You already know as soon as that brisk October/ November weather hits these Uggs are making a comeback! Uggs have been trending for years around this time, but with the rise of social media I am pretty sure everyone got a pair for the holiday. In today’s Shoe Care Academy episode we will walk you through how to clean your favorite pair of boots, how to protect them and even how to revive your old pair. After all you DON’T have to get a new pair every year!

We picked up this used pair on eBay and it was clear that they had been worn to the ground they had mud, dust, grime and color fading all over this boot. We started the cleaning using the dry brush method to remove the loose dirt and grime before moving over to the solution. Uggs are made of extremely delicate materials and they are known to bleed some color, so we were in for a challenge. During the dry brushing method we quickly realized that the material was falling apart, so that told us how cautious we needed to be cleaning these.

After we dry brushed we went ahead and used our Essential Cleaning Kit. We cautiously cleaned the entire upper using the Soft Bristle Brush and Solution. We made sure to pat the brush off a couple times before applying it directly to the suede, because of the delicate materials and color bleed. These boot bled like crazy, but if you watch until the end you will see they come back! After the uppers were cleaned we had to take care of some of the deeper nooks and crannys.

When you are cleaning Uggs you have to be mindful of the deep stitching and the nylon border around the midsole; they trap dirt in like crazy. We used the Medium Bristle Brush to take care of the midsole next which was the easy part of the cleaning! After that we moved over to the Stiff Bristle Brush to scrub the entire bottom of the boot, but man there was some trapped in mud in those deep crevices.

With the pretreatment done all that was left to do was to let the boot dry and hope for the best. After 3 hours of drying we quickly realized that the boot had some serious fading on the upper materials and the suede was not feeling the best. We used our suede product line up to revive the suede and to bring back the color in the dingy, faded materials.

Overall these boots came out looking 100X better than they did when we got them in!

Drop a comment and let us know if you picked up a new pair of Uggs this season and we will send you the product you need to take care of them!

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What's going on R sho venation I'm Jordan and we are back with another shoe Care Academy episode in honor of Ugg Season we're going to be taking on these Trash Uggs that we picked up on eBay so The suede the foam the sheep skin all Around is covered in dirt grime hair They're just disgusting to clean these Up we're going to be using the Rejuvenator essential cleaning kit we're Going to tackle the uppers and see what We can do with our three different Brushes and all natural solution Before we set up our cleaning station if You're new here make sure you subscribe If you like today's video hit the thumbs Up button and drop a comment if you Think that Uggs are still in style or if We should stop wearing Them now that we got all that talking Out of the way for before and after Purposes you already know we only clean One shoe so let's go ahead and get this Boot out of the Way and editors set up my cleaning Station Thanks Zion now that our cleaning Station is all set up with everything in Our essential cleaning kit we have our Microfiber towel 4 oz cleaning solution Which can clean up to 50 pairs of shoes Our soft medium and stiff brush to fully Tackle the entire boot we did pair it With a couple other products we have our

Adjustable shoe tree our shoe tree will Allow us to put more pressure on this Material for the cleaning to get a more Thorough and effective clean our Cleaning mat to keep the entire fire Station looking nice and neat and our Drying rack and bull combo to hold our 4 Oz of water that we need to mix with our Solution and store our brushes during And after the cleaning so let's insert This adjustable shoe tree and get to Scrubbing I've really pushed out this Toe box material to allow us to put more Pressure they were a little bit smaller Than I thought they were so I did have To adjust the shoe tree twice now we're Going to be dry brushing the sneaker I'm Going to start with the soft bristle Brush to really dry brush any of that Loose dirt before I go fully in with the Solution and water I don't want to Super Oversaturate the suede so hoping that The dry brush does quite a good Job we're all done with the dry brushing It did get a lot of the loose dirt off But I'm also seeing a lot of peeling on The material a lot of it came off it's Looking like it's already a little bit Faded even without putting water I'm Really not sure what season these Uggs Were they clearly were not the newest Version however we are going to still Need to clean it with water and solution We just have to be really careful it's

Going to bleed we can already see that And we're probably going to need mink Oil in the end but let's just see what Happens I don't want to put a ton of Water into this boot it's going to Absorb it I can already tell so we're Just going to go in a circular motion Try not to oversaturate it and let's Hope for the [Music] Best all right what I'm noticing after Just a couple of Scrubs is that this Boot is 100% bleeding I have some black Bubbles on my hand my towel is Discolored and the brush has some black Suds as well so when you are cleaning Your Uggs be super mindful that the Color is going to bleed especially on Black or dark brown so you just have to Be mindful of that and know that you are Going to need mink oil at the end of the Cleaning to really bring the color back In that suede one thing about Uggs is That there is a lot of crevices on the Boot that you really wouldn't think of Has these really thick Stitch marks so You want to make sure that you're Cleaning all of them really thoroughly Or the dirt will trap into them as well Well as there's like this nylon liner Between the mids Sole and the upper There is a ton of dirt trapped in this Stitching going to go ahead and hit it With our soft bristle brush and just

Really get that [Music] Out we're all done using our soft Bristle brush went ahead scrub the Entire Slade upper got in all of the Nooks and crannies to really get that Dust and grime out of the shoe now while It's wet it looks a lot better however Once it dries we do know that there's Going to be fading we saw the bleeding Throughout the entire scrubbing method So now we're just going to tackle the Midsoles using the medium bristle brush Then we'll move over to the outsoles let The boot dry and see what happens I Chose not to use the medium brush on the Entire uppers just because of how Delicate the material is seeing the Pilling and the bleeding it was just the Best decision for this boot specifically However our medium bristle brush is Truly the allpurpose brush Midel cleaned Up really good using the medium bristle Brist brush now all that's left to do is Hit this out soole it is super dingy We're going to be using the stiff Bristle brush for this but one Interesting fact about these Uggs is That this is actually an Eva sugar cane Foam outs soole it even says sugar Soul On the bottom which is super interesting Never heard of that before so when You're wearing Uggs they are made out of Recycled materials and eco-friendly

Let's scrub this out so and finish up This Cleaning our stiff bristle brush is the Stiffest in our Arsenal it works great For out soes as well as rubber materials On midsoles Uggs as I mentioned have a Lot of nooks and crannies so I am going To go in and use a microfiber towel to Really push out all of the trapped in Mud and grass in the bottom of this Boot we're all done with all three Brushes on this boot now cleaned up Pretty well got a lot of the dirt and Grime out using just the three brushes I'm not going to put these in the Washing machine because of the suede Material and the bleeding however one Thing I am going to say is this liner I'm not 100% sure how to clean it I did Scrub it a little bit using the soft Bristle brush just to give it a clean But I am afraid that it's going to matte Super bad if I do clean it with any Other brushes so now we're going to go Outside and let the boot dry when you're Drying suede it is super important to Let the entire shoe dry evenly so we use The Sun but you can use a fan if you Allow it to dry Not evenly you can get water marking or Some damage and it'll just look a little Bit funky Lola you want to go outside You can go Outside all right as I mentioned we're

Going to be drying this outside we are In Arizona it's like 70° definitely not Ugg season if you wear in Uggs in Arizona you have about from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. and then from 8:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. to get your Uggs in so we'll Check those out in a couple of hours and See how they cleaned up the shoes have Been drying for just a couple of hours But before we go check on them I want to Address some comments now I mentioned it In my last video we do read every single One of your comments we have a customer Service team that does reply to each and Every one of you but we are going to Start showcasing some comments in our Videos so one comment is from Tyler Cronin cronenburg 1471 is there any way to revive suede There's a couple different ways to Revive suede it really just depends on What you're trying to repair if it's Color fade you can use our mink oil Which we are going to show later in this Video you can also use our dry suede kit Medium brush or brass brush to Mo in Multiple different directions and reset That buttery texture on suede so it Really just depends on what you're Trying to do but there is definitely a Way to revive all right got the shoe From outside now first glance it cleaned Up really good the dirt came out of the Crevices on this material very well

However you guys all saw the color bleed These bled like crazy and the fading is Because of that also the suede Is pretty crunchy so we're going to be Resetting the suede using the dry suede Kit and then bringing some of back color Back using some mink oil so the dry Suede kit comes with two tools comes With our suede eraser you can use this For a dry cleaning and Erase Away some Stains we're also going to use it on Some deeper staining that is still on This material and then our suede brush This is about the same texture as our Medium bristle brush you're going to Move it in multiple directions and it'll Help bring that buttery texture back to Your suede [Music] Materials all right the suede is feeling A lot better after using the dry suede Kit however there is a different Material suede on this back piece it's a Little a little bit hairier I would say So we're going to be using our brass Brush to reset that as I mentioned Earlier when Reviving suede you can use These products if it doesn't come back With those two products and the mink oil You might have to use some sandpaper Tricks which you can learn on Restoration videos with Vic on Mondays Let's try this brass Brush all right the texture is back to

That buttery soft on this suede it looks A lot better however is still faded so We're just going to go ahead use our Mink oil in our horsehair brush to Really rub it into this material and Hopefully bring that black color back to The suede Materials all right when you're applying Mink oil you want to hold the can about 6 to 8 Ines away from the sneaker or the Boot move it all in multiple directions And apply even coats you might need two To three coats to get the results that You want we do recommend spraying this In a highly ventilated area preferably Outside now we're going to let it sit For just a couple seconds and then we'll Be rubbing it in using our horsehair Brush to see if it Worked we're going to take this outside Spray it with repellent to fully protect These so they can go back on feet now I See a lot of videos on Tik Tok and Instagram Uggs are all over the place Trending people don't know how to Protect them so let us show you an easy Way to protect your Uggs this winter From rain snow or whatever stains you Might run into on the way got the suede All revived using our brass brush dry Suede kit mink oil and HSE hair brush Those are really the four key products For Reviving your suede overall this Texture is a 100 times better than it

Was when we brought it inside and the Color came back pretty good I'm honestly Shocked I thought it was going to be way Too faded to bring back before we bring In the before and after and wrap up this Cleaning all it's left to do is use one More product we're going to deodorize This boot since it does have that cheap Skin liner it's really thick plus we got It on eBay they didn't go in the washing Machine because of the materials all That we can do is deodorize it to give It a better smell and Disinfectant I'd say it's a night and Day difference when we got this boot it Was dirty Dusty musty crusty Everything that you can possibly think Of and Incredibly faded however when we Were cleaning it it did get more faded Than we thought it would mink oil and All of the suede products really brought This back and this before and after is Crazy We R lied on the ruinator Essential cleaning kit to clean the Entire boot using the three different Brushes all natural solution and the Microfiber Towel we STI we also paired this with Our cleaning mat to keep our cleaning Station all nice and neat our drying Rack and Bowl combo to store our brushes And water and solution and we will also Store our brushes in the bowl and wrap Combo after the cleaning process take

Care of this sued we relied on quite a Few products we relied on our dry suede Kit first we had our eraser and our Suede brush in here to reset the nap Once we realized that it wasn't doing The best job we went ahead moved over to Our brass bristle brush to really finish Off resetting that nap and getting The Buttery texture that we all know and Love we paired our horse hair brush with Our mink oil to bring the color back After some serious color fading on the Materials we went ahead protected the Boots from rain snow and grease or Really anything using our water and Stain repellent finally we use the Deodorizer to deodorize the boot and That sheep skin lining because they're From eBay we don't know who wore these That's a lot of products that we're Using in this cleaning video but you can Pick any of these up and so much more at Reator.com or if you're looking for a Cheaper alternative for all of these Products to clean and protect your shoes Let me show you Something we dropped an exclusive kit in Costco if you head to our website you'll Hit the Costco page see exactly where we Are this has everything from our Essential cleaning kit in here as well As our deodorizer and repellent and you Can clean 100 pairs of shoes instead of Just 50 this kit is available for

$29.99 which is almost 50% off head to Costco pick yourself up a kit in vas Later now that we wrapped all of that up And recap this cleaning if you like Today's video hit the Thumbs Up Button If you're new here make sure you Subscribe drop a comment let us know What you want us to clean next next week And who knows you might see it on the Channel don't forget to sign up for our Newsletter list to get exclusive Discounts exclusive content so much more So I'll see you guys again soon [Music] Bye