Over the last few weeks photos and Videos have been popping up on Instagram And on Twitter of people finding Incredible sneakers at the Nike outlet And it got me thinking I wonder what's Sitting at my Nike outlet we just got Some crazy stuff at this Outlet I can't Believe it we got some fours we got some Threes we got some ones might just grab Some of these looks like we also got the Twos for $139 it's a crazy price what Are these we got Jordan one low fly Eases I got a bunch of the elephant Prints wow the consistency so different Between the actual elephant print itself That's wild check out the men's Refurbished hold up they got the aqua Sixes for 100 in the refer section That's actually crazy let me check out The uh condition of these guys wow Almost brand new got some purple and Black K's here for 119 off of 150 hold Up well first of all we've got the OG 2s We got the Lany ones but we've also got Both colorways of the amam maners I Still think I prefer this one cuz it Reminds me of the flu games but these Ones these are pretty clean I asked the Employees if they could bring me out a Size n and the fear 3s cuz I wanted to Grab it and while they were back there They also found this and you know I had To grab it