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I'm going thrifting in all of my local Thrift stores for sneakers to find the Best pairs possible and to see how much Profit we can make in just one day Thrifting [Music] What if they're real so the first place I'm stopping is one of my go-to's and That's Circle Thrift in Fishtown now the Reason I like this place so much is Because they've actually opened this Like small secondary thrift store next To the main thrift store that sometimes Has some crazy sneakers in fact in one Of my previous videos I found this pair Of LeBrons which goes for like 600 I Also found a pair of Kobe's the time Before that that went for like 300 and I Grabbed all these pairs together for Maybe like 250 300 it's it's pretty Crazy so I always make sure to stop by Because it's near my barber and uh see What they have Some Jordan fours here it was a kid's Size 60. They don't work Great Yeah I'm thinking these probably aren't Good Some Nikes right here pretty nice Tory Burch that's about it that's some Jordan One mids which I'm good on I think got Some 13s over there and a kid's size

That's about it in the case got some Air Max 90s here in the pink and gray Colorway it's pretty warm though 15. Brooks Whatever these These are the Adidas Should be cities some things I don't Remember I got like a couple pairs of These from Adidas like five years ago I mean they're comfy and for 10 bucks It's not a bad price and then we've also Got the ZX Flux Um Superstars at least I think they are Maybe they're just like a snakeskin Version I don't know But nothing here I want to grab so Unfortunately nothing really I wanted to Grab at Circle Thrift there were those Air Jordan 4s but I'm pretty sure that They were fake like I have a size nine Of those those were a size eight and They look nothing like each other like Sometimes GS sizes look a little bit Different than the regular sizes but Those fours those are some Fufu forests Let me tell you so so unfortunately That's just how it goes sometimes you Don't always find great pairs of Sneakers at the thrift sometimes you Find nothing and that was what happened At Circle Thrift today in fact to be Fair more often than not you find Nothing I'm going to continue on though And go down to Buffalo Exchange in Center City Philadelphia because that's

One place that I can pretty much Guarantee that I might not find the Craziest hits ever but I usually can Find something that I can flip Relatively easily for a decent profit All right so first thing is that Buffalo Exchange we've got some Nike Air more up tempos for how much 70 in a size 10. it's like they're on Sale that's an option definitely Actually over here I'm seeing Some Air Jordan Sevens some reverse Olympics for 50. this might be a pickup Let me check these guys out all right so These look like they're going for like 75 to 100 so I'm definitely grabbing These for 50. so the first pair that I Pick up is this pair of Air Jordan 7 Tinker alternates in the I guess Olympic Colorway so this shoe is really Interesting because it's sort of a Second edition of the Olympic Air Jordan 7's one of the most iconic Air Jordan 7 Colorways of all time and I found this Just sitting on the Shelf at Buffalo Exchange for fifty dollars now I've Realized after buying the shoe that There are some issues on it like there's Some weird like glitter lines all over It which at first I thought were glue Stains turns out those are actually like Someone got a glitter pen and like Outlined some parts of the shoe not a Huge deal I don't think it's that

Noticeable and also I'll make sure to Mention it whenever I sell this shoe but Uh I think for fifty dollars this is a Great pickup it's a size 12 and I think I could probably flip this for 90 which Means we could have a potential profit Of forty dollars although up here I'm Seeing something crazy is it what I Think it is oh satin five it's not Exactly what I was thinking I was kind Of hoping it was off white fives well I Was getting so crazy about it 75 for Size nine I just don't think that's Worth it it is cool to see them but I Know that they go for a little bit less Than that on eBay and like the heels a Little bit worn down A little bit too much yellowing so if They were cheaper if they're like 40 Bucks I'd grab them but not for that Price it's got some Nike craters over Here of some kind Critter zero zero fours or I don't know What they're called 400s I don't Remember the name but they want 36 in a Size nine it's actually not a bad price But I just don't think the Market's There for these hold up I think we got Some Nike Dunks look at this for how Much 45 I've never seen this colorway Before it's like black with like a Orange swoosh that's kind of scraped Down is it some sort of like special SB I'm not sure

Let me check these guys out I've Actually never seen these before so These are the distressed leather Nike Dunk High SBS And uh they're actually going for like 90 to 100 it looks like so for 45. it's Definitely a pickup so this next shoe That I see I'm actually really excited About and that's because it's a pair of Nike SB dunk highs which at the thrift Store you never find and the reason for That is because Nike Dunks are just so Incredibly popular right now especially When they're SB Dunks that just seems to Be the magic word to make the shoe worth Like 10 times more than a usual pair of Nike donkeys but I found this pair from 2015 called the distressed leather Nike SB dunk highs and uh it's in pretty good Condition I believe it's a size nine and A half right nine and a half and even Though this pair only has one set of Laces and it's a mismatched set of laces And it also doesn't have a box or Anything like that I still think for 45 Dollars it's an absolute pickup no Question and I really think I could Probably flip this for like 90 to 100. Let's go with 90 just to be safe which Means we do have a potential profit of 45 dollars we're here we got some Jordan One mids In a size Uh 11 and a half for 70 bucks probably

Not worth it but cool colorway so I came Over the women's section I've seen some Michigan dunks look at that that's crazy I was seeing a lot of stuff like you got The Boost you wears and there's some Jordan Ones but these Would actually be worth the pickup for 50 bucks Let me double check but Could definitely be worth it yep Definitely grabbing so the dunk fines Just keep on coming I see a pair of Michigan dunks in a women's size in the Women's section I believe it's a women's Size eight and a half and I'm like wow That's an incredibly clean pair of dunks In great condition for an insane price So Buffalo Exchange has these shoes Listed for fifty dollars and because the Shoes are in such great condition even Though they are a smaller size they're Women's size I still think I could flip These for like 90 which is a 40 profit I'll be honest though I wish this pair Was in my size because this is a pair of Dunks that I've wanted for a minute I Just haven't won pull the trigger on it Yet okay so I don't know what to do here Because like There's just no way And I just don't want to spend 40 if They're not good but at the same time if I didn't spend the forty dollars And they were real

No there's no way there's no way Okay well This is stupid This is stupid I'm not sure All right so I texted a bunch of people I know to find out if these are fake or Legit I know they're fake but What if they were real that'd be crazy Okay I'm Gonna Leave I'm gonna take it behind the counter I'm Gonna take him behind the counter might As well so as I was about to leave one Of the employees came up to me and said That there was a pair of sneakers on the Top of the shelf that I should Definitely check out and that sneaker Was a size 14 pair of Air Force ones That I had never seen before ever now he Had told me that they were from 2007 and My sneaker Knowledge from 2007 isn't Great mainly because you know it's 2007 It's like 16 years ago regardless it was Dead stock and it was worth checking out It had a little hang tag that was also Still in a plastic bag which is kind of Crazy for a parent at 16 years old there Was also definitely some yellowing in The outsole and yellowing in the rest of The shoe so it wasn't in perfect Condition but again 16 years old so I Checked the SKU number for the shoe Online and it turns out that it's the Rosie's Dry Goods Air Force One low

Again from 2007. now it says that it's Also possibly the Supreme MCO Rosie's Dry Goods I couldn't find too much Information about this release I Actually don't know anything about this Release so if you guys know let me know In the comment section down below but it Was a pretty wild looking pair of Air Force Ones and they had it priced for Just 65 bucks now there were no sold Listings of this issue on eBay at least That I could find at least not recently However there were two pairs listed on EBay one for 140 and one for 190 and if You went on stockx I believe the pair That they had was 800 but again probably Came with the Box probably was in better Condition but either way not an easy Shoe to find definitely one of the Rarest sneakers that I found at the Thrift store so I grabbed it maybe I Shouldn't have maybe I should have I'm Not sure it's a size 14 it's not the Easiest size to move but I've got to say That it's a pretty interesting looking Sneaker like the upper of the shoe comes With this almost like dinosaur reptilian Print you've got this rose on the toe of The sneaker that kind of looked like it Was discoloration but it's just the Color of the Rose like I said though There is some discoloration on the shoe The outsole of the shoe is kind of Yellowing even though it's brand new I

Love the outsole though it's got red and Blue it's very clean and then you've Also got this gray midsole with some Inexplicable creasing in it again I Don't think the shoe is worn so I'm not Sure exactly why it's creased and then The detail that was most interesting to Me because it looked like it was pretty Much brand new I've got the lace tied Around it is this hang tag with the Rosie's Dry Goods logo on it which I Thought was pretty cool it's a full Metal hang tank too very quality I mean The sock liner the shoe is also leather Sells the insole it feels like a very High quality pair of Air Force Ones and For 65 bucks I'm willing to take the Risk now as far as profit I have no idea What we could sell this shoe for I'm Assuming around 100 140 let's go with 100 just to be safe so with that I mean That's a 35 profit even if we just sell It for a hundred dollars there is a Higher potential for profit if someone Really knows what the shoe is I think But uh let's just be safe say 35 profit To sell the shoe for a hundred dollars And uh either way it's cool to find a Pair of sneakers from 2007 that's dead Stock at thrift store I guess at Buffalo Exchange all right that was crazy now I Do have one thing to say I did not get The Paris dunks because an employee told Me that they were actually her Paris

Dunks and they weren't real so good to Confirm that but that would have been The craziest find I think on YouTube but They've been real but they wouldn't have Been there because everyone who works There apparently the Sneakerhead knows All the sneakers that are in there I Just found that out today so that was Crazy so Buffalo Exchange was awesome I Bought more pairs there today than I Bought in a really long time and they Were all profitable I mean that's kind Of the goal so that's I wasn't going to Grab them if they weren't but uh the Even better news is that Second Street Is like two stores down so let's hit it Up and see if we find anything else Got these crazy Yeezys right here and Green and blue I've never actually seen This that's not dressings color before For 169. The size are they Size 10. You know I wouldn't actually be against It I might grab that Stuces Air Maxes and Valencia I guess too look At these 349. got some women's Infrareds for 109 So I have seven and a half it's actually Dope Jordan Ones Some elevens okay so this wall is a Bunch of stuff today we've got the

Bodega New Balances for 79. we've got These Air Jordan 4 cool grays I always Go for a decent amount 2.99 is not bad Size 10. they're my size I might have Done it but 299 is not terrible Not bad We've got some new balance 99 even fives For 129 size 10 and a half We've got some Jordan sixes what else Look at these off-whites right here Pretty crazy for 99. that's not bad That is not bad And then these Jordan 13 flints for 179 Not a bad price oh and then these two we Got users over here easy um what are They 350 comforts 350 V2 Comforts for 149. Comfort from 149 I don't know if you can Put a price on it got some LeBrons over Here for 59 wow that's a crazy price They look almost brand new too Let me check these guys out nope Definitely grabbing these 100 No question so I don't really know that Much about LeBron sneakers I mean I Guess I know more than like a Non-sneaker head but I don't know as Much about LeBron sneakers as I do about Jordans or other brands and I don't Usually check out LeBron's shoes however I did see a pair of LeBron sevens for 59 That was in incredible condition so I Figured you know what while we're here Might as well check it out I've got time

To spare it takes five seconds to type It in on eBay let's see what comes up And to my surprise there was a bunch of Sold listings for around like 200 to 220 Now to be fair these are complete Sneakers like they come with the Box They come with all the accessories all That sort of stuff this pair really just Comes with a sneaker but at the same Time 220 dollars for a 59 pair of shoes Not bad now I'm gonna be realistic I Don't think I can sell this pair for 220 It's a size eight and a half which is a Good size but not the most popular size And again it doesn't come with the box Or any of the accessories I think I Could probably sell this pair of shoes Which is worn but not worn that heavily For like 120 which means even still we Get a profit of 81 which is pretty Insane for pair of LeBrons I I haven't Actually that's not true I just sold a Pair of LeBrons we picked up in a thrift Video I don't know what I'm talking About but an 81 profit is an 81 profit I Don't know if it'll actually sell for That but that's my guess and I feel like It's worth picking up and I wish it was A size nine because if it didn't sell I Probably would keep it I got the Adidas Hattie foam Quakes or cues for 99 good On those some Pharrell's Some other decent stuff but nothing that I'm like too mind blown by yet got some

Really nice stained glass dump truck Here for 99. I'm gonna check these guys Out let me go for a lot but Might as well check them out well we're Grabbing these too Because they're going for a decent Amount so as I'm walking around the Aisles at Second Street I see this pair Of Nike SB dunk highs it's actually the Concepts Nike SB dunkai stained glass And it's a pair of shoes that uh when it First released I don't think was going For that much but as time has gone on as With most pairs of Nike SB dunk highs The price has raised now there's Actually a Concepts in New York City but I believe the store was first founded in Boston and I think the stained glass has Something to do with all the churches in Boston let me know in the comment Section if I'm completely off base about That but that's what I think it's based Off of and I've got to say it's a pretty Clean looking sneaker I mean it's wild Looking for sure but it's not an ugly Shoe so Second Street had this pair of Nike SB done guys listed for 99 which I Wasn't sure if that was a good price or A bad price because like I said a couple Years ago back when the shoe first came Out I think it was going for around There at least used so I looked it up on EBay turns out the shoe sells for around 135 dollars which means that we do have

A potential profit of like 36 dollars Which I thought was worth it especially For a pair of SB Dunks they're as cool As this all right so this is a shoe that I love I absolutely love I actually have Pair myself size nine my size two if I Didn't have these I'd grab them Flu Game 12s for 229 Really clean Good price too looks like we've got some Brand new Jordan Ones some Laney's for 179. not bad back here they got some Stuff too they got the uh Foams right Here in the blue you've got the French Blue 12s wow for 249. I actually have This colorway I got it from the Nike Store but my pair came with Like Glue Stains all over it Clean are these that's probably like Exactly where they go for let me check LOL MVM I'm gonna leave those We cashed out today That's ridiculous so I feel like I'm on A roll and I don't want to stop going to Thrift stores because I found so many Great shoes at the places we've already Been so I want to head down to South Street Philadelphia and see what else They have and the first place that I Stop is this place called Philly AIDS Thrift it's crazy because I think back In college I actually worked like eight Hours Affiliates for like some volunteer

Project that I was doing Think I mean it was 2010 so I don't I'm Pretty sure it was Philly AIDS Thrift Either way I've got to say that this is One of the wildest thrift stores I've Ever seen in my entire life they have Everything it's crazy it's overwhelming There's lights and there's sounds and There's like displays and standings and All sorts of stuff that you just never See all together in one place I felt Like I was in someone's collectible Garage it was crazy This is wild Had a bunch of women's shoes I know the Men's shoes used to be here I actually don't know where the men's Shoes are now maybe this is it Sure This might be it The place is huge There's the men's shoes they got some Air Forces over there but that looks Like it's about it some Reeboks man All right so although I didn't find Anything at Billy AIDS Thrift I think It's called I've been there a bunch and I found sneakers before but uh nothing Today I will say though that it is Probably the coolest thrift store I've Ever been to it's nuts unfortunately no Sneakers to be found maybe they were Somewhere else I thought I walked Through the entire place but there's

Like so many different turns and doors And places you just don't even know are There that it's possible I completely Missed them and at this point I'm a Little discouraged because I feel like My day is over I feel like I've hit all The different thrift stores in the area But I do remember one place and that's Actually a brand new Second Street that Opened up I think six months ago on South Street now I've been to the Second Street one time before and last time I Was there I wasn't sure if they were Cool with me filming because they were All kind of looking at me so it was like Really awkward uh so I've kind of been Not going back for that exact reason but I felt like you know what we're on a Roll let's do it let's see what happens Hold up I got a size 10 of these for 229. no way this might actually pick up That's crazy Yo so this is a pair of Yeezys that is So far off of any other pair of shoes That Kanye West has ever dropped that it Just almost doesn't even make sense it's Kind of like the mix between a foam Runner and like a winter boot it's Called the insulated boot except it's Spelled out in letters so like n s l t I Don't I don't know the lettering um but Either way wild looking shoe and what's Interesting about it is that it actually Resells for like 400 to 800 depending on

Size and condition at first glance this Shoe looks immaculate and for the price That I'm seeing it for I think it's Worth it but 229 is a decent amount of Money for a pair of used shoes Especially because that's about how much I paid at Buffalo Exchange for all the Sneakers that I grabbed so uh I'm gonna Take a couple seconds and think about it So they've got so much good stuff at the Second Street they've got these hyper Royal ones they're 199 and a size eight We've got these size nine Air Jordan one I forget what the name of these are Deconstructed or something like that They've got the uh The barbershop dunks what size size nine 129s not a bad price And they also have these Undefeated not the undefeated The um oh my gosh Union L.A Union L.A Force That's crazy good price too that's a Really good price for these I might have to do it I legit might have To do it We'll see they're huge though so I come Back to look at the insulated boots Because in my head I'm like you know What I'm gonna do it I think I could Resell these for like 300 I'm gonna go For 300 on the low end I'm thinking I'm Hoping for more like 400 but as I'm Looking over the shoe another time I

Realize that there's a stain on the toe Now a lot of times I'll buy a pair of Shoes bring them home and I'll realize Oh crap there's a problem with it I Didn't even notice with this shoe Luckily enough I realized that the stain Was there before I pulled the 229 Trigger now I don't know if it was just Me mentally trying to get out of Spending 229 dollars in a pair of shoes That I wasn't gonna wear and possibly Even make money on or what it was but That stain really bothered me because I Don't think it would be that easy to get Out without either standing the shoe More or uh it's just not coming out at All so I decided against it if it was Like a hundred dollars I absolutely Would have done it of course for a Hundred dollars I think anyone would Have done it but um it's just not worth The risk for me so I'm Gonna Leave It I've got these guys the Jordan one Shoot I don't know what I don't know Where they're called the hyper Summers Or shoot I don't remember I don't know Any of the names of sneakers anymore for Some reason They've got these Heritage ones for 109 Which is not bad We've got these nice mids for 179. So much good stuff here it's crazy For good prices too Like what are these look at these SB

Dunks How much 79 it looks like okay let's check these Guys out Probably could Do something with these so as I'm Walking around 2nd Street I notice Another pair of Nike SB dunk highs Sitting on the shelf and as I pull it Out it looks like it's a good size it's A size nine which is my size which means It's a great size and it's actually the Spectrum SBS from 2020. now what's cool About this shoe is that it's actually Got this fully mismatched suede upper so Each panel is a different color from the Other side of the pair so like on the Left shoe the midfoot panel is sort of a White creamish color on the right shoe It's sort of a rust red color and every Panel is a different variation of some Color so it's a really cool almost like A what though looking sneaker so I Decided to look them up on eBay and it Looks like they're selling for around 135 dollars which means we have a Potential 55 profit so for me that's a Absolute green light I'm gonna go for it And hey you know what I'm glad that I Did I think it's a very clean looking Pair of shoes it's my size I could keep It if I want to I don't think I will but Uh still a good pickup we got so much Good stuff here it's hard to like

Choose what to look at first you got Panda dunks for how much 179 not bad I Didn't even see these before you've got The uh the white 11s right here the Legend Blues for 109 size nine that's Actually not a bad price A little a little yellowed it's not Going to grab them but it's still not a Bad price Some Cardinal Sevens for 179 not bad Infrared six is for 69 that's definitely Not bad some dunks 179. A lot of really good stuff like UNC Sixes 129. yo they got 750 size nine and A half for 5.99 More than I want to pay but Wow that's crazy to see so I actually Had this colorway back in the day I Actually hit on them I need to do this Confirmed up and I sold it I regret it But cool to see just not for that price Okay we got some black cement threes for 199 size eight and a half Really good condition I might actually grab these too That's crazy is that a good price I Don't know I don't know what he's good For right now let me check that actually Seems like exactly what they're going For so I'm gonna leave it with my size Though if it was a size nine definitely Grab definitely double up but that price Probably good on those Some wave Runners right here for 149.

For a size eight that seems like a Really good price now they look a little Dirty So they are definitely worn yeah it Seems to be re-dyed okay I'm gonna leave These but man the selection is crazy if You're willing to wear some stuff it Like has a little bit of dirt you can Get it for like crazy good prices It's nuts so I decided to round the day Off there because I feel like we grabbed So many great pairs of sneakers today And even though we only grabbed one pair At this second Street it was still a Pretty good pickup all right so we found A lot of really great sneakers today a Lot more pairs than I was expecting Usually when I go out thrifting I don't Find anywhere close to as many pairs as I did today I wish this had happened During the 20 sneaker collection which Will restart soon be patient because I'm Still trying to work out some of the Kinks for that but uh a lot of great Pickups today and as promised at the Beginning of the video I'm going to tell You guys how much money we potentially Could make off of all these sneakers That we grabbed so here it is the Potential profit off of these six pairs Of sneakers is 224 which is not bad and Sure I mean it's possible we don't make That much because of fees or maybe the Pairs don't sell for as much as we

Thought it's also possible that we might Make more but either way in my opinion a Very successful thrifting trip and with That we pretty much round off the video For today so thank you all so much for Watching make sure to subscribe if you Haven't yet and I'll see you all in the Next one