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I'm going to every Nike outlet in my Area looking for the best sneaker deal Let's see what we can find So every time I go to this Outlet Something crazy happens because these Literally just came out thank you for All the support man It's the first Nike outlet I hit was in Center City Philadelphia and it's one That I have mixed luck with Right so I'm over in the women's section Right now looking at the back wall See if I can find anything worthwhile I'm not seeing too oh we got some uh Gold bullets right here four full retail Some Oh these are Nike Air Max axis never even heard of Those we got some uh Terminator highs That's pretty cool actually I kind of Dig these and silver bullets it looks Like nice this is actually really fun Probably full retail though 30 off so Probably not worth it but really cool Find looks like over here we've actually Got the acronym Blazer Lowe's for 109 With the removable uh heel pull tab Thing which is kind of crazy really cool To see and it's like maroon color right I would grab it if it was a little bit Cheaper or in a different color way we Saw these a couple weeks ago at the Other outlets and apparently they're not Moving so it's literally a full-size

Room but it is still cool to see so Unfortunately I'm not really finding Anything I'm not seeing anything on the Back wall I'm not seeing any sneakers we Haven't seen on the shelves it looks Kind of dead but then I run into someone That I recognize What's up guys how's it going I mean if You guys are living under a rock if not You guys already know what this set is Crazy to run into this is crazy you're Racing Toronto right a based in Toronto That's awesome man we are visiting I Want to say East Coast we did Philly Today sweet sweet Nice tomorrow and then we got Dude if you guys want to check out his Channel link it in the description below But this is crazy man this is so wild to Run into you Continue man good to see you as well so After not finding much of the first Outlet I decided to drive about an hour To the second Outlet hoping to find Something worthwhile and right before I Walk into the door I hear someone call My name and I look over and it's someone Wearing Apothecary socks yo shout out to Danny I just ran into Danny and he's got The Phyllis streets department Apothecary socks on I appreciate you man Good thank you for all the support man Yo check them out on whatnot okay so First thing I'm seeing is this pair of

Air Max ones it's actually super super Clean it's 109. I'm not sure exactly What the name of this colorway is it's a One PRM so it's got like tumbled leather On the upper which is really really nice This is crazy nice actually Dang I really like this Let me see um Some sort of Some kind of writing on the top I'm Assuming it's Japanese but I honestly Don't know let me know in the comments But uh super clinch you also let me know The name of this sneaker in the comments It's a special edition premium version This is actually really really clean I Love that all right so I'm over in the Refurbished section and they've got some Zoom LeBron twos In size 12 for 100 which is not about Half a retail I think everything Refurbished as half of retail you've got Some uh vapormax 21 flyknits for 105 Same thing as these guys what are these Pegasus turbo next nature it's kind of Cool the Recycled midsole That's kind of cool I wonder if they Feel as good as the regular Pegasus We've got some more LeBrons here LeBron 19 lows 480 usually 160. oh some other ones Actually these are the uh the 19 highs For 120 instead of 200 so not exactly Half and we've got the uh the Jumpman

Team twos For night What are these right here these are the Size 15 uh even on minutes I keep Getting faked out and thinking that They're Royals or something but I don't Know why Royals are missing the outlet We never know over here we got some uh Air Max scorpion flyknits Before I'm assuming full retail size Eight A weird show I like the way it looks but It doesn't feel as good on foot as I was Hoping so over here they've got another Sakai colorway that I've never seen Before this is the Sakai white and cream Colorway with this nice patent leather Upper 109. They've got the black one too for 99 20 Off that so that's 80 basically same Thing with this one these are a lot Cheaper at the uh the outlet in Center City but still not bad this is the pair If I were to get any of these this is The pair that I would grab this white Pair I really like this a lot actually Not enough to get it but it's still nice It was really cool running into Danny However he did tell me before I went to The store that there wasn't really much In this outlet but after I think all Hope is lost I go over to the heat wall Which is a wall where they keep all of

Their individual sizes and returns so Over here we've got the heat wall and The first thing I'm seeing right now is The uh oh look at these the J balvin's For how much what size size 11. I'm Gonna have to grab at least 100 they've Also got the uh On a bunch of sevens they've got some Nice ones some wash pink ones You've got the elephant ones got the Black tail ones which I'm actually Wearing on foot right now and then the Ambushes but these Definitely gonna have to grab these so The Air Jordan 2 J Balvin is not J Balvin's first collaboration with Jordan Brand in fact it's very fittingly his Second at least I think it's a second There could be another one that I don't Know about but pretty sure it's second But this shoe released last year for a Retail price of 300 which yes is Incredibly High however the coolest part About this shoe and the reason I like This shoe so much which sure call me High Beast is because the logo on the Tongue actually lights up Also a really cool detail about this Light up feature that I learned after I Filmed the review of the shoe is that This shoe actually recharges its battery By movement it's crazy it's like watch I Was genuinely surprised to see the shoe On the wall and I did hope that it was

My size because I really wanted a pair Of these in my size but uh I figured I'm gonna grab it regardless So I picked it up I'm so stoked on this Pickup what a great find man he's Dropped forever ago too I can't believe I got these what a crazy price too man I Can't believe that and you literally Won't believe the price that I got it For yes these are definitely going for Under retail on resale sites but I got This first deal I'm actually headed to The Apothecary office right now so I'm Gonna show the guys at the office see What they think and see if they can Guess the price okay so I just picked These up from the outlet I'm gonna have You just now just literally just now and Uh first I wanna get your reaction and Then I want to get you to guess the Price [Music] It was just that one size I think Someone like returned it or something That's cool that's a good I mean it's Not either of our sizes so the retail Price is 300 guess what I bought them For 220. no let me show you the receipts Here For Joshua though you said you said what 220 220. Damn that's good yeah right okay I got a Pair from the Nike outlet just now and I Want you to guess well you can tell what

It is but like guess how much I paid for It Whoa [Music] Left the light off I was gonna say is it always like that You can like click it to turn on and off And then it recharges by walking which Is crazy oh that's cool So this retailed for 300 guess how much I got it for 110. that's actually really close 102. 102 37. While we're on the topic of Apothecary My sock brand if you guys didn't know We're actually dropping this brand new Wavy collection which I'm super stoked On in fact I'm wearing one of the pieces Right now check that out isn't that sick I love this shirt it's so dope in Addition to this shirt we're also Dropping four different sock colorways Which feature embroidered smiley faces On them which I think is so cool I know I'm biased because I designed the Collection but it's one of my favorite Sock collections that I've ever seen I Think it's super clean Super wearable And uh it goes with a lot of sneakers Which is the most important thing so if You want to grab any of the socks from The Collection or even the shirt make Sure to check out apothecary.com this Friday at 11AM eastern time so after

Finding those J balvin's for 102 I was Feeling good so I decided to test my Luck and hit up the third Nike outlet And see what else we can find okay so We're at the refurbished wall in the Men's section we've got some uh CG water Cats wild looking shoe for 63 bucks Not something I want to grab oh we got These guys this might be a deal 138 The zoom fly next percent twos I might Actually have to grab these size 10 and A half still got the noctas over here Additional 20 off so 149 that's not bad Usually 180. we've got a bunch of Different sizes I grabbed a size nine Last time I was here looks like they Still Actually no it's like they're out of Knives It's nine and a half Not bad though cool to see you also got Some uh Vapormax pluses and some uh what are These Air Max 2ws so back here we got 20 Off the entire wall instead of 30. I Wonder why they changed that Used to be 30. it kind of stinks though Because 30 off made a lot of issues Better value than what they are right Now unfortunately we got some vapormax Is 2023 flyknits for 210 20 off We've got these guys too what Air Zoom 95s airzone flight 95s and then also Some Air Max 95 quick strikes which are

Actually very very clean I like these a Lot right here we got some size 15 and More up tempos And like a tan in blue It's pretty nice just way too big We got these Jumpman two trays Just the worst I hate those still got a Bunch of the ambushes we got these guys Again for 149 these guys are now down to 129 the blue pair which is kind of crazy To see grab this pair last time really Awesome shoe the blue pair is also Awesome and then you got these guys too Which are the sequoia Air Force Ones I'm Not sure what the official name of these Are But oh is it Billy eilish these are the Billy eilish Air Force ones I had no Idea that's crazy full retail we've got These guys which are the Jordan or no ISpa somethings like the clogs 80 bucks Size 14 though that's that's huge I just really don't like these at all so I'm going to leave them but kind of Crazy to see them sitting brand new too Pulled up over here we got some Air Max One slides I didn't even know these are Real that's crazy size 12 but I got the Air bubble too That's nutty That's so crazy I've actually got some Sakais over here on the wall For 20 off So these are the guys that were

Obviously on the Shelf it looks like They still have some sizes left they're 170 with 20 off which is actually not a Bad deal and it might be worth it to be Honest maybe I'll grab a pair of these So I'm not gonna lie walking into this Door I was kind of hoping to grab Another pair of Sakai LD waffles because There have been so many pairs available And it was a great shoe for a giveaway The problem was they weren't on the Shelf anymore and we had just had this Problem last time with the beetroot to Your school and I get on Kai's that I Just couldn't find anywhere and then They were just on the back wall without Lids for even cheaper so I was kind of Hoping that that would be the case and I Decided to check and the good news was I Found them on the back wall not in a lot Of sizes but for a significantly cheaper Than they usually sell for so I decided To grab a size eight and a half and While they didn't have the full Packaging anymore for that price I Couldn't let them go 106 for a pair of The guys we're definitely grabbing a Pair known that it's 20 off too I'm Gonna grab these guys as well because This will definitely be a deal in my Opinion the Nike Alpha fly and X percent 2 is one of the most overpriced but also Most incredible running sneakers Available I mean this shoe retails for

275 dollars but when you wear it it Makes sense it feels like nothing I've Ever worn on my feet before it is a shoe Specifically designed for running Competitions or marathons and not just Day to day runs but it makes sense Because it really feels like it's Propelling you into the next step it's a Crazy feeling that you don't really get Until you try it on and maybe it's Because of that but I rarely find them At the outlet I mean sure from time to Time I find a pair but I usually find Them on the regular wall and not in the Refurbished section and the best part About the refurbished section is that Everything's pretty much half price so a Pair of sneakers it usually retails for 275 goes for 138 and that's exactly what This pair of Nike Alpha fine X percent Twos went for All right so makai's actually helped me Out grab a pair of elephant ones uh Because they have them behind the Counter in size 10 so I'm definitely Going to grab those and maybe maybe some Panda highs probably not Panda eyes but Definitely the elephant ones because That's a great pickup 20 off absolutely Worth it okay so they just brought out The elephants from the back looks like They're a women's 10 but still men's Eight and a half and then they also have The black toes in a men's 10 and a half

So I'm gonna grab those as well because Those are crazy it's a huge shout out to Everyone working at this Nike outlet They're all great people they all helped Me out so much and because of that I was Able to grab the Elephant Print ones and The Black Toe ones which yes we saw at The previous outlet but the sizes Weren't as good so I decided to grab Them here and actually stay tuned Because for a lot of these sneakers I am Planning to sell them or give them away On whatnot so if you guys want to check Out my upcoming whatnot live stream There will be a link in the top of the Description below if you sign up using That link you get 10 towards your first Purchase this is not a paid segment I Just want to tell you guys about my Upcoming whatnot live stream I'd love to Have you guys there yo every time I go To this Outlet something crazy happens And I buy like 600 worth of sneakers and Today was no different so really quick To show you guys what we grabbed Obviously we grabbed some golf clothes I Could use some more golf clothes and There's so much cheaper at the outlet And the same golf clothes you can buy Online we of course got the the alpha Fly next percent Twos for 138 which is Incredible I already told you guys about That we got the sakai's for let's see For 136 so not as much off as I was

Hoping I'll be honest with you guys but 136 is still not bad for these shoes at All especially when I've bought them so Many times for full retail and then we Also grabbed these Air Jordan 1 Elephants which I've also grabbed from The outlet before but uh we got them Again for I believe how much uh 28 off So we got these for 112. I'm gonna leave That 112 for these that's so crazy and They're brand new they are women's size 10 so they're technically a men's size Eight and a half so they're not exactly The standard men's version they're a Little bit cheaper but still and then The final shoe that we grabbed with These guys the Black Toe Air Jordan Ones That just released in a size 10 and a Half so a great size I'll probably be Either selling these or giving these Away and whatnot and uh we got them for That's crazy also 112. so we found some Really great stuff at the outlet my Favorite pickup of the day were the J Balvin twos I love the light of tongue I Wish it was my size but these really Don't go for that much online so I Should probably just buy a pair oh and Actually before I forget if you guys Want to follow me on Tick Tock at real Set Fowler Linked In the description Below I post daily videos over there as Well so if you guys want to see all the Behind the scenes stuff or maybe even

Some other Outlet highlights that I Didn't put in this video make sure to Follow me on Tick Tock but with all that Being said make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I'll see you all in the Next one