The ultimate sneaker cleaning battle… Who will be the winner?! ????

Follow the journey of this sneaker from the retail shelf to the most unethical dirtying process and then a full on cleaning battle between 2 of our sneaker cleaning experts. Get ready because this is about to be the most chaotic thing you have ever seen!

To kick off this challenge we first needed the sneakers. We headed over to one of our favorite shops in the valley @TheCommonHype to trade some of our kicks in hopes to pick up some new content shoes. We came in with our collection of used kicks valued at $1250 (according to Hayden), but we quickly ended up taking a W in the coin flip and walking away with $1600 to spend at Common Hype. For this project we picked up the Red Cement Jordan 4’s to put our sneaker cleaning experts to the ultimate test… Now the fun starts!

Once we had the sneakers it was time to get these as dirty as humanly possible… You know we couldn’t make this challenge too easy. For this process we relied on Vick and eventually that led to dipping a brand new sneaker in a bucket full of mud, mulch, grass, and more then allowing it to dry for 24 hours. Now we know NO ONE is getting kicks this dirty, but listen ???? if we can clean up this disaster we can clean anything.

For the sneaker cleaning battle we relied on the RESHOEVN8R Signature Shoe Cleaning Kit with the patented laundry system. Each contestant was given the same products and the same time frame. They had 10 minutes to completely clean this beat pair of sneakers using solution, 3 brushes, some water and more. This cleaning process is a little different than our typically cleaning videos, but when your shoe looks like that… What choice do you have?!

The cleaning technique was different for each contestant, but Vick Almighty was not taking it easy on these 2! They had to remove almost a 2 inch layer of mud and scrub the ENTIRE sneaker using the 3 brushes, but let’s not forget that there was dirt in literally EVERY crevice of this sneaker.

After the 10 minutes was up Vick was responsible for putting these kicks in the washing machine! The laundry system might be the saving grace for these kicks… Prior to the laundry system they for sure looked cleaner, but let’s be real these kicks are still brown!

After just 1 wash cycle these kicks were completely brought to life! However, Vick is no easy judge and he is checking every single crevice and stitch in these Jordan 4’s. It took Vick about 15 minutes to pick which sneaker deserved the grand prize! Ultimately Robert took home the grand prize on this one, but the battles aren’t over!

Don’t forget to drop a comment and let us know who you want to see Rob battle next! Is he going against the founder himself in the next battle?!

Plus 3 people will win some free product… Let us know your favorite Jordan 4 of ALL time!

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What's up bro what you got for me today What's up my dude we're going to make a Deal today that's what's going to happen Let's do it bro I got some heat for you All right let's take a look I'll be the Judge of That not bad not Bad all right bro so after adding up all The numbers credit wise I got 12250 That's interesting according to my Calculations I got 14450 all right well Let's do a little coin flip what are you Thinking let's do like 150 up and 150 Down of our number so that would be 1,00 Or 1600 so I'll be at600 if you win or I'd be at 11100 if I win all let's try I'm down to sacrifice my week lunch Let's do it I flip it you call it let's Do it here we go Heads Heads 1,600 bucks dude is fired All right dude so now that I'm 1,600 Bucks richer I have a list of things That I need talk to me you have a piece Of paper and Pen I got it right up here All right power puff sb's okay Spiderverse ones okay Kobe Halos got you Resmen fours and I'll make it easy for You Air Force Ones all white you're Robbing me bro absolutely robbing me all Right I think I can get that together For you let's do It all righty man this is what you asked For got look over all white Air Force One Nike Buttercup SB Kobe 8 Halo

Spiderverse Jordan 1 and red cement 4 Perfect dude I'm not going to lie this Deal doesn't feel quite right just yet Not right what do you mean bro you waxed Me I see a bunch of common hype hats dud And I'm a hat person okay I see that You're wearing a hat right now what what Hat do you want bro you know because It's you because it's you I think I'll Hook you up the old English one I got You bro say less man Dude matching panted shirt uh let's not Push you Lu all right bro you got your shoes you Got your hat I hope you're happy cuz I'm Not going to have a tomorrow dude I'm Happy as hell thanks for coming in man Love you man love you too bro on the way Back to the office after picking these Up I thought it'd be a great idea to Destroy these by putting these in a Bucket of mud letting them sit for 24 Hours and see who's a better cleaner Nick Wilson or Robert Bedau Rob AKA pretty boy Rob and I've Been cleaning sneakers for my whole life But a Solid 5 years here with rator Nick Wilson 40 Phoenix Arizona my whole life The rules are they're going to have Exactly 10 minutes to clean the shoe up After that we'll put him in the washing Machine let him dry and then I'll judge Who's the better cleaner let's bring out Our contestants first up Robert

Bedau the only way he's going to win is If like it's like okay we got to take a Picture and then he's going to edit the Picture then all the dirt's going to be Gone that's the only way homie is going To win and next Up Nick Wilson hi guys Rob's not going To lose Rob's going to win cuz Rob's the Man and we all love Rob and Rob is a True career expert and he's the best There is ever to do this and he's going To win and that's okay I'm okay with That you're okay with that we're all Okay with that all right fellas so we're Going to be cleaning resmen 4S we're Going to be using rejuvenator products We got our brushes our solution Sho Trees laundry bags towels and cleaning Mats you guys ready for this I'm ready We're going to have exactly 10 minutes Got to get them as clean as possible We'll put them in the washing machine We'll take them out we'll let them dry At the end I'll be the judge all right Cleaners you got your freshes ready no All three Timer starts Now oh my God Damn no wonder they were wearing Gloves Jesus what's the size of here bro well Rule number one when cleaning your shoes You never want to get them wet and push The dirt deeper and deeper so right now

I'm getting a really good deep flood And flushing out as I'm taking out these Laces double extra Flush what The what The what The oh God my Face [Music] By the way to see my surprise underneath That insole yeah bro I just dumped it Out of there like a big old Dookie all right I think we're done Let's get back to the cleaning station Let's go time's running down time's Running [Music] Down this one is not [Music] Opened Did I win Yet oh my Brushes no water Damn Damn all your stuff's over there on the Floor next screwed you I like this A He's [Music] One oh wait I ha those Brushes brush his an Towels what time we on what time we On these guys are dumb [Music]

You done yet kid almost bro me Too you know what good thing about our Mat is it's highly absorbent and it's Going to hold all that water it is but I Need Some back to the sink back to the sink Back to the sink here's the map bro by The way you only got 5 minutes 5 Minutes [Music] There we go I scrub that nety Though I scrub harder I'm scrubbing as Hard as I can Bro is that netting looking Rob it looks it looks Brown still don't The key is the laundry system well scrub Harder cuz it's Brown the sneaker Laundry system is going to flush that Out I'm not an easy judge bro that shoe Still looks dirty keep going come on Mr Almighty you already know the power of Rejuvenator patent sneaker laundry System is going to come Through is this my shoe yeah it's my Shoe Robert where's all your stuff dude Are you Done huh huh yeah we ready over here What's taking these long Dude Oh he's done right sure why Not another key attention to detail this Is already coming on two minutes let's Get it all out attention to detail That's Vic's

Specialty so since he's the Judge got to pay attention to Detail Should we just go wait at the washer for Him I mean we're almost done should we Just step in the washroom wait for him Like yo it took you some long nck come On let's go follow Me and that's what victory looks like Ladies and Gentlemen this was just a pre- cleaning We are going to put these inside the Sneaker laundry system it's really going To flush out this netting as well as This tongue tag it's looking EXT Extremely dingy right now but the Sneaker laundry system will really flush Out these stains and we're going to make This shoe look dead stock once again Come [Music] On no Stress wait a Second actually do have a big Stress I don't know if these are who or Whose but they're about to be Mine very important tension to detail Again we got Vic Almighty as our judge You got to scrub and get all that grime Off especially if you're at home Cleaning your kicks kids pay attention To detail listen bro next year looks Really good but if you give me five Bucks you can make something

Work I thought I'm talk to you what About Chiple time is up Guy how do you guys feel I'm confident Yeah I'm I stand by rer Brown let's see His let's see his brown brown I think Nick wants to do some customer service Along with some Photos that was already doneck you were Back there cheating bro I remember my First Sho Tre you were back there Cheating bro we was waiting for you I Got my camera he got documented he got Stand documented where's bro where's bro At huh timer landed 7 minutes ago bro Still in the back scrub dub dubbing away Like a rubber duck you're lucky Vick's In the Way all right cut cut now you guys just Saw it go down these guys did a overall Okay job cleaning these shoes up we're Going to put him in the washing machine Take them out we'll let him dry and then We'll Judge all you need is One all right guys it's been a few hours Since we put the shoe inside the the Washing machine and we laced it up not Going to lie these shoes look really Good considering how cooked they were It's going to be a hard one to judge Overall the shoes look pretty much the Same we're not to go in and check out The

Details hey I mean I'm excited man I Came in there with a strategy executed It to the tea and I mean I'm confident In the ruinator sneaker laundry system I Know it's going to flush out and you Know what at the end of the day I might Just get this dub uh Rob stole my Brushes so I only had one brush I had to Find another brush cple times uh I only Really cleaned the uppers of the sneaker For 45 seconds I felt um I did a pretty Good job on the outsoles um and the Insoles however my netting was Looking pretty bad when I put it into The laundry bag So win or lose it was a great battle Nick I appreciate your challenge in the Competition in today's video but again I Think we all know who the winner is Let's just hope Vic thinks the same hey You want that lunch Chipotle on me I Don't think I did better than Rob when I Saw his shoe prior to going into the Laundry bag his netting looked a lot Cleaner than mine um I don't know what He was doing um in the behind the scenes Area I didn't get to see where he was at And what tools he had at his disposal or What was going on with his netting maybe He got a clean may I think my shoe was Dirtier actually it's time to pick the Winner let's bring the contestants back Out all right boys guy what's up my guy R roll please all right you guys both

Did a great job using rejuvenator Products they both look great I judge These based off the details such as the Insides behind the wings the tab both of You guys did your best but unfortunately For one of you guys your best wasn't Good enough sorry Nick Rob love you dude Nick Wilson I love you too but they're Going to be one lucky winner you guys Ready let's hear it let's hear it all Right Robert Bedo pack your stuff you're going home Early bro you are the winner oh I'm not The weakest link goodbye Nick Wilson get Back to work I'll catch y'all on the Flip side Peace all right YouTube that's going to Bring us to an end on this video you Know what sometimes losing ain't all That it's cracked up to be and I feel Terrible for losing so for that I'm Going to give away three signature kits To three lucky people who comment below All I want to know what's your favorite Jordan 4 type your favorite Jordan 4 Down below I'm going to pick three of You guys drop a comment and I'll send You a free signature kit all right I'm Out of here you heard the loser you can Also comment down below who Rober should Go up against next you got Steve Miguel Or Jordan hit that like And subscribe This is Vick Almighty I'll catch you Guys next Monday see you

[Music] [Music] Guys