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I don't know what to say this might have Been the best thrift pickup I've ever made in my entire life I'm literally in shock I I cannot Believe what's in this bag I'm hitting Up some of the best thrift stores in Philadelphia to see what sneakers we can Find and how much potential profit we Can make flipping those sneakers in one Day what's up everybody I'm Seth Valor And let's get to it [Music] All right so because this is the first Episode after the 20 sneaker collection Of whatever new series this is if it's a New series I wanted to start things off At my favorite spot Plato's Closet let's Hit it up let's hope we find something Decent so let's do it [Music] Hey joggers Let's see 20 bucks this shoot never Really took off so I don't think it's Worth anything but cool to see also Pretty heavy too Some Kyrie fly traps that look pretty Much brand new for how much 25 bucks I feel like that's not 11 out of 23. I Was kind of hoping that was gonna be Like a pair 11 out of 23 but I really Doubt it let me check these guys out Anyway just to make sure so yeah Definitely not pair 11 out of 23. and

Really only going for like 50ish bucks But they're probably a slower seller so Even though they're only 25 I'm gonna Leave them bummer that's okay we can Still find something decent oh we got Some Pharrell's hold up Hold up [Music] Now I think this might be the same fake For us we found a couple weeks ago I'll Be honest with you how much he's going For 55 bucks Last time I checked these out yep it's The same ones they said Ultra boost on The inside So a couple weeks ago I found a pair of Actually this exact pair For reals that I thought was legit but It says Ultra boost on the tag and I Searched it and the tag came up as an Ultra boost tag so I'm gonna leave it But kind of plan to see the same pair Twice even though it's been gone for Like three weeks I wonder if someone Returned it Got some Brooks over here Not too bad for how much the price got Some nmds these are pretty clean these Are actually really clean How much they want for these See no price in these oh here we go 20 Bucks 20 bucks is not a bad price let me Check these guys out on eBay really Quick so after checking them out on eBay

Not a bad price but just not worth it For that price or really any price I Probably would only grab these if these Were like five bucks All right so nothing in Plato's today Let's go to Goodwill and see if we can Find anything else [Music] We in there for 39 bucks I don't think It has any remotes but it's got like Remote chargers and the nunchucks Probably not a great price because they Don't go for much but cool fun Nonetheless I love the Wii so Adidas is Right here are these even running videos I don't know what model that is but they Look almost brand new Okay there's a lot more shoes in the Wall than it was last time I was here They've got some d-rubs found here for Nine bucks which are not not worth it And they've also got this huge shoe rack Which is newer but it doesn't really Seem to have anything on it now one time I did find a pair of supreme Air Force Ones for five dollars they would be like Completely beaten destroyed but uh those Shoes like resale for like three to five Hundred dollars but fortunately the ones That I found weren't even worth five Bucks so I didn't even grab them but I Found some crazy stuff here before got Some girls Elite youth ranking Basketball sneakers don't know much

About this but 10 bucks not a terrible Pickup just not in great condition so Far in Goodwill got some new balances we Got some uh Ugg style boots are these Even real New Balances I've never seen This midsole before it's kind of crazy New Balance zip I should look into that It's kind of nuts [Music] Gatorade six is for 60. it's crazy I Haven't seen the shoe in forever I have A pair in my collection the Jordan brand Sent me years ago but have not seen one In a store in a while 60 size 10. They're not in the best condition but Let me check these guys out okay so Unfortunately price wise not worth it For 60 bucks we probably lose money so I'm gonna leave those but is what it is It's got some vans that look just like Air Forces if you guys know what these Are oh we got some spizz eggs they're 75 That's expensive for specs in this Colorway I'm gonna leave these oh and Then we got some Jordan one mids wow This is crazy today for 75 bucks again I Think it's too expensive but I'm gonna Double check on eBay really quick Yeah definitely not worth it for that Price but so cool to find here hold up Wow this is the dope color raises any Rd Colorway for 34 bucks size nine no way In this condition you'll have to pick up That is a really quick pickup not even

Gonna check the price on these guys Because this is just definitely worth it Hold up we got some 12s here too for 45. Let me check these guys out this is such A crazy Buffalo Exchange today you can't Even believe it it's me what's up me all Right so for 45 these are absolutely Worth it these go for around 80 to 100 So definite pick up some Air Max 97's The women's section for 45. don't think They're anything special but So nice find got some LeBrons Very nice the what the 95s is it like The pure I forgot the name not the pure Monies The greedy fives 95s I don't remember Let me check these guys out for 30 bucks That's a good price they are the Greedies and I think for that price it's Like right in the middle because I see Them going for like 40 or 50. But I'm Gonna Leave Him what a crazy set of Pickups Never found pickups this good Episode after the last episode this Crazy I can't believe it hey as awesome As these pickups are they're not as Awesome as a fresh pair of possible Socks in my opinion and yes it's biased Because I created the soccer and Apothecary so of course I'm gonna say That but Apothecary creates your Sneakers favorite socks we make socks

And not only look great with all the Sneakers in your collection but also Feel amazing on foot a lot of that Pseudo are ISO weave technology which is Very stretchy and breathable and super Soft if you guys want to grab any Apothecary stocks or any of our Apothecary apparel make sure to click The link in the top of the description Below apothecary.com we sell a lot of Really great stuff and you guys should Definitely check it out if you haven't Yet Some lady fives For l4ds nothing I want to grab [Music] Got some Foams Foams are coming back Well Mikey's trying to make him come Back I don't know if they're actually Coming back but we got some foams Tens got a lot of stuff that we've seen Over the last couple weeks in the 20 Sneaker collection not too much snow We've got something actually this is a Good price 50 bucks for these 550s That's not bad some 13s for 149. I mean Good stuff just nothing that I really Want so we got some Royals which I've Seen a bunch oh wait 189 for one size Nine That might be a pickup I'm really Surprised but this might be Market That's kind of crazy I thought that was An insane price

Got some fun 13s for 109 bullets okay I'm gonna have to check these guys out Because that seems like a crazy price Especially for what size it's a size 12. Shoot Maybe not maybe that's just like a Standard price for these guys that's Kind of crazy so I got the plastic on The back I'm really surprised by that Huh That's a puma dreamers got some curries Got all sorts of dope stuff here today [Music] Foreign [Music] Sorry This feels good the upper looks all Right I'll actually check this out 90 bucks that is not bad What we got some Kobe's That's crazy No way I'll have to grab these That's nuts I'm gonna grab both I don't know what to say this might have Been the best thrift pickup I've ever made in my entire life I'm literally in shock I I cannot Believe what's in this bag yo I I had to Be quiet in that store because there was Like cashiers right next to me and I Didn't know if I was supposed to film in There also I didn't want to like blow up

My spot and let them know that this Might have been the best pickup I've Ever found not only that I didn't even Know this so I checked out but the Kobe's we got for half price they had a Green tag which apparently means half Price All right so let me just fill you guys In on what we grabbed we grabbed first a Pair of Yeezys No big deal we grabbed them for what I Think it was a hundred and was it 90 it Was 90. so these easies obviously you Never know if Yeezys are legit or not Um I think that these are I've owned a Good amount of pairs of Yeezys I think That they are I am going to legit check Them with the unboxed app uh and let you Guys know before the end of the video Whether these are in fact legit I don't Know if I can return these I think I Probably could though I've been to this Thrift store before and uh there should Be a good chance that I can if they are Fake if I should improve I'm assuming I Have a receipt too so good pick up there I think I can sell these for maybe like 150 so not a huge profit but let's say a Potential profit of like forty dollars If they sell for 150 after fees no box And in decent condition I mean the Boost Is a little worn down but everything Else is in good condition the upper the Prime it looks good I think I get like

150 for these no problem but we found The Kobe six Breads in my size too my Dad I might actually keep these I'm not Even kidding I will legit check these in The unboxed app but um What So this is a pair of pair of 2010 These out on eBay they go for Like 200 to 300 in this condition which Is good condition no bucks Um and like I said they were half off They were a green tag and they were half Off originally marked at 150. why are These half off why did I get these for 75 I don't know I couldn't tell you but Um I dude I don't know I I really really Cannot believe how crazy of a fine this Is two hours later it was just Internally freaking out in that story And I was so quiet I was like sitting There like don't freak out don't forget Five hours later probably the most Insane pickup I've ever had I hope these Are legit 10 hours later I'm literally I I can't Yo [Music] The other thrift store that's attached To the one we were just at Some kyries In a small size for how much 15 bucks got some giant Air Force Ones For 16 I mean John what size are these Size 14.

Big Boy voices and then we got some uh Adidas oh crap I don't remember what these called the D-rubs I think no good on those I don't know what these are and then Some cream of suede and that actually Seems to be about it at this thrift Store which is kind of a bummer but we Found so much good stuff with the last One there's like no reason to be bummed About it okay so Circle Thrift part two Not as good but part one just made it's So worth it it's crazy actually it's Funny because part one was actually Literally Circle Thrift 2. what the name Is But crazy and in addition to our Essentials collection which comes in a Bunch of different colors that are very Easy to match like the tonal colors Which I absolutely love we also drop Limited collections all the time like This race car collection which is super Sick and the thing that I love about This collection in particular is that You can wear the socks in either way you Want if you want to show the Apothecary Logo out or the mini Apothecary logos Out you can do whatever you want there Are four different colorways in this Race car collection and you guys can Grab them all right now on apothecary's Website Linked In the description below Okay so we are back from our thrifting

Adventure and it's crazy because I've Been thrifting sneakers for the last two Years through the 20 sneaker collection And the 20 sneaker collection season 2 Was just finished which by the way if You guys haven't seen that season or the Season finale make sure to click the Link at the top of the screen of the Playlist but I found some of the best Sneaker finds I've ever found and it's Really frustrating that it just happened In this video rather than in any of Those episodes because we could have Gotten a lot more sneakers on the clock A lot more quickly if I've been finding Fines like this it's crazy so let's Start things off with Buffalo Exchange And right off the bat the first pair That we found was this pair of of Air Jordan 12 Retro twists now this is a Pair that I believe dropped back in 2021 It's a sort of white Air Jordan 12 Colorway and we grabbed this shoe for 45 Dollars it's a size 10 and I felt for 45 Bucks we're actually getting a pretty Decent shoe in really great condition so This pair might not be the most hyped up Pair of sneakers that we found today but I do think it's going to be a relatively Quick seller and I think after doing Some research on eBay I've sold listings Of similar pairs and similar sizes well The same pair in similar sizes and in Similar conditions I think I could

Probably sell this pair for like 120 Bucks and not accounting for fees Because we just don't know what those Are yet because we haven't sold it but They're usually around eight percent Depending on where you sell them I think We could make a potential profit on this Shoe of 75 which is really solid now Obviously when push comes to shove and We actually do sell these shoes it's Very possible that they sell for less But it's also possible that they sell For more so I just kind of went for an Average at 120 bucks is what I think I Get for these and uh I feel like it's a Great pickup it's not the most exciting Shoe in the world but it should be an Easy seller the second shoe that we Grabbed from Buffalo Exchange was this Pair of Air Jordan 2 lucky greens which Literally just dropped so we grabbed the Shoe for sixty dollars in really really Great condition size 12. now what's Interesting about these is that even Though they just dropped I don't think That they're selling for retail I think They're actually selling for Less in Retail and this obviously being a used Pair with no box but I think I could Probably get eighty dollars for this Pair which is not great it's less than I Thought I actually found this pair Behind the counter when I was at Buffalo Exchange I didn't film that section

Because I didn't even know I was going To see them or grab them um I thought These would go for more around 100 but I Still think I could get 80 bucks for Them which means we'd have a profit or Potential profit of 20 so we'd still Make money which isn't bad and because These are a newer release I do think I Could sell these relatively quickly and Again really decent condition a little Bit of creasing on the toe not much dirt On the outsole it's crazy that these Shoes were already at a thrift store Like after maybe being out for like two Months alright so the final pair that we Picked up from Buffalo Exchange was this Pair of Pharrell human race nmds the Nerd colorway the sort of cream colorway I think it's actually a mismatch pair Let me grab the other side yeah it is Mismatch pair you've got one outsole in Green one in blue the backs of the shoe Are a little bit different so are the Sock liners but the upper of the shoe is Is the same sort of cream color just With different text on it like obviously On the right shoe you've got any Rd Embroidered and then on the left shoe You've got some sort of uh I actually Don't know what that is in the left shoe But let me know in the comment section Down below so this is a shoe that when It first released was going for a decent Amount of money because all the nerd

Pharrell's were selling for a lot but uh It seems like times have changed and Pharrell sneakers just aren't really Moving the way that they used to move so This pair was another crazy fine though Because it was like on the top shelf of The sneaker shelves Um I only saw the bottom of the shoe but I knew it was a Pharrell from the toe of The sneaker and when I pulled it down I Realized it was a size nine which is my True size and also was only 34. and this Does look like a legit pair like I have A pair of these uh right over there all Right let me grab it really quick I have My own pair right here except my pair is A sample pair which is crazy huge shout Out to Adidas for sending this pair my Way a year or two ago whenever the shoe Is released but I have a pair of these I Can legit check these they look good and For 34. if I was just walking in the Store not filming for a video I still Would have grabbed these because it's my Size and it's two that uh I just think Is such a great sneaker and it's crazy To me that there's just not a lot of Hype on these shoes anymore but even Though we grab these for 34 I don't Think the resale Market is that great on These shoes it's definitely way Below Retail I think selling these on eBay in This condition without a box I could Probably get around 110 for these shoes

I don't know how quickly they would sell Because Pharrell's just aren't moving That quickly anymore so if I did end up Selling these for 110 which I do feel Like is pretty conservative I should be Able to make a profit of around 76 Dollars which is pretty decent like the Fact that these shoes are only thirty Four dollars is crazy usually when I Find these at places like Buffalo Exchange or 2nd Street or something like That they mark up the price a decent Amount because they know what these are Like I've seen pairs just like this in Second Street go for like 150 with just More than they go for online even brand New but this pair was marked really Really well and uh I had to grab it but Now we get to the good part not that the Other shoes we grabbed weren't great Shoes but we get to the insane sneakers So we grab these at Circle Thrift 2 Which is sort of the smaller version of Circle Thrift but the first pair that we Found was this pair of Yeezy zebras now Obviously Kanye not being with Adidas um And there being a lot of drama around That whole situation they don't really Go for what they used to go for but Still not a bad find now this shoe uh is Pretty worn um I didn't realize how War Until just now looking at the outsole There are some pieces that are kind of Torn out which is kind of a bummer but

After looking at the shoe checking it Out on the unboxed app I do believe that This shoe is in fact authentic which is Great you don't always know with easy Sneakers and we grab this shoe for only 90 which is nuts at a thrift store I Mean yes that is high for a thrift store Sneaker but at the same time for a pair Of Yeezys a pair is Iconic as this pair That's pretty great I think I could sell These for like 160 bucks obviously they Don't have a box obviously Yeezys are Not as popular as they once were but I Feel like 160 bucks is reasonable and of Course if we did sell these for 160 Bucks that would mean that we have a Potential profit of 70 which is not bad Definitely a good flip and again it's Crazy to me how we find all of this Stuff now in one day in one episode of Just a random thrifting series and uh we Didn't find any of these during the 20 Sneaky collection I'm not salty Sucks but this is where things get Really really crazy because we actually Found as you guys saw a pair of Kobe's a Pair of Kobe sixes in a size nine which Is my size so I might actually end up Keeping these they are the 2010 bread Colorway now at first glance it looks Like these are selling for 150 but I Went to the store and they told me that Green tags were 50 off that day which is Unbelievable so we grabbed this pair for

75 now the lady at the cash register Actually first rang these up at 7.50 and I I dude I had this like internal battle In my head that was like gosh let her do It but I was like no I can't do that That's wrong so I didn't do it although I wanted to I didn't do it I told her Hey listen you you put it in 7.50 ah man I would have been kicking myself if I Had taken that deal that would have been Screwed up so I didn't do it as much as I wanted to so I grabbed these for 75 And this is a shoe that you literally Never see plus the outsole of this shoe Is like crazy crazy cleanup the whole Shoe itself is very very clean too Pricing this shoe is really difficult Because there's not a lot of bread Kobe 6 is floating around at least not sold Pairs so I wasn't sure exactly what to Do in this situation because there were Pairs and it sold for like 400 and pairs Have been sold for like 150 Um so I kind of met in the middle a Little bit on the lower end just because They didn't have a box at around 200 so That's what I'm giving the shoe as a Potential sale price and obviously at 200 that means we'd have a potential Profit of 125 now it is very possible That we could sell these for more like I Think these could go for maybe 300 if I Was crazy or maybe if I can sign them or Something like that but uh realistically

I feel like 200 is a good conservative Price and uh honestly I might just end Up keeping these because these are dope All right so after adding up all the Potential profits from all the different Sneakers that we picked up it looks like We could potentially make a total profit Of 366 dollars from literally four hours Not even that three hours worth of Thrifting but guys at this point I would Love to know your thoughts on today's Thrifting and which shoes you guys like The best and also I'd love to know some Of your best thrift finds so if you guys Want to send me those through Twitter or Through Instagram at real Seth Valor I'd Love to check them out with all that Being said thank you all so much for Watching make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I will see you all right So really quick update before we end off The video I just ran a legit check on These guys through the unboxed app and Unfortunately as I'm sure a lot of you Guys probably guess they're not legit Which means I'm gonna return them back To the thrift store and we have to Subtract 70 from our potential profit For the day bringing us down to 296. now I'm gonna try and Trend these I think we Should be okay on that but uh kind of a Bummer but the good news is we still Made almost 300 so not the worst thing In the world