Each month the Run Testers try out piles of running products, but there’s a lot of kit outside of shoes and tech that we don’t get a chance to talk about until we do a full round-up.

This month we’ve got a whole heap of the latest kit to talk about, from socks and sunglasses to some of our favourite running nutrition.

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Kieran’s Picks
00:39 – 2Toms Sports Shield Extra
01:40 – Tifosi Seek FC 2.0 Sunglasses
Tom’s Picks
02:35 – Brav Running Socks
04:11 – SiS Go Hydro Tablets
05:46 – Stolt Alpha Backpack
11:00 – Sungod Tokas

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers with another 
monthly Roundup this month we're a little   Bit lean on the ground at the moment because 
everyone's quite busy uh so it's just me and   Kieran holding the fort with our picks this month 
um so let's dive in and see what we both picked So for monthly picks I'm back with yet another 
anti-chafe solution I've long been a fan of the   Two Tom sports shield as a brilliant barrier 
against the dreaded friction Burns and a couple   Of weeks back I discovered this sports shield 
extra that brings more waterproofing so it   Won't wash off in the rain or if you get really 
sweaty if you sweat heavily but it also contains   Some extra things like aloe green tea extract 
and sheer butter for a bit of a helping hand   Softening and soothing your Delica bits those 
bits that naturally get a bit rubbed it's also   Got calendula and horsetail plant extracts to 
boost and the antimicrobial powers to stop it   Being stinky help with the hygiene it rolls on 
really easy you can use it on thighs underarms   Feet all the bits where chafing could be a 
problem and it's yeah it's absolute magic I   Rely on it a lot this is uh something that I would 
highly highly recommend yeah 15.99 in the UK and   Uh but what price to have a friction free 
run now next up we're still sort of battling   Getting a bit of Summer here and I'm a big fan of 
tafoshi's keenly priced sunglasses and if like me   Your glasses take a beating or often go walk about 
then I think tafosi Hit The Sweet Spot of offering   Good quality at a price so you won't cry over too 
much if you lose them or break them now I love the   Tifosi swick but these seek FC 2.0 are also great 
now I've been using the gloss black model and at   23 grams they're incredibly light I like the big 
wide nose Bridge as well I've got a big weird   Busted nose and I struggled to find sunglasses 
that kind of sit right on this conch but these are   Um should we say a bit more accommodating for the 
larger gnarly nosed Runner there's also added soft   Grip detailing and textured grip to the ear pads 
too and these get more grippy when you sweat and   Get wet and I find with overall with the lightness 
and that grip this means they stay well put when   You're running even when you get really sweaty 
they're shatterproof and scratch resistant as well   Polycarbonate lenses I'm pretty careless when it 
comes to Shades and these are still looking good   After many runs they provide 100 UVA and UVB 
protection the lens options include smoke with   Mirror brown polarized enliven golf oh all these 
bad boys and they're a good multi-sport option too So my first pick this month is a pair of socks 
it is the brav running socks now I haven't used   Breath socks before I've been wanting to try them 
for a while so I know some of the other guys have   Tried them um and I really like them they're just 
a solid pair of running socks with loads of great   Designs so if you're the sort of person that likes 
to spend money on some nice exciting colorways and   Designs in your socks brav has got loads of them 
the other thing I like about the breath socks is   Some of the running socks that I have do tend to 
be quite thin so because I test a lot of shoes   The thin ones don't often work with all my shoes 
when I need a little bit more padding in them brow  

Socks are they're a bit thicker than what I found 
with a lot of running socks or some of my running   Socks um and they feel quite nice with a lot of 
shoes so if you've got a pair of shoes maybe a   Repair shoes that's probably a bit restrictive 
um and you probably don't want to wear really   Thin socks with them because they might rub these 
are a bit thicker so they add a little bit more   Protection um for the feet um they all they 
cost 12 pounds across the board which is nice   It's not the cheapest pair of socks in the world 
but it's not that expensive either when you look   At the cost of some of the socks that are coming 
out the moment that are upwards of 16 17 pounds   Um and all of the designs at that price on 
the website so you can just pick and choose   Which one ones you want you don't have to choose a 
cheaper option that isn't necessarily the one that   You really want um so yeah solid pair of socks 
some nice designs this is like a Chili snake one   And this then there's like a watermelon version 
I've got here as well which goes nicely with a   Couple of my ready pink shoes as well um so yeah 
running socks big fan my next pick this month   Is part of my quest to test all the different 
hydration tablets you can get out there these   Are the sis Hydro tablets now these are um 
salt tablets uh to replenish your salt stools   Or pre-fill up your um electrolytes before you 
go for a long run and they also contain a load   Of B vitamins as well they come in at eight 
pounds for a pack of 20 um it's quite hard   To compare all the different tablets but one 
of the main things is taste and I really like   The taste of these what I found with these is 
that they you can put one in 500 milliliter   Bottle of water and they still taste quite strong 
sometimes when I've tried these tablets out from   Different brands you put them in a lot of water 
and you can't really taste them very much some   People might like that some people might want 
to limit the uh the flavor that they get from   Um the hydration that they're using because it 
might be a bit too much out on the run I like   To have a nice strong taste when I'm out the room 
because I get thirsty and I don't like just water   And these taste really nice this is the lemon 
flavor but they come in lots of other flavors   On the website as well like Berry and this is like 
a Coke caffeine version or Cola caffeine version   Um and yeah I'm really enjoying these 
you can also get um hydration from sis in   Powder form in the big tubs and I think you get 
hydration as within the energy gels as well so   Um uh salt in those energy gels which you can use 
for your um electrolytes so yeah enjoying these   Um and uh yeah they're just solid um hydration 
tablet my next picks this month is one I really   Like but it's a bit of a pricey one it's the Stolt 
Alpha backpack now Stoltz is a fancy brand which   Makes lots of different sorts of carrying um 
kit which you can use for things like cycling   And running this is a commuter backpack it's 
probably the biggest one I think that Stolt does   Um but the idea behind it is that it's it's meant 
to be a bit of a hybrid between a commuter pack   And just a really nice bag so if you saw this bag 
and you didn't know his commuter backpack you'd  

Probably just think it was a really nice backpack 
for work it is designed pretty sleekly it doesn't   Look like it's a sporty pack or anything like 
that so it works really well if you maybe have   A job where you want to have a nice bag um that 
doesn't look like a sports backpack doesn't skimp   On features as well so although it's a nice 
looking pack um it's actually got loads of   Really nice features in it for for commuting 
it's quite a big bag um so there are smaller   Versions or smaller bags that you can get from 
them which might be better for some people if you   Don't want something massive but this one holds 
a laptop up to 16 inches which is pretty big   Um it you can fit loads of stuff in this you can 
fit Shoes Gym kit all those sorts of things all   The work things you'd um pack lunch loads of stuff 
it's it's really quite big the main compartment is   Um for like shoes and things like that but it 
also has lots of other compartments as well so   The front compartment of this is if you if 
you don't open it don't put anything in it   It doesn't really affect the size of the the bag 
but it's expandable so if you want to put loads   Of stuff in there like your gym kit and stuff it 
will expand and there's a separate zip inside so   That it can get bigger and you can still close 
it um other things it has on it as well so the   Shoulder straps the waist strap um and there's 
a chest strap that goes on it so there's lots   Of straps to keep it really comfortable it's 
easy to lock down so you get a nice nice solid   Fit even if it's got a lot of stuff in it but 
you can pop these shoulder straps inside the   Bag so then it becomes more like um a briefcase 
which you can use for work so you don't have to   Have all these straps hanging out all the 
time which can look a bit messy and a bit   Annoying if you're putting it down on trains and 
stuff like that because it'll they'll hang out   Um there's other storage options in there as well 
so there's smaller Pockets so you can put things   Like your pens and papers and things like that 
in there but overall it's just a really solid   Nice backpack I've been using this not just as 
a commuter backpack I use it for work anyway   Just I think it's really nice it's probably the 
nicest backpack I've got so definitely the one   I go for if I want to take it into the office 
and you also get some um really nice zips on   The waist belt which is useful they're just 
big enough to hold your keys some cards it's   Things like that so that if you quickly need to 
get hold of your keys or whatever or you Oyster   Card then you can pull it out and just use it you 
don't have to take the bag off and then try and   Find it in in the front pocket or anything like 
that so that's a nice feature that I like about   It as well also has antibacterial Fabric in it 
so it won't smell if you get sweaty it's quite   A big bag it does have a breathable mesh on the 
back of the um well where your back goes on the   Back what I would say is that it's quite a big 
bag so even though it does have that it can get   A bit sweaty if it's hot out or if you're doing 
a really long run keep that in consideration   Um there are smaller bags which are probably 
better if you're doing a lot of running and you're  

Um you don't want to get a sweaty back but if 
you if you're carrying a lot of stuff and you   Need something to do that with this is a great 
option um it's very secure I'm not any bounce   On it at all and the way that the bag's designed 
means that you can really get rid of any excess   Weight or space in the bag so that you've not got 
things jumping around quite lot this comes in at   149 pounds so it's quite expensive but it's good 
quality for what you get um there's a you can also   Pay 198 pounds and you'll get the commuter set 
which also comes with a it's like a a box that   Goes inside the main compartment and the idea 
behind that is that you can put in things like   Your shirts and stuff like that if you're running 
to the office and you you dress smart at work   You can put everything in there and it won't get 
scrunched up in the bag or affected by everything   Else in the bag and you also get a rain cover 
for it a high Biz thing so that you can cover   It if you're maybe cycling you need some extra 
protection maybe from the red rain or you want   To be seen out on the ride so that's a little bit 
more expensive but maybe worth it if that's the   Sort of work you do and you need to take um Extra 
Protection for some of your nicer clothes when   You get into work my final pick this month are a 
pair of sunglasses now I'm pushing things a bit   With these because these are sun god sunglasses 
but they're not actually running sunglasses so   Letting you know that for go through them but 
I do use them for ruining one of the things I   Don't really like about running sunglasses is that 
a lot of them look like running sunglasses I don't   Really like to walk around the streets in running 
sunglasses when you really know they're running   Sunglasses because I just like having a nice pair 
of sunglasses that I can use for lots of different   Things sometimes I'll use my gooders or some of 
the other some gods for that but these are really   Nice looking sunglasses like they're the best 
looking sunglasses I've got so I tend to wear   Them for running anyway because I might be running 
some running to the pub or something like that and   Then I want to have a nice pair of sunglasses that 
don't look like a pair of running sunglasses so   These are the sun go talkers they come in at 
70 pounds for the cheapest option and that's   With the standard 4ko frames and that's with the 
standard 4K lenses you can also pay extra for the   8ko lenses which is what these are and that just 
means you get a little bit um they're a little   Bit more durable the lens is a little bit better 
quality but doesn't reality the effect of the the   Visibility or anything like that you can also 
pay even more to have polarized lenses in them   And the polarized lenses will mean that you have 
better visibility when you've got on the sea or   When it's raining or anything like that and they 
also do a prescription version of these as well   Um so yeah I've been I use these all the time 
they're just my standard go-to's Sunglasses if   I go on holiday I take these with me it might not 
be running they're just nice sunglasses but I have   Found that they work perfectly well for running 
and I've used them for races and and stuff as well   Where I'm going to be out all day afterwards and 
I want a nice pair of sunglasses so um if you're  

Looking for a specific pair of running sunglasses 
maybe these aren't the best ones for you but if   You're like me and you're you just want a good 
pair of sunglasses that will do the job throughout   On the run these are absolutely fine and I 
really like them as well I'm assuming some God   Probably because they're so used to making these 
performance glasses that these these do work in a   Similar way so um yeah solid nice looking pair of 
sunglasses the sun god talkers so that's it from   Me and Karen this month on the monthly Roundup 
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