The viewers have been requesting this shoe since the day they dropped, so you know we had to put our skills to the test on these Nike SB Jarrito Dunks! Now we were a little worried about how the tearaway canvas would react to scrubbing, but honestly it help up so well! In today’s Shoe Care Academy we have the star of the show @Vickalmighty here to show you exactly how to clean the Nike SB Jarritos!

To start we have to talk about the materials on this shoe. The uppers feature a premium white nubuck on the toebox and side panels and an almost burlap like tearaway canvas on the panels. However, the hardest part will be the suede sock liner and that thick white tongue. Luckily the quality of these materials is top tier compared to the other releases in 2023! To provide this mixed material sneaker with the best clean we relied on the RESHOEVN8R Signature Cleaning Kit.

Megell had taken pride in being the shoe dirtier of the team and trashed these Dunks before handing them over to “Mr. Professional” himself! Once Vick got these in his hands he wasn’t too worried about how to handle this process. He started by dry brushing the sneaker and using the air compressor to fully remove any loose dirt and grime before applying water to the tricky materials.

Once the grime was removed it was time to start scrubbing with the Soft Bristle Brush and all natural solution. The uppers cleaned up really well with just one brush and some solution, but the tongue and suede sock liner were still looking a little dingy. One thing you’ll notice is that Vick always cleans the interior of the shoe really well to ensure every portion of the sneaker is disinfected and effectively cleaned. After the uppers were taken care of, it was time to finish up the pretreatment with the midsoles and outsoles.

With the pretreatment out of the way we needed to rely on our patented laundry system to fully remove the grime from the sock liner and tongue. We washed these Jarritos SB Dunks using a normal cycle with cold water to fully flush out the materials before allowing them to air dry.

All in all these Dunks came out looking as good as new and the quality remained in tact. I guess Vick is the professional after all!

Drop a comment and let us know if Vick did these Jarritos justice AND let us know what you want us to clean next!

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Welcome to the Vic Almighty haritos Challenge it's your boy Miguel Street I'm here again mhm MH not bad for 10:00 A.m. we getting there we getting there All right so the mud wasn't cutting it We got to up the Annie how we looking good luck Vic Mr [Music] Professional what's up guys welcome back To the channel Channel I'm Vic Almighty And for today's project I'm going to Show you guys the proper way on how to Clean up these Nike SBs our professional Sneaker Trasher Miguel did a horrendous Job of dirtying these up underneath all The grime dirt sand and haritos the shoe Contains some beautiful materials the Toe boox quarter panels and back ankle Area contain a nice buttery white newbu Material the rest of the shoe has a Thick canvas material and the sock liner Has a nice premium suede today we're Going to put rejuvenator to the test and Hopefully get all these materials back To its original state if you're new to The channel we drop week L content on Mondays and Thursdays so hit that Subscribe and to find all our products Head over to rvat.org Their Nike SB haritos to this point we Did it to show you guys that if our Ruinator products could get this shoe Looking brand new then you can be Confident that renator can handle

Regular Grime and dirt from everyday Wear for this process we are going to be Using a renator signature shoe cleaning Kit that comes with all three brushes Soft medium and stiff we need all three Brushes for a proper clean we're also Going to be using our 4 oz B solution And of course our laundry bag cuzz the Shoe is going to have to go in the Washing machine we have some white mesh On the tongue a dirty sock liner and Some white materials on the sneaker the Only way to get it back to White is by Putting them in the washing machine Additionally the kick comes with the Shoe tree to help eliminate the creasing And reshape the sneaker as well as a Microfiber towel we're also going to be Using a mat and a dry rack and bow combo To do this cleaning now for before and After purposes we're going to put the Left Sho of the side and work on the Right one this one's in horrible Condition worse than the left one on the Sock liner it's dirtier and there's just A lot more caked on Grime all around the Sneaker first things first we're going To take out the laces and insole first Things first before we start cleaning The shoe with solution and water we got To go outside and use our medium Bristol Brush to brush off all this heavy debris All around the sneakers we don't want to Grab a brush and start putting solution

And water all over the sneaker cuz all That's going to do is push it deeper Into the material once we're done with That we're going to go to the reuen drop Off cleaning surface side to use a Compressor to blow off any surface dust And grime away from the Material [Music] Good to go with the prep work anytime You started cleaning you want to brush Off any surface dust or Grime on the Shoe even if it's just using a brush it Makes a huge difference next we're going To grab our shoe tree adjusted the size So we can eliminate the creasing on the Toe box real quick let's get this stuff Out of the way this cleaning is about to Get messy we're going to start off by Using our sof bristle brush I like to Use this brush for all cleanings cuz it Creates the most studs and it starts Breaking down the dirt on the [Music] Uppers [Music] So far so good just by using the sof Bristal brush the uppers look so much Better the canvas material is cleaning Up nicely same thing with the white new Buck upper the one thing we still need To take care of is the sock liner I've Scrubbed some of the edges so far it's Cleaning up nicely but we still got to

Get deep inside and take care of the Rest uppers are complete we're done with The soft bristle brush it did a great Job cleaning up the uppers and insides We're going to skip using the medium Bristle brush it already did its job by Removing all the debris before we Started cleaning up the shoe now we're Going to be using our St bristle brush We're going to use this brush to clean Up the outsoles and [Music] Midsoles The uppers the insides and the soles all Look great I want to complete this Cleaning by putting the shoe inside the Wash machine for two different reasons The first being I need to flush out all The grime and dirt that's still stuck Inside the materials with that being Said not every cleaning needs to washing Machine you can get away with just using The essential shoe cleaning kit all Three brushes and solution and that'll Take care of the cleaning just fine Let's finish it up by cleaning up the Insole and Lace for the insole we'll be Using the soft bristel brush and for the Laces we'll be using the leftover water And Solution [Music] Cleaning process is almost complete all That's have to do is put the shoe insole

And Lace inside our sneaker laundry bag We'll close it up then we'll Dr Detergent pot and washing machine will Complete the de cleaning [Music] Process All right guys here's a final update on How the shoe looks out of the washing Machine and fully dried no need for a Second cleaning no need for touch-ups This Sho came out perfect straight out Of the washing machine the materials Held up nicely the white new bug is Still buttery soft all the stains came Out without an issue the thick canvas Material also cleaned up great thanks to The washing machine it was able to flush Out and push out all the grime and dirt That was trapped inside the material The Buttery white sock liner is still soft All the stains flushed out nicely same Thing with the tongue there's no Lingering stains there's no dinginess That that's all thanks to our Rejuvenator signature shoe cleaning kit And the washing machine last thing I Want to mention that these materials are High quality after putting them in all That grind dirt and putting them in the Washing machine they still look brand New there's no damage to any of the Materials on the shoe whatsoever now Before we lace it up let's talk about This sneaker when they first announced

His collaboration with Nike SB and Haritos there was a ton of hype around The shoe haritos is one of the best Mexican drinks on the planet and they Did a great job putting the touch on the Nike SB dunk the color blocking is Timeless with the white beige and green Orange accents the haritos logo on the Side panel was classic but I love the Combination of the Nike SB logo and Haritos on the tongues as well as the Back ankle panel but by far my favorite Part about this collaboration is the Fact that underneath the beige canvas Material is a bright orange ready to pop Out with wear and distress over time I Like these a lot when they first came Out but I absolutely love these in Person let's lace him Up all right guys that's going to bring Us to an end on the proper way to clean Up these Nike SB haritos using our Rejuvenator products as you can see on The before they were super cooked all Around but they were no match for our Reuven Ator signature shoe cleaning kit We also used our drying rack and Bowl Combo for our brushes our cleaning man To keep everything clean during the Process and of course to complete the Deep cleaning process our ruminator Detergent pods you can find all our Products and more at ruven year.com use My promo code down below to save some

Money while you're there sign up for our Email newsletter to get exclusive offers And more comment down below what you Guys want to see us clean next this is Vic Almighty I'll catch you guys on Monday see you [Music] [Music] [Music] Guys