for the best summer shoes to buy? Look no further! In this video, we’ll show you all the best summer shoes to buy for men thus summer 2023. we’ve got you covered!

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of shoes to wear this summer, be sure to check out this video! We’ll show you all the best summer shoes to buy for men this summer 2023, from clark wallabees, loafers, birkenstocks, aime leon dore garden mules and more! We have everything you need to find the perfect pair of shoes for the summer!
The Best Summer Shoes To Buy | Summer Shoes 2023


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Today let's talk about some of the best Summer Footwear options in today's video We're going to be touching on why you Should ditch a regular sneaker and go With one of these options instead now Before we do with you guys like fashion Sneakers and Men's Grooming make sure You hit that subscribe button down below Now let's go ahead and get into it so First up on the list we have one of my Favorites and that is the fear of God Loafer now these loafers are a great Option for those looking for something Comfortable yet stylish the loafers come In a variety of colors and made from High quality materials such as Italian Suede and leather they also feature a Cushioned footbed that will keep your Feet comfortable even on the hottest Days also the slip-on design makes it Super easy especially for those summer Days where you still have to dress up a Bit now of course not everyone wants to Spend 800 on a pair of loafers no matter How good the quality so I have a really Cheap affordable option for you guys Mark Fisher has one that looks almost Identical gives you the same look at a Much more affordable price now the only Downside is that it may lack equality Compared to the fear of God loafers next Up let me know if you guys are rocking With these or not these are the amelion Door Garden mules now these mules are a

Perfect blend of style and comfort the Mules feature a Sleek design that come In a variety of colors they feature a Cork footbed for added Comfort which is Also removable if you want to swap them Out these also feature an embossed logo At the Hue and outsole now these mules Are ideal for summer because they are Affordable coming in at only 95 dollars They're also lightweight and breathable Ensuring that your feet stay cool now Personally I don't think you can go Wrong with any of the five colorways but My top three are the pristine which is Sort of an off-white color the pine and The rain washed just because it's a Little different and it's not something You normally see now third on the list Is a little different from the others it Is the Clark wallabies now these here Are a classic summer shoe that has been Around for decades now the wallaby is Made from a high quality suede or Leather and features a a crep soul that Will keep your feet feeling great all Day long now the shoe's classic design And range of colors make them a Versatile option that can be worn with Everything from shorts or jeans now the Clark wallaby is probably the perfect All-around summer shoe they also have Some pretty dope collabs with kith which Is one of my favorites they also have a Stussy collab Carhartt and most recently

Supreme now I don't know if it's just me But the Supreme ones definitely give off Chrome Hearts Vibes let me know what you Think next up we have the Birkenstock Kyoto this one is a super sleeper these Sandals feature a very unique design and Also come in a few fire colorways from Tan black gray and some others now the Kyoto is made from suede with a Crossover strap with a nubuck leather Strap and velcro closure and of course Just like most of these they also Feature a cork footbed now the great Thing about this footbed is that it Molds to the shape of your foot so the More you wear them the more they shape To your foot and the more comfortable They become this is a unique option for Summer if you Don want to go with the Normal Birkenstock now last but Definitely not least we have the fear of God California personally one of my Favorites these shoes here are probably The most trendy on the list and these Are perfect for people that want to add A bit of hype now these feature a vent On the inner side logo embossed at the Heel counter and some more logo Embossing on the rubber footbed now These also come with a Rubber Sole that Feature extra light technology now this Extra light technology makes this shoe Super light now they also released a 2.0 Version with some slight changes now to

Be honest with you guys I really Wouldn't consider buying the 2.0 version Because they're a lot more expensive Coming in at around 300 so if I were you I would just stick to the 1.0s unless You want a pop of color then you'd have To opt in for the 2.0s so those were Just a few fire Footwear options you can Pick up this Summer that aren't sneakers Now I'm telling you you cannot go wrong With any of these they're stylish Without sacrificing Comfort which makes Them perfect for summer so let me know In the comments below which one do you See yourself rocking as always I Appreciate each and every one of you Guys for watching and I will see you in The next one peace [Music] Foreign [Music]