The TCS London Marathon is one of the most sought-after race entries for runners all over the globe. Almost 600,000 people entered the ballot in 2024 to bag one of around 50,000 spots (including charity places).

If you were lucky enough to get yourself a bib then this video may be worth a watch. We’ve run many a London Marathon over the years, picking up plenty of experience in everything from the expo to the best places to go after you cross the finish line.

Nick, Kieran, Jane and Tom chat about their London Marathons over the years and offer their advice on how to make it a day to remember.

00:00​​​​ – Intro
01:02 – The Marathon Expo
07:51 – Getting to the Start Line
12:56 – The Course
24:10 – The Finish Line
30:53 – London Marathon Top Tips

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Hey Tommy from the r testers in this Video we are talking about London Marathon so this is part of our podcast So if you're going to listen to the Podcast uh maybe don't watch this video Because it's exactly the same apart from A little bit extra where we talk about Some of our own training uh but in this Video we are going to be talking about Hints and tips and things that we've Leared from doing the London Marathon so All of us on the video have done London Marathon at least three times um and we Have quite a bit of experience when it Comes to every aspect of it from going To the Expo to get to the start line to The race itself and what the finish line Is like so if you're doing under Marathon uh this year 2024 or even uh in Future years you might still find this Video useful uh we're going to dive in And try and hopefully give you some Advice to make this year's London Marathon uh go a little bit more Smoothly hope you find it [Music] Useful [Music] Okay guys London Marathon tips and Advice we've all done London quite a few Times cumula cumulatively between us um So in this video we're going to be Talking through various well basically Everything to do with the race and uh

Hopefully giving some advice uh to uh The listeners to like it's listeners or Viewers um gives some advice to people Who are doing under Marathon this year Or maybe next year if they're listen to This podcast uh far far later than we Made it um so get my head get around What we're doing at the moment holding Evergreen content I hope you're Listening 2045 some of the tips won't be Relevant the world's under water most of Is probably going to be the same um all Right well I've got a list of things Here to talk through uh and the first One of those is the Expo so uh who wants To pick up the Expo what is the London Marathon Expo like what do you need to Know about it Kieran loves the Expo talk About the I love an expo it's in the Middle of nowhere let's start with that It's miles from anywhere and you have to Get on a kind of toy train the DLR to Get there it's it's kind of a yeah it's Kind of way out for me anyway I live in West London so it's like as we're going To a different country it's easier to to Get to Valencia for their exp I I live In East London and it is fast a daugh to Da to the Valencia marathan Expo than The XL the XL Center in East London and Yeah so huge Center out on the DLR and It's in you know it's like a big big big Old huge kind of cavernous uh space and It's big you know as the Expos go the

London Marathon one is probably one of The the biggest that I've been to out of All of the 50 odd marathons that I've Done yeah and if I have one piece of Advice for anyone it's like you you Choose the different days if you can go On a Thursday yeah and you want it to be Nice and quiet and you want to get Through all the cues really quickly go On the thir Thursday Friday will be Busier Saturday will be Mayhem if you Like it to be Mayhem go on the Saturday That's when there'll be the most bars And there'll be the most craziness and There'll be all the things going on um But it's I I think if you goone on the Thursday every time I've done it it's Been quite it's quite quick it's it's Good fun there's lots of there is lots Of stuff there if you want to get Involved in buying last minute shoes and Gels and all of that kind of stuff and There tends to be I think of all the Expos I've been through there tends to Be more sort of fun interactive stuff And you can meet more people and it's It's one of the livelier expose that I've been to and and for anyone um Listening or or watching this the expose This is where you got to go to pick up Your bib essentially and some other bits And pieces and you you got to take your ID with you and information about uh is That it you just need your ID an ID that

Was my thing to remember because I've Never remembered ID and one year I had To go all the way home and go all the Way back so God take that's well worth Remembering that before you get all the Way there I it's it is a substantial Amount of walking because the XL is huge And another reason not to go on Saturday Is you know it would be equivalent of a ShakeOut run walking around the XL to And you have to go a certain way because They want you to go past pretty much Certain you know attractions like the Whoever's the main sponsor and that kind Of thing so I the problem a lot of people have with The Expo is that if you are because we All live or I did live in London that You actually it's relatively easy to get There on an evening but people who are Traveling over and just for the weekend It's quite expensive to stay in London Over the weekend so you might have to go To the Expo um yeah which is why busiest Day yeah of course but um you know it's Certainly again probably go early if you Can but yeah it is it is I don't know They can't suppose all major marathons Don't mail the numbers out do they Really but um it's it's a nice thing to Go to but it is a you a bit of an extra Hassle in an already busy week you Basically get every time I've been to it And I think this is the same with pretty

Much every Expo apart from the little Ones we've been to like Bill ba Expo Where just a room just us um they Basically design it it's massive and They basically design it so you zigzag Through all of the places they want you To the shops basically that they want You to look at at the start um and it's Uh New Balance isn't it they do this Year yeah yeah they got a massive thing You have to go through so you'll be Winding through the New Balance shops Which is very tempting because you're Excited about doing the marathon and you See all the London Marathon kit and you Think well I'll pick up a hat and a a Jacket um so just be aware of that Because it can get a little bit easy to Fill your bag with stuff and uh want to Buy everything there is there's a couple Other things there's I think one of the Differences that you get on London as Well they do have stages and they have People giving if you know if you're a Firsttime there is a a main stage where They'll talk you through tips and stuff And that that is quite useful actually If you've never done it before for that Kind of last minute kind of um advice Some of it don't listen to you know you Want some of it don't listen to too much There's not much that you can change at That point the other thing is they often Have the chogi

Traval it Tri to get you to run at the Fastest place maybe that yeah yeah I Don't know which one must be well it Must be the world record it's GNA be Kelvin K SP now yeah don't go on that Don't go on that certainly don't go any Jeans yeah people fall over get injured You've done all that training you don't Need to prove that right there and then Check save that for another day when You're not actually racing yeah it's a It's fast It's yeah I wouldn't go that say on the Uh on the stage as well if the advice Isn't great just maybe take some Headphones and listen to this podcast Again that would be a good way to walk a Good idea yeah yeah the the other bit Advice I would give for the Expo is uh I See a lot of people buying new running Shoes and and stuff at the Expo and Because you've just bought new running Shoes you're very excited about wearing Them and uh I know people that have Bought them and used them for the Marathon the next day that's not a good Idea either uh because if you're not Used to wearing the shoes it's it's a Big risk on Marathon day same with a kit As well if you're going to buy a load of Running kit from there want to wear it On the marathon day it's a risky risky Decision to make um if you've never worn It before but it is exciting right it's

A nice Buzz to it it's go you walk Through and they play is it the Chariot Sa fire what they're playing when you Walk through yeah I think it is always The same song it's exciting you get your Number you can take some cool Instagram Picks you can it's a fun try some freebi Yeah fun hour I guess I wouldn't spend More than an hour there no I so there is A tip if if you have more than one Number which is a few I think the abber When they do the abber things there and If you're Championship you get more than One number they often do not know that When they're giving you your number and You have to make it you have to say I Need a second number because obviously They're used to handing out one number So if you're doing like the world age Group thing I think there was the same Kind of thing it's worth otherwise you Walk away with one number and you have To go around again to get your second One I've done [Music] That okay next one is uh morning of the Race so getting to the um start line and The event Village itself So I I lived in London so it was never Really that hard for me to get to the Start line from where I live but it gets Really really busy and it's worth worth Knowing that a lot of the transport is

Absolutely rammed on um on on the Morning of the race stand a lot on Trains and stuff it's um standing a lot On trains and people are getting up Really really early so they're busy from Like early hours of the day especially You' got like a later start time you Know people will have been going day so It's it's it's chaotic plan your route And also you can you will I don't know If this happens to you guys but when There's that many people you start to Lose cellular signal in 4G and stuff Like that and sudden you don't you got To plan your route in advance basically And leave like fre is it hour yes Flashing number it's Fre yeah I think it is although last Year I was told it wasn't but it is Normally it is free it is definitely but I've been charged before when they just Don't do It don't know yeah the other flip side All of that as well is it mad busy but On the trains again like you're crammed In there's there's a good kind of There's a good energy to it I mean There's a nervous energy but you do meet A lot of Runners and there's good chat And there's a good sort of camaraderie That you find as you're sort of Traveling down from wherever it is You're traveling down I think I've I'm Always like a I'm I'm a really kind of

Early to the airport kind of person and I always get there way early and then Sometimes depending on which start Because there's three different starts You can some of the cafes if you get in Early actually you can get a seat and Just be in the warm for a little bit Before you walk up to the main start and In some of those some years you can find And actually there's toilets and not Everyone does it so if you're early Enough you can take shelter and it's Kind of it's just a bit more comfortable Can kind of get your heart rate down and Relax a bit before you go up and and do What you got to do at the start well That is a that is a very smart move so I Do this at every race but if you're Walking to a big race and you spot an Opportunity to go to the toilet that Doesn't look like it's difficult take it Always because when you get to the start When you get to that that event Village You could be curing for a very long time And go first thing you get to the event Village just go don't don't think I'll Sort a little bit a couple of bits out First yeah so if you yeah if you if you See a toilet and you're not sure if you Want to go go and try it anyway because You might not get the opportunity Later especially if you're a woman Because the toilet cues are double the Men's yeah men I mean I feel like that's

A life Tip yeah do that I now do that all the Time just getting Old it's oh the other thing is say it's A longer walk from the stations than you Might think and so you want to take that Slowly last you want to do is running That bit to get to the start line for Your way so give a play of time and also If you're affiliated with the club at All around the southeast actually even Further a field and maybe you don't Spend that much time talking to the club You maybe aren't aware of stuff they Often have coaches to L I always get a Coach with my club to London marath I Wasn't aware of it for a year or so Because you know I was just racing I Didn't really look at the groups it's Worth asking around because if you can Sit on a coach with your clubmates for a Nominal fee it's quite an easy Drive gr At that time and all the roads are empty So and you get dropped very close to Well I I get dropped very close to the Blue start which is you know for some People that's great and it's not that Far a walk to the other starts and it's Obviously a lot more relaxing to go and Do a coach ride with people you know Rather than you know trying to work out The Trains yeah I'd also say um as great as The atmosphere is on the trains and

Everyone's talking I am someone who do I Don't want to hear someone telling me Their PB and their race strategy and Every race of run I am not in that head Space I want to just calm down and focus On the race and what I'm going to do so I think I put my headphones in I Probably look like a resting [ __ ] face On the train everyone's having a great Time everyone's chatting to Kieran and I'm on my own in the corner because I Don't want to hear it K's in a Cafe yeah kieran's Kieran I mean Kieran Was there two hours before I Lefta looking the Toilet just be in your own little head Space and listen to this podcast listen To some music listen to something and Keep that in right to the start line and Look after your you know don't get don't Get caught talking to the person that Wants to tell you about their race focus On your own I'd say would be my tip a Couple more things as well the the the Starts are kind of they're quite open They can be quite Windswept and they're Grassy if I remember rightly and so Definitely do that thing where you take Clothes to dress a little bit warmer you Can toss away another good thing if it's Been really raining because I think the Grass and some is quite long it can be Handy to take um carrier bags tie them Around your shoes I've I've made a

Mistake of starting that race with Soaking wet feet because you've been Tramping across the field essentially to Go back to and from the toilet and That's not a nice thing to start with Wet socks so that's another one all get Some of those you can get shoe covers And stuff so yeah 100% on the shoe Especially you know you got your your Amazing Race Day Super Shoes and they're Damp and slippery for the first Kilometer because you've been walking Around in mud yeah not [Music] Ideal Okay so what can people expect when They're starting the race they're Queuing up uh ready to go they're in the Wave suppose that's where we start Really getting into the right wave They'll let you move back not Forward won't they um so if you've been Over I'd say if you've if you've got Injured or you've predicted a start time That you can't achieve I'd go back and Be I wouldn't I wouldn't go off in a Wave that's too quick because you'll get Swept up and you'll go too fast I think Otherwise you feel like you're being Stampeded and it's not that's not a nice Feeling for the first bit throw you out Yeah I would say it's um it can be a bit Nightmarish to start I think I normally If I'm in my start group and you know

Going out at the right pace of people It's okay but remember the championship Start and the good for age start there's A lot of different times in there the Championship starts all one time but the Good for age start the times could be Very different to qualify for that right So it's very busy and then there the Wave comes steaming through behind you And I think that's a general thing for The coup of Clays it's uh you know it's Very easy to get annoyed or run too Quick because you're annoyed at people Elbowing past you and stuff like that And yeah when I run it with Jill I was Amazed how like brutal it gets around That sub three Mark but it it levels out quite quickly And I suppose that that that pace a lot Of people not don't necessarily get Their pacing exactly right for that First bit so it is all over the pace and But you also you've got the funneling as Well haven't you in London Marathon Which means that you may get to point Where you're thinking this is all great I found my Pace I'm in the right bit and Then suddenly loads of people join you From Another Side um and you the whole Thing again they join out was around 5K The three routs merge and it's it's Usually okay it's you know by then it's Been 5K people have gone out a bit but Yeah there are loads of people going too

Quick it's really important to run your Own race at that stage because it will Feel so easy to just go with them and It's downhill isn't it the first bits Downhill and it's really is very easy to Get carried away and the other thing Some people sort of in the past have Tried to say if you've gone from two Different start locations and you kind Of want to run the race together we'll Meet up when it merges that won't Happen find someone that's impossible It's it's I think I've not once managed To meet up with one of my friends from a Different start and that was at Mile 22 We eventually caught up with each other At the right kind of pace there only Reason I could see him was because he's Massive he's a swimmer so there's like 20 Runners hiding behind him from the Wind and it was very obvious but yeah Yeah forget those people unless you're Willing to carry your phone and check See what Mark Point checkpoint they're At it's uh yeah you're not going to find Those people from a different start it's Very tricky and the hills in the first Half I think are the reason why London Is a hard race to Pace because you fly Down those Hills and you might as well Fly down it's not costing you any extra Effort but when you get to the bottom it Is so hard to decelerate again because They're early enough in the race that

You feel amazing and you hit the bottom Of the hill and you're running 20 Seconds quicker a k than you should be And you go well know fine you know and That's where the race is lost I think And I think it's really hard I'm never Going to be At Nick's end of the course so I'm in The kind of really crowded bit of the London Marathon course and it's really Hard when you get to mile 3 and you see A Pacer from a different start and it It's a psychological thing isn't it you Think oh I'm behind that Pacer so I need To speed up but actually that paced from A different start the people with it are From a different start they started it Did you mean it's really hard I think It's to like Kieran said run your own Race and don't get swept up in oh I'm Now behind the 4H hour Pacer because They're from a different start do you Know what I mean and I think even the Pacers at London Marathon they do an Amazing job but I think I would ignore Them personally I've never run with a Race Pacer because I think they're Always a little bit out and they I don't Know I don't know what you guys think About it but I would ignore the Pacers And run your own race personally but if You're going to stick with a Pacer make Sure they're wearing the flag from your Start not a different start because

There'll be a different Time as well yeah sorry Nick I was going To say just talk to him as I would Always talk to them and say how are you Going to run this I want to know whether They're going to you know some people Will try and go out a little bit faster To save a bit of time or they might be Thinking I'm going to yeah I'm going to Bank a bit of time because I know a bit That's coming up but if you haven't run Like that or you're not used to it it Can it can just unsettle you so try and Work out what their plan is going to be It's also just so crowded around them That some of them like you say have Different strategies for dealing with That to go out quick to try and get out Of the crowd or to just be slow at the Start because it's so crowded so yeah I Ran with so I I ran my first auth London Using the Pacers where what did was like You talked Jane they come from different Starts they're going different speeds so I I saw a Pacer for sub I knew was going Faster than the Pacer from mine so I Thought if I'm going with them I'm Definitely ahead of the sub three from My wave because they've clearly started Before them and then I was right there I Was able to move away from them and go a Bit quicker but um yeah you gotta be a Bit careful with it is so crowded around Those Pacers as well and it's it's so

Intense I don't know how they do It yeah all right well what about that We talked about the What It's Like on The course but the course itself What can people expect from it you You've got two basically two halves of Uh the marathon and they're very Different Tye types of a race not just Because of the the the the the ground That you're running on and the the you Know the decline at the start but for me The first half is you know knuckle down Get into it and and just sort of make Your way to that Tower Bridge Point Because that's for me is when the race You know everyone talks about the race The the marathon starting at 25k or Whatever but for London most of the Stuff that you see happens after after That distance because you you come Through toar brid it's almost like um You know you're in London then and you Start to see all the sites that that you Expect from the London Marathon yeah I mean I think that first That first six first six miles out east Is it's pretty dull sort of running Through residential streets and stuff There's not I me you've got cuty s comes Before towerbridge but and that's a bit Of a highlight but there's not I I find That there's not an aw Love Cy sock do it down cut sock's Amazing yeah got you sort of spin around

That bend the cameras are up there TV Camera and you know there's there's a Bit of that and but I find the first bit Yeah Tom's right I think you've just got To there's not too much excitement there In the first bit so it's about kind of Getting yourself settled into the race And almost kind of just trying to get Into a flow in that first bit you there Will be some kids already trying to hand You jelly babies at Mile Three and you Know there is there is crowds kind of Already lining the course from the very Start yeah crazy now and I would say if You have anyone that's willing to do the Journey get people at that because I've I've had people that have seen me at Cutti SAR and been like God you looked Awful you look like you having an awful Day and they've seen me at towbridge and Being like you were flying so you mean I Think that's I think that first bit is Hard because you go down the hill and Then you're like oh it's happening and It I feel I always find that first bit Too Really hard to try and get people to Come to like mile five do I mean and see You right at the start I think you need The support then as much as you need it At Mile 20 personally as someone who has To drag themselves around I don't know You guys are quicker than me maybe you Don't but I would want people at the

Beginning yeah well there the logistics Isn't there if you've got people coming To see you there is there's it's a good Way to actually get quite early on which Is probably around bmy bit and then move Around to two other different areas they Finish your course and maybe I think is It I can't remember how they did it I Think it might be Canary wolf or Something where people watched me before Um there's a bit where they can see you Twice isn't there that's Canary WF where They can see the way to on the way to Yeah Shad Shadwell I think Shadwell yeah Shadwell is the best place because you Yeah you cross over and there's plenty Of time because you're doing that out And back and from Shadwell there's still Enough time to get back to closer to the Finish as well if you're depending on How fast the runner is you can you can Do Shadwell on that bit see them twice And then still get along to embankment Yeah we'll come on to the bits we hope But that out back bit is the worst bit Isn't it cuz that's when your I see Nick Running past me the other way he's going Home he's going home and I've got to I Hate that I've been walking a couple of Times on that bit so it's all right it's Good to see that when you're when you're Coming out on that bit you see all the People coming back and you think oh Great it's not going to be that this bit

Is not going to be that far but when you Come back around on it like that was so Far to to get round that's and it really Shows you how well I think that's I Think the first half of London marathan Before bridge is very easy racing it's I Find that the easiest because it is much Like every city marathon it's Residential streets there much better Crowd than most places I haven't done New York obviously but that's obiously Meant to be amazing but it's you know There's downhills and then lots of level Stuff it's very easy to get into pacing It's you know obviously you're feeling Good first I think that's where you just It's very easy I think as a race part of The race the second half is not not just Because the second half is tricky I Think there's a lot more turns there's Ups and downs under bridges and stuff Like that I think it's a much harder Race mentally and physically the second Half of under Marathon which is why I Think it's a hard race to Pace because Hard to negative split London really Well and but yeah and part of that is Canary Warf where obviously you lose GPS And also it's just it is twisty it's High buildings it is still really well Supported now on the AIS of dogs which It didn't used to be like round mud Shoot it used to be quite quiet there But last couple of years it's been War

To war people still but it's definitely I think SP slightly sparer than the First half of the race and just less fun And I do think that 32k Mark London is Is tough like cuz you but if you can get Through the next five or six 7K then You're back to Shadwell and into the Real crowds and into likey sat London That you recognize and it's really Exciting and you're heading for home Along the river yeah the other the other Thing I think towerbridge is a moment And it's a it's a huge moment there's Good stats that show that the fast Everybody's kind of fastest mile tends To be the mile after towerbridge because You arrive on towerbridge the crowds are Incredible there's this real kind of Adrenaline moment you've got that There's often the TV helicopters are up Above and lots of people get kind of Fired out of Tower Bridge really pumped Up and then run a mile that's way Quicker than it should be and then they Go into that kind of out back and then And then suffer yeah so it's one that's One to watch you know you enjoy that Moment but remember you've got a long Way to go still then and that feeling of Sort of invincibility that you're going To get as you come across Tower Bridge With the heads on standing up on the Back of your neck is uh there's a long Way to go that's not going to last so

Yeah it's crazy it's downhill the bridge As well and you're coming toward the Halfway mark is actually is off once You're off Tower Bridge so it's like you Come off Tower Bridge downhill like Roaring you're flying you see the Halfway mark in the distance you cane it To that and it's like halfway and you You've run like you say you're quick as Mile and it's now like last year in the Rain it was the first the mile even the Whole half mile probably K before Tower Bridge was almost as loud as Tower Bridge everyone's gone to that area and Then just actually camped up near the Bridge it was unbelievable for about a Mile and a half and it's impossible not To speed up a little bit but yeah it's It's really hard to not to then pull it Back um because you're heading into the Outb of the art of dogs which is not the [Music] Same okay so the Finish Line uh one of The biggest Finish Lines of any marathon What what could people expect why is it Such an important finish line for people Who do London so you see the palace and Then you you turn and you see the finish Line and it's just honestly the best Feeling in the world isn't it but the One thing I would say is you That bit before the Finish Line you go From miles to meters don't you and it's Like and then yards and you go into all

These different you're like how far is It Yard like it's just Bonkers because You're like that is the original yard Isn't it or they no it's not there but It's different Palace but they moved it For a palace I suppose I think it's the But you see the palace and you know your Your home and it's just it is great and Then you cross the line you get your Medal and then you've got the longest Walk of your life to get to horse Guard's pray and then a fight for your Bag as well you And then you've got to go and hobble to Hor guards but you don't care at that Point well that last bit before the Finish line is one of the longest Sections of the race for me because when You're coming down the first section at St James's Park you think oh there's all The crowds I've got to be at the finish Line and you turn around the corner you Go oh my goodness got go all the way Around the other side now when you hit That red tarmac it's really easy to Think this is it it's done that's the Point to kick or whatever you got Anything left you're going to push it it Is not you've still got I think it's Like even like half a mile around that Corner IGN him kick kick you nearly There it's a good distance but and the Crowds but the crowds on that first bit

Up to the corner by but Palace where It's there's the most energy in the best Actually when you turn the corner and Start coming back down the male and it's One of my least favorite things about London you get into that kind of VIP Section yeah where often there's no one There and it's very it's actually very Quiet so my word of advice is to really Really enjoy those crowds C when the Minute you hit the red Tac enjoy those Crowds don't kick yet but just soak that Bit up so round past Buck Palace and Then that last bit there won't be that Kind of high energy cheering for the Last maybe 150 meters CL enough though Though I think you're home your home Exactly yeah I would say if you're That's my wife comes to watch with our With our kid kids now is on um is on the On bird cage walk which is the first bit Of the red tarmac before you turn the Corner and it's quite a nice place to Meet because obviously you're very near The end so you have to come for the end The parks all around is a good place for Kids to play while they wait for the Person the kids don't care you know I my Oldest one now recognize me on the run But yeah um but I you know when you hit The red time back I I go for it kick Doesn't matter if you die halfway you You're still halfway there it's still Like like a you know you've never done

London marathon and been slowly walking Jogging your way to finish like I have I' I've walked most of uh second last London I no third last London last time I went for a real hard run at London I Was walking quite a lot in the second Half really what time did you finish Though 2:33 but um that Wasing that much [Music] Then okay so you cross the finish line What happens after that it's uh most Marathons tend to be quite tricky after After Finish Line the most big marathons What what what advice can we give to People after they cross that finish line To maybe find people or just work out Where to go pick a number on horse Guards parade no letter sorry there's Letters everywhere alphabets there go And stand under that letter it's it's It's the worst cellular uh whatever it's Called 4G 5G signal you'll have in London is horse cars parade on Marathon Day you will not you very unlikely to be Able to get text and calls through so Pick a pick a letter in advance to meet Under if you can yeah and a good tip is Pick a letter that people unlikely go For like X or Y or something don't go For the Obvious yeah but go for on that people Most people yeah but maybe won't go to Exposed as well there advice is that if You're going with family um get them to

Go and find a place in a restaurant or a Bar because when uh because they get They get absolutely rammed so the time When I did it and my family were there They waited for me at the you know the The letter the letter on the horse car's Parade and but I was quite I came in at Like 4:30 then so so many people already Coming in were coming in that time they Couldn't find anywhere to find any food So if you have the opportunity send them Off and say you'll meet them there at Some point get reservation Somewhere well it's it's even easier if You wobble through to Trafalga square And meet by Under the Lions as well it's Actually not much in terms of the Difference and that's there'll be less Crowds over that way if you want to sort Of and you're gonna going that way Anyway probably aren't you so yeah it's I would say horse cars parade if it's a Sunny day is very exposed and there's Not a lot of places you know to be Shaded so you don't want to be there for Too long if you're already feeling quite Rough yeah and there is a changing tent And yeah like a feeding tent you mean You can go to horse guard's parade and Get changed and feed your kid and do you I mean you can is a good place to go if You want to somewhere to get changed Without being in a pub toilet or Something or and there's a medical temp

If you need medical help so head there And in your drop Bags put a put a um battery pack with a With a phone cable I've made that Mistake got to the end phone was Completely dead no way to contact anyone I had to go and sit in the E shop on um On the Strand charged by fod very po the E shop after a Marathon just like yeah so stick a for Yeah just in case you never know I'd Also say cross Finish Line I would go Straight I know you you'll feel terrible You want to sit down for like half an Hour get your bag as quick as you can Because the que's get nuts and also by The time you're then ready to get your Bag your body would have cooled down Even on a hot day I've like been shaking Turning blue because you've just run a Marathon your core temperatures all over The shop you need to have the layers That are in your bag so I would stagger To get your bag before you really sit Down and do Nothing yeah yeah and then uh also the Organizers or there's various partners That give you discounts of places around London on on after the marathon on on The Sunday but also some of the days Afterwards as well so make sure you Check those out because some they're Actually really good so you get like Free drinks and food and get Burger yeah

Bills the classic London restaurant Bills does something and Franco used to I think it still does FR do a pizza Sunday Monday you you could be very Lucky to get the ones that are near Trala square but you know yeah you need To some of them don't let you book some Do let you book is that one it's like a Deer in the logo that lets you book but It's a bit further away I think you can Also go to oh you go get your thing from Tracksmith as well that's a bit of a Schle up to Marone if you want to get a Printed poster with your time on it Which is quite [Music] Nice okay so any final tips or advice For people do the London Marathon this Year London is one of the races where I Would probably manually split on your Watch I think the first half of the race Is fine on GPS it's very you know it's Residential streets it's nice and open You'll get the pacing will be pretty Much right hit Canary Warf and then There's lots of tunnels and stuff in the Second half of the race there's high Buildings it's it's a hard place to you Know if you're if you are using your Watch to Pace the race in the marathon I Would take manual splitz around Canary Warf at least but in general just to um Just to roughly know what you're Actually running because yeah I've had

Massive accelerations detail even with Modern watches which are very good it's A it's a hard rate if you are looking For that you know that pacing strategy The first half the race is fine the Second half is Carnage around Canary Warf and it is just you know it just Won't be right Basically and I'd say if you if if at All possible if you're coming from out Of town if you're in London in time go And run the last 5K of the course the Bit where you come out the kind of final Tunnel from embankment know what that is It's such helps so much to have that Banked in your mind familiar for when You sort of come out there and you're Feeling tired and subconscious knows What's left and your body will unlock a Bit more it's it's just it's just nice To know that last bit I find it a really Good trick to to familiarize yourself if You've got timeing you can if you're in Your training maybe you go and do a bit More have one run where you go and run a Bit of that last bit of the course shake Out run that's a good idea that tunnel Coming out of that tunnel it always hits Me cuz it's that tunnel is so Bleak and All the men are going for a Wii and it's Just a weird place and then you come out And it's a wall of sound and you're like Where am I that bright I wish i' done That so bright on the eyes coming up out

It's a little Hill up but it's it's not A bad Hill that one and yeah it is it is Pretty ni it is horrible in that tunnel It's you there's worse things than Peeing in there as Well oh God I would also Say I mean I don't know I'm on the fence But put your name if you need the the Crowds are incredible at London aren't They it's the best best day out put your Name on your top embrace it soak it up Like enjoy the crowds cuz it's the it's I've I just I don't know there's a magic Isn't there in London and I think just Try and try and enjoy it because it's Just it is the best it's the ultimate Time to be cheesy and really lean into It because it is just the best and People the other thing is if you don't Put your name on your thing and you are From London it's quite fun because People honestly people everyone watches London so obviously put your name in a Bit but if someone shouts your name for Them because it will be like someone From your primary school who vaguely Recognizes you or something like that oh Who's that and it's yeah it's just Really nice basically really Help download your playlist before you Get to the start line because every year I do this and I get there and then for The first 5k I've got no music because I've not downloaded it and Spotify can't

Get reception and I'm like buffering in And out and it's chaos and download Everything you need because you'll have No phone signal from the minute you get There till probably about to bridge so Just download everything you need Podcast music whatever I'd say on Headphones Tom I don't know if you guys I've I don't use headphones at London Generally but if you've got bone Connection headphones are they loud Enough at London When the Crowds Are Going uh no but that works quite well Really because if you're doing big Marathon the quiet bits you can hear the Music and then the bits where you got The crowd you hear the crowd and that's Sort what you want anyway so they work Quite well for that from that point of View you can always hear something what You trying to listen to your Alan Partridge audio book like I do You're missing key bits no I listen to High octane dance music when I'm when I'm trying I might Listen to I probably Will listen to Alan Partridge when I'm Doing London actually Karen likes his European dance music obviously which Isopr I think the other thing if you're There's going to be lots of people out There who are going to run London who Aren't necessarily running for a PB it Might be the only time you ever get into London if your family are there it's a

Special day take if if you run past them And you see them take 10 seconds 15 Seconds to get a photo or go and say him Give him a hug it it's it's kind of you Never know when you might get back to That London Marathon again because if You've got through the ballot all of That kind of stuff and it is it is a Special race and a special moment I Think it's it's definitely worth making Those memories and capturing them on the Day if you're not running all out for a PB that is didn't you run back for your Little Boy I I did yeah I mean I I yeah we were Supposed to meet on embankment and I Couldn't kind of connect with them we Missed and I was running up and down Embankment I think I did like an extra Sort of mile and a half going up and Down up and down but eventually I found Him and uh yeah and it was worth it Everybody hated me but yeah yeah you Need very specific uh instructions as to Where your family are in London because It is hard to spot people if they're are Like I just saw one of my kid like on The bird cage walk even it's a bit more Spast like at the last second I was Scanning the whole crowd and just saw Them it's yeah so that's that's yeah It's quite hard to do that the first Time obviously you don't really know the Course that well but he trying to think

Of somewh very specific Well I think that I'll do is for London Marathon if you are listening to this or Watching this and you're doing London Marathon good luck and myself Nick and Mike are all doing it this year so if You see us you wearing your um run vest Nick I cannot I am in the in the Championship race you have to wear Club We're not UK Affiliated Club so I've got To wear my club vest right so ignore Nick then if you see him but if you see Me on Mike give us a Shout back take a shout You're not part of the team if you I've Got te headband maybe I will wear it for That reason yeah yeah yeah well you can Wa you run a cap can't you I know you Got your new hat toar I could wear my R I'm not sure about what the rules are on Branding actually I probably wouldn't Wear my R test the cap I don't know I Feel a bit feel a bit off in the champ Good luck listeners viewers luck and uh Yeah enjoy it that's it from us on this London Marathon special thanks a lot for Watching don't forget to like subscribe Click that little bell and if you go Into the caption below you can find a Link to the podcast version of this uh Which is slightly longer but you could Also listen to it on the run as well if You didn't pay attention to the full Video thanks lot for watching catch you

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