Sneakers are known to crumble, but there are ways to preserve your grails! The best way to do this is with the products at Capsole. What is one sneaker in your collection you want to preserve?! #shorts

You know a lot of people think it's just The OG sneakers that are prone to Crumbling yellowing and falling apart But not exactly wait what does that mean That's where capsule saves a day Literally the capsule starter kit Includes everything you need you'll get One preservation pod one anti-aging Cartridge and one inflator the Preservation pods are available in three Sizes and fit up to a size 15 they're Airtight and reusable so you can enjoy Your shoes as often as you like each of The anti-aging cartridges are good for Up to three uses now this is going to Help preserve and protect my wife Cements for years to come I can bust Them out and wear them anytime Unlike my 99's this product is designed To preserve your grills while doubling Their lifespan by preventing yellowing And crumbling thanks to capsule