The best Uniqlo U pieces right now ????

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The latest Unico U collection just Released and these are the three best Pieces in my opinion first off the arism Oversized long sleeve t-shirt they Finally released a long sleeve version Of everybody's favorite oversized tea it Has a really similar fit if you're a fan Of the arism oversized te I think you're Also going to like this one for Reference I'm 5'7 and wearing a size Small on washed number two the parachute Cargo shorts I placed a pretty big Unico Order and honestly this item was just a Why not sort of purchase but it ended up Being my favorite piece out of the Entire order they have a wide fit large Cargo pockets and an elasticated Waistband I think this would look sick In Summer with an oversiz tea and Sneakers for example and number three we Have the knitted short sleeved polo Shirt I like the boxy fit with the Longer sleeves and the body has a nice Short length so it's perfect for the Shorter guys out there I think this Would look great with a smart casual Summer outfit with some eay Miaki pleats And black boots going on a date night Kind of vibe let me know in the comments Which of these pieces you could see Yourself wearing