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Today I’m reviewing the upcoming Adidas YEEZY 350 V2 MX Dark Salt! The MX Dark Salt YEEZY Boost 350 V2 features a primeknit upper and boost midsole. The Adidas YZY 350 V2 MX Dark Salt has a release date of August 21st 2023 and a retail price of $230. Check out my full Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 MX Dark Salt unboxing, review and on feet to learn more.

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This is the Yeezy boost 350 V2 MX dark Salt and it could be the last 350 V2 to Ever release [Music] So obviously Adidas is going through Sort of a clearance program right now Selling off all of their remaining Yeezy Stock and not producing any other pairs Of Yeezy sneakers and because of that We're getting hundreds of thousands of Pairs of Yeezys all dropped on us in August 2023 and from what I can tell This could be the last set of adidases To ever draw and this being probably the Last 350 to drop in the month of August Means that this literally could be the Last 350 ever but I guess we don't Really know until they say that they're Completely sold out of everything we can Only guess now as far as pricing the MX Dark salts are set at 230 dollars which Yes is higher than some of the older 350 V2s unfortunately and if you want to Grab a pair of these they are going to Be available on the confirmed app or Online at takeoutny.com which is one of My favorite places to go for grabbing Any pairs of sneakers you guys should Definitely check them out Link at the Top of the description below but I think It's fair to say with the Adidas Yeezy MX Dark Souls Adidas and Yeezy are set To go out on a bang because this shoe is One of the wildest pairs of 350 V2s ever

Sure it's made up of almost entirely Black and gray Ray but at the same time Have you seen the pattern on the shoe It's insane I actually just dropped my Review on the granite 350s and out of These two shoes I absolutely prefer this Shoe I just think it's cleaner and Easier to wear but this is still not a Bad look and if you like this sort of MX Pattern on the upper of the shoe you're Probably gonna love it but speaking of This pattern let's dive right into the Upper so a majority of the upper of this Shoe is made up of some variation of Prime knit obviously it's a different Knit pattern that we've seen on other Pairs of 350 V2s and of course like some Of the newer models of 350 V2s you've Got the semi-translucent plastic stripe Running down the lateral side actually In this case it's not semi-translucent It is a mesh so you could in theory see Light through it but because the meshes Died completely black it's almost Impossible to see anything through it Like your brand new pair of Apothecary No-show sucks that was a subtle plug but We're dropping no-show socks for the First time ever this weekend if you guys Want to check them out Link in the top Of the description below and they sit Just below the Yeezy act collar line Which means that they're perfect to go With a pair of Yeezys grab a pair of

These grab a pair of those perfect match Not only is the side stripe a lot more Difficult to see through because it's Black it's also a lot more apparent on The side of the shoe because it's just Behind black almost Sharpie line across The side of the sneaker and personally I Don't love it because it's such a Dominant detail and on top of an already Pretty crazy pattern it just creates a Lot of visual confusion in my own Opinion obviously you could think Different it doesn't matter if you think Different that's fine it's your opinion But I don't really love it I kind of Wish they had gone for a more subtle Stripe like maybe a gray or maybe even Just not had the stripe and just gone With the crazy pattern around the entire Upper of the shoe I think that would Have been a lot cleaner but getting into The crazy pattern that I just referenced It's made up of like three different Shades of Gray you've got a very dark Gray at the base you've got sort of a Medium gray in the middle and then You've got a light gray sort of rounding Off the accent and as the name of the Shoe would suggest this pattern is the Mixed pattern the MX pattern at least That's what we assume that it means and It kind of looks like they marbled the Primed pattern on the upper of the shoe Which I'm not gonna lie is really

Interesting it's different but again I Think if they had just gone with purely The priming on the top of the shoe Instead of adding this black stripe it Would have been a little bit more Wearable like for example when you look At the medial side of the shoe I think This looks great it's super interesting It's wild but it's not too wild and I Think if this had been the design on Both sides of the shoe I would have Preferred it but if again that's all my Own personal opinion you guys don't have To listen to me but I guess you're Watching this video so maybe you do care About my opinion a little bit and this MX pattern is also pretty interesting Because it's the newest Prime knit Pattern on a pair of 350 V2s in fact for A while there it looked like we were Going to get primarily just MX primed it On all the new 350 V2s but unfortunately Because of the way that things split Between Adidas and Kanye it looks like This might be the last ever MX and uh we Only got like I think two or three Colorways because there's so much Layering going on in the knit of the Shoe because of the design it is a Little bit stiffer than standard 350 V2s Especially when you compare it to the Granite pair which is just a very simple Solid color knit so uh I guess in theory It is a little bit less comfortable than

The granites however you don't really Feel it on foot so it's not that big of A deal even with all this crazy Stitching going on in the upper of the Shoe it's still very comfortable it Still feels like a sock on top of your Foot obviously these are not as soft as Something like a pair of ultra boost but Still a very comfortable upper running Down the center of the shoe you've got The scene that shows where the two Pieces of material came together to make This pair of sneakers however unlike Older pairs of 350 V2s they actually hid The stitching detail underneath the Upper of the shoe it's actually how it's Supposed to be done but they flipped it Inside out for all of the other pairs of 350 V2s and it seems like for these Newer Pairs and I guess some of the Older pairs as well they decided to go For a much simpler line or same down the Middle I guess it's because the upper of The shoe is already pretty crazy that Could also not be the case I don't know Why they decided to do it this way on This shoe but they did and uh I I don't Really care either way over top of the Seam and weaving through the upper of The shoe you've got this dark gray Infinity lace which means it has no ends You don't tie it it's already kind of Laced together I think this is the Closest that they ever got to a slip-on

Pair of 350 V2s if you do want to Tighten the shoe you can pull on this Little like tab right here and that will Tighten up the upper a little bit for You but I would just suggest grabbing The right size and you should be good to Go actually speaking of sizing the MX Dark salt colorway of the 350 V2s fits Like most other pairs of 350 V2s now I Personally like to go true to size Because I like a more snug fit however Adidas actually recommends going up a Half size on their website so if you've Never tried a pair of 350 V2s before I Would suggest going on up a half size if You already own a couple pairs of 350 V2s grab the size that you usually grab And you should be just fine around the Top of the ankle opening you've got this Dark gray piping and then moving inside The shoe on the sock liner of the Sneaker you've got that reflective Adidas three stripes hit on the back of The heel rounding off the inside of the Shoe you've got a dark gray matching Insole with the Adidas and Yeezy Branding printed on the heel in black And then moving around to the heel of The shoe you've got this black pull tab Which actually seems like an extension Of this black stripe along the side of The shoe because it's the exact same Shade of black I don't know if I like The pull tabs for a while I didn't like

The fact that Yeezys didn't have them And then I kind of prefer the easies That don't have them the granites don't Have them and I actually think it makes The shoe look a little bit cleaner but I Also like having it because it adds a Bit of detail at the back of the shoe I Don't know I'm undecided on the pull Tabs but this one has it this one Doesn't there you go moving down on the Shoe you get to that classic easy boost 350 V2 midsole it comes in sort of a Dark smoke or I guess dark salt gray What even is Dark Soul is there a dark I Might be stupid oh there actually is a Legit dark salt that's like a very Similar color to this wow the name is on Point that's crazy then moving to the Bottom of the sneaker you've got a Similar colored rubber on the outsole And of course your cutouts through to The Boost I don't love this colorway It's not a pair of 350s I throw on on a Regular basis it's not a bad shoe it's Still very comfortable and I'm sure There's a lot of you out there who love This sneaker but for me it's probably a No-go that being said I do still think That this sneaker will probably sell out And while it probably won't resell it'll Be a pair that's definitely popular and There's probably hundreds of thousands Of pairs of these so I'm sure you guys Will see these around but let me know

Your thoughts on the MX dark salts in The comment section down below make sure To subscribe if you haven't yet and I'll See you all in the next one