I just got a huge box filled with some Of the best easy releases of August 2023. I'm just gonna grab it random so Here's the first pair slate Not sure what that means slate Marine so Here it is the Slate Marine Yeezy slide This is sort of a grayish blue Yeezy Slide and honestly it's super clean so This is bone this is a super clean Colorway the 350 V2 is the all-white Colorway always pops however it gets Dirty incredibly easy Is this the same one that we just got Wow so there are two pairs of slides Releasing that are almost the exact same Shade what's the official colorway this Shoe Granite okay I didn't know that They were bringing these back so these Are the static 350 V2s these were Actually the first pair of 350 V2s that I owned with the uh the clear stripe This is the colorway I've never actually Had in person before I believe the Granite 350 V2 is a brand new colorway The last pair of easy slides did I get Two of the same ones slate gray yeah Hold up these are three different Yeezy Slides but they're all like different Versions of gray oh this is the dark Salt mx350 V2 make sure to check out the Full video on my channel