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Hold up what are these I did not expect To find these I got the Almond here I Just got told I couldn't record at that Outlet today we're going to as many Nike Outlets as I possibly can in one day to See what secret deals we can find and if You can still find really good sneaker Deals at the Nike outlet So now on the back wall they've got like Every Sakai they've got the Sakai LD Waffles and it covers in blue and purple And red and gray and they also have the Cost of guys too looks like they also Have a bunch of the golf 1 lows and now That everything's on the back wall They're all 20 off it's kind of cool not 30 off I wonder if there's like another Sale going on because usually when they Only do 20 off in the back wall means That there's another sale if they have These guys though in my size which I'm Having trouble finding I think I'm gonna Grab them now we're over at the Nike Refurbished wall and see if we can find Anything crazy over here we got these Jordan 37s right here which are pretty Clean Look at these guys which are golf shoes I think I've never seen this before golf Sixes nrgs nothing over in the men's Refurbished section it looks like well These are but they're not in refurbished Box so I'm assuming that they're not Refurbished because usually anything in

A refurbished box is like half of retail So 93 bucks Which is amazing for this which was Originally 185 got the grill Master Classics right here for 54. usually 75 I Actually really love this shoe I'm not Gonna lie cleaner than people think so They still got all of the undefeated Air Forces I always call them the Stussy Air Forces you guys hate when I do it I'm Gonna start calling them that just Because you guys hate it but we got the Sushi Air Forces in two different Colorways we still got a bunch of the Ambushes now 149 in the green colorway And 109 in the blue colorway that's wild And then these really dope dunk mids Which I actually really like I love dunk Mid and it looks like they've got a Bunch of different sizes probably full Retail 110. but super clean colorway Dove susies dope susies love these so They still got both colorways of the Billy eilishes for 80 bucks And it's not bad not something I want Still but 80 bucks is a great price even Weeks later they still got these guys Now for 69 the cause the red color way Must sell better because they didn't put This on the back wall just the purple Colorway but for 114 and then these guys The acronym Blazer lows are now 80 bucks Wow this is crazy seeing this stuff Sitting I can't believe especially for

Months these Blazers are kind of clean For 90 bucks can I have an off-white Vibe to them That's something I need though hold up What are these the Nike Dunkle women's Twist kind of have an acronym Vibe Because I got the Nike Swoosh coming off The back that weird bubbly area in the Back what is that they're not that Actually I don't think they go for Anything but cool looking sneaker cool Find if you're a size size eight women In size six and a half men's we got some More Jordan mules over here too I Actually really like these a lot what Size are these size nine women's nice They do fit big so if you're a guy like Me with a size nine feet they got a Bunch of sizes actually wow size 10 size Seven I actually really dig these a lot I didn't keep my pair but I do like them You got the Jordan one elevates over Here at least I think that's what they Call them they've got this giant midsole Kind of ridiculous but the colorways Dope just like the um New Beginnings Pack Air Jordan Ones I love those hold Up they got the alma mon year 12s in kid Sizes nah That's crazy look at this I knew they Weren't selling like crazy but this is Wild yes nuts I'm not gonna grab any Because I don't have anyone or know Anyone that's this exact size that I

Could give those to but still pretty Wild oh and I got the playoffs wow the Kids got some heat That's nuts and I got these 12s that I've never seen before with this like Embroidered flower on it but if I was Gonna grab something here today probably These maybe these but probably these but They're not my size so there's no point They got some dope they're more up Tempos for 139 full family sizing and These dope Air Max once PRM these are super clean I dig these and these corduroy Air Maxes They also sell all the noctas for 149 And like every size dope colorway so I've been tempted by these Cherry 12 low Golf shoes for a while and they're Finally down to 179. I mean it's still too much because you Can buy them on stockings for like 120 But maybe one day they do have these Jordan Jumpman 2021s which look a lot Like the Jordan Whatever the most recent one was the 37 I'm not sure then they've also got the Code.jp or a version to code.jps the Golf ones which is cool full retail Though they do have these golf 12s for 179 plus 20 off which is not bad that's Just something to consider I don't know If I need to buy them but they got them They'll probably be there for a while so I could probably even come back next

Time and grab them hopefully when They're cheaper so not really see Anything that I want but these led Waffles are still tempting even though I've grabbed like six pairs of them they Are still tempting especially now that They've gotten cheaper and cheaper and They've got the cause too They've also got like a lot of limited LeBrons which is kind of surprising So Nothing that I really want let me see What they have behind the counter oh Hold up they got Bordeaux fives they got Playoff 13s they got Ruby hachimara Eights So unfortunately I just got told I Couldn't record at that outlet which has Happened once before but then a couple Times after I was good so I don't know If I can go back we'll see what happens I don't think I'm kicked out I just Can't record that just kind of sucks Because there was some good stuff that I Did want I got Bordeaux fives they got Playoff 13s Ruby hachimara eights but uh Not grabbing it so I don't know man I Want to be mad about it but I'm not I Get it like they have policies I guess I Was not following the policies although It is frustrating actually this is the Only Outlet this one in New Jersey's the Only Outlet I've ever gotten in trouble For recording for but none of the other

Ones I don't know it is what it is on the Next Outlet also no pickups because I Was gonna buy something then they told Me I couldn't record and I got salty and Then I left actually now that we're Headed to the next Nike outlet it's a Perfect time to tell you guys about the Sponsor of today's video Soul premise Now I actually brought my soul premise Bag with me because I'm gonna use this Bag to hold all the sneakers they pick Up in today's Outlet Vlog now Unfortunately but we haven't found Anything yet but hopefully we can fill Up this bag with some dope sneakers Later on if you guys want to check out Soul premise they make sneaker bags Specifically designed Four Seekers I guess that's why they're Called sneaker bags but they're really High quality you've got duffels you've Got backpacks now they've got a suitcase Not only are sole premise bags great for Carrying all your sneakers some bags Hold two pairs some bags hold five pairs It really depends on the bag that you're Grabbing but they're also all TSA Approved between so you can bring them Onto the airplane with you rather than Have them check them underneath the Plane which is great for your valuable Sneakers and if you guys want to check Out sole premise for yourself make sure

To use my code set for 40 off your Entire order you guys should definitely Check it out and also click that link in This app in the description below but With all that being said huge thank you To sole premise for sponsoring today's Video let's set up the next Outlet Foreign Anything worthwhile some cool Air Max is Here make a nice pink and blue color way I kind of dig those oh we got some Jordan twos Right up here size five and a half for 150 plus 20 off got their forever Section right here is there anything Worthwhile here that's the only thing That I want these guys he's pretty cool So not much wanted to got some Huaraches Over here for 125. Not a bad price in their favorite Section how they look actually brand new Looks like without the Box obviously but Other than that looks like they're in Great condition so that's cool size nine Two my size that might be a pickup we Got some twos down here Centers with on the other side of the Wall it's a 17 for 150. it's in the Bronze so on this men's wall over here We've got some Air Forces lows mids Nothing crazy though let's go over here We got some dunks looks like it's the 85s the color seems a little different Though it seems more of like a pinkish

Crimson color than the red but I think The men's comes in 140. so unfortunately Nothing there and actually shout out to Joey one of the employees there he let Me know that there probably wasn't Anything crazy in the back either so Good to stop by I never go to this one So it's kind of good to stop at a Nike Outlet I never go to so on to the next One so first stop the refurbished Section got some of this Air Max 97s Some Air Max One prms size eight and a Half for 85 bucks not bad these are Actually dope nothing else over here We've got a bunch of further stuff here Their purpose section is huge I'm not Seeing anything crazy though oh it keeps Going like urachi's more Huaraches Anything refurbished oh we got the uh The cause and communities got more of These twos I guess a lot of people Return these the Jordan system 23. oh The clogs I hate these I really don't Like these at all But I bet they're comfy Actually got a bunch of these Jordan Systems I guess no one liked them that Bunch of Zion's here in the orange Colorway for 64 bucks not bad we got Some of the Jordan series es's and not Bad but not worth it well the farther I Go the more that they have of these There's so many got some Red Road shoes A bunch of them they do have some decent

Stuff in the end cap they've got like The Cardinals they got some one lows Which quickly and they got these sevens Some more limbos I wonder if they have Them over here let's see I should not Seen them in here I wonder where they're At oh wait we got the Ko's in purple It's kind of cool got some golf Jordan Ones and white and green I think they Just have a size 10 for 180. got some 11 IES that's about it right over here they Got the undefeateds oh not much else got Some sakais right here 89 for the patent Leathers and 109 for these gray and Green ones I've never seen these ones Before that's actually kind of cool to See we've got some of the uh the Ambushes again this time for 79.99 it's More Blazers it's more Sakai Blazers for 69.99 that's a great price if you want Them but no one wants them wait I think We got the Billy eilishies over here the Air Force Ones look at that whole bunch Of sizes for 140 it's actually kind of a Cool Air Force I kind of dig it like It's a patchwork situation and it's like Sort of a nylon underneath underneath The the nubuck or the suede material That's actually kind of cool probably Won't grab these but it's cool to see Them so they got all sorts of stuff at The front they've got like palominos and A kid size they've got 13s they've got The Chicago to uh UNC one lows all sorts

Of good stuff I might grab the palominos But they are very small they're size Four you can swallow they also have some Of these uh Pink corduroy Air Maxes So that's about it it's like in the Women's section they do have these Threes these BC three Golds and then Over here they've got the DJ Khaled we The best we've got some sixes I've got Some threes And then uh some eights see over here Let's see what sizes they have these Guys so they've got a bunch of these Threes 20 off 200 okay so it's 40 bucks Off in so many different sizes of these I think we did grab a pair from the Outlet a while ago for like 80 bucks so I'm not gonna grab these for one 160 but It is cool to see them with the box I Don't know maybe I should what is this Going for I'm gonna check them out now They're going for like 140. so I'm not Gonna grab these but cool to see a bunch Of sizes if you're looking for them the Line is insane too it's crazy all right Still nothing I can't believe it and the One Outlet I wanted to grab stuff at was The outlet we got told not to film Anymore that was lightning over there I Should probably I'm not gonna head home Yet we're gonna hit one more Outlet I Just don't want to give up yet on foot Today in case you guys are wondering We've got the Air Jordan one Reds from

2016 my favorite shoe of all time love The sneaker plus course Apothecary socks If you guys want to grab podcast socks Link right there This sucks I came all the way out to the Jersey Shore because I couldn't find anything I'm talking like two hours worth of Driving and we're here hopefully we find Something otherwise I don't know what I'm gonna do man I hope we find Something out here we are so far away From home Foreign That's pretty cool got some Nike Air Vapormax pluses for 119. got some of the Billy eilish Air Force Ones on the wall So 20 off got some LeBrons see these at Every Outlet hold up we got a bunch of Air Jordan twos in women's size I'm Gonna have to get my wife a pair of These that's actually crazy I did not Expect to find these they have the same Threes here which is not bad and they Got some of the Neenah Chanel twos 20 Off these ones look like they're just a Solid 200 so actually we're still than At the last Outlet dang maybe I'll get This too it's my wife I want to grab Something got the uh Sakai Blazers for 109 same grain green pair that we've Seen before same patent leather ones got The undefeateds right here as they did In every Outlet yeah this place is

Absolutely packed I can't find any Anything or anywhere to even film Because there's just nothing let me see What they have behind the counter I Can't film it but I can tell you guys Let's see it's got one Oh that's awesome man it's good to meet You man pleasure what size you guys have In the one the one Lowe's right there Perfect I'll grab it and it looks like For everything behind the counter it's An additional 20 off so we did end up Grabbing something from the Nike outlet The hours worth of driving I wouldn't Say it was worth it but at least we have Something to show for and that of course Is this pair of Air Jordan Ones now grab These behind the counter I couldn't get Much footage of it just because there Was a bunch of people there and it's Also weird to film like I'm not gonna Film employees so it was a little bit More difficult to film this process but We were able to grab the Air Jordan 1 Low atmosphere gray which usually Retails for 140 and a size 8 which is Not my size but I'll talk more about That in a second we grabbed it for 112. So that is 28 off is that right 28 off and I Actually did check these out on um Stockx before I bought them just to make Sure that they were worthwhile and I Think on stockx they go for like 120. so

After fees you'd be paying more like 130 140 closer to retail so we did get a Deal on these and because these aren't My size I am actually going to give These guys away on whatnot I do have a Stream coming up in the next week or two So if you guys want to check that out Make sure to click the link in the Description below uh follow me on what Not sign up using that link you get 10 For the first purchase and you might Have a chance to win this pair and more Pairs for yourself for free the only Other shoe I really wanted to grab were Those OG Twos for my wife but I looked On stockx and going for like 80 and they Were selling there for 200 maybe with 20 Off and even then it's still 160. so Definitely not worth it this is probably The worst Outlet trip I've ever filmed I Mean we got kicked out of what we didn't Get kicked out we got told not to film In the outlet where I probably would Have bought stuff because there wasn't Be some stuff like the Bordeaux fives And things like that stuff that would Have you know been interesting to grab And we just only bought one pair of Sneakers usually we buy like five or six And that's just because there was Nothing today I don't know if it's Because it's a Saturday and everyone's Grabbing everything or because it's Everyone just went back to school

They've already bought up all the good Stuff I have no idea but either way it's Been a blast hanging out with you guys Thank you so much for watching make sure To check out Soul premise in the top of The description below and I will see you All in the next one