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In today’s video I check out the Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Carbon Beluga! The Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Carbon Beluga had a release date of May 31st 2023 and a retail price of $230! The YEEZY 350 V2 Dark Beluga aka the Carbon Beluga was originally released meant to release in 2022 but ended up releasing as part of Yeezy Day 2023! Check out the full Adidas YEEZY Boost 350 V2 Carbon Beluga review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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This could be the last Yeezy boost 350 V2 release ever what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing the Brand new Adidas Yeezy boost 350 V2 Carbon Beluga the last release of the Yeezy boost 350 V2 probably but before We dive into the review I wanted to let You guys know that I'm actually giving This pair away and also some other pairs Of sneakers including other Yeezys that Dropped on Yeezy day so if you guys Would like to check out that giveaway Make sure to click the link in the top Of the description below and sign up for Whatnot and I should also mention that This video is sponsored by what not so Huge thank you to whatnot for supporting The channel if you guys haven't heard of Whatnot whatnot is a live auction Shopping platform with sneaker auctions 24 hours a day starting at just one Dollar and if you use my link to sign up For whatnot you get 10 towards your First purchase that's ten dollars off Anything that you buy on the app Including pairs of Yeezys or other Sneakers and like I said I'm giving away This pair of Yeezys and some more Yeezys On my upcoming whatnot live stream Link In the description below make sure to Bookmark that live stream plus I'm Selling a lot of sneakers from my own Personal collection so if you guys want To grab some of the Seth Fowler

Collection or have a chance to win a Pair are Yeezys for free make sure to Sign up for what not using that link Right there personally I love whatnot And I use it all the time I just Recently bought a pair of white cement Reimagined threes I also grabbed a bunch Of Mario Party games I have a shopping Addiction I'm not gonna lie to you guys You guys probably already know that by This point whatnot is great because it Allows you to see the products that You're buying real time ask questions to The seller real time and you know Exactly what you're getting versus some Other platforms where you just got a Couple pictures on whatnot you actually Get to see a full 360 View and you can Say like hey it looks like there's a Stain on the back of that shoe can you Show me that stain so once again huge Thank you to whatnot for supporting the Channel and make sure to check out my Live stream coming up in the next couple Days bookmark it by clicking that link In the description below and if it's Your first time signing it for whatnot Again you get 10 bucks towards your First purchase but now that you know how You can win this pair for yourself let's Talk about the actual release for this Shoe and how it went down so it's old News at this point but Yeezy and Adidas Split up at the end of last year I

Believe it was October 2022 and at that Point no one really knew if Kanye West And Adidas were ever going to release Any more sneakers the problem for Adidas Was that there was about a billion Dollars with a product that had already Been produced used that they couldn't Release because their contract with Yeezy had been broken so over the last Couple months Adidas was trying to Figure out what to do with all of the Product they produced they could destroy It which would be just a huge waste of Product and honestly money or they could Try and sell it but the problem with That was that they'd have to work with Kanye again which they weren't really Trying to do so they had to find a Middle ground and what they decided to Do was to sell all of the remaining Product on Yeezy day which was yesterday May 31st and donate a portion of the Profits to some Charities and from what I can tell after yesterday's sale I Believe all of the produced easy product Should be gone I don't know if there's Ever going to be another Yeezy Adidas Release ever again I mean it's possible That there are some other colorways that They didn't show us yet that they might Drop randomly in the next couple months I kind of doubt it I think that Everything that they had lined up just Got released but if you guys know

Anything else let me know in the comment Section down below but during that Release we got this shoe the carbon Beluga 350 V2 a shoe that's been leaked For the last year and a half it was Supposed to drop at the end of last year But of course because of everything Going on with Kanye and Adidas it was Not able to be dropped and instead they Dropped it yesterday for the standard Retail price of two hundred and thirty Dollars now if you missed out on the Easy day sale on the Adidas confirmed App and you want to grab a pair of these For yourself I've made sure to leave Affiliate links to this shoe in the top Of the description below of course it Will be resale links because the shoe is No longer available and what's Interesting about this release is that Because they were trying to completely Clear out of their stock Adidas said This shoe was Final sale so if you Bought a pair and it didn't fit you're Gonna have to resell it but hey the good Thing about this release is that this is Really just another standard pair of Yeezy boost 350 V2s the only real Difference between this shoe and any of The previous releases is the colorway So In theory if you've bought 350 V2s Before you should be relatively Comfortable with the sizing of this Sneaker you should know what size to go

With and uh we'll get more into that Later on in the video Even though there Have been some inconsistencies with 350 V2 sizing I don't know why it took five Or six actually at this point Adidas has Been releasing 350 V2s for seven years You'd think the sizing should be Consistent by now and I think now it Kind of is but over the last seven years It's been pretty different I don't know But again if you've bought 350 V2s Before you generally know the sizing you Generally know what you should do and Again we'll talk about that a little bit Later on in the video but before we dive Into that let's first talk about the box That this shoe came in so as you Probably could have guessed the box is Pretty much standard fare for a DJ's Easy boost 350 V2s you've got your Natural cardboard drawer box with 350 on The top boost on the size and then I Guess the most interesting part of the Box is the size tag now I grabbed my Pair from goat uh I spent a lot of money On it because I did next day instant Ship and also something interesting About this shoe which I actually heard About in Elliot Page's review of the Shoe but my box came with dryer sheets Inside I didn't actually notice it when I was unboxing the shoe but then when I Started to look at the shoe more in Depth when I was working on this review

I realized that there was dryer sheets Inside the shoe and in the box and I Believe that has to do with the problem Elliot page was talking about that the Paris that came from goat smelled like Which I would assume that's not the case For the pairs that are coming from Adidas but who knows I mean they were Sitting around for almost a year at this Point so it's possible someone in the Warehouse was getting a little crazy I Don't know I don't know if that's goat's Fault or Adidas's fault I didn't buy a Pair from Adidas so I won't have any Frame of reference but a very Interesting problem to have and it looks Like either they watched Elliott Pages Review and threw dryer sheets in the Box To try and solve that problem or maybe Uh there were already dryer sheets in The Box I don't know either way it Didn't smell like what I said it smelled Like when I actually got the shoe in it Smelled like dryer sheets and now I know Why but all that aside I grabbed a size Nine which is my true size and the Official colorway of this shoe is Carvel Sticker Soul red Carbon something gray solar red I would Assume it's the uh the way to read that I don't know it doesn't really matter But either way pretty standard box let's Get back into the sneakers themselves It's weird I got so sick of reviewing

350 V2s over the last seven years and Now that I haven't done one in like six Months to a year it's kind of nice to Review this shoe again I haven't worn my 350s in a minute but uh it's nice to Check out a new pair it's slightly Different so right off the bat this Carbon Beluga pair will look very Familiar because it's very similar to The Standard Beluga 350 V2s the only Real difference is the difference in Tone on the upper of the sneaker and Also the tone of the midsole of the shoe When compared to the original Beluga 350 V2 or at least the reflective version of The luga 350 V2 you'll notice that the Design is almost identical except of Course for the darker stripes on the Side of the shoe and the darker midsole And to be honest with you I actually Don't know which colorway I like better I think I'm leaning more towards the Beluga colorway because I'm more used to This colorway but this newer carbon blue Colorway is actually not bad it reminds Me a little bit of like some high Visibility work gear but I guess so did This pair as well but there's something About that sort of Gray greenish brown Gray that they use in the stripes of This shoe that just look more I don't Know outdoorsy more like constructiony I'm not sure but I'd love to know your Thoughts on the differences between

These two shoes and which pair you'd Prefer to have in your collection so let Me know your thoughts in the comment Section down below but getting into the Materials and make up this pair of Carbon Beluga 350 V2s the entire upper Of the shoe is covered in your standard Yeezy boost 350 V2 Prime knit in fact This is the original primeknit pattern Used on the 350 V2 over the last seven Years we've had a lot of different Iterations of 350 V2 Prime patterns We've had semi-translucent stripes on The side we've had completely smooth Mid-foot panels a lot of different Versions of the shoe but this is the Original this is the one that everyone Probably remembers and it's actually the Stiffest version of the primeknit mainly Because on this knit pattern the toe of The sneaker has the thickest or the Largest amount of primer that sort of Overlaid over top of each other so it's A little bit less stretchy than some of The newer pairs but really it's not that Noticeable running up the center of the Shoe you've got this stitching detail Which actually carries all the way Around to the heel of the shoe it kind Of makes the entire shoe look cobbled Together which I like I've said that in Every 350 V2 review that has this Stitching detail and I actually prefer When 350 V2s have the stitching detail

Versus when they don't because it just Makes the shoe look more like a Yeezy Boost like more pairs have this than Don't and it's a detail that I really Love about the 350 V2s I know some People don't but I think it's a nice Touch moving down the lateral side of The sneaker you've got that iconic easy Boost 350 V2 double stripe the bottom Stripe is a sort of dark greenish gray Color that we've seen on the rest of the Sneaker and the top stripe of course is That bright orange Beluga color you've Got Supply 350 or sply 350 embroidered Into the orange stripe and of course the Iron stripe sort of digitally Fades out Or pixelates out into the upper of the Shoe which I really love on both the Front and the back of the sneaker and Then moving to the medial side or the Inside of the sneaker you get this Really clear look at the Beluga wavy Pattern which I absolutely love it's my Favorite part of the shoe now obviously On this colorway it's a lot darker than On the standard belugas and you can Actually see the orange speckling a lot Clearer on this pair I'm not sure Exactly why that is maybe they just made It clearer or made it more apparent on This colorway or maybe because you've Got more contrast because the darker Colors you can see it more and I really Love the way that this medial side looks

I think even more so than the medial Side on the original Beluga if I could Have like the outside of this shoe and The inside of this that would look awful Never mind that was an awful idea now Unlike the recent Beluga 350 V2 Reflective release the upper of this Shoe is not reflective whatsoever it's Only reflective on the laces and Speaking of the laces this shoe comes With your standard or I guess more close To the original 350 V2 laces they're Very thick they're pretty stiff their Rope laces obviously and as you can see They have a lot of reflective hits sort Of woven into the entirety of the lace As you probably know 350 V2 laces don't Really do much they don't really tighten The shoe around your foot they're kind Of just there mainly for Aesthetics I Believe I don't think they really bring The upper of the shoe together they Might a little bit like if you're a size Eight and a half and you grabbed a size Nine they might help with the fit a Little bit but this shoe is really Designed more to be a sock shoe or like A slip-on style shoe I don't think I've Retied the laces on my 350s in years and I just don't I just don't really see the Purpose of them but they do make the Shoe look better overall I think without The laces the shoe is kind of bland but With the laces it does help to sort of

Finish off the visual look of the Sneaker personally I prefer the sort of Infinity laces on the 350 V2s because It's a cleaner look you don't have these Like long laces hanging off the shoe Whenever you tie the shoe there are People who prefer these laces to those Laces not really that big of a deal just Another iteration of the 350 V2s moving Towards the ankle area of the sneaker You've got this sort of dark gray Greenish piping area surrounding the top Of the ankle towards the heel of the Shoe you've got some more of that dark Gray green color on the sock liner of The shoe and of course you've got your Adidas 3 stripes on the actual heel of The sneaker they're reflective as most Pairs are and then moving inside the Shoe you've got that same color on the Insole of the sneaker with Adidas logos And Yeezy logos printed on the heel in a Slightly lighter greenish gray color so Now let's get into sizing and fit and Like I mentioned earlier this carbon Beluga colorway fits just like the Standard Beluga colorway for me I like To go true to size Adidas actually Recommends going up a half size but I Prefer the more snug fit of true to size But like I said if you bought 350 V2s Before you generally know what you're Getting with this shoe and I would Recommend just grabbing the standard

Size that you usually grab do what works Best for you unfortunately if you grab The wrong size from Adidas you can't Return it you're gonna have to resell it Or exchange it or something like that so Something to keep in mind but ask around I'm sure your friend has a pair you can Try their pair on that's probably the Best way to go also I don't know if you Noticed the perfectly matching upcoming Apothecary Phyllis streets department Stock collection that I was rocking in The alpha portions of this video it's Fire it drops this upcoming Friday June 9th not only that we've also got a shirt Which also matches the shoe incredibly Well and on the back of the shirt also Says Phillis streets department super Cool love this collection but yeah again If you guys want to grab any of the Socks or the shirts they drop officially On June 9th at apothecare.com 11AM Eastern Time following the strike back On the lateral side of the sneaker as I Mentioned before towards the heel of the Shoe the stripe kind of pixelates into Nothingness which I think is a really Nice touch of course you've got that Stitching detail running up the center Of the heel and then like with most Other Yeezy boost 350 V2s or most of the Original ones and now some of the more Recent ones you've got that little butt Detail right there which is kind of

Funny that's the way that people used to Legit check Yeezys I don't know if That's still a good way to legit check Yeezys but it's an interesting little Hit kind of a weird little lump on the Back of the shoe I guess that's just the Way that the shoe came together when it Was stitched together I'm not sure but That's what Adidas Yeezys do moving down On the sneaker you get to your standard 350 V2 midsole this time around it comes In sort of a dark Smokey gray versus the Light gray that the original blue just Come in of course you've got a full Length boost midsole underneath this Rubber the outsole rubber of the shoe Wraps up onto the heel of the sneaker But the good thing about that is is that Unlike a lot of the other 350 V2s the Outsole rubber color is very similar to The midsole rubber color so there isn't Too much of a weird splotch on the back Of the shoe like you do have in some Other colorways but all around pretty Standard easy boost 350 V2 obviously It's a new colorway one that I think Some people might like more than other 350 V2s because they like the Beluga hit But they like the darker look it really Depends on what you like personally in Terms of colorways I mean the shoe Itself is relatively unchanged from any Of the recent easy boost 350 V2s the Good news for you is if you missed out

On a pair of these on Yeezy day which Honestly was kind of hard to do because These were sitting for a long time which Is weird to see for pairs of 350 V2s you Should be able to grab a pair of these For retail sale or maybe like ten Dollars over on places like goat and Stockx and whatnot of course so if you Guys want to grab these shoes grab them Resale you should be good to go again if You guys want to grab these sheets for Free make sure to check out my whatnot Live stream Link in the top of the Description below a good easy boost 350 V2 release it's not the best I'm kind of Bummed that this is the last 350 V2 Because it's not the most exciting pair In the world but I guess in a way it is Kind of poetic because you had the Beluga start off the 350 V2s and you Have a different version of the belugas Finishing off the 350 V2s so a very very Long and storied lifespan for a pair of Sneakers that change the sneaker Industry and I'm sad to see it come to An end now it's possible that this isn't The last pair to release but I'm Thinking that it is and uh I'm sad to See him go although personally I did Kind of stop wearing them a couple years Ago just because I had so many other Sneakers in my collection that were Newer that I wanted to wear so not a Huge loss for me personally but it is

Kind of sad to see such an iconic Silhouette finally come to a close but Hey at this point in the video I would Love to know your thoughts on the carbon Beluga 350 V2 possibly the last 350 V2 To ever release so make sure let me know Those thoughts in the comments section Down below but as always thank you so Much for watching make sure to subscribe If you haven't yet and I'll see you all In the next one