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Today I’m reviewing the Air Jordan 1 Yellow Ochre! The Air Jordan 1 Yellow Ochre has a sneaker release date of January 27th 2024 and a retail price of $180. Check out my full Air Jordan 1 Yellow Ochre unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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This is the first big sneaker release of 2024 and because of that there's a lot Riding on this release will this shoe be Popular will this shoe flop who knows But in today's video we're going to take A look at this release and find out Whether this sneaker is worth your money And also whether this shoe should have Been the first release of the Year What's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and Today I'm reviewing the upcoming 2024 Air Jordan 1 yellow ochre so just to PSA Because you may have noticed already in The b-roll shots of this shoe the brand New Apothecary cargo pants are now Available on our website you guys have Been asking for months what pants I'm Wearing in my videos and these are the Pants there are two different styles That we've dropped the Twill cargo pants That come in Olive that I'm rocking in Today's video and then the canvas cargo Pants which come in black and also Feature those dope Apothecary branded Snaps they're so sick you guys might Have caught those in some other videos But they have finally dropped so if you Guys want to grab some of the pants that You guys have seen featured in my videos For months cuz I've been wearing these Samples for months make sure to click The link at the top of the description Below we're also dropping a dope slouch Sock collection in collaboration with

Marissa Hill also known as shade TV I'm Sure you guys know who she is it's Officially dropping this Friday at 11:00 A.m. eastern time on Apothecary tocom Make sure to check it out so the Air Jordan 1 yellow ochre is the first big And I guess relatively hyped up release Of 2024 and in today's video we're going To find out if this hype or I guess lack Thereof is Justified with that being Said if you're looking to grab a pair of The yellow ochre Air Jordan 1es they Should release around January 27th for a Retail price of 180 bucks I say should Release because we don't know the Official release date yet I've seen the 18th I've seen the 27th we think that They're releasing in January but as of Right now there's no official word from Jordan brand however if you want to grab A pair of these early and rock them in 2023 I've made sure to leave a link Through the YouTube shopping tab on your Screen but before we dive any deeper Into the sneaker itself let's first take A look at the Box because Jordan brand Did change things up for this release I Know it's such a stupid small point but I really love when Jordan brand changes Up the packaging on their Air Jordan 1es The standard Jordan one box is awesome We all love it it comes in black and red But when they do something like this for A pretty regular feeling release it does

Make the shoe feel a little bit more Special than I think it would if it came In a standard black and red box but I Guess if you have one of those walls of Jordan 1 boxes and you like the Continuity of black black and red boxes You probably won't love this box but I Mean who who has those I sort of Almost Do you can't see it it's off camera it's Not not proud of it I have too many Sneakers the rest of the box is covered In this sort of cream or off-white color And then on the front of the box of Course you've got the size tag I grabbed A size 8 half which is not my true size But it was the only size available for Instant ship on Goat unfortunately still Fits me though and the official colorway Of this shoe is yellow ochre black sale And of course we'll get more into sizing Later on in the video so if that's what You're looking forward to stay tuned It's coming up soon but starting things Off around the toe of the sneaker on the Mudu guard you've got this yellow ochre Color nubuk material or it kind of feels Like a I guess it is nubuk I'm going to Go with Nuuk but it is a little bit Flatter than you usually find with Nuuk It's not really buttery it's just kind Of smooth it doesn't do that thing where When you wipe it one way it goes a Different color and that's sort of stuff It just kind of feels like a a flattened

Newu it does feel kind of soft in the Hand though I do like the way that it Feels but it's not really a standard Newu but again for this video I'm going To call it a newu I think that's what Jordan brand is going to call it so We're going to go with newu in the Center of the tail you've got this Perforated tumbled white leather or I Guess off-white colored leather which Feels fine nothing special moving up From there you've got more of that Yellow ochre colored Nuuk up on the ey Stay of the shoe and then weaving Through the eyelets in the sneaker Actually prestarted in the shoe you've Got these flat black laces Jordan brand Does give you another set of laces in The same sort of white cream color that You get on the rest of the sneakers so If you want to switch things out you can Switch them out to White laces I'm going To stick with black laces cuz I kind of Like the sort of Chicago Vibe obviously The color blocking on this shoe is Chicago color blocking so that's Actually very similar to what you get With the Chicagos you get the black you Get the white I think you might get red Maybe you get red instead of white I Actually forget either way it doesn't Matter you get black laces prestarted in The shoe and white laces if you want to Switch them out then underneath the

Laces you've got this pretty standard White nylon Air Jordan one tongue and at The top of the tongue you've got this Yellow label with the Nike Air Embroidered into it in Black moving Inside the sneaker you have this black Fabric sock liner and rounding off the Inside of the shoe you have this yellow Ochre colored insole with the Nike Air Logo printed onto the heel in black but At this point why don't we get to sizing And Fit And as far as sizing for this Shoe it's pretty much exactly what you'd Expect this shoe fits f for me just like Any other size 8 and2 which again is not My true size I'm a size nine but I have Other 8 and a half Air Jordan 1es like The shatter backboards so this fits Exactly like those so I would say that This shoe most likely fits true to size If I were to grab a size n and that's What I recommend to you guys sizing for Air Jordan 1es is very consistent at Least for the recent Air Jordan 1es so Really grab this shoe true to size and You should be just fine but honestly Because Jordan 1es are sitting a lot Recently you might be able to just walk Into your local Foot Locker try the shoe On right there in store and just make Sure that you're grabbing the right size For you continuing down the side of the Sneaker you've got more of that white Tumbled leather on the midfoot panel of

The shoe and then on top of that you've Got this black leather Nike Swoosh which Is very synthetic feeling I mean it Feels like plastic I guess that's not a Bad thing it's just the logo it's not a Big deal and then towards the back of The shoe around the heel you've got more Of that yellow ochre color newbu and Then towards the top of the shoe on the Lateral side you've got the wings logo Embossed out of the shoe with this matte Black which I really really like the way That that looks it looks very premium Very similar to the 1985 Air Jordan 1es Which I have behind me well those are Actually faded so I mean it's not not Exactly the same but that's what I think They were supposed to look like back When they first released either way it's A nice touch I like it a lot better than The inset version where they just kind Of drip ink in there which is like what They did for all of the Jordan 1es from Like I don't know 2013 to 2020 or Something like that when they started Dropping the 1985 Jordan 1es they Started embossing it and I think it's Just a nicer look and then just above That you've got this really interesting Leather switch up the one place in the Shoe that feels like it has probably Still synthetic but slightly nicer Leather is around the top of the ankle Area rather than having that shiny black

Leather that you have on most other Jordan 1es you've got got this matte Very tumbled feeling leather which Honestly does look more premium again I Don't know if it actually is but it's Interesting that they only use this Leather on the back of the shoe and not On the Nike Swoosh or on the midfoot or Anywhere else um it's it's an Interesting hit I mean I guess I'm not Mad at it it's nice to have leather that Feels somewhat premium on the shoe just Weird that they put it there then moving Down on the sneaker you've got the Standard Air Jordan 1 midsole in this Sort of cream off- white color and Rounding off the shoe you've got this Rubber outsole in the same yellow ochre That you find on the accent details of The shoe 3 years ago this shoe would Have flown off shelves it would would Have resold for like $350 maybe even Four and it may have been one of the Most popular releases of the year However in 2023 things really changed The Jordan 1 became not anywhere close To as popular as it once was and Colorways even really good colorways Started to sit I mean for example the Lucky greens the satin breads that shoe Was crazy the reimagined Royal ones While not being my favorite colorway in The world it would have sold out like Crazy a year or two earlier so this is a

Jordan brand attempt to make a shoe That's going to fly off shelves most Likely that's not what's going to happen I wouldn't be surprised if this shoe Ended up sitting at the same time I Wouldn't be surprised if this shoe does Sell out but just kind of slowly kind of Like the UN CTO Air Jordan 1es where it Is popular it does sell out but it's not Reselling for hundreds of dollars over Retail but I guess for Jordan brand the Resale price doesn't really matter that Much it just matters that they sell out I guess the resale price does Define Hype and if they're more hyped they sell More I don't know it gets very Complicated I definitely think that this Is a very clean shoe it's a shoe that I'd love to pick up in my actual size a Size n and I am going to try and grab This shoe for retail when it officially Releases next year but is this shoe Going to be the most hyped up release of January it has the potential because From what I can tell it's like one of The main releases of January but I Wouldn't be surprised if something Eclipses it but I guess we'll just have To wait and see let me know your Thoughts on this shoe in the comment Section down below don't forget to grab The Apothecary cargo pants which Honestly on this shoe look amazing I Think this is a great combo this shoe

And the Apothecary caros I think they Look good with like any sneaker though I'm a little biased that being said make Sure to subscribe if you haven't yet and I will see you all in the next one