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In today’s video I check out the Nike Vapormax 2023! The Nike Vapormax 23 has multiple release dates through 2023 and a retail price of $210! The Nike Vapormax 2023 was originally released in 2016 as a running sneaker and now has had a return to shelves as a lifestyle sneaker. Check out the full Nike Vapormax 23 review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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Is this the best vapormax yet let's find Out what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler And today I'm reviewing the Nike Vapormax 2023 so the original vapormax First debuted back in 2016 and over the Last seven years the shoe has gone Through multiple iterations that have Slowly made the sneaker a better shoe Overall however while the vapormax has Gone through a lot of changes not all of The changes have been good and I think Some versions of the shoe are actually Worse than even the initial release of The shoe the original vapormax from 2016 Was a pretty wild concept we had never Really seen anything like it before the Entire midsole and outsole of the shoe Was made up of a giant air bubble and Then when you pair that with an entirely Flattened upper you get what's in theory An incredibly comfortable sneaker and While yes the original vapormax was Pretty comfortable for some people it Just felt a little off and that's Because some people's feet just didn't Work right with the vapormax outsole Like my feet I found that if I wore the Original vapormax for an entire day my Feet would get tired because of the way That the air units fell it just felt Like I had to do more work to actually Walk in that shoe than to walk in other Shoes and there were a lot of reasons For that it wasn't just my foot shape it

Was was also the way that the air units Were placed and the size of the air Units and all that sort of good stuff And back in 2020 Nike did make a pretty Large change to the vapormax by Completely retooling the vapormax Midsole but even after doing that which Was a welcome change they still had some Weird design choices like removing the Laces and putting in a weird like pull Tab system which by the way broke way Too easily it never seemed to fit me Right I just I hated that lacing system And I didn't understand why Nike Couldn't just go with laces laces have Worked for hundreds of years just stick With laces and as you may remember after The 2020 pair Nike opted to go back to Laces which was great but uh the shoe Just never really recaptured people's Attention like the original pair did Back in 2016. now I'm not saying that The 2020 release of the shoe are really Any of the releases of the shoe in Particular hurt the popularity of the Vapormax I just think over time people Just didn't care as much and the Vapormax went from one of the most Popular sneakers in the market getting Off-white collaborations and cpfm Collaborations to becoming just another Lifestyle sneaker and also I should note That the vapormax was originally Designed and probably is still designed

To be a running sneaker but I've run in The shoe isn't that great especially When compared to other Nike running Sneakers so if you're grabbing a pair of These maybe don't grab them if you're Running maybe just grab them as Lifestyle shoe that if you're on Vacation or something like that you can Run it if you need to but I wouldn't say This is a running shoe although it Definitely has the aesthetic of a Running shoe but after seven years and a Bunch of little changes we finally Arrived at the vapormax 2023 which in my Opinion is the best vapor Max hit for me Now I'll get more into why I think that Later on in the video but first let's Talk about how you can grab a pair of These for yourself so the Nike vapormax 2023 has had a relatively slow rollout Over the last couple weeks first it Released a Finish Line then it released At Foot Locker and it should be Releasing at Nike probably either by the Time this video goes live or just after And the official retail price of the Vapormax 23 is honestly pretty high at 210 bucks now if you want to grab a pair Of these for yourself I've made sure to Leave affiliate links to this shoe in The description below in a couple Different colorways but in my opinion This platinum colorway and also the Black and gray colorway that just

Recently released are probably the best Ways to go because in my opinion they Look the most like the original Vapormaxes and that's the first reason Why I think vapormax 2023 is the best Vapormax ever it takes the style and Aesthetics of the original vapormax Which in my opinion was the best looking Vapormax up to this point and put it on A shoe that's just a better Footwear Experience overall now with that being Said I still don't think the vapormax is A beautiful looking sneaker I mean it Looks like a mouth guard on your foot or Maybe like a football cleat or something Like that but at the same time if it's Not ugly it's not it's not that ugly I Don't I got used to it but at this point Why don't we dive into the materials of The Nike vapormax 2023 and find out why This shoe is the best vapormax in my Opinion asterisk there you go there you Go I don't know if it's the best in my Opinion it's the best also interestingly Enough there wasn't a vapormax 22. I Don't know if you guys knew that but There was a vapormax 20 a vapormax 21 And then the 23 with nothing really Releasing last year so realistically Nike has had two years to develop this So this should be the best paper Max Ever and like I said I think it is but Starting off in the upper of the shoe You've got this relatively soft and

Pretty Loosely knit flattened upper Which apparently is made up of 20 Recycled materials as you can tell from The box that the shoe comes in Nike made Sure to let you know that they're using Recycled materials in their shoes on the Box just so that you wouldn't forget They tell you on the website they tell You on the box They tell you everywhere I mean Obviously I think that's a good thing But I think up until recently and maybe Even now that's almost been more of a Marketing stunt than anything else Compared to previous vapormaxes and Really any other fly-in shoe the Vapormax feels very soft and while it's Not the stretchiest material in the World it does give you some nice Flexibility whenever you need Flexibility it also is a little bit more Loosely knit than previous vapormaxes so It's a lot more breathable than some Other Flathead shoes on the market Including the previous vapormaxes and Colorway wise like I mentioned this shoe Reminds me a lot of the original Platinum Nike Air Vapor Maxes which was My favorite vapormax colorway and I Think it looks really great it's really Nice to see Nike go back a little bit to That original vapormax design aesthetic That everyone seemed to like and sort of Away from that futuristic no lace

Situation also according to Nike this Shoe is the lightest vapormax ever made I can't confirm that I don't have any Other vapor Maxes with me on hand but I Don't disagree with them it feels really Nice in hand and I also don't know if That's 100 due to the flattened upper or If that's because they have in some way Removed material from the vapormax Midsole I kind of doubt that they took Anything away from the midsole because It seemed seems like it's the exact same Or very similar midsole to what we had On the 21 and the 20s so it probably Came from the upper somewhere but either Way this vapormax feels great and you Kind of forget that you're wearing it After a while because of how light it is Now one of the biggest changes on this Shoe which I almost hesitate to call an Upgrade because it should have been There the whole time is the fact that You now have traditional laces and Nike Actually calls that out on their website Because they're so proud of it I mean I Guess the vapormax 21 had standard laces Too but you know it's nice to call that Out as a feature besides the standard Laces you also now seem to have some More Flywire hits on the toe of the Sneaker and along the side of the Sneaker Flywire if you guys don't know Is a very thin thread that sort of loops Around the laces and when you tighten

The laces it pulls the entire upper of The shoe together because it weaves Through the flyer itself it just gives The shoe a slightly more customizable And tight fit which I definitely like Especially on a shoe that's supposed to Be a running sneaker continuing up on The shoe you've got this semi-detached Tongue which is kind of a nice detail I Can't remember if the original vapormax Had a semi-detached tongue or not I Think it probably did but let me know in The comment section down below and then A nice addition on the back of the Tongue and also around the top of the Ankle color is this really soft fabric Material that kind of feels like Elmo Fur or something like that it's Literally only on the edge of the ankle Collar and just on the top part of the Back of the tongue but it definitely Makes the ankle area of the shoe less Abrasive against your foot if you're not Wearing socks or maybe wearing ankle Socks or something like that I Definitely recommend wearing socks I run A sock company called The Path Gary if You guys haven't checked it out yet we Make super comfortable socks go great With all your sneakers definitely check It out through the link in the Description below but either way good Addition to the vapormax moving inside The sneaker there isn't really any other

Padding around the upper of the shoe Your foot is pretty much just right up Against that Flyknit material and then Routing off the inside of the shoe You've got this really interesting Perforated insole which is obviously Made of some sort of recycled materials And features this very thin mesh on the Top and then all these perforated holes Through the bottom which I guess is for Breathability or maybe allowing your Foot to kind of compress the insole a Little bit more so your foot is more up Against the air unit I'm not sure kind Of a weird detail but it's there Nonetheless it is cool looking though I Won't lie about that like it's cool Detail but I don't understand its Purpose I'm sure there is is one I just Don't know what it is but now getting Into sizing and fit of the Nike Air Vapor Max 23 and the good news is this Shoe does seem to fit true to size in Fact it's slightly wider from what I can Tell than previous vapormax versions I Can't confirm that 100 I can just see What I can see and tell you how it feels On foot for me it feels a little bit Wider than previous versions but that Could just be me imagining it I'm not Sure either way I still wouldn't call This a wide foot friendly shoe but uh The good news is if you have normal to Narrow feet it should be just fine

Rocking the shoe true true to size but Hey as I always suggest if you're Grabbing a pair of these sneakers for Yourself make sure to try them on first Before you buy them to make sure that You're grabbing the right size for you So you don't get blisters and so you Don't spend money on a shoe that you Can't even wear continuing back in the Shoe you've got this printed on Nike Swoosh which actually seems to be around The same size as the original Nike Swooshes on the original vapormaxes it Also comes printed in this nice Reflective material which is definitely Good for a running sneaker and then Moving even farther back on the shoe You've got some fuse overlay the Vapormax logo on the heel and of course A pretty standard pull tab at the top of The ankle area is great compared to that Awful pull thing that tightened your Laces on previous versions and then Moving down on the sneaker you get to The Nike Air vapormax midsole and Outsole or I guess air unit which Apparently is the largest air unit or One piece air unit that Nike has ever Made now what's interesting about this Air unit is that it's pretty much the Same as the previous 2020 and 2021 Version which in my opinion is the best Version of this air unit because it's More stable it feels maybe not as soft

As The Originals underfoot but Definitely more wearable underfoot and More supportive and especially towards The heel of the shoe where you've got The most air you do get a lot of Squishiness and bounciness when you put Some weight on that part of the shoe Overall I wouldn't call this a Max Cushion midsole it's more of a springy Trampoline-like midsole but it does feel Nice underfoot and it's one of these Softer air midsoles that you can get This is also done but one of my favorite Details on the shoe is this mini Nike Swoosh on the lateral side of the air Unit I don't know why I love mini Nike Swooshes they just look cool and on this Shoe it looks cool I don't think it's on The previous version of the shoe at Least not on the 2020 version of the Shoe but it looks nice on the sneaker Adds a little bit of extra branding and Some interest to them it's also there You go just personal thought or opinion You know you guys don't have to agree With me on that and then finally moving To the bottom of the sneaker nothing has Really changed from the previous Versions of the shoe you've still got Your slightly thicker rubber panels on The back of the heel and towards the Forefoot of the shoe for just a little Bit of extra durability and I've got to Say that overall the Nike Air vapormax

23 is a solid slight Improvement on the Previous version of the shoe visually This is the best looking vapormax in my Opinion since the original and maybe Even more so than the original because I Think the air units are a little bit Less conspicuous and comfort Wise It's The most comfortable the air units are Stable and soft-ish they get you a nice Bounce when you're walking in them Nike Fixed the padding problem around the top Of the ankle with these nice padded Furry areas which I appreciate and the Flyknit upper feels good it's soft it's Flexible it's very breathable and when You pair that with standard laces it's a Pretty comfortable experience overall as It is soft as like a pegasus or an Invincible run absolutely not but it's a Solid all-around lifestyle sneaker which You can run in if necessary but hey that Pretty much my thoughts on the Nike Vapormax 2023 the shoe that in my Opinion is the best vapormax ever made Now I would love to know your thoughts On this shoe so make sure to let me know Those thoughts in that comment section Down below and as always thank you so Much for watching make sure to subscribe If you haven't yet and I'll see you all In the next one