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What's up guys we are back at Big Boy Chang's House this is amazing shout out To Nico guys uh awesome guy Unfortunately Big Boy couldn't be here Today so he's gonna show us around show Us all the crazy goodness that is in big Boy Chang's house now we were here about Four years ago when things have changed So we're gonna do an updated version of This sort of house tour to show you guys What's changed what's going on in some Of the crazy sneakers I've ever seen so Without further Ado take it away Man let's go [Music] Yeah that's nuts I've never seen those In person before go check them out sure Yeah that'd be great this is so much Better than the retail fair was I Totally agree materials are way better On it too right I can't believe that That's nuts those are the South uh Sal's Pizza oh sorry scars Yeah that's wild from New York are there Only a few great I was going to say There's only three pairs Give us your thoughts please check it Out I actually personally like these ones Way more than the ones that came out me Too yeah Color is just on point and you know You're the only one rocking them too Yeah that's so nuts that's so great oh

We got the dust on so that's a good Color rather just on it's awesome You got all the mags you got the auto Lacing ones and the yep Because he had a pair before that I'm Not sure if it was I think it's the one In the middle okay they used to wear Them really they dropped the the diamond Looking one right I think these are the Epinephs that's nuts and then he's got The legends of Summers too oh my Goodness yo these are the yo us these Are the auction ones that's right oh Really yeah yeah With uh comes with the case the suitcase Yeah those days come with a suitcase oh My goodness [Music] Thank you You got the Manila Forest because you Have multiple pairs of the Manila for us I think those are the only ones he has Right now okay but there was a time when He had multiple Here's number what do you want to be Surprised it's not 69. Oh please go right ahead number one Number 105. that's a good number They're that's crazy they're in such a Good condition too has he worn these oh He's worn them once oh my goodness the Honors are opening this one okay I don't Even know what to expect Oh hey oh my goodness going backward

Ones that's crazy are you sure yeah Please it feels so crazy like this is Nuts Oh my goodness This isn't so This is every dornbecker exactly that's Amazing Oh my goodness That's and this is from the original Doorbacker one right in the heel that's Ridiculous and then you got the threes You got to wear these nines and then the Fives and then these are the eights I Think You know your thing Seth own the twos This is this is ridiculous guys this is Absolutely insane This special wooden box I think this Might be the only one that came with the Box really from what I know don't quote Me on that though that's ridiculous oh My goodness we've seen pictures of these Online oh my God please that's crazy That's nuts so is this literally just Only for people who worked at Jordan Brand from what I know yes that's so This is one it's it's you remember the Um the uh what's called the red pair Yeah yeah this is the friends of family Version so I think this was limited to Maybe like 30. that's crazy again don't Quote me but something like that that's Insane I've never that's crazy that's Absolutely insane we got all 50. yeah

The the 50. that's crazy I've never seen All 50 together before and he's got the Red lobsters and the green lobsters and Blue lobsters the yellow ones and the 7-Elevens that's crazy that's actually One of his favorite pairs yeah really he Wears them a lot 2016 news That's crazy Oh my gosh and you know he's a big fan Of the Terror Squad too He's got these ones and he's got the Ones in white and red that's crazy oh my Goodness all the Supreme dogs stuff Every single one and then That's nuts And the friends and family diamonds That's right that's crazy oh my goodness The beauty of it is too he has two sons Yeah and all of them are the same size That's perfect that's that's yeah that's Amazing so they all get to share that's So lucky that's all I know for real oh My goodness he uh completed every single Combination that you could have done for The Nike ID um Cactus That's crazy Got all the skies too That's nuts oh of course yes of course That's insane as you switch out the the Shoes that are on these walls often so That's my job that's my job every once In a while he's gonna say switch it up

So this is the latest iteration of it I Love it where we went like You know a peer guide right Kanye's Travis smart all the other Collections And here I kind of figured let's go all Dunks that's so an exclusive you know How do you decide what you're gonna put Where It's like you fix the shoes but um I Wanted to do it you know for color at One point but then he would have a hard Time picking like what brand of you know If that makes sense so that makes sense Trying to keep it easy for Boss segue Off of that oh yeah have you ever seen These ones no so these this whole row Basically right are all bespoke ones So there's a there's a guy Actually I don't know the backstory okay I'll have boss tell him the backstory But um from all I know is that these Come straight from like that's wild wow And you got the soul flies down here too Oh my goodness Andy organs Olympic Cruise that's crazy This is nice You know he just patented a sock shoe You I kind of do yeah it was leather Sole and a sock on the upper these are Crazy like why would once from what I Know the white ones were only for his Family really so there was a video of Him on Instagram or a post back in the Day when he was posting on Instagram

Right those are the ones what he looks Like he wore these a lot are these are These is this his actual pair It could be it could be it could be it Could be gotcha that's nuts I mean I love I I love Kanye shoes I Think he's done a great job I just don't I don't get these yet maybe maybe I'm Behind the times maybe I'm not fashion Forward enough but these I'll be it'll Be tougher for me to rock these but I'd Rock these I'm sure you would me Personally I'm on the hunt from my own Pair of ease Oh yeah the atmos that's like his Favorite Air Max right probably my I Don't have them but like that's one of My Grails yeah hot tape do you think Those are more comfy than these 100 yes Yeah really yeah I think so I think there's a there's a debate That's gonna happen really yeah because The foam I think a little bit softer the Bubbles a little bigger I think they're Softer I don't know if they're more Comfortable they're definitely Softer a little more bouncy I think they're a little stiff I don't Know it's like I have I have like a good Amount of of these ones with the ones That we know the bubble that we know Right and I feel like once you break Them in these ones are just so easy to Wear that's true that's a good point and

Then these ones I don't know like Maybe because it's an extended bubble Right it's a little more stiff yeah I Could see that I could actually see that I didn't even think about that that's a Good point Foreign [Music] Stuff we can't tell you guys about we Can't show you but it was crazy take my Word for it and we've also got a pretty Insane group of just other stuff like Everything else you didn't see in the Other room we got here we got new Balances we got a huge Jordan one wall We got a bunch of Supremes we got ramoas We've got pretty much anything that you Could look for when it comes to a Sneaker collection like even these so There's I think only 1200 pairs of these I actually have a pair of these These Are the uh Joe Fresh good New Balance 992 it's probably my favorite pair of New Balances ever I love them this pair Actually looks brand new it's crazy I Love this car so much right here which Is stupid Limited I'm not sure actually I'm not sure Oh all the Nerds that's crazy It's nuts and then they drop like the Regular nerds right here well not Regular but they drop these and then Apparently the hype just disappeared on Those but then you got these guys which

Are the ones that are like crazy crazy Rare and expensive it's nuts man this is Crazy this collection is insane I know That last time I was here big boy was Telling me that like a lot of this art Like it'll be he supports local artists So it's a lot of this like local art Like is this yeah so this one he's this Is worked by Ben cabera okay he's one of Our national artists oh it's amazing so This was actually the first time we did A collaboration with Tita Ben oh Uncle Ben back in the day uh maybe about Obviously four years ago four or five Years ago this is one of the first Pieces that they did together that's Amazing yeah what's this right here this Is Mister okay she's The Prodigy of Murakami this is an artist called Kindness okay Um he or she is a Japanese artist from My knowledge oh it's awesome one of the Boss's other favorite International Artists as well that's awesome the case That it's crazy too like that's a legit Like museum style okay I'm like that's Crazy we have that custom name that's Amazing that's so cool [Music] Wakes up in the morning Sits there kind of relaxes for a couple Of minutes right has anti-shoe come over Of course of course [Music]

That Way What's this from the LeBron [Music] Um I think this was cool Rain full rain League gotcha gotcha I think that's nuts This is amazing [Music] Ah that's kind of hard sneakers [Music] All of this stuff is super nice and all But yeah [Music] It's not cheap It's not as crazy as the ones over there Well I yeah that's that's that's that's That's dope though this is the most Expensive out of the I have the wife and The blue so I just want the I just want The black one too the yellow one is too Much color for me right and the green One too not not my style but this one The white one if you have both yourself That's crazy this place is insane Foreign [Music] He actually just did like a like a purge Of sorts oh really because we have our Brand secret fresh right gotcha so we're Doing a lot of stuff nowadays that's What he likes to wear most days that Makes sense actually every day but still Keep some stuff you know whatever Whatever he liked personally right so

You got babe you got human Maids Um APC you name it he probably has it That's awesome oh yeah look I told you He's really big on memorabilia oh no way Ghetto blaster right there That's sick does he still DJ a lot uh he He still does for fun so a lot of times It's over in the gallery that's fresh so We do that in the afternoon on some days That's sick but gigs I mean every now And then right yeah that's sick that's Awesome what's this right here Okay so this is an artist his name name Is Andres Barrio Quinto okay one of our Local artists do oh it's awesome yeah Wow that's nuts Oh my goodness you know Matt gondek this Is one of his uh works too and he signed It yep that's crazy It's nuts that's nuts I've never Actually seen the bear I saw I think Maybe I saw one at Flight Club but That's about it I mean that's closest I Got I never actually touched it and Lightly touch it That's crazy Oh he's got the glass Oh my goodness that's crazy Oh my gosh [Music] How about pairs I never thought I'd Actually see in person that's crazy Oh my goodness Yeah I mean these are these are Next

Level that's just such a crazy shoe I mean it really shows even who Craig Sager was right I mean yep the crazy Ties the suits yeah the craziest thing To me out of this whole thing it's like I'll see she's like this and this and Even the Paris stunts and I'll be like Okay cool like I've seen those before I I would never say that like in any other Situation Like this is so nuts Oh my gosh I mean going off sorry I know I showed you guys earlier yeah oh yeah Right these are bespoke Air Max that's Sick that's sick they're just the same You didn't skimp out on any of the Materials oh my gosh I'll stop here Crazy that really is crazy that really Is insane Oh my gosh and then just casually what The dunks underneath sweet I'll see him That's crazy so if you had to guess how Much these ones are worth what would you Say I wouldn't I really wouldn't know Things like this they're all like They're yeah you don't even see it for Sale that's crazy Oh my gosh and you see the kid robot in The on the back and in the insole that's Nuts I was telling I was telling him too That on the box they come with a Separate pair of insoles really artwork That's crazy when did these drop how Long ago was it yeah stay on the back of

The talking like maybe 2002. oh two yeah Oh three oh this is a sample pair too Are they all sample pairs I don't know That one that was like a drop oh this is Literally only sample [Music] That's a wild tune what is that I don't Know the exact second aisle okay put air In it Really really comfy I bet I mean it Looked like it And then these look at these Louise too You got the Louis Air Force Ones is that A friends and family That's just that was one of the Colorways they did gotcha so yeah I Wouldn't know because I don't got money Like that but But they look good J balvin's yeah That's crazy Foreign He recently picked up Some Pumas nice okay and some Adidas Farms oh Bulldog I mean these are fire Shoes I completely understand that these Are crazy Let me bring out the other pair too That's crazy My knowledge right back in the day to Complete the addy color Superstars oh my Gosh oh it's actually just one set oh It's one set but they were painted by uh Two local artists this is from done by Cruz okay and then on the other

Side is done by egg Fiasco wow so They're your ex one of our biggest Artists graffiti artists okay Um yeah this is his work that's nuts he Did this for sneaker Carnival back in The day that's crazy Nuts this place is insane So yeah you'll see a lot of actually You'll see like a lot of murakami's oh Wow and other things that uh might catch Your eye too wow Now I remember last time I was here he Just like randomly on the floor there's A painting I asked what it was and it Was a bank seat right like that was Crazy it might have been a tomato can oh Really oh yeah that's what it was right It was yeah it's up on the wall now That's right sick that's crazy Yeah exactly yeah because literally like I remember I was watching the video Again this morning just kind of see like What had changed and I I saw the clip But it was literally just like on the Floor like next to my foot well I don't Bump into that and asked him what it was And it was freaking Banksy so nuts That's a you know that's how it is Really even with the shoes right they Just they just come in and then Eventually he'll get to it that makes Sense well guys that pretty much wraps Up the entire collection or at least Some of it I know there's way more here

That we didn't get to see there's a lot More actually but hey you saw a lot of It yeah Thank you so much man I really Appreciate it this is a pleasure man Dude for sure guys make sure to Subscribe to Big Boy's Channel where Else can you can they find you or big Boy I mean you can find me on Instagram Nico yeah but but then the rest of it Las Vegas sweet yeah appreciate you guys Leave a comment in the comment section Down below letting us know what your Favorite pair is and we'll see you guys In the next one sometime later hey how Are you yes long time Oh my goodness [Music] I hope you won't miss your uh Louis Vuittons and you're a couple of your Sneakers might be some missing cases Their CCTV there I think I just lost my Job stop us at the airport sorry for Dogs this is such a mess oh yeah I'll fix that soon I told the other guys Don't fix it too but probably next year Guys thanks so much for watching make Sure to subscribe to the channel if you Haven't make sure to subscribe to Big Boy Chinese Channel Link in the Description below as always guys see you All in the next