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In today’s video I check out the Nike Zoom Vomero 5! The Nike Zoom Vomero 5 has multiple release dates through 2023 and a retail price of $160! The Nike Zoom Vomero 5 was originally released in 2011 as a running sneaker and now has had a return to shelves as a lifestyle sneaker. Check out the full Nike Zoom Vomero 5 Varsity Maize review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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This is one of Nike's most popular Sneaker silhouettes of 2023 which is Crazy because this shoe first released Back in 2011. what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and today I'm reviewing the Nike Zoom vomero 5. so to give you a Brief history on the Nike Zoom vomero 5 This shoe originally released as the Nike Zoom vomero plus five and yes like I said twice already the shoe first Released back in 2011. So initially the Romero 5 was designed to be a simple and Super comfortable running sneaker and Back in the early 2010s that's all People bought it for and that plus Branding at the end of the vomero's name Was actually for Nike Plus which if you Guys remember if you grew up in the 2000 And 2010s Nike Plus was actually a Little chip that sat inside your sneaker That was connected with apple in fact You could actually connect your shoes to Your iPod and get your step count and Other sort of health information I'm not Gonna lie I was stoked in Nike plus I Think it came out back in like 2005 or 2006 right when I was in high school and I really wanted a pair of Nike Plus Sneakers but at that point I didn't have An iPod that was compatible or I didn't Have the accessory or whatever so I Couldn't get it but it turns out not That that creative with technology so I Guess I didn't really miss out but I

Also didn't have an N64 growing up Either and I've bought four of them Being an adult so obviously I have some Sort of nostalgia problem I literally do Off camera I've got this whole like Retro gaming setup it's a problem it's a Problem I've spent way too much money on It but as you would expect from just Another Nike running sneaker the Romero 5 slowly faded Into Obscurity as newer Romeros came out in fact now in 2023 We're actually on the vomero 16. but Even though the shoe had faded into Relative obscurity over the years back In 2018 a brand called a cold wall saw The silhouette or maybe remembered this Silhouette and asked Nike to collaborate On it and it totally makes sense why They were so intrigued by this sneaker Because it's a pretty wild looking Running sneaker I mean it definitely Fits that sort of retro running Aesthetic that's so popular right now And even though that a cold wall Collaboration didn't hit the same Heights of popularity that other sneaker Collaborations in 2018 did it did serve To revive the Romero 5 silhouette in Fact so much so that in 2019 Nike Decided to re-release or release some New colorways of the Nike Zoom Romero 5 Even though this was a running sneaker From eight years earlier and while those 2019 releases did see some relative

Popularity they kind of faded Into Obscurity as well and we didn't get any More releases of this shoe until 2022 And it seems like third time really is The charm this third life cycle of the Nike Zoom Romero 5 is by far the most Popular and has made this shoe one of The most popular sneakers of the entire Year so far through the end of 2022 and Into 2023 May of 2023 at the time of Recording this video we've had probably Five or six colorways of this shoe Release and almost all of them have Completely sold out I mean it's crazy to Think about when you remember that this Shoe was released as just a running Sneaker I mean it happens to shoes like The Air Max and even like some New Balance models that have been brought Back into the spotlight but it doesn't Happen with Nike that often in fact a Lot of their newer Silhouettes newer Being 2000s plus they just kind of Fade Into Obscurity and are just left there But this is one of those shoes that made It out somehow and is now one of the Most popular sneakers Let's try to do the math really quick And I couldn't 12 years later that's 12. It's 12. it's 12 years and what's even More interesting about this third life Cycle of the Nike Zoom Romero 5 is that This shoe is no longer purchased to be a Running sneaker it's primarily worn as a

Lifestyle shoot which I guess does tend To happen with sneakers that come back After a decade you've got Jordan's shoes From 30 plus years ago you've got the Air Maxes from almost 40 years ago all Of those shoes are only really worn as Lifestyle sneakers now even though They're originally intended to be Running sneakers or basketball sneakers So it makes sense I guess that this shoe Is back but it's got such a unique Aesthetic that it's surprising that so Many people love this shoe but hey Before we get any farther into the Nike Zoom Romero 5 if you would like to grab A pair of these for yourself you can Actually pick up a pair right now Through the links in the description Below or through takeout and why which Is where I grab my pair in fact take out NY which is a Sneaker Boutique in New York City is the only brick and mortar Store currently that you can grab Apothecary socks and if you guys didn't Know Apothecary is a sock brand that I Co-foundered a couple years back we have A bunch of great socks available on our Website apothecary.com and some limited Collections which you guys might notice In the on foot portions of this video That are dropping next week but again You can grab a pair of Romero fives with A matching pair of socks at takeout and Why in store in New York City or grab

Them through the links in the Description below and price wise you can Grab a pair of the Nike Zoom Romero Fives for 160 dollars presuming that the Colorway that you're looking for is Still available on store shelves if it's Not you're gonna have to pay resale Which can be a little bit more expensive Than it probably should be for an old Running sneaker and actually if you do Want to grab a pair of these for resale I've made sure to leave links to do that Through the YouTube shopping tab on your Screen you know what else while we're Talking about the sneaker let's talk About the box that it comes in standard Nike box if you're buying a pair of These you're gonna get one of those if You like them doesn't really matter I Just usually talk about the Box whenever I talk about a shoe and that is a boring Box so I don't really need to talk about It that much but getting into the Materials that make up this Varsity Maze Colorway of the Nike Zoom Romero 5. Don't worry if you don't like this Yellow colorway there's tons of other Colorways available I think the most Popular colorway is the gray colorway There's also a brown colorway and I Think a blue colorway literally just Dropped like yesterday or the day before So there's a lot of different options Again though most of them are sold out

So if you want to grab a pair of them You might have to grab a pair for resale But getting back to the shoe around the Toe of the sneaker you've got the Synthetic leather mud guard which Features some reflective hits because Once again this was a running sneaker Moving up from there you've got some Mesh and some suede making up the toe of The sneaker and just above that on the Eye stays of the shoe you've got some More of that synthetic leather weaving Through the eyelets you've got these Flat white laces which do seem to Feature some reflective details I assume The lace color changes based on the Colorway that you're grabbing but this Is the only colorway that I have so this Is the only one that I know for sure and Then of course underneath the laces You've got more of that mesh on the Tongue and at the top of the time you've Got the Nike vomero 5 tag in white and Yellow moving inside the shoe at least On this colorway you've got this bright Yellow mesh sockliner which is really Nicely padded around the heel and then Rounding off the inside of the shoe You've got this pretty thick foam insole Which is also pretty stiff but it does Mold to your foot over time and then Print it on the heel of the insole You've got boarman series which is of Course Bill Bowerman the person who

Helped found Nike Bill Bowerman was Actually the head track coach at the University of Oregon which is one of the Reasons why Nike is so heavily tied to The University of Oregon and is also one Of the reasons why Nike is running Sneakers were so revolutionary at the Time as far as sizing and fit the Nike Zoomero 5 does seem to fit true to size Like most other Nike sneakers but of Course if you have a chance to try the Shoe on first before you buy it I Definitely recommend doing that to make Sure that you're not dropping 160 on a Pair of shoes it doesn't fit which is The worst you could probably return them But still it's a hassle I'm not gonna Lie though that Apothecary was here Collection that's on foot in this video Is very very clean and you could grab a Pair this Friday on apothecary.com Continuing back in the shoe you've got This reflective Nike Swoosh smack dab in The middle of the sneaker on the midfoot And then just beneath that you've got This TPU midfoot cage then moving even Farther back in the shoe towards the Heel you've got some more mesh around The top of the ankle you've got some More synthetic leather with another Reflective detail and then towards the Bottom of the heel you've got this Really stiff hard plastic heel counter Which does have some breathability

Because it's got some holes through it Which also offers a very unique style to The heel of the sneaker which I Definitely like and of course the main Reason that it's there is to provide Some heel lockdown then moving down on The sneaker you get to one of the Reasons why this shoe is so incredibly Comfortable for all-day wear and that's The Kush lawn midsole features and Encapsulated zoom air unit in my opinion This shoe is like the perfect amount of Softness under feet I know I talked About Max cushion shoes all the time Like the Invincible Run 3 which is Insanely soft underfoot but this is one Of those shoes that doesn't feel overly Soft like if you like a slightly more Firm ride but not a firm ride this is a Great way to go and I can't recommend This shoe enough plus this shoe is Insanely lightweight like it's crazy Light which in turn makes the shoe very Easy to wear all day because you stop Feeling like you're even wearing a pair Of shoes after a couple hours and then Finally moving to the bottom of the Sneaker you've got this yellow and Darker yellow foam traction pattern on The outsole which is decent but it will Wear down pretty quickly over time it's Like a lot of other Nike running Sneakers that attraction just wears down Very quickly because they used foam

Instead of rubber which I'm sure there's A reason why they did that I don't love It I kind of wish they used a more Durable material but it's fine it's Similar to like an Air Max One or a a Presto or something like that if you Know those shoes you know the outsole It's the same deal so overall is the Nike zoomero 5 worth the 160 price point In 2023 well in my opinion if you like The way the sneaker looks absolutely You're getting a wild looking sneaker For a decent price that's incredibly Comfortable and lightweight like that's Not the easiest thing to find in the World usually when you're buying a Sneaker for the Aesthetics it isn't Always the most comfortable I mean think Of Jordan once like my favorite sneaker Of all time I love buying that shoe Because of the way that it looks but it Kind of sucks Comfort wise so this shoe Is one of the most unique looking Sneakers available on the market and It's also incredibly comfortable and Plus if you grab a pair of these you're Gonna make a statement while wearing one Of the most popular Nike sneakers of the Entire year it's crazy how much this Shoe has taken off I mean even in the Fashion World you see these shoes being Worn by models on runways and things Like that stuff that I would never would Have expected from a Nike running

Sneaker but again they are kind of Following the trend that New Balance Started with their 990 line and their 2002 R's and things like that shoes that Were originally designed to be running Sneakers that became dad shoes and now Are like retro running sneakers that Everyone is into right now so it makes Sense why this shoe is popular now in 2023 but it's a great sneaker I think It's more comfortable than some of the Other similar New Balance sneakers Available on the market and if you like The way it looks I say go for it the Question is though well how long will The shoe be in the Zeitgeist I don't Know it could be like a year it could be Five years who knows so maybe in five Years down the road you're gonna be like Why did I buy this sneaker because it's Stupid looking but who knows if you like A shoe Buy It Now wear it now enjoy it While you can that's all I can say let Me know your thoughts on this sneaker in The comment section down below I would Love to know whether you guys own a pair Of these or whether you guys want to own A pair of these and as always thanks so Much for watching make sure to subscribe If you haven't yet and I'll see you all In the next one