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Now we gotta be honest.. This clean was the furthest thing from perfect. We dealt with obstacles, color bleed, staining and more on this tricky thick canvas material. Although there were obstacles the sneaker cleaned up pretty well.

In today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we walk you through how to clean light canvas materials using the Signature Cleaning Kit. For this material specifically you have to use the patented laundry system to get the best results.

To start off we used the 3 different brushes to break down the grease that was trapped in. The all natural solution was used to flush out the materials while also conditioning the canvas and leather. We started by using the Soft Bristle Brush on the upper materials.. Be mindful that this is the ONLY brush you should use on this material. Typically the canvas isn’t this fragile, but for this it frays extremely bad, so don’t use the Medium Brush. We also cleaned the interior of the sneaker using this brush. After all the interior of the sneaker traps in bacteria and odor, so it is a must to clean the ENTIRE sneaker!

Once the upper was looking slighly better we relied on the Medium Brush to clean the rubber midsoles and the insole from the sneaker. The Medium Brush does a good job breaking down any staining on the rubber materials. Once that was completed it was time to go in with the Stiff Brush. We used this to clean the outsole and the harder portion of the midsole! After the pretreatment was done the sneaker still looked really dingy, but we had high hopes that the washing machine would help!

These were washed on a normal cycle with cold water and left to air dry. However, they were not up to par once we took them out, so they needed one more cleaning. We used additional tools to help with this, but it was ONLY because they were way passed the point of dirty when we started. However, after the second wash these were looking like a night and day difference!

We will be responding in comments in all videos. Drop your question for our Shoe Care Specialist and Vick Almighty.. Who knows you might be featured!
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What's going on Rejuvenation I'm Jordan And I'm back with another shoe care Academy video today we are going to be Taking on another pair of Jordan 1es Today we're going to do the skyline Jordan 1 highs that released back in April of 2023 these are pretty cook not Extremely dirty but we are going to be Taking care of them using the ruminator Signature cleaning kit since this is a Canvas material we are going to need the Laundry system to fully penetrate the Canvas materials so without further ado Let's get into this Cleaning before we get into the regular Scheduled cleaning if you like today's Video hit the Thumbs Up Button if you're New here make sure you subscribe we drop New videos every Monday and every Thursday with some bonus videos Sprinkled in we show customs and Restorations with Vic and cleaning Videos on just about every shoe that we Can come up with also leave a comment of A shoe that you want us to clean we are Actively searching for shoes to clean on The channel now before and after Purposes we're just going to set one Shoe to the side and then we'll set up Our cleaning Station just like that our cleaning Station is set up with everything from Our signature cleaning kit we have our Three different brushes soft medium and

Stiff to effectively tackle all the Materials our drying rack and bow combo To hold our water and our brushes Throughout the cleaning as well as after Our laundry bag cuz these are going to Need the washing machine for the most Effective clean our shoe tree to allow Us to hold the shape of the sneaker in The washing machine and throughout the Cleaning 4 oz bottle of solution which You can clean up to 50 pairs of shoes With one bottle then our cleaning mat to Keep our entire surface clean and Finally our microfiber towel to wipe Down the sneaker as we do it oh wait I Also forgot we have our laundry pod our Laundry pod is 100% necessary when You're using the washing machine our Non-dyed detergent is perfect and you Will not damage your sneakers using it Now let's remove the laces from the shoe [Music] Got the laces out of this shoe now as I Was pulling the laces out there was dust Flying off of this shoe I'm highly Allergic to literally everything so my Allergies are pretty rough for this but Now that we have the laces out and we Can see every detail of the shoe we need To insert our adjustable shoe tree these Are a size 9 and 1/2 so we just need to Adjust the size got it now with the shoe Tree in we will be able to put as much Pressure onto this toe box to give it an

Effective clean also it will help Alleviate some of the creasing that you See on the leather materials just by Pushing it out it will not 100% get rid Of the creasing also we will be leaving The shoe tree in for the entirety of the Cleaning especially in the laundry System always leave your shoe tree in It'll help reshape the sneaker through The washing process if you don't you Will lose the form of your sneaker now All we got to do is put two squirts of Solution into our 4 oz bowl of water our Solution is highly concentrated so you Only need two squirts with every 4 oz Bowl of water you don't have to use half The bottle now we are going to be taking Our soft bristle brush and tackling the Canvas and the leather materials on the [Music] Uppers [Music] All right we're all done with the soft Brush now I'd be lying if I said that This shoe looked good the canvas is Still super dingy but I am noticing that It's fraying pretty bad on the Nike Swoosh I am not going to be using the Medium bristle brush on the canvas Materials because it will CA cause Damage so we're just going to rely on The washing machine to really make this Canvas look better CU right now it's Dingy but we're going to move on to the

Medium bristle brush to clean the mids Sole because we can use it on that and We're going to use the medium bristle Brush to take care of this grimy Disgusting smelly dog hair filled insole That was left in this sneaker so let's Get into [Music] That [Music] All done with the medium bristle brush The mids sole looks a lot better there Is still some deeper staining from heel Drag right here as well as on this Really hard Stitch we are going to be Hitting that with our stiff brush but we Will have to be really careful to not Accidentally hit this upper material Because as I mentioned it will 100% Cause damage then we're going to be Hitting the outsole to fully finish the Pre-treatment on this sneaker before we Throw it in the [Music] Wash Jordan what do you think of the Skylines now I think the skylines was a Really cool concept they were modeled After a photo of Michael Jordan in front Of the skyline in Chicago however I Think the execution on this shoe was Just really not done great the gradient Is cool however having both shoes be Different just really isn't for me so I'm personally not a fan of the skylines

I will not be adding them to my Collection but I do think that the Concept was really cool also behind me We have Vick's variation he did it Themed off of this Phoenix sunset so It's a lot brighter I think his Variation is a lot better than this one Personally so now let's put this sneaker In the washing machine and wrap up this Cleaning well if I tried to lace a shoe Right now I wouldn't even make it in any Of the lace holes cuz I can't see all Right got the shoe and the insole in the Laundry bag as well as we lock down These little straps here to give full Support as I mentioned earlier leave the Shoe tree in the sneaker when you wash It now all we have to do is take care of The L before we head to the washing [Music] Machine the laces sat in the water and Solution for the entire cleaning since They are black they don't really need That much so I'm just going to squeeze Out the excess water and then I will Insert them into the lace pouch on the Laundry [Music] Bag laces are inserted into our little Pouch now now all we have to do is Insert our adjustable shoe tree nope This is a laundry Pod laces are inserted into the lace Pouch now all we have to do is add our

Laundry pod we're going to be inserting It into the same pouch before we do that TJ Gaming 3 * 300 did ask if you can use Regular detergent we highly recommend That you use a non-dyed detergent if you Use something like tide that's blue you Can damage your sneakers that's why we Recommend using this clear detergent pod From rejuvenator which you can pick up At rejuvenator tocom and save 10% by Clicking my promo code in the Description we're going to be washing This sneaker on a normal cycle with cold Water never wash your sneakers with warm Or hot water it can cause damage once They're out of the washing machine on Their normal cycle we will be allowing Them to air dry either in the Sun or on Our drying rack all right we went ahead And got the sneakers out of the washing Machine and allowed them to dry for 24 Hours now we didn't get the results that We really wanted this back piece is Still really dingy it has a lot of Blacks trapped in this orange material It could be bleeding from the swoosh and The other black elements of the sneaker Or it could just be really trapped in Dirt so we're going to go ahead clean it One more time using the three brushes in Solution and then we're going to blow Out all of the remaining dirt with our Air compressor and we might potentially Need the steamer for this shoe this

Material is super tricky to Clean I went ahead and cleaned the entire Sneaker again using our soft bristle Brush and natural solution that area is Still a problem area it really doesn't Look any better I use the air compressor To try to blow out the rest of this Remaining dirt but it didn't work I am Pretty sure that this is color bleed but I'm going to try this steamer and then Throw it through the washing machine one More time now I know you guys don't have A compressor or a steamer at home and That's completely fine your shoes also Probably don't get this dirty at home so Let's try that steamer and hope that it Works I don't even know how to use a Steamer nor can I [Music] See we went ahead and washed this on a Rinse and spin cycle to just really Flush out the materials I am pretty sure That it is color bleed but we will check Out the sneaker once it's done in the Rinse and spin cycle allow it to dry and Then we'll be right back all right we Went ahead and got the shoe out of the Washing machine for the second time Overall it looks really good the black Kind of came out of this material There's still a little bit of dinginess On this but it came out a lot better the Second wash smells a lot fresher overall

It just looks really good the tongue Looks a lot cleaner so now all that's Left to do is lace this sneaker back up And wrap up the Cleaning all right I mentioned in my Last video I am absolutely terrible at Lacing when I can see and this entire Video I haven't worn my glasses so I Really can't see so we're going to give This to Vic let him lace up this sneaker Because it was going to be a train wreck If I did it myself here Vic while Vic places the shoes let's Respond to a comment Liberty Walk 959 asked how to clean denim sneakers And the example that they used was the Skyline Jordan 1 now I wouldn't Necessarily classify the as denim They're more of a thick canvas they can Be clean you will follow the exact steps In here but be super careful cleaning Any denim like material it can bleed Color and also it can be really Difficult to clean all Done got the sneaker back from Vic and It looks a 100 times better than if I Would have done it myself so let's check Out the before and after [Music] Results [Music] So as I mentioned we use the rejuvenator Cleaning kit the signature cleaning kit Comes with the three different brushes 4

Oz solution shoe trees and a laundry bag To clean over 50 pairs of sneakers in Just one kit we paired this with our Sneaker laundry pods which are essential For cleaning your shoes in the washing Machine you'll get the deepest clean Possible plus they smell really good we Used our cleaning mat to keep our Station super clean during the cleaning And our drying rack and Bowl combo to Store our brushes and water during the Cleaning and after the cleaning drop a Comment on what you guys want us to Clean next you never know we might just Clean that sneaker I'm Jordan and I'll See you guys again soon in the next shoe Care Academy video [Music] Bye [Music]