These are five of the best basketball Performance sneakers that you can grab Right now in 2023 number five the Harden Volume 7 the standout features are great Cushioning and great traction number Four the Puma mb03 lamelo Ball's latest Signature shoe is a great all-around Performance basketball sneaker and comes In at an incredible price of just 130 Bucks number three the Nike kd1 16 Kevin Durant's latest sneaker with Nike is an Improvement on last year's KD 15 which Was already a pretty great sneaker Number two the Nike LeBron 21 like LeBron at age 39 his sneakers are still Incredible and this one in particular is Super comfortable before we get to Number one though if you are trying to Improve your basketball game one of the Best ways to do it is replace your old Flimsy insoles if you haven't tried them Out yet I definitely recommend Victory Insoles which come with carbon fiber on The back and genuinely do help your jump Height and your explosiveness not only That Victory insoles also help you run Faster because they're super springy so Make sure to check out Victory insoles If you haven't yet they're awesome Number one the Air Jordan 38 this is one Of the most versatile basketball Sneakers on the market it works for Almost any position it's super Lightweight and it's very comfortable