BTB Kicks shows us his method to fix damaged suede on these Jordan 13s. #shorts

Btb kicks here and here's the best way To bring back dead suede so let's get Into it starting things off I take a dry Rejuvenator medium bristle brush and Give the suede an allaround scrub doing This we'll get the suede to stand back Up and then I apply rejuvenator mink oil On the suede as well to bring back the Volume as well as give it some Conditioning and protection from the Elements then to make sure everything's Evenly distributed in the material I use Reuven Ator horse hair brush and get to Scrubbing all around the shoe one more Time and just like that your suede is Back to Life moving to the touch again And is as buttery as can be if you want Results like these go on over to Rejuvenator dcom and pick up your Supplies today