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In today’s video I check out the Balenciaga Techno Clog! The Balenciaga Techno Clog has multiple release dates through 2023 and a retail price of $1250! The Balenciaga Techno Clog bares a striking resemblance to Dutch Klompen yet without any of the utility. Balenciaga has long been known to produce ridiculous footwear but this sneaker clog hybrid takes the ridiculous bar to another level. Check out the full Balenciaga Techno Clog review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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Valenciaga has made some pretty Ridiculous stuff over the years That ain't in particular shoes 1200 1200 They've had Classics like the destroyed Adidas the glued together Runner the Spring issue even a Crocs boot but none Of them have been as ridiculous as these Is that for real Inside this box is one of the most Insane stupid ridiculous sneakers I've Ever seen in my entire life and I spent 1200 on it so if you could hit that Subscribe button maybe feel a little bit Better about this ridiculous purchase so I'm not going to tell you guys what the Shoe is I'm just gonna pop it open and I'll give you guys my first impressions On this shoe it's obviously a designer Shoe because designer shoes tend to be The most ridiculous however when it Comes to this brand I'm really not a fan Because of some of the things that They've done in the past and also some Of the shoes they've dropped in the past I mean it's similar to this to be honest With you and as you guys can see inside The larger box we've got a Balenciaga Box Twelve hundred dollars and it was sold Out in a lot of sizes too like I Couldn't even grab my own size because It was literally sold out in everything Between like an eight and a 12 which Doesn't make sense to me so either the

Shoe is insanely limited or people are Dumber than I thought inside we've got It's a Balenciaga tape kind of holding This paper together I'm trying to open This carefully so that I can return this Pair of shoes because there's no way I Want this pair of shoes so this is Literally my first time seeing this pair Of shoes in person inside the Box we've Got some Balenciaga dust bags which I'll Pull out I'm gonna close my eyes show You guys first and then give you guys my First impression it's really smooth Foreign It's not even real wood it's literally Plastic it's so heavy too that's insane It's so heavy it's like a super high Platform too this may be a woman's shoe I'm not sure it did come in men's sizing So what is this why was this twelve Hundred dollars yo Balenciaga was Already crazy enough but this is like a New level of stupidity now the real Question is I'm a size nine these are Size eight will these fit me wooden Clogs called clompin were originally Created by the Dutch they were water Resistant and protected wearers From the Muddy soggy ground often found in the Farmlands of the Netherlands in fact to This day some Dutch Farmers still wear These wooden clogs because of how well They protect the wearer's feet from Sharp objects and certain acids unlike

Steel-toed boots that can be bent under Pressure and can trap your toes clamp And break under extreme pressure and Make it very easy to remove them from Your feet after an accident but these Don't really do any of those things so Why did Balenciaga make them Maybe they're crazy comfortable Wait you like these yeah do you are you Serious Oh I was looking at your shoes are you Kidding me oh so I've had the shoes I Was holding I didn't even see them what Do you think of these interesting all Right the reactions that I wanted but I'll take it technically I'm not Supposed to try these on if I want to Return them and being twelve hundred Dollars that's pretty important to me so Uh I guess I'm just gonna try them on Here and then just stand in place so Here we go uh Oh this is so dumb What do you think if you saw me like Before we were like married and stuff if You saw me in these would you be like oh Whoa or would you be like I'm never Talking to this guy again Um peacocking is the thing is this Peacocking or is it stupid I would Assume you were peacocking for sure they Don't even say Balenciaga on them like Anywhere other than inside the shoes you Don't even know you just think someone's

Wearing this these models be girl shoes I'm not sure it's hard to get in the Shot they're not like incredibly Uncomfortable Careful right I mean they fit they're Size eight I'm a size nine and they fit So that's a little weird you guys want To support me and support the channel And you guys want to support what I do Here make sure to grab a pair of Apothecary socks which I'm rocking right Now on foot most comfortable socks in The game and they also will help Reimburse me a little bit for this Ridiculous parachute so I guess I'm done I don't you can't really lean back in These so if it's an issue this is a size Eight I'm obviously a size nine and this Shoes still fit me for twelve hundred Dollars you would expect to buy a pair Of shoes that fit the size that they're Intended to fit and honestly even as a Size eight these still seem to fit me a Little bit big also the height of the Footbed is a little ridiculous it runs From my thumb all the way up to my Pointer finger and that's how much Height you're getting I mean that's a Couple inches that's a solid few inches Right there plus when it comes to Comfort there's not really much to speak Of I mean it's not like you're wearing a Wooden shoe but that's not really saying Much I mean these Balenciaga techno

Clogs as they're officially called are Not for functionality they're not made Of wood in fact they're actually made of Rubber or more specifically 60 TPU and 40 polyurethane so they're not going to Protect your feet against really Anything other than stubbing your tail How ever you can't discount the wood Grain print so it looks like wood not That you probably want your shoes to Look like wood I mean if you did one Wooden shoes you buy clumping and uh They're also not very stable because if You lean back in the shoes at all you're Gonna fall over So also not a great design feature also I don't think Dutch farmers are wearing This When they Farm but uh I've never been to The Netherlands so I'm not sure so my Only guess as to what these were made For is fashion and like most other Balenciaga shoes whose designs can Sometimes even border on offensive this Shoe costs an insane amount of money so The wood print version that I have is Priced at a staggering 1250 yes 1250 for a pair of shoes it's Designed to look like wood but it's not Wood but if you bought the actual wood Version it would be cheaper and also More wearable or hey if your pocket Aren't as deep you can opt for the Standard version the all black version

Which is 975 dollars and only makes you Look like an elf not like a Dutch farmer That's gone through some sort of Crisis Or hey maybe that's not you maybe you're One of those people that wants to spend The most amount of money possible on the Most ridiculous product possible and if That is the case I've got a pair of Shoes for you this is the blue sapphire Balenciaga techno club this shoe comes Covered in I'm assuming Blue Sapphire is Based on the name for an astounding 8 350 that's right you can see about eight Thousand three hundred and fifty dollars To look like this I just don't see the appeal I don't Understand why you'd want a elongated Extended larger clumping to wear to Wherever you wear balenciagas to I just Struggle to find any situation where This shoe would make sense where this Shoe would be appropriate I just don't I Just can't figure it out at least with Other Balenciaga sneakers they can still Be considered sneakers this isn't a Sneaker this is a clog but it's not the Clog in the sense I mean it's a Traditional clock if we're being honest But it's not the clog in the sense of You know a crock or something that's Worn casually and sure Balenciaga has Made things and probably will continue To make things that look more ridiculous Than this but it's not the look of the

Thing that's actually ridiculous it's The idea that you're gonna wear a fake 1250 clumping to any sort of situation That isn't farming in the Netherlands Unless you're clumping around in the Soil I don't really get it are any of You guys crazy enough to own this pair Of shoes if you have them let me know in The comment section down below and let Me know why you spent an entire month's Rent on some plastic clumping maybe I'm Crazy maybe people love this exaggerated Clomping look Check this out and tell me what you Think Abby there's only one shoe in here Yeah I only give you one really heavy I Know what it is because Seth ruined the Surprise but I haven't seen it in person It's a clog it's Rubber and it's Extremely heavy is that for real dude Guess how much it was four five twelve Hundred twelve hundred did you try it on Please it used to be like it looks like One of those things that those Asian People wore back in the day it's like uh What not Asian people like Dutch right It's not even wood it's like it's Plastic that's not wood no no I mean it Looks like wood what do you think Chris It was pretty wild yeah but I'll make You like five inches tall it does make You taller but also bad news is though Technically if I try it on or get any Scuffs on it I can't return it

Actually feel like really solid quality It's probably like what three inches Because the heel of the shoe is like More than three inches it is a size Eight though but it fit me I'm a size Nine and it still fit me when I tried it On it's a it's a hairy style spine Exactly I wouldn't wear that I Definitely would never wear that is it Comfortable at least like what it's Probably not it's hard I mean if you Guys promise just to stand up and not Walk around you guys can try it on let's See let's see how much taller you get Too Jogger style pants it doesn't look Terrible like I would never wear this But I mean you definitely are pulling Off better than I pulled it off earlier I don't know if that's an insult how do They feel like are they comfy no okay so Josh what do you think of these new Balenciagas Something Pinocchio I mean they feel better than they look That ain't it so if most people think The Balenciaga techno clog is techno Garbage why is it sold out in most every Size I guess we'll never know