I think this is one of the most Interesting collabs of 2024 this is the Upcoming awake and Y Jordan Airship PE a Collaboration on the shoe that Michael Jordan wore before the Air Jordan W over The last few years Jordan brand pulled The Nike Airship out of the archives and Has been releasing multiple colorways of This shoe and now collaborations in Addition to the amam maner and corporate Collaborations Jordan brand is now Giving us the awake and Y collab this Shoe comes in a surprisingly premium Feeling tumbled white leather upper Acced by the awake NY logo embroidered Onto the lateral side you've got a Reflective Nike Swoosh and a midsole and Outs soole and the awake Jordan logo Hidden on the back of the tongue my Favorite hit though is the red snake Skin that you can find on the ankle Collar and on the heel of the shoe Accented by both the wings logo on the Lateral side and the Nike Air and awake And Y logo printed on the heel if you Love this pair you can grab it for $150 When it officially releases on March 9th Or you can grab it a takeout NY where I Grab my pair when it releases there on March 13th and that's why