I think it might have happened I think They might have created the wildest pair Of Yeezys ever made this is the Yeezy 450 slide and yes it is actually an Adidas easy the design of this slide is Based off of the Adidas Yeezy 450 as you May have been able to guess from the Name of the shoe unlike the 450s though These slides come in a one piece EVA Foam construction and I know the 450s Looked wild but these are even crazier And because they're made up of the same Foam they feel very similar on foot to The Adidas Yeezy slides however they Obviously look pretty different they Actually kind of look like spiders or Facehuggers from the movie Alien Especially when you do this and also They're kind of expensive because they Cost 110 bucks are you grabbing a pair Of the Yeezy 450 slides check out my Full review on my channel