The BEST White Sneakers Right Now.
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1. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star:
2. New Balance 530:
3. Nike Air Force 1:
4. Axel Arigato Area Lo:
5. Common Projects Track 90:
6. Off-White Out Of Office “OOO”:
7. Salomon ACS Pro:
8. New Balance 1906D:

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0:31 – The Classics
2:28 – The Luxe
4:55 – The Wildcards

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[Music] My favorite type of shoe of all is by Far the white sneaker I just love the Clean minimalistic all-white look and You can wear them with practically Anything dress down a smart outfit Compliment a casual one they're Comfortable versatile and they can even Look sophisticated yes I have a true Passion for white sneakers and these are My top eight favorite white sneakers Right now first we're going to start With the classics which are also the Most affordable ones and then we'll go Into the luxury picks and I've got a few Edgier more Innovative Wild cards for You at the End in my opinion there are three Classic Timeless white sneakers that are The ogs of it all shoes that have been Around for decades and are still just as Wearable Today the first is the Converse Chuck Taylor Allstar in all white coming in at $60 this is the most affordable pair on The list and also the oldest model by Far a true OG with the first model being Produced all the way back in 1917 it is Made with a durable canvas upper and Features the iconic All-Star label on The tongue I do think its design fits Better with more casual outfits but it Can be worn with many different styles Skater preppy streetwear workware scandy

And many more the slightly different Chuck 70 is also a stellar shoe but the Only reason it didn't make the list is Because it does not come in an all-white Model next up we have the New Balance 530 coming in at $100 revived from the 9s archive this model has a retro Aesthetic with modern Comfort I have the Version with the Navy details but it Also comes in a white and silver version On the UK website the mesh and leather Construction combined with the absorb Cushioning make it a standout choice for Those who prioritize comfort as well as Style it is a versatile sneaker that Complement a wide array of outfits from Casual wear to sporty Chic no sneaker collection is complete Without d Nike Air Force Ones priced at $115 this design has dominated the Street wear scenes since its debut in 1982 the all-white version stands out With its Sleek leather upper chunky Midsole and Signature Air cushioning Providing a perfect blend of style and Comfort it is a symbol of sneaker Culture beloved by artists athletes and Fashion enthusiasts alike these classic Sneakers have all stood the test of time Proving that great design never goes out Of Style for those wanting to elevate their Sneaker game our fourth sneaker and the First one in the Luxe category is the

Axel Arigato area low coming in at $415 For the newer all-white model but you Can get the model with the base sh for 385 this sneaker inspired by vintage Basketball Styles features a minimalist Design with a clean leather upper Cushion footed and durable rubber Outsole each pair is handcrafted from Lwg certified leather and a textile Woven from sequel yarn which is a postc Consumer recycled polyester I have this Pair in the original white color way With black details and the beige so but It now also comes in an all-white Colorway which I think looks super Sleek next we have the common projects Track 90 this sneaker is a testament to The Brand's philosophy of combining Italian craftsmanship with a Sleek Modern aesthetic although common Projects Rose in popularity massively in The 2010s with the Achilles low being Considered the Pinnacle of minimal white Sneakers at the time they have since Expanded into an array of different Designs and the track 90 is my current Favorite it features a subtle yet Distinctive look with the minimalist Slightly chunkier design inspired from Athletic footwear you of course have the Brand's signature numbering on the heel Signifying the style size and color of The shoe it is sold out in most places But there seems to be a few left on

Farfetch priced at $627 yeah it's crazy how some some items Like when they go to USD they're a lot More expensive and some are a lot less Like New Balance for example1 or $100 And then like other sneakers that are European they go up in price like crazy When they're in us this is the most Street wear one of the bunch but I Absolutely love this pair the off-white Out of office sneakers originally Released in 2020 and were designed by Virgil ablo they embod the essence of Off-white's approach to Fashion ironic Conceptual and always ahead of the curve Fusing elements of traditional tennis Shoes with modern bold details like the Brand signature tag attached to the Laces and ironic text graphics on some Of the models they are currently priced At $650 and come in many different Colorways of which I have two but the All-white one has become a staple for me It kind of feels like an elevated Air Force One and it's my go-to whenever I Want to give a touch of street wear to An Outfit now for those that want to break The mold and make more of a statement we Have the wild cards category with two Standout shoes that take the classic All-white sneaker and revamp it with Innovative details and Bolder

Designs first off this Salamon ACS Pro Coming in at $25 originally designed for trail Running this sneaker has risen in Popularity since last year and I must Say I'm a fan it feels a lot more techy Than your usual all-white sneakers that Tend to feel a bit more minimalistic and With a dynamic mix of textures shapes And metallic details that create a Design that feels modern techy and even Slightly futuristic to me I think it Pairs seamlessly with outdoorsy and Techware inspired pieces but I also like How it looks in contrast with the more Standard Men's Wear Staples like denim One thing's for sure the Salamon ACS Pro Is a statement shoe that is as Functional on the trails as it is Striking on the Streets lastly we have the New Balance 1906 D I couldn't find the all-white Model on the US website but on the UK One they're still available at 155 lb Inspired by 2000's Runners this model Blends in retro Aesthetics with Contemporary design elements in a Harmonious way they have a chunky Silhouette with a leather and mesh Construction and great cushioning that Makes them really comfortable on the Feet their design sort of gives me a That shoe vibe that I find pairs really Well with oversized sweats caros and

Baggie jeans as a general guideline I Would definitely keep them for the more Casual Outfits and there you have it my top Picks for all white sneakers right now I'd love to know which pair has caught Your eye and are there any that I missed That you think should be on this list Let me know in the comments below and if You enjoyed this rundown hit the thumbs Up and share the video with a friend I Wish you all a beautiful day and I will See you in the next one