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In today’s video I check out the upcoming Air Jordan 1 Next Chapter Across the Spiderverse! The Air Jordan 1 Next Chapter has a release date of May 20th 2023 and a retail price of $200! The Air Jordan 1 Next Chapter Across the Spiderverse features multicolor and material upper and glow in the dark outsole! Check out the full Air Jordan 1 Next Chapter Across the Spiderverse review, unboxing and on feet to learn more!

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This is one of the wildest Jordan ones That I've ever seen and I'm not sure if I like it What's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and Today I'm reviewing the upcoming Air Jordan 1 next chapter AKA The Air Jordan 1 across the spider-verse So this pair officially releases on May 20th for a retail price of 200 however I Bought my pair about two weeks ago for 750ish dollars which is insane because I Didn't know that there was going to be a Shock drop for this pair and now these Pairs are worth like two to three Hundred bucks so that kind of sucked for Me but you know what doesn't suck for You is that I'm actually giving this Pair away so you have a chance to win This pair for free for yourself on Whatnot of course I want to give a huge Thank you to whatnot for supporting the Channel as they always do they've been a Long time supportive of the channel and I use their platform all the time and I'm actually giving away this pair of Jordan Ones to one of you guys on Whatnot in the next couple days so if You didn't already know which I'm sure You'd do if you've been watching my Channel whatnot is a live auction Shopping platform with sneaker auctions 24 hours a day starting at just one Dollar and like I said I've actually got A sneaker auction coming up if you guys

Want to check it out make sure to click The link in the top of the description Below sign up for whatnot if you haven't Yet and if you sign up using that link You get ten dollars towards your first Purchase if you have already signed up For what not make sure to bookmark my Upcoming live stream where I give away This pair of Jordan Ones and sell some Sneakers to my own personal collection And not only am I giving away this pair Of Jordan 1 next chapters in that live Stream I'm also giving away some other Sneakers but I haven't exactly decided What the sneaker is going to be yet so Just make sure to stay tuned might also Be giving away some Apothecary sacks if You guys haven't had a chance to grab Some of my socks you can also have a Chance to win them for yourself in that Live stream so once again huge thank you To whatnot for supporting the channel And sponsoring today's video and don't Forget to check out my upcoming live Stream and whatnot by clicking the link In the description below but hey with That out of the way let's talk about the Sneaker itself alright guys first we Should probably talk about the Box However there isn't really much to talk About you'd think for a crazy looking Pair of Jordan Ones you'd get a crazy Box but unfortunately Jordan brand just Decided to give us pretty standard black

And red Jordan box now it's possible That maybe special editions of these Pairs or maybe friends and family Versions of these pairs will have a Special edition box however I don't know If that's the case no one's confirmed it Or denied it unfortunately it looks like For us normies the standard version of The pair will come in a pretty standard Jordan 1 box it's not a huge deal Because obviously no one's really ever Going to see the box after they open Their pair up but I mean it's always Kind of nice to get a special edition Box like the skyline Jordan one box that Shoe wasn't that exciting but the Box Itself was actually really cool so I Honestly would have expected them to do Something pretty interesting on the box But they just went for the plain old Black and red box which I guess is good For box consistency if you like to stack Your boxes but hey with that being said The official colorway of this shoe is Black University red and then the Official name of this shoe is Air Jordan 1 Retro High ogsp so there you go that's All the information you need so box out Of the way I probably should have done That because I'm giving away this pair But it looks like it's okay yeah we're Good it's a box out of the way let's get Back into the sneakers so this shoe is Wild it's obviously inspired by

Spider-Man or more specifically Spider-Man across the spiderverse the New movie coming out in June but uh I've Gotta say that it's probably one of the Most interesting or more realistically One of the most crazy Air Jordan Ones We've ever seen release and I think a Lot of people either love this shoe or Hate this shoe you don't see a lot of in Between now some background on this shoe Is that this is not the first Spider-Man Themed Air Jordan one back in 2018 we Got the original Spider-Man Origins Which was essentially a Chicago Air Jordan one with some reflective details On the upper and an icy blue outsole This time around and we still are Getting a version of the Chicago Ones However it's had a lot more done to it Than the other version of the Spider-Man Ones now I know I'm calling these shoes Interesting or crazy and it kind of Sounds like I'm dancing around calling These shoes trash and while no these Shoes are not exactly my taste I don't Think that they're bad and I actually Like the fact that Jordan brand is Really experimenting with different Panels and colors and materials I think That's cool but is it something I would Wear personally Probably not but hey I don't have the Best sense of style so there's probably A lot of people out there who can rock

These really well look great and I can Pull these off I'm not one of those People but at this point why don't we Dive into the materials that make up the Air Jordan 1 next chapter which is the Official name the Jordan brand gave it Instead of across the spider-verse which I think is a more interesting name Jordan brand loves making the names of Their sneakers for him I don't know why They do it but they always do it just Doesn't make sense maybe there's like a Copyright issue but this is definitely a Collab with Spider-Man so I'm not sure Exactly what the deal is it's not like The Oreo fives actually to be fair there Is no Spider-Man branding on this shoe Anywhere that I can see so it's possible That this was done not as a Collaboration but as a shoe alongside The movie that Loosely ties into the Movie I'm not 100 sure what the Connection is there at least legally so There's that but on the sneakers app They definitely call out the movie by Name so I'm sure that there is an Official collaboration going on I just I'm kind of surprised that there's no Spider-Man branding on this shoe but as You can see the overlay of this Jordan One is made up of a bunch of different Panels and materials that come in a lot Of different varying shades of red Starting off around the toe of the

Sneaker on the mud guard you've got this Pretty standard feeling red leather Which is definitely a brighter shade of Red than the leather that we got on the Lost and found ones or even the 2015 Jordan 1 Chicago's I mean if you look at Them side by side you can see that this Is a noticeably brighter shade of red Than the Chicago 2015s at least and Definitely more so than the lost and Found and I'm not sure exactly why they Went for such a bright shade of red Because usually on the Jordan 1 Chicago's you get a deeper red it could Be that they're trying to more closely Match the Spiderman Spiderman why isn't It Spider-Man Goldman Silverman because it's not his Last name the Spiderman uniform or like Spider-Man you know I've watched Spider-Man I've been a fan of Spider-Man But I haven't kept up with Spider-Man so I don't really know you know what they I Should know what they call his uniform It's the spider suit It's possible that they're trying to More closely match the Spider-Man suit With this color but I'm not 100 sure They don't really go into too much Detail about the inspiration behind the Shoe on the sneaker set moving up on the Lateral side or the outside of the mud Guard you get to the first split Material and that's where the leather

Changes from a pretty standard leather To sort of a long pile suede now Obviously not only does the material Change but also the color the red goes From a very bright red to a much more Muted sort of maroon colored red which I Actually kind of like in the center of The toe you've got a pretty standard White Jordan brand leather it's not Tumbled it's just your standard Jordan Brand leather it's actually kind of Similar to the 2015 Chicago's actually That leather is softer this might be Closer to the uh 85s but probably not as Nice quality as the 85s continuing up on The lateral side of the mud guard you've Got two more material splits or material Changes on the bottom part of the laces The first first part is you're a bright Red patent leather and the part just Below that on the lateral side at least Is a sort of washed red dark red leather Material I'm not sure exactly what it is It kind of reminds me of the acid wash Dunks except it's not really printed on There it seems like it's actually washed Into that leather material but it's more Of a matte finish than the patent Leather obviously and also even more so Than the red leather that you find on The toe interestingly enough on the Medial side of the shoe those two panels Are switched so the patent leather is on The bottom and the other leather is on

The top not really a huge change but one That I thought that I should point out Regardless moving up farther in the shoe You get to these flat black laces which Come pre-started in the bottom lace Eyelets of the shoe and are actually the Only set of laces that you get inside The box I'm not mad about it because With Chicago's I usually wear black Laces but for a 200 pair of Chicago's I Would have expected a couple more lace Options I don't know something a little Bit different I don't know I usually Wouldn't care but this shoe is 200 these Black laces weed through the mismatched Eye stays on either side of the tongue I Know what's interesting about the Material used on the eye stays is that Not only is the design mismatched but it Also seems to be like a very papery Leather that's been directly printed on I'll get more into what this pattern and Material probably symbolizes a little Bit later on in the video but it does Feature some red some whites some Yellows and some blues and it does seem Like they could have added maybe a blue Set of laces or something like that to Really change up the shoe and it would Match the blue on the upper of the shoe So it wouldn't be completely out of left Field and I wouldn't have minded that I Usually wouldn't want blue laces for my Chicago ones but it does seem like a

Touch that would make this feel more Spider-Man e if you know what I'm saying Underneath the laces you've got this Surprisingly stiff Air Jordan one tongue That doesn't feel like a standard tongue It's actually a lot stiffer than a Standard Jordan one ton it seems like it Comes in primarily white however the Material used on the outside of the Tongue is pretty thin so you can Actually see through to the sort of tan Colored foam underneath and then at the Top of the tongue you do have a pretty Large difference between this shoe and Other Jordan Ones and that's it the Nike Air tag is actually completely stitched On the outside of the tongue instead of Wrapping from the outside to the inside Of the tongue as you normally see on Jordan once I'm not gonna lie I don't Mind this look I don't really understand The reason why they did it on this Particular collaboration or this Particular colorway but that's what Happened so I mean can't be mad at it I Like when they tried different things And this shoe definitely seems to be a Bunch of trying different things so Really you can't hate it because the tag Is only stitched on the outside of the Tongue you don't have a tag on the Inside of the tongue and the rest of the Sock liner comes in a pretty standard Black mesh material the insole of the

Shoe also comes in a black with the Nike Air branding printed on the heel in a Very dark red but at this point we get To sizing and fit and the Air Jordan 1 Next chapter does seem to fit pretty Much like every other pair of Air Jordan 1 highs which for me fits true to size So that's what I recommend you grabbing If you're grabbing this pair online if You're grabbing it in store and you have The chance to try the shoe on first I Would recommend doing that just to make Sure that you're grabbing the right size For you but most likely it'll fit you True to size or if you have other pair Of Jordan Ones try those on to find the Best fit before you buy this shoe Because I mean it fits just like every Other pair of recent Air Jordan one Highs continuing back in the shoe you Get to this white leather panel on the Midfoot and on top of that leather panel You've got this really interesting black Iridescent Nike Swoosh now if you're not Familiar with this material it kind of Looks like when oil spills out Underneath your car and you get that Sort of weird rainbow effect and uh it Comes in this sort of really smooth Almost patent leather finish and it's Something that I think some people will Like some people won't like I'm assuming That the inspiration behind this Particular material or the reason that

They use this particular material is to Symbolize the spider verse in some way And maybe the dimensions I'm getting too Into this but the dimensions behind the Spider verse I haven't even seen the First one so I don't even know why I'm Getting into this like this but that's What I'm thinking in fact the entire Upper of the shoe I would assume is a Bunch of different materials and panels Because it symbolizes all the different Spider verses coming together again Never seen the movie so I don't know but That's just my guess Toby Maguire will Always be my Spider-Man so Scene probably the worst ones I've heard Continuing even farther back in the shoe You've got more of that iridescent black Material around the top of the ankle Area which is usually where you find Black leather on standard Chicago Jordan Ones and then below that you have a Bunch of different panels making up the Heel of the shoe so the heel is made up Of some more of that maroon colored Suede at the bottom you've got more of That sort of acid washed or dyed matte Feeling leather just above that and then Moving even farther up from there you've Got two different materials or two Different patterns making up this wing Panel on the top half of the shoe at Least on the lateral side they're both Made up of that papery feeling leather

One panel comes with these really large Colorful circles and the other panel Comes with these really small red Circles now I think the significance Behind These circles is actually the Printing or the printing technique used To create comic books if you look really Close at comic books at least older Comic books they were actually printed With literally red yellow and blue dots To make up all the different colors and That's essentially what this is this is Like a super magnified version of that And I'm assuming that these little red Dots are another version of that just From a different magnification that Would be my guess and then to sort of Reinforce that idea of print it on the Lateral side of the shoe you've got the Wings logo that comes in red yellow and White essentially again the same Printing colors used on comic books and It's printed as well so that's another Reason why I think this is all to Symbolize printing of comic books which Would totally make sense for a comic Book hero on the medial side of the shoe You just have one panel making up the Wing and of course it's that sort of Larger circle area which I will say this I think that that's the best part of the Shoe in terms of inspiration I think That's the most interesting part of the Shoe however I think that's the part

That really takes away from the Chicago Colorway the most it's the least Chicago Part of the shoe and Visually it's Probably the part that I like the least But interestingly enough inspiration Wise it's the part that I like the most So I'm kind of on the fence about that Pattern or material or printing detail I Mean it does definitely add to the story So I appreciate that moving down on the Shoe you get to this sort of light cream Colored midsole which is a different Shade of cream or white than the rest of The upper of the shoe actually it's a Pretty similar shade of I guess light Cream to the tongue so it kind of ties In that way and then finally moving to The bottom of the sneaker you get to This really cool semi-translucent bright Red outsole now first glance this Outsole rubber looks like the same Outsole rubber used on something like The Bret 11s but when you actually see The shoe in the dark you'll realize nope That is completely different and the Reason I say it like that is because This outsole is actually glow in the Dark and it's not a red glow like you Would expect whenever you see a Glow-in-the-dark thing it's usually the Same color as the color that it glows so For example on something like the mummy Dunks or even the Nike or Yeezy ones They had green outsoles they glowed

Green however for this outsole even Though it's bright red and you'd Probably think that this outsole would Glow bright red it actually glows white Or like a very faint orange color and Not only that it's also a super bright Glow too maybe not as bright in person As it is on camera but it's very very Bright very very noticeable and you Can't really charge it up the way that You usually would with other glow Outsoles like usually you can use your Phone light or something like that or Sometimes I can even use the studio Lights but in this case the only way That I was able to charge it at least to Be very bright was to actually take the Shoe outside and if I didn't already Know what the shoe was going to do when I walked back inside I would have been Shocked because the glow was so bright And so different than the red used in The outsole it was honestly really crazy I never expected this outsole to Glow in That way and it's just another one of Those details that were put into this Shoe that are very surprising and not Really what you'd expect from a Jordan Collaboration and even though I don't Love the way this sneaker looks it's all Those little details that make this shoe Really cool and really interesting it Actually reminds me of the Adidas Yeezy 750s and the gum colorway that had that

Gum outsole but a glowed like you've Never seen gum glow before until that Shoe and then you're like what that's Crazy the same sort of feeling that I Got with this shoe like I did not expect To sell totally glow and then when it Glowed it was just a completely Different kind of glow than I ever Expected so kudos to Jordan brand for The insane hit of unexpected glow I Think that's awesome I think that was a Really nice touch and I think for a lot Of people who don't care about YouTube Or don't watch sneaker YouTube reviews They're going to put the shoe on wear it Out to like a club or something and be Like what what's happening and they're Going to be pleasantly surprised because It's a very cool detail so overall the Air Jordan 1 next chapter Air Jordan one Across the spider verse is a really cool Experimental Jordan one is it something That I would wear probably not but that Being said it is a very cool exploration Of materials and Concepts and ideas and I really really got to give Jordan brand Props for this shoe because even though There's a lot of people out there who Don't love the way this sneaker looks I Think once they get it in hand and sort Of realize all the little details and Things that make up this shoe and the Fact that there's so many different Materials that are stitched together and

What's probably a very painstaking Process this shoe probably took a long Time to make especially when compared to Other Jordan Ones and maybe that's the Reason for the price point it's a cool Shoe it's a really really cool shoe I Wish the box was more interesting but Not a big complaint there I wish the Colorway was more excited not exciting I Wish the colorway was more standard I Guess I should be more honest I wish the Colorway was more like a Chicago one Which I guess I'm just getting greedy Because we just got the lost and found So I don't know it is what it is I think Jordan brand did their thing on this Shoe and I think they did a great job I'm actually really impressed by what They're able to achieve let me know your Thoughts on this shoe in the comment Section down below I would love to know If you'd love to wear this shoe if You're able to grab a pair of these or If you're trying to grab a pair of these Make sure to let me know all your Thoughts right down there once again if You want to have a chance to win this Shoe for yourself make sure to check out My whatnot live stream by clicking the Link in the top of the description below And as always thanks so much for Watching make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I'll see you all in the Next one