It’s almost marathon season at the point of making this video (also the podcast), so we’re chatting about everything to do with a successful 26.2 miles.

As well as our marathon shoe rotations, we also talk about training sessions, fuelling, and how we use tech for recovery in the lead-up to the big day.

Check out the podcast version of the video, along with loads of extra chat about the latest kit:

00:00​​​​ – Intro
00:42 – Marathon Training
09:00 – Marathon Fuelling
16:42 – Marathon Recovery
23:24 – Marathon Shoes

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Hey Tommy from the Run testers in this Video myself Nick and Mike are going to Be talking about marathons so many of You may have a marathon coming up soon Many of you may be doing your first Marathon in this video we're going to be Talking about all of the advice and all Of the things that we use uh to train For marathons whether that's shoes Whether that's Tech uh whether that's Different types of fueling that that we Use um this is also part of the podcast So if you're planning on listening to The podcast don't watch this video Because it's included in that as well Right let's dive in and chat about Marathons so in this video we are going To be talking about well it's also a Podcast if you're if you're listening to The podcast version of this we are going To be talking about Marathon so um in Later in or could in a couple of months We're going to do doing a specific video On uh specific podcast on London Marathon this time we're just giving Advice talking about our training and The sort of kit that we use for that Training so let's jump in um I thought The best way to kick this off would be To talk about the types of trading we do And the sort of times we're aiming for In Marathon so when people are listening To this they can get a good idea of who They should be listening to so Mike

What's your aim for London Marathon uh so aim for London marathon Is definitely get around on scath but if Training goes all right and training has Been fine so far um let just go quicker Than the last one that I did were my Quickest which was 324 so if I can get Below that I'll be very very happy I Mean re optimistically I'd love to run Like kind of around 310 315 if I'm fully Fit and feel good um so that's kind of You know I'm trying not to put too much Pressure on myself in terms of what I Want to do but I mean ultimately that's Where I'm kind of aiming around that's Realistically what I think I can do and Get around in that time so okay we'll See training is uh yeah training is well In progress so Nick uh what's your aim For the for London London I'm aiming to PB so I'm looking to run uh 227 Basically sub 228 which is 330 pet Pace 5 35 Mar know so yeah about 330 pet pce I know k um so that's the a my current PB is 228 30 odd and I've never really Nailed London I'd like to really now London uh for the first time and get Round with a PB of paces and training at The moment are kind of easy like 4:45 to 5 I guess 4:30 to 5 depending how fresh I am which is not very fresh and then Yeah down towards Marathon Paces at Around pretty Tempo effort i' say so Okay yeah you Tom uh so my PB last year

In Berlin was 253 15 I think I know that because it Was I think it was 30 seconds f faster Than Andy's attempt in Valencia so just based on needle Basically I don't really know seconds But if you're doing it based on needle Then fair enough yeah well I I when I Did Chicago I really cared about the Time so it was like in gr on my mind but Berlin I just wanted a PB but I didn't Really have a focus on it um so Boston I Would like a PB uh but I don't it it's Highly unlikely I think because I don't Think I'm going to I'm basically trading A bit harder than I was or I should be Trading a bit harder than I was for Berlin and seem to have retained my Speed from um Berlin but uh yeah I just Don't I'm not as bothered about this so I think it might that might have a Mental impact on how well I do but I Would like I would like to get about 255 In in in Boston you want to get your Boston time in Boston exactly yeah and I Want to continue to get my good forage Time of course yeah yeah um all right so Leading on from that uh what type of Mike what what does your training look Like for a marathon what is it what is Like your average week for your sort of Plan that you're using um so I am using I'm actually using an app that you Recommended to me Tom so it's the run

With howan it's the one I started to use Uh when I was training for London last Year and it is um it's a free and a paid Version for it it's pretty pretty Straightforward it kind of you know Build it based on the times when you're Doing it when you're going to do the Marathon and then it will build you a Plan you kind of links with my Garmin it Actually only works with arming at the Moment which is slight frustrating I'm Testing other stuff I'm testing the Polar got the polar back on my wrist Again so not ideal but it will kind of Pull the the runs in give you those kind Of recommended runs give you a breakdown Of the type of run you're doing and I've Kind of gone I haven't gone for the kind Of it's like kind of beginner Intermediate kind of advanced plans Because of where I'm at and where you Know I'm kind of playing catchup I've Kind of gone for a kind of intermediate Plan so it's probably not what I would Usually kind of follow so maybe the mly Is not the usual that I would have to Probably do but it means that I can There's probably a lot of lot more base Runs in there a lot more and a lot more The longer runs become a nearer to the Weekend so Friday Saturday Sunday so Yeah it's it's it's it can adapt based On what I put in and you know it works Well for me it's very easy plan to

Follow as I said because I generally Will be running with a Garmin of some Kind it can pull my runs through and Adapt based on the runs I'm doing and It's just very easy app to use I've been Using the paid version um you know I Don't have a coach so always kind of Relied on kind of training apps and apps In general to and they've been five me Before it's first time I've used this And yeah it seems to be I mean I really Like to using it last year when I was Start you know the first few months with It so I've kind of stuck with it and it It's just it's just a very easy app to Follow and kind of you know F in terms Of my training and you're using the paid For version because you I'm using the PID for version yeah yeah because the PID for version I think gives you a Little bit more in terms of the the kind Of the kind of adjustable feedback stuff Yeah yeah yeah yeah that's what did when I was using it yeah um all right Nick You we we know you've got a coach what's Your training look like in an average Week yeah I a coach so I get it kind of Week by week my training rather than Having the whole block kind of mapped Out at the moment I'm doing quite high Mileage for me I'm up to 115 120k at the Moment the highest mod of done usually It's pretty relaxed start of the week Because I don't do the only run I can do

On a Tuesday is a buggy run when I have My kid uh so I just do a relax run there And then Wednesday is usually a big Workout Friday is usually it's it's like A steady hour is what we do it so that's It's not quite Tempo pce but it will be You know decent decent speed and then Big Workout Saturday usually or you know Big long run Sunday or a combination of Both but yeah so lot quite a lot of the Weekends and Wednesdays are the big hard Days filled in with easy running around That um so it's similar to what I've Done for the past you know other Workouts I've done but my schedule's Changed a little bit so the mileage is Higher now able to go out for a bit more So it's yeah probably a harder block Than I've ever done before actually I Think it's fair say I'm more enjoyable Block as well it's good to have a good Bit of a challenge after a few years of Doing Marathons well I'm doing six days a week As well well I meant to be doing six Days a week but my my my I've got a Coach Liz uh and I and she's the one who Coached me to Berlin um my T5 three so I've stuck with her for this um and my Yeah I've got six days a week three of Those days Are pretty no two of those days are Pretty easy one is park run one is a Long run

Uh and the long runs at the moment so When I did uh Berlin at this point I'd Have just been doing long runs but now All of my long runs have Tempo elements In them so you know you do like I think One on Sunday is 18 miles with three Sets of four miles at nearly marathon Pace or bits slow to marathon pace um And then I've got and then I do uh well I'm doing track at the moment on Wednesdays but I'm not shouldn't really Be doing track I need to be doing longer Um sessions Uh but yeah so six days and it's yeah Those those hard ones are quite tough Though I'm not looking forward to um the Sunday I also one big thing that's Always been a big thing with my coach Andy is uh progression runs to marathons It's so I'd usually do one of those in The week just even as part of you start Easy so it's pretty much an easy run Because you won't be finishing that fast But lots of progression runs where You're finishing at a faster Pace Working a bit harder by the end which I Think for me is really good mentally for Simulating marathon where you you know It will feel easy at the start but gets Harder as you go and so long run big Long runs normally be doing yeah easy to Steady or something like that or Finishing fast for a half hour at the End just to put some hard miles on TI

Legs I just missed doing normal long Runs now there's nothing worse than you Know thinking oh God I don't even want To do this i' buy about 40 minutes in And then You' got up the pace the rest Of it I did a big half and half 20 mile Over the weekend so it's first half Pretty easy second half steady so 10 Miles steady is coming up it really Makes the first 10 feel very easy though Which is good Uh so talking about long runs uh fueling For your long runs so um what what how Do you do you feel when you're training Uh or do you just get through through it On whatever you've eaten I fuel pretty Hard I'll say um usually there something To test actually this I haven't anything To test and it's coincided with a friend Of mine well it's not coincided but Basically got a friend who's sponsored More athlet so I've been managed to get My little hands on quite a lot of Morton So I've been using it a lot more than Because usually I'd buy some and save it For the marathon itself but now every Session I basically yes anything where I'm going to be hitting a hard run That's 40 minutes plus I will have a Morton drink beforehand I'm G to go hour And 30 I will I will bring something With me and have it on the way because It's this it's it also just massively Helps with the recovery I find to

Actually be adequately fueled and then Bouncing back to either work or look After a kid afterwards or just know that You're got to run the day after so yeah I will have you three or three times a Week probably I'll be having Morton Stuff beforehand and after and it's or Something you know doesn't have to be Morton I I also use the OT drink and uh Some old sis bars as well which are Definitely out date but only makes them Stronger probably no gels then for the Long runs uh I will occasionally take a Gel on a long run as well that's usually Morton as well but I tend to carry Because I carry drinks on the race day I Like to remind myself what that feels Like so a lot of long runs I'll be Carrying drinks just to remind myself of That feeling of having the loaded drinks On the back um which is is fine I really Don't mind but it's good to practice it So a lot of practicing now already for Fing Yeah by you Mike yeah I think Mainly just for the longer runs I think Um just where I'm kind of probably Replicating the type of Paces that I Would be doing during that race so it's I I find it useful to do that and will Mainly do it for the longer runs I think The kind of the runs during the week Where not probably doing those kind of Those longer distances I'm probably not As kind of you know focused on on doing

That stuff but I think I would kind of Have some kind of electrolytes or you Know eat when I should be eating when I Generally would be before and I'm Thinking of racing so you know giving Myself enough time and then I would take Jails because ultimately I will you know I want to make sure I'm I'm getting used To that you know I've done it for years But still getting used to that fact of Taking the jails I need to take the gels Taking the right times I know has worked For me in races I'm just kind of rep Trying to replicate that I don't do it For every session but I think generally You know for my longer runs that is Something that I do Pay a little bit more attention to do But you know during the other runs I Will try and do things in and around That time to make sure you know that I'm Going to make the most out those runs But I think it's particularly those Longer runs for me where I feel I need To do that and really replicate what I Would be feeling or want to feel during Kind of those kind of raise Conditions I barely do Anything I may have got my fueling game On sorted for race day but I barely ever Use any fuel in but I'd say over 25k I Might take a gel It's hard efforts man it's it's pretty Tough on the body like I think I know I

Just feel so much better running you Know if I going to go do a workout I've Had a c drink beforehand like the Difference in feel is is ridiculous so I Know it's worth doing and it's you know Actually comes a point when you've also Got to think a bit about calories as Well which is I was I was doing a lot in Uh last in the summer when I was Training in the summer for Chicago and Berlin because it was so hot I was Drinking a lot of electrolyte drinks Because it's winter I not just not Thought about it One thing I do do on the old drinks Front now is um I've started using the Multivitamin basically baroa but you Know the cheap barocca from Tesco or Something like that um and popping that In a drink in the morning and that's a That's quite a nice little touch for the Winter I find getting you little bit Mainly because you I always have one of Them in the Morning years of hard baile Drinking but yeah those are add some of The OT ones of them on say wellness and It's a massive psychological thing but Those feel better than the Tesco brand Ones but can't be right it's just Vitamins in in a pill in a in a fizzy Tab but feels like yeah this is for Serious days I'll have these ones and Then for the rest of the time I'll be in

My Tesco brand barck well I'm still on Precision Fuel and hydration well well I'm getting the ones that are Multivitamins not electrolytes so I only Have the electro light uh for when I'm Yeah thinking about like a long run and It's a bit hotter or something like that The these are yeah multiv bits for the Old protect from illnesses yeah I think That's for me as well yeah like the Immun you know just remembering how Battered your immune system gets and I Think it's just easy to you know think You've had a good run and then actually You've been fine and it probably hit you Probably a couple of days later or Expect so yeah what about recovery then I don't do anything for Recovery I don't Have any sort of proteins or anything I'm guessing you do ni well I did like When I'm running lot of my marathons I've run probably on 80k a week 80 to 100K up to now you I'm not and I don't I Didn't really bother so now last two Weeks I brought out you know now I'm Going what over 100k a week I've got the SAS recovery drink I've had for a few Years and just bring out for basically These weeks and after the two big Workouts each week or the long run each Week I will have one of those and again The difference in how you feel is Actually remarkable kind of even makes Me think I should have been having it

After big workouts other times as well Because nearly always after a big Workout no matter what I do with electri Lights and everything like that later in The day I'll be slumped have a bit of a Headache you know stuff like that and With this yesterday I had really hard Workout I bounced back really nicely and I think it does help quite a lot so Yeah in terms of actual stuff to have I Used to just go purely on food but Having this straight after the workout Is the other big thing because I you Yeah get home shower get distracted need To get back to my desk do a bit of work Or mess around with you know kids games And stuff which is not messing around It's very fun but um I do that and I Wouldn't have stuff I you know by the Time i' cooked a meal it probably be a Bit outside the ideal time so this drink Has helped I think so what was that Drink uh so that was the Sao SAS Recovery powder so it's not just a Protein powder it's got load of Carbohydrates electrolytes and stuff Like that in it as well just general Support the system stuff okay uh lovely Mike you uh you similar to me in your Recovery um skills I'm not I feel like Because of what happened last year I've Definitely paid more attention to it so I would I think particularly most of my Runs if it's a whatever kind of if it's

A hard run then I will have I do have Like a protein shake I have now had or Got have the sis recovery stuff as well Which i' been Been sent to test out and that's been Really good and actually that's Something I'm probably going to choose To use over the next few months as well Too um and then I just lean I look to my Tech basically I mean I get the boots Out I get recovery boots out I get the Massage gun out all those things I've Got like cup you cupping things as well So I I do think it makes difference for Me and it's just you know something that I have neglected and with the the usual Things we should be doing after runs and You know taking a bit better care but it Is something that I have always I've Started to kind of build into my Training and does is something I pay More attention to I would say so not Like you Tom no McDonald's are a pasty For me well calories are a big thing I Other thing I do is weigh myself a lot In R and training to make sure I'm not Losing white um because yeah it's not It's not ideal if you start doing that But I don't do much of the other Recovery St I do I have got my my eart Yoga for runners YouTube video You Know Video on YouTube I found five years ago And I think I must have done it well Over a thousand times since because

Doing it like two or three times a week Uh it's just like 20 minutes it's good For runners because there not too much That's sitting down which I can't do I Can't do sitting down yoga I'm too tight So it's um yeah good video that really Good all right so we talked a bit there About uh fueling and recovery but when It comes to uh training and Recovery With tech do you actually use it is There anything you find useful or do you Not use it Mike I I mean I did mention a Little bit but yeah I do I mean whether Is I mean this is always the thing with These things whether it actually is do Anything but for me I have kind of Leaned on using stuff I do use the kind Of the gun recovery boots I mean they're Great I sit up on the you know on my Sofa lie on my sofa watch TV put them on I feel like they're doing something I Feel like they're doing something so um And the massage gun I think I use I I Mean actually use it for kind of warmup But also um kind of afterwards as well So I wouldn't use I mean I wouldn't use Everything all at once I mean like you Know one go but I think like using some Of it sometimes I think is I mean has Helped me I do think it has made a Difference for me and it's it feels like I'm doing something extra on top of Doing the things that you would expect To do in terms of your you know when

You're kind of battered from a a run and You kind of need to rebuild that system So I do um whether it does make a huge Amount of difference I don't know but I I like to feel that particular something Like the boots do kind of work quite Nicely and just easy to throw on as well So and you don't use anything do you Nick I don't use anything like that uh I Have got loads of watches and rings on At the moment and using an app called HRV training and that's more actually For testing them because I tend to go Quite a lot on feel on that kind of Stuff obviously and if I'm run down I Know I'm run down it's good to test if The apps and the watches know I'm run Down or I use it a bit of a confirmation Bias but I use a you I have a gar all The time so the training readiness I Think is just interesting for me to see I I wouldn't base what I do training Wise on that but I like you know it's It's interesting if it does fluctuate in The way I expect it to and then the aura Ring I think is still quite useful hand Is very good at spotting like a little Bit of illnesses which I do crop up from Time to time so over the weekend Actually had something like that and um That's quite interesting to know to Limit intensity that kind of thing the HRV training app in the morning is quite Interesting to see as well just again

All this stuff I think is Trends you got To look at not actual what they say in Terms of um what you think you should do I think that's never really the best way To go about it but you know a product Really well like I know garmin's trading R stat really well haven't used it for a Couple of years now I know this HRV app Region I used it before as well so if I Know the trends it's showing uh I you Know I can tell how that really actually Equates to what I'm um how I'm feeling And or going to be likely to perform on The run I could tell yesterday before my Workout I was probably a little bit off In terms of where I might expect to hit Pace wise and stuff like that and that Gives you a little bit of reassurance I Think if you go into a workout with that Attitude knowing that there might be Reasons you're not going to smash out The park every single time so I like all That kind of stuff but mostly I'm Testing it rather than it helping me I Think uh because I do think it's Interesting to test those things during Really heavy marathon training when they Should be at their most useful but also Can come AC Cropper and just get things Wrong quite a Lot yeah well I I I've got used G and Everything I'll get the um information Back well I think I don't really find it That useful merch of the time I think

95% of the time I know if I'm tired or If I overt trained and if you're Training for a marathon and you're doing Mileage and you got specific structur Training in you probably will know Because you know how much you you Normally do you know how much you've Increased it by you know if the session Is harder and all those sorts of things Um so but I do find useful sometimes as Sort of check just to see um just to see What it says because uh like you say Sometimes you you'll do a run and um you May feel okay at the start but you you Might not notice that you know you you Should technically be have quite a low Body battery um so when you when you Look at the when you look at the watch So I do find it interesting from that Perspective I think it's probably useful More useful people who don't have a Structured training or don't really Follow a plan so you might one week you Might do 50k next week you might do Nothing um and that gives you a bit of a A better view on what your training Really looks like in terms of your body Battery but yeah I don't tend to it Doesn't shape my training basically no It wouldn't obiously because I got a Coach but I yeah it's nice to have a Little I think the training load stat Actually quite good on watches CU that's Quite a simple you know you know they

Just look at Rough intensity and I wear A chest strap so it's getting a decent Heart rate reading in and intensity and Load and you you know just to look at That graph proceeding correctly and you Know Garmin thinking I'm fit enough to Suddenly raise this mileage and not Suddenly but raise my mileage and do More hard workouts you it's not a Problem it's not like it's saying no You're you're you're not you can't do This every single day it's just you know It's B suggesting I am ready for it all The time and well bouncing back in time For another hard workout two days later Which is you know what you want to see If You' had a hard day and you've Trained hard you want it to be low don't You you don't look at it go oh exactly 75% what's so yeah so when I went and Did my brother's 40th Pub craw the Weekend my training was obliterated and I was an absolute mess um I did it Straight after 20 mile but um the watch Every wereable picked up on that that's Not surprising that quite easy I not in A good way when I got home Mike do you Use Them yeah yeah I think probably similar To to Nick I think it's it's more a Guidance I think I think the training Readiness is probably one of the most More interesting things I think has been Added in terms of the wearable space and

I think it just give you very simple Kind of you know reassurance in terms of Maybe you you know you do feel good and The data that it's and the senses that It's getting that information for feel Reliable enough for me to say well Actually this is telling me something That is going to be useful I think That's one that I've mainly paid Attention to I wear the aura as well too And I think you know sleep tracking a Lot of these devices are pushing a lot More in sleep tracking I think how much Do I use that information probably not a Huge amount it's generally on my kind of Finger to kind of compare against other Devices that I'm testing but I think the Garment is generally on my on my wrist I Think um polar as well I'm testing got The polar back on and I think the sleep Tracking is very strong on that watch as Well and I think there's there's things You can take from kind of Polo's Approach which I think can be really Useful in terms of informing what you Should do but ultimately it shouldn't be Telling you exactly what you should do It's kind of giving you a bit of a kind Of a a rough kind of feeling about what May be you know some guidance there so I Think the the training Reddit is a good Example where devices like Gins and Other watches need to go in terms of Delivering that kind of information and

Actually being information that you can Kind of take on Board okay let's dive into The big question then Shoes um so we're going to do a video Soon Nick you're going to do this video So not your Marathon shoes Marathon Rotations yeah we did the best Marathon Shoes a couple of years ago which has a Lot of sections shoes for different Kinds of people different kinds of Approaches in terms of racing and Training uh and we'll have that video Coming up soon but here we probably talk More about what kind of rotation you Need in marathon training which might be Different to your rotation outside of Marathon training would be for me itely Like because everything just gets a bit Longer doesn't it yeah and I I find as Well that people's marathon training Shoes marathon training rotation those That do have a rotation can vary can Vary different from what you'd normally Wear like you say um I've got shoes that I've been pulling out recently for runs That I've not used them for for quite a Long time because hav done Marathon Since September um so right okay um Mike What what types of shoes would you have In your rotation for the type of Training that you do so I think the main Ones for me so I've definitely have Something that's pretty cushion that I

Would use for those kind of long runs Which are you know there not a bigger Emphasis on me running close to my kind A race Pace or more Up Tempo race Something nicely cushioned that's going To be comfortable that is going to feel Comfortable from you know start to Finish that is a shoe that I will use And will have in my rotation I Definitely like having a kind of uptempo Style daily trainer one that if I need To mix up the paces in a run or it's a Run where I particularly want to go a Little bit quicker in and that is a shoe That I would have and then I will have The shoe that I'm probably looking to Race in and I will use that for kind of My longer runs at the kind of marathon Pace I would save it Just For Those runs That's kind of how I would treat it to Give me a good sense of how I'm going to Feel on those longer runs at the pace I'm aiming for and how it's going to Feel to run the shoe those kind of I Think that's probably it's probably the Three shoes I probably kind of rotate Between for my marathon training and That will probably serve me best the Types of runs I'm going to be doing go On then Nick uh so I probably quite polarized When I do easy runs they they're very Easy at this point so it would be a Cushion Cruiser you know nothing nothing

I probably aim for one that's quite Stable as well the idea will give me a Bit more support as well but then the Work I do so I'll probably what I like To have is it's either a super trainer Like it's going to be like the Endorphin Speed that kind of thing the Boston or The equivalent with without plate which Me like the Rebel or the Mac you know Far shoes that will do Easy to steady runs uh steady runs like Like the hour I have coming up on Friday Which would be decent pace the whole way Be my first run in the Endorphin speed That's the kind of shoe that excels to That kind of run just holding a decent Pace over time get a bit of help from The plate or just a lightweight shoe Like the rebel and then actually for Long hard workouts like I probably would Use carbon shw and things get a bit you Know get quite expensive in my maritan Sho rotation is probably the way to put It you know I would I'd be using a race Sho quite a lot with an eye on you know Maybe splashing the cash on a newer Version uh a new one for races itself But um yeah I think the workout start Hitting really hard it would be either The best super TR the speed is one that Can do those workouts or always has been Able to do the Endorphin speed so maybe That would cover off some of them as Many as possible to save the race they

Shoot but I'd probably use it reasonably Regularly actually in a really hard week Just because you know those workouts are Hard there's lots of more mileage to Come and they protect the legs quite Well but you at when I can it will be a Like a NY on plate or no plate at all Just to uh give you a bit more feel Where you are in terms of fitness and Also just take a plate out the equation There was all those sight things in the Back of the mind you shouldn't be using A plate to you too much but it's not Negatively affecting me so far how about You Tom what do you got on your Rotation uh so at the moment when I did Chicago I was quite strict in the I had A really Comfort basically the mor V 3 At the time like really comfortable easy Day shoe which I I was just doing my Little easy runs and then I was using The hot ma 5 for all of the training Runs I was running faster and then Either uh well it would always be an Older car ploe basically or when I was Testing for for the hard sessions Because when I'm doing a hard session And I've got to maintain a pace like Marathon pace or something like that I Do find it quite hard so I basically Want all the help I can get on those Runs because I and I want to enjoy it as Much as possible but recently for so the Train I'm doing now I'm doing a similar

Thing to what you're doing so I'm really Only using an easy day shoe because most Half of my runs are easy day runs and And then the three other runs are Actually quite hard CU I don't really do A long run that doesn't have a harder Bit in it basically so I need help on Those so I'm basically using uh yeah old Super Shoes so I'm pulling out the soy Pro 3s things like that older Alpha Flies and stuff for those runs just Because when you when you've got to Maintain a specific Pace I'm going to do Anything I can to make that as enjoyable As possible um especially when you're do It for like 18 miles or something so um Yeah at the moment basically an easy day Shoe and then Super Shoes yeah all gone Soft basically we're falling falling Into the loving Embrace of our Super Shoes when we can and uh who knows where We' be without them but uh it does make You feel very smug when you do do a Decent long run like I did in the rebel When you go I didn't use a plate today I'm I'm amazing I feel so Smug yeah that doesn't really happen Very much with me I think I did one a While I think I used I think I used a Super blast a little bit for bur in for Some of the tempo obviously we're very Fortunate we get sent a lot of shoes but I think now quite a lot of Runners of Our position do have those older race

Day shoes that become workout shoes and Then you know you have a newer one for The race itself which is crazy you know It's big money but um it's you it's a Still fairly cheek sport all around Right right okay well I think that'll uh I think I'll do is for Marathon kit chat Do you want to talk about my OS slippers Now nobody asked about that you got some OS slippers next these are these are a Big help to recovery I do love these Barely left my feet of late are you Going to be talking about them in the Month I'll whack them in a monthly in a Monthly round up their um yeah yeah have To talk about them Now just wanted to make sure I saw Tom's Reaction to them all right then guys Better get back to training yeah catch You later right okay that's it from us Thanks a lot for watching don't forget To like subscribe click that little bell And if you go into catching blow you can Find a link to our podcast which comes Out at the end of each month but also We've launched our special edition Podcast which is called points of shoe Where we answer your questions uh that You've sent through about running shoes And Tech and things like that um so if You're interested in finding out what we Said about the various questions that People sent through give the podcast Listen and find out how you can submit

Your own questions thanks lot for Watching catch you next Time