Tom heads down to the seafront to take on his running club’s own race the Brighton Phoenix 10k. Coming off injury, he used it to test the Saucony Kinvara Pro and the Ultrahuman Ring AIR.

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00:00 – Intro
01:02 – The Race
03:40 – The Saucony Kinvara Pro
06:12 – The Ultahuman Ring AIR

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers I'm down Here at Brighton seafront's doing or Just done the Brighton Phoenix 10K my Running club and I've been testing these Sockony canvara Pro and the ultra human Uh ring right I'm gonna head home Because it's a bit windy and I'm going To do the race report there see you in a Bit Okay so I am back now from the Brighton Phoenix 10K now I'm a member of Brighton Phoenix running club so it's a race That's quite important to me and the People that I know and it is completely Organized by the running club so it's All volunteers everyone gets really Involved there's a lovely Community feel To it and it's really nice race to do Because it takes place on a Wednesday Evening in the summer so normally the Weather's quite nice and you can go out Afterwards and have a drink and think Like that and a lot of people get Involved so there are loads of running Vests from all the different running Clubs around the area because it's quite A big deal and can get quite competitive There's a lot of fast Runners that take Part in that race Um so I definitely say that it's it if If you really want to do a fast race and You want to be in a competitive group of Really really good Runners it's a great Race to do that now the event uh takes

Place as I said on a Wednesday of the Summer the route starts at HOV lawns in Brighton and goes all the way down to Shoreham Um it's I'd probably say half the route Is quite nice so from the hovlon's you Run down the seafront for about half the Way and then you go out into the more Industrial area of showroom which isn't The most scenic place to run there's a Lot of factories and buildings around There but it's very fast so it's really Fast route there's hardly any Hills and There's probably a little climb about The 5K a point but if you're looking for A fast race it is a good option and most Of the coastal races down near Brighton Tend to be pretty fast unless the Weather is bad and if the weather is bad They're not fast races so the um the Weather we had uh for the race was Pretty windy there was basically a full Um wind blowing in your face for about The first 5k but you got the benefit on The way back and that made a massive Difference Um I really struggled on the first 5k Out because coming off of injury I did Not have the fitness that I wanted Um and I did not deal with it very well So I found it quite a hard race and by The time I was on the way back I was so Tired by bringing into the wind but I I Didn't do a very good job I got 45

Minutes which I'm fine with coming off Injury quite happy with that Um but kudos to the guys for organizing A great race it went really well Um there were lots of Marshals there big Thanks to my girlfriend who marshalled Um in the race as well and well done to All the people that took part as well it Was a it was a great event and well Worth looking at if you're looking for a Summer 10k race on the coast Um and uh you want a fast one So the shoe I use to run the Brighton Phoenix 10K was the canvara pro now Cavara Pro is an interesting shoe Because I'm not entirely sure what it's Made for Um I've used the canvaro quite a lot Version of Camara and this is completely Different than I can borrow Um so I wasn't entirely sure what what The focus of this shoe was the reason I Wore it for the writing things 10K is That because I'm coming off injury at The moment Um I didn't want to fall out ratio I Wanted something that would possibly Hold me back a bit Um and give you an opportunity to just Test something out at a faster pace so I've done a couple of runs in the Converter Pro before doing it using it For this 10K but those runs have been Quite slow because I've gone off to

Injury I have not been doing a lot of Fast training at the moment so I've done A couple of easy runs in this shoe the 10K was the first time I've really seen If it has any sort of Versatility to it And running at PACE Um so the first bit of that 10K was very Windy it was quite hard so I tried to Pick up the pace and try and stay under Four minute kilometers for the first Couple of K that wasn't easy one because Of the wind but also because I'm a cut Off injury so I'm not as fit as normal Um but also this shoe is really hard to Run fast in Um it's not a very versatile shoe I Think the thing about the converter Pro Is that even though it's got a plate in It and it has some of this Um Power and foam in the top of the Midsole Um it's got this massive chunk of really Dense thick out Outer midsole which it Just feels a bit like you're running in Clogs it there's no sort of Bounce to it There's no impact minimization it just Feels like a very hard shoe that's just Banging against the floor as you're Running in it Um I didn't really feel a lot of Turnover either when I was running in That race Um and it just just felt quite hard in The Shoot To be honest I've also used it

For a 5k Um part run uh attempt to ring fast in This shoe as well and um I I felt the Same thing during that I just felt like It was just not designed for any sort of Pace at all Um but equally I've also found it's not Very designed for easy runs either so I'm not entirely sure what this shoe is For so not a successful test in the Brighton Phoenix 10K but quite good for The fact that if I was maybe wearing a Vapor for something I probably wouldn't Push myself a bit too hard and maybe Cause my injury problems so at least it Slowed me down and stopped me um going Out too hard the other thing I was Testing in that run is the ultra human Ring air now this is a smart ring it's Not really designed specifically for Running it doesn't track your runs it Just tracks activity so during that run Uh what I found with this ring is that I'm I've been wearing this like two Weeks now and it is I'm getting used to It I don't mind it on my hand I can wear It during exercise uh not in the gym Because you tend to scratch it if you Use it on with weights and weights Machines Um but I am at the run it's completely Fine I don't even think about it Um and it incorporates that information Into your overall guidance for your

Health and well-being so if you go out For a run your heart rate will obviously Elevate your Um movement will be increased and it Will incorporate that into your recovery And Um tie that alongside things like sleep And give you a bit of a picture on what You should be doing and and and where You're missing out on things when it Comes to Um getting better sleep or getting Better recovery all those sorts of Things Um and I'm really enjoying testing it so Far it's the first time I've used the Smart ring Um and I think it does do a lot of Things very well I actually think it's Better than something like the Phoenix 7 Pro those sort of Wellness holistic Things where you're not really looking At performance it doesn't really look at Any sort of performance so if you're or Using it as a aid for running and stuff Like that it's not going to give you any Information to make you run better it's Just going to give you information Um it's just going to know that you've Done something it doesn't even know You've been running so it's not really a Running tool but what I have found Useful about it is that it really Focuses heavily on things like sleep so

Um the sort of information you get in Garmin this goes in a lot more depth Within the app for the ultra human ring Air so I'm enjoying testing it so far It's not a problem on the Run Um and when I've got more data we'll do A full review on the channel and Mike Will do a full review and we'll delve in To see how useful that data is for Runners that's it from me thanks a lot For watching don't forget to like Subscribe click the little bell and a Big thanks to Brighton Phoenix all the Volunteers that helped out in that race Because they did a fantastic job it was A really successful run so well done Guys and if you're watching this and you Don't know about our podcast go into the Caption below and you can click on the Link to download listening on your next Run thanks a lot for watching catch you Next time