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Everything I am talking about in this Video is a guaranteed good purchase These are my most worn clothing items And with me today is my good buddy Nate What's up everybody my name is Nate I'm From Ottawa Canada you guys can come Through to my YouTube channel as well I Do men's fashion come through on Instagram we're Super Active over there As well and we are going to be talking About our most worn a clothing item so We're gonna kick this video off with the First item which are these represent 24 7 pants these are by far one of my most Worn and I haven't talked about much on The channel but trust me these are Ideally where they're a great Comfortable pair of pants they're a Nylon material very stretchy you can Literally work out with these and just Relax in them I think that's where they Get the name the 24 7 pants but trust me These are a must purchase they come in a Few different colors as well and they do Have keep in mind they do have a little Bit more of a narrower fit so with that Being said they won't be able to tuck Over your sneakers if that's something That you're into But ultimately they are Easily one of my most sworn clothing Items so for the next item we're going To be talking about these black Taylor Shorts these are easily my most worn Pairs of shorts this summer I have them

In three different colorways I'm a Simple guy so they go with everything in My wardrobe and again we just talked About the nylon material super Breathable and very easy to style during Those summer months so easily one of my Most worn shirts this year is the Ami Leon door bowling shirt this was Something that when I bought I did no Idea I would be wearing it as much and Of course it does come with a hefty Price tag it's on my Leon door after all But easily one of my most worn shirts so The value is just through the roof Because I've been getting a ton of wear Out of them it's a very unique shirt That you just don't see often and one of My favorite details are the gold hits on It which is why I like to accessorize it With other gold accessories like chains And rings and watches for example so for My next clothing item we're going to Talk about collared shirts once again so This one is actually from Urban Outfitters and I've been wearing this a Bunch all summer so it's one of that Crochet style shirts that you see all Around these days this one's great Because it's in a cream colorway so it Makes it very wearable like I said you Can dress it up dress it down and just Rock it to those events that are a Little bit more formal in the summer Time so now it's time to talk about

Accessories and one of my favorite hats That I've been wearing this year by far Is my more apparel hat this is my Clothing brand and we are doing a drop At the end of the month at the end of August and I'll have details Specifically on the more apparel Instagram page and my Instagram page as Well but I'm telling you I have gone Through dozens of samples of different Hats trying to find the right one and I'm so glad to have finally found this It's navy blue goes with everything Easily one of my most worn hats a couple Other accessories you guys know I'm Obviously a big watch guy if I could Recommend you one watch this summer it Would be the tiso PRX this is something That I get a ton of compliments on from Both watch collectors and non-watch Collectors it has a blue face it's a 35 Millimeter I kind of have dainty wrist So it works perfectly with me and for Sunglass recommendations I highly Recommend these Aquila La tinted Sunglasses I have been trying for years To find tinted sunglasses that aren't Humongous I've tried those cheap Amazon Ones and none of them work so trust me If you're looking for a fun pair of Shades to wear this year I highly Recommend these Aquila once because I've Been wearing them a ton so easily one of My most worn accessories is that Uniqlo

Drawstring bag if you guys check out my Instagram you'll see me rocking this in Like 90 of my fits it was such a steal Of a grab two I have it in a gray Colorway too and I still need the black One I think you have the black one I got The black one yeah so highly recommend This very affordable and it's just Useful right so putting your stuff in Going out for the day it's a great Pickup yeah whether you're a student and You're throwing some books in there or You're going to the gym even and you Just want to throw some quick things in There trust me there's so much use out Of it and the best part about it is that It looks stylish too so it really is a Good two in one there's a bunch of Colors of them as well I have the black And he has the bases we mentioned so I Can't recommend this one enough so now It's time to talk about sneakers one of My most worn sneakers of the entire year Has to be the big bubble Air Max ones in The OG red color and the reason for that Is because not only does it look great With outfits and just wearing for Everyday use but I've been wearing these In the gym and I think Air Max is just One of those shoes that just have so Many general purposes especially in the Summertime so easily my most worn shoe Has to be the Air Max speaking of Air Max ones and we got the Air Max paddle

One in the white and gray colorway here Super super clean so I love these I Didn't expect I was gonna be wearing These this much when I picked them up But they're just one of those neutral Colorways with the gray the cream and The white that just go with all of my Wardrobe so I'm very generous I'm very Jealous that you have those that's a Shoe that I've been eyeing and wanting To pick up so I can tell about how much You've worn them and how much they can Tell there's dirt on a lot of value out Of them yeah so another shoe I've been Wearing a ton this year has been the Nike Zoom from Arrow 5. so these have Definitely had a Resurgence recently Um a lot of that athleisure style look Is definitely Incorporated in these I Wear them to the gym I wear them just Running errands just kind of that quick Shoe that you can throw on and it's Going to look good with most of your Athleisure casual touch style outfits do You have a pair of these or what uh you Know what I used to have a pair of them But now I'm tracking another pair so I Really need to re-up on these for sure But they're really great and they're Very difficult to find these days so I Should tell you that a lot of people Like you and one of the most comfortable Shoes that I have in my rotation as well So highly recommend and for my final

Most worn shoe and honestly I'm going to Say these are sneaker of the Year for me I'm gonna go with the Jordan three white Cement Um again just you guys are seeing a Trend here with some of my most worn Items extremely versatile with all the Things I already have in my wardrobe so You really can't miss with these These Are A Classic shoe Um super iconic and then again just Those cream hits I'm uh I'm a sucker for Those so yeah love these couldn't agree More so Nate and I actually collaborated On a sneaker styling video for the Air Force One for the summer time so be sure To check that out by clicking the link In the description and be sure to hop Over to Nate's Channel as well I'll Leave links into his social media in the Description as well thanks for watching We'll see you guys in the next one