The Mince Pie 10 Mile race is an annual festive multi-terrain event on the south coast in its 30th year. With almost 300m of elevation, along with some tricky off-road sections in wet weather, it’s a race that many do to have fun instead of trying to smash PBs.

Tom heads over to the Seaford Strider’s event for the second year to take on the wind and rain. Inexplicably he decided to test the Adidas Supernova Rise, a road shoe that was never designed to deal with wet, slippy mud.

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Adidas Supernova Rise:

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Hey Tom here I'm down at Peace Haven on The coast south coast for the cver Striders minp 10 mile race it's annual Race it's very festive everyone's Dressed in Christmas stuff I'm not I Forgot to bring a hat um but I've done This before last year it's a really Tough race I think it's almost 300 M of Elevation I'm going to be testing out The Adidas Supernova rise uh I've this First time taking them out right I'm Going to head over and get stuff sorted Out see you in a bit quick disclaimer Before I do the video I was sent these Shoes the Adidas Supernova Rise by the Guys over at sports shoes I'm not paid To do this review so I can say whatever I want but a big thanks to the guys for Sending these over so that I can Actually test it for this race test if You go into the caption below you can Find a link to the sports shoes website To find out more about this shoe it is An affiliate link so we do make some Money if you buy it but that does not Affect our review of the shoe right Let's dive in and do the race [Music] [Music] [Music] Test [Music] So the run I've been out doing today is The mince pie 10 miles which is a 10

Mile race in Peace Haven near Brighton Um and I've done it last year and last Year it was really it was really cold But the weather was very dry so it was More like a road race that had some Off-road sections that went over paths And things like that so as my memory of That race is that it was pretty easy to Run with uh normal shoes on um but this Year it was very very wet and we've had A lot of rain on the the Downs over the Past few weeks and um it was very very Muddy so the shoes that wore where the Adidas super never rise which was Absolutely ridiculous shoe to choose Because this is probably the Least uh likely shoe I would pick for a Trail race um just based on the outsole Uh and how it's designed so I'll talk About this shoe in a bit um but the race Itself is fantastic race it's it's the 30th year it has um taken place this Year and it's a 10m race that's sort of 8K on road and 8K on paths and Fields um And in nice conditions those paths and Fields are actually really not really Easy to run on in Ru but today they Weren't it was very slippy very wet um And it was quite a tough race as a Result so when you got to the top of the Uh Downs or the highest sections in the Race the uh actual wind and the rain That were hitting you was quite it was Quite heavy uh so it was quite a tricky

Race from from from that point of view There's also almost 300 me of elevation In the race so it's definitely not a Race that is designed for a PB it's Quite a tough race um but it's a fun one As well so it's called the bin byy 10 10 Mile it normally takes place a couple of Weeks before Christmas and it get it's Really popular a lot of people do it and When you get into the uh Peace Haven Ledger Center everybody is dressed in Like Santa outfits and elf outfits and Things like that there's mince pies Ready to go uh when you cross the finish Line it's just a really nice event and It's a really fun one as well a lot of People don't tend to do it because They're trying to get a really fast PB They're doing it because it's a nice day Out and um you get to see some really Nice scenery around the area as well so You run around Peace Haven and the some Of the some of the Downs Trails through A bit of the town as well uh and the Town is a bit that's got the really big Hill section in um so last year I did it Really enjoyed it last year uh perfect Day for it apart from the cold this year It was also a fantastic day it was just A lot harder uh so well done everyone That took part today uh because it was Not an easy one I was absolutely soaked By the end of it as I came home um and Well done to all the bright Phoenix guys

Who I spoke to as well who uh did some Uh good good runs today from from from What I saw uh so overall fantastic event And if you live near the South Coast It's well worth going along to that one Because it's one of those nice local Events that's been going on for a very Long time organized by a local team it's Ccea Striders the running club who who Put it all together and it's really well Organized great Marshals all really Friendly uh well worth giving a go if You want to try a race that's a little Bit different there's quite a few races Like that on the south coast um that are Quite taxing um but they're very fun as Well right let's dive into the kit that I Used so there was one shoe that I was Testing today and it was not the shoe That I should have picked for it uh my Memory of last year's race was that it Was pretty easy and there wasn't that Many Trail sections there were a lot of Trail sections there were about 8 km of Trail sections that in the mud and the Wet this time were almost like cross Country I was slipping all over the Place in this shoe which is completely My fault because I shouldn't want a Trail shoe um but the I used the Adidas Supernova rise which is a new daily shoe That's out uh definitely not designed For Trails uh so what I found about the

Shoe is I won't talk about the trail Sections because it's completely unfair To to use this shoe on the trails it was My stupid mistake wearing the shoe for The Trails um but on the road section It's about 8K on road and what I found About it is the it's a solid shoe for um For ticking off the miles and I was Varying my Pace in the race quite a bit So there were a lot of downhills in the Race and I'd pick up my Pace up to about 4 minute 10 km and there were some Slower sections or sections where I was Going relatively slow uh which I was Probably hit about 4 minute 45 km um and Yeah it was comfortable it's definitely A shoe design for Comfort there's lots Of plush padding in it uh the upper is Really roomy the mid has this uh dream Strike plus um uh foam in it which is um It's softer than what I'd expect from an Adidas shoe or a lot of the ones that I've tested in the past uh and it's very Comfortable as a result it's very Squishy uh if you're pressing your foot Down in it what I would say is that it Even though it's quite soft it's not Very bouncy it doesn't feel like there's A lot of rebound coming off of it uh Which isn't a bad thing necessarily um But I like a soft running shoe so I Didn't get a lot of that from it but it Is a balanced foam it does feel very Comfortable you're getting a little bit

Of softness um it's not the most Responsive Pham though um so I wouldn't You say it was a shoe that particularly Welld designed for running fast in uh It's just a balanced Workhorse for me uh And on that 8 km of that run where it Was on road felt fine I didn't even Think about the shoe really I just sort Of picked up um that my Pace as I was Going along and it felt like it could Handle um comfortable Paces uh and even Those ones were a little bit faster it Felt okay on that run I didn't feel like It was really stopping me uh so overall It it felt like a good shoe for the for The road sections I definitely wouldn't Race in this shoe normally I normally Use a carbon plate shoe um but the price Of this shoe comes in at about £1 130 in The UK that's pretty good price for um a Daily shoe now a lot of shoes are Getting really expensive at the moment As you're probably aware um so it sits At the lower end of the um pricing for These sort of daily shoes at the moment Which is really good good call I think From Adidas because it I think it is a Solid shoe and if you are the sort of Runner that just wants a really Comfortable solid Workhorse daily shoe For your easy runs for your daily runs For your covery runs all those sorts of Things I think it's absolutely fine um And I'd probably even go as far as to

Say that if you're the sort of Runner That maybe isn't going for ridiculously Fast PBS where you might want to carbon Plate Rao and you just want to cross the Finish line in Comfort it's probably an Okay shoe for that I think it can Probably tick a few boxes um for Different types of Runners uh but it's Not a wow shoe it doesn't do anything Particularly impressive it's not Massively cushioned it's not bouncy it's Not responsive it's just comfortable It's just a comfortable solid daily shoe That if you bought this you'd be fine With it um and you you You' probably be Use this for most of your runs and you Wouldn't mind it at all uh I just don't Think there's anything exceptional about This shoe um which for the price is not Really to be expected anyway um the Outsole on it was fine for most of the Run although it was quite a lot of Elevation today so on some of the road Sections uh where it was wet I did find It was a little bit slippy on a couple Of bits and I think it was probably to Do with this midso section which is a Little bit smoother than the front and Back uh rubber sections there's actually Quite a lot of rubber three different Types of rubber on the out soole of this Uh and I think it was that midsole one That just felt a little bit slippy for Me um but it was fine on most of the

Sections it was it was absolutely fine And today was a little bit of a uh I it's probably not a test that is it's Fair to do with a shoe like this because It a little bit technical even on some Of those Road sections um because it was A little bit steep uh other than that I Just say uh it it was a solid shoe out On the run today apart from the trail Sections which i' said I'm not going to Mention uh and I'm looking forward to Doing some proper testing with it over The next few weeks sometimes when I get A shoe and I use it for the first time I'm not looking forward to running it Again this one I don't really mind Running it again I'm not massively Looking forward to it but equally I Don't I'm not not wanting to run in it Either I think it's just going to be one Of those shoes that you can pick up and Wear and it's fine but doesn't really do Anything exciting that's it from me Thanks a lot for watching don't forget To like subscribe click that little bell And check the channel out for all the Other videos we've got coming up over The next few weeks also if you're go Into the caption below you can find a Link to the Adidas Supernova eyes on the Sports shoes website uh where there's Loads more information about it thanks a Lot for watching catch you next Time