This release is definitely under the Radar but is it he let me know in the Comment section down below this is the Upcoming Air Jordan 3 Green Glow a new Colorway on the Air Jordan 3 but a Colorway that we've seen before on Models like the Air Jordan 4 Green Gloves honestly from a distance this Shoe looks a lot like a pair of Blacksmith 3s however there are some Tweaks first of all the accent color on The shoe is green instead of red and You've also got elephant print on the Eye stays of the sneaker instead of Standard gray suede speaking of gray Suede the tongue of the shoe actually Comes in Gray suede instead of a Standard leather tongue like we usually See on Air Jordan 3s and I've got to be Honest I don't hate it the rest of the Shoe is pretty simple you've got a black Leather upper split into two different Parts you've got elephant print on the Heel and on the toe and of course you've Got the Jumpman on the heel and that Same Green Glow color I'll be honest It's not anything we haven't seen before But it's still a clean look and if you Want to grab this pair for yourself it Releases officially on March 16th for $200 at take out NY but all that makes Me wonder