This travel bag has room for everything that you need for your weekend getaway! Our Sneaker Backpack has room for your sneakers, clothing, hats and so much more; plus it is carry on friendly. Where are you taking your next trip?

I just cut the let's go sneaker backpack Let's go over some details first of all It looks dope super sleek and durable That's always something I look for if It's carrying my sneakers speaking of Sneakers this bad boy is going to easily Fit two pairs of sneakers up to a size 14. we also got the compartment up top Which has room for two to three Different fits flipping it around we've Also got a padded laptop compartment Which is clutch now I can't forget about The extra storage up top and here you Can figure hats or other miscellaneous Essentials such as your phone wallet Keys you know all that good stuff just Throw it right in there I also love that There's an additional pocket on each Side probably my favorite feature about This bag is the fact that the shoe Compartment is separate than the clothes I hate putting my shoes they've been all Over the ground next to my clean clothes It's just not a good look and how could I forget if you travel this is carry-on Friendly so no issues there if you're Looking for a backpack that can fit Everything you need and more look no Further available online at Receivingator.com now I gotta catch this Flight See ya