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The Adidas YEEZY 450 Slide is the latest Adidas YEEZY silhouette. Originally slated to drop in 2022, the release date of the Adidas YEEZY 450 Slide Cream was pushed to August 2nd 2023. The retail price of the new YEEZY Slides is $110 which is significantly higher than the original YEEZY slides. Check out my full Adidas YEEZY 450 Slide review and comparison to the original yeezy slides to learn more!

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I don't know before oh wow they look Cool My Pan would be crazy What's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and Today I'm reviewing the upcoming Adidas Yeezy 450 slide a slide that's been Leaked for multiple years and is finally Releasing in 2023 after the split of Kanye West and Adidas and this slide is So wild looking that I actually wanted To get my first impressions of this shoe On camera so I filmed myself unboxing it Alright so inside this box that just Showed up in my house is a pair of shoes That's uh so crazy looking that I I Honestly don't know what to expect when I open these up I actually threw the big Red boots in the background I usually Throw shoes and I'm sort of trying to Highlight or kind of hint at something In the background just kind of give you An idea of what's coming in the review And in this case uh I'm expecting Something ridiculous so I grabbed this Pair of shoes of goat for 245 which Included instant ship so usually 202 but 245 which to be fair is probably a lot For what these are but we'll find out Here we go so this box is kind of I Wouldn't say it's a standard easy box Because it's not exactly standard it's Similar to some other Yeezy boxes out There it's different than a foam Runner It's different than a pair of easy Slides it says foam on the top it says

Yeezy 450 slud right there on the front And it says made by Adidas same thing on The other side it's a drawer box and the Official colorway of this shoe is cream Cream All right it doesn't look cream this Looks like a yellow design wise these Are pretty wild and I think that's Something that the easy team is really Good at creating just really wild Ridiculous looking things this looks Like it may fall apart after a couple Wears because these uh I don't know These tendrils on the top of the slide Are so thin but I'll be interested to See what happens one thing I will say About the end of the Adidas and Kanye Era is that they release some pretty Insane stuff like pretty wild stuff that I don't think any other brand would have Been brave enough to drop and so I will Say I am going to miss that I'm gonna Miss reviewing some crazy looking shoes And this may be the last pair of new Yeezys that I ever review it's possible At least Adidas Yeezys so could be the End of an era but I'm excited to wear These for a couple days and find out Whether these are uh any good but I did Want to get some other people's opinions On these shoes because I feel like They're going to be a very polarizing Silhouette so I took them to the Apothecary office to see what some of

The people who worked for Apothecary Thing a pair of shoes for you to check Out for me kept I know but you might Like it I guessed it right yeah you did guess it Right that's a pair of shoes to show you Guys for the apotheke Vlog that uh I Know that you're gonna be soaked on I'm Not gonna give you any hints Cool I want to buy these at Sneaker Con Where'd you go oh just go like 250 and That was they're like 100 though right Can you tell I think so I haven't tried Money you wanna try them out oh are Those the new Apothecary upcoming no Shows pretty sweet they feel good they Look cool you want to try on it's long Yes size nine yeah do you want to try on Those I wear 10. try these on and Compare like I could probably go eight In this this one I have a ten this one Sees tight so which one in terms of Style and comfort do you like better Easier to wear but this is pretty sweet Did you say easier to wear no but I did Would you wear this yeah I would the Adidas easy 450 slide officially Releases on August 2nd for a retail Price of a hundred and ten dollars which I've got to be honest seems like a lot Of money for a pair of slides the Standard easy slides retail for sixty Dollars and this one's almost double That price at 110 and it seems like it's

A very similar construction I mean other Than the Aesthetics and the visuals it's Still just a one-piece EVA foam Construction now I'm not going to get Into all the Kanye Adidas drama for the Last couple years you guys probably Already know all there is to know about That because of all of that it seems Like Adidas is finally releasing all of Their remaining Yeezy stock and donating A portion of the profits to charity Based on reports from around the Internet it seems like after the Kanye West and Adidas split Adidas was stuck Sitting on hundreds of thousands of Pairs of unreleased Yeezys and Apparently this is one of those pairs And now in 2023 almost a year after all This went down they're finally releasing It to the public and personally this is A shoe that I thought we might never get And it's one that I was honestly pretty Excited about because of how insane it Looks I love insane looking sneakers and Up until recently Kanye West and Adidas Were the people that you go to for the Most crazy and insane design it's ugly I'm not gonna lie but I like this shoe Because of how crazy it is because of The fact that no one else is going to be Wearing something like this unless they Have a pair of Yeezys like this hey Josh What do you think of these have you seen It no just interesting yeah like in your

Life I don't I feel like I haven't Either These are cool is that your honest Opinion yeah I mean like they're very Kanye oh no it's gonna be a plus game Mid John looking fresh I feel like They're not as comfy as like the regular Easy slides yeah they do look kind of Cool boy does your videos always give Your dogs out It's not free for people on the internet These are cool if I had them if I got Them for free I'll keep them I feel like I would wear these with no socks at the Beach but then like my tan would be Crazy if I forget sunscreen yeah How much are your size 60 really yeah Dude I agree with the tan dude that Would be crazy plus the shadow in here Too is nuts you see that anymore Would you buy them from me uh okay So the official colorway of this shoe is Cream which I thought was kind of Interesting because it's more of like a Banana yellow color than a cream color But hey it is what it is the entire Exterior of this foam shoe comes with The same sort of rough texture that you Find in the easy slides however unlike The easy slides the entire interior of The shoe especially on the footbed is Very very smooth debossing the footbed You've got the Adidas three stripes logo With the Adidas wording and then

Debossed into the arch area of the Footbed you've got the words 450 slide You've got your size in my case it's a Non-us and then you've also got made in China as you can probably guess from the Name of this shoe the shoe is inspired By the Yeezy 450 it features a lot of The same design cues that that shoe has However that shoe is not a slide and What's interesting about this shoe is That it seems like the easy design team Turned that sort of dinosaur look on the Easy 450s up to 11 with this shoe like It literally looks like you're looking At a dinosaur bone and I think some People are going to love this organic Look and other people are going to Absolutely hate it and I totally get That it's sort of got this tryptophobia Vibe on the top of the shoe which I Think might ick some people out and uh It kind of looks like a spider I don't Know it's kind of a weird look but Either way it's Unique and it's not like Anything else on the market what would I Rate it out of ten seven okay well it'd Be like a 10 shoe for you a 10 slot like Are we just okay okay ten slide 10 slide A 10 slide is probably what I wore Yesterday my um Dior slides oh those are Nice oh no maybe like a four oh wow From the slide is but like the salehi Croc slides I like those way better Those are nice I like those too hot tape

But I don't really like this like he Slides wow I like this lady Crocs oh Yeah I like this too I like to look at Them actually on that that's fair okay So I'm about to film an on foot of these For the video which pair of the upcoming Turkish rug socks do you think would Work the best that's what I was thinking Too actually that's like the boring Answer guys if you want to grab any of These socks they're available this Friday 11AM Eastern Time on foxcare.com One of my favorite collections ever this Might be it that might be a dude you get That cream here with the cream there This might be a good combo let's try This one yeah Josh let me see this one a Little bit that one's good too that Works too okay Josh which one of these Turkish rug socks are coming out this Friday 11AM I kind of overheard you I feel like this Is the easy choice right oh that's not Bad that's not bad Okay so we've got the Brand new Yeezy 450 slides I'm gonna try Them on for the first time I came in my Uh my Yeezy regular slides because I Wanted to compare and contrast so let's Throw these guys on for the first time It's been tough I've had these for two Or three hours and I haven't tried them On yet What do you think about the on foot look I like it I actually really like them

Really like more than the regular easy Slides yeah really but I like weird Things fair enough so I've been wearing These slides for a while at this point And I've compared them to the other Yeezy slides the original Yeezy slides And I definitely think there is Something really nice about these shoes Not only do they look insane I mean They're obviously based on the easy 450 As you can see from the outsole of the Shoe and they've got that same sort of Easy 450 midsole but they're also very Comfortable on foot as you probably Could have guessed the foam used in the Original Yeezy slide seems to be the Same exact foam used in the Yeezy 450 Slides because of the shape of the shoe It does feel slightly different Underfoot as I mentioned you do kind of Feel these these gaps and these bumps Underneath your feet in this shoe versus This where you just feel kind of a soft Foam underneath your foot and I'll be Honest that was something that kind of Bothered me initially about this shoe But the more that I wore it the more That I got used to it and the more that I just appreciated the comfort of this Shoe I mean they definitely feel they're Bigger like 100 and they like the Footbed is really soft they're not soft Smooth it's not yeah it's not grippy Like that yeah so my my foot slides out

Of it really it's actually gonna be Better for socks I feel like it won't Like pull on the socks as much but I Mean it feels soft like I would say as Soft as the easy slides I feel like the Upper is more breathable which is good Now overall it doesn't seem like there's As much foam in the midsole of this shoe As there is in the original Yeezy slides And because of that there's just not as Much padding in this shoe but uh it's Still an incredibly comfortable shoe Underfoot the foam does feel very Similar to the original Yeezy slides and I mean Comfort wise it honestly is a Pretty similar experience it's long Right it's bigger it fits bigger and There's size down if you want that's True yeah I definitely keep it size down And you can feel the ridges in the in The outsole which is kind of weird like It's true to size or a size down yeah Definitely do you have live feed or no Me am I know why did you feel like it Was wide foot friendly yeah okay cool I Think I could have did they have half Sizes definitely go half size down if You can or I guess true to size is fun If you're like just kind of chilling Like I wouldn't run in these I wouldn't Run in these when it comes to sizing With the original Yeezy slide I usually Went true to size or maybe even a half a Size with the 450s I feel like they fit

Really really big they're more wide foot Friendly than the original Yeezy slides But they definitely feel like they're Much larger on foot I probably would Have gone down maybe a half size or a Hole size with this shoe just because it Felt like I was wearing a boat on my Foot I mean the footbed in the 450s is Much smoother than the footbed in the Easy slide so you do literally slide Around more in this shoe than in this Shoe and that can become a problem when The shoe is too large for you so I would Suggest if you're grabbing a pair of 450 Slides maybe go down half a size or Maybe even a hole size unless you have a Really wide foot then maybe go true to Size but I personally wish I had gone Down to like an eight and a half or an Eight now I'll be honest I'm not exactly Sure if there's half sizes in this shoe I would hope that there are but I don't Know for sure unfortunately no half Sizes so if you want to grab a pair of The 450 slides in my opinion Unfortunately there are no half sizes in The 450 slides so if you want to grab a Pair of these I personally would have Gone down a full size maybe for you it's Something different again if you have Wider feet you might be fine going true To size but even my friend Osman who has Wider feet he even said he'd grab a size 8 in these he's like a size nine nine

And a half so I feel like that's Reasonable advice and that's what I Would suggest if you're grabbing a pair Of these go down to size I mean it's Similar to Crocs like every pair of Crocs slides and just Crocs in general Fit big so aesthetically which one do You prefer top usuals really wow is it Because I'm wearing the brand new Apothecary Turkish rug socks to drop Officially this Friday at 11 A.M Eastern Time yep okay fair enough and they go Good with these socks too they do I mean I like them I uh I definitely think I Prefer these visually that's the only Color this is the only color that's Dropping right now I don't know if they Made more or not but are they taller too Right no no they feel pretty these feel Nice and snug I like the snugness but These feel a lot more Airy like better For like like Josh was saying earlier For like summer going to the beach and Stuff I don't know if they're taller I Can't there's more Flex it looks taller But no the old ones look taller more Flex than all ones not like I can see The compression on your foot oh really Oh the old ones the old ones look it Your foot's almost dragging actually With these ones though the one thing I Can feel a lot is like any of the gaps In between here like in the in the heel I can feel that sort of drop here I can

Feel this bump which I don't really love Feels like there's a bump in my forefoot But I mean it's not bad I don't mind it It's like wild looking I think I'm Excited to rock these just because They're crazy now the major difference Between these two slides is obviously The part that goes across the top of Your foot or I guess the strap area on The easy 450 slides they feature a very Uh skeletal construction which I'll be Honest I don't know how long this is Gonna last because the foam is so thin In these areas and then of course on the Original Yeezy slides it's just one thin Piece of foam now I will say that Comfort wise I think the original easy Slides I prefer because they hold your Foot in place a little bit better However the easy 450 slides are Noticeably more breathable because Obviously they allow for a lot more Airflow visually I absolutely prefer the Original Yeezy slides they're a much Cleaner look in my opinion they're much More minimalistic I love the way that These look and they still look unique The 450s I think are more of a what are Those kind of sneakers like uh They are my Crocs what are you wearing Kind of look and if you're into that Like I am then great but uh it's not a Shoe that I throw on just to kind of Have a low-key fit so I guess if I'm

Comparing these one to one in terms of Comfort I would probably give the edge To the original Yeezy slides they're a Little bit softer underfoot there's not As many weird bumps underneath your foot That you can feel in fact there's not Really any and in my opinion the strap Holds you in place better than the 450 Slides still very breathable it's still A slide it's not as breathable as the 450s but it's not enough to where I feel Like the shoe has the edge over this Shoe the outsole of the shoe features The same traction pattern that you find On the original 450s obviously I've worn My pair a decent amount it gets very Dirty very quickly because it's such a Light color the one difference between This shoe and the 450s is that the 450s Actually have a separate rubber panel on The outsole of the shoe this one is just Straight foam so I guess we'll have to Wait and see how well it wears over time But if you look at the easy slides I've Worn these every day for two years and They still have some life in them they Are definitely worn down but it's not That bad so I think the EVA foam is more Durable than a lot of people think and That gives me hope for the upper of the Shoe because these tendril things are so Thin it keeps making me think I'm just Gonna break it by walking in it which I Don't think is the case but it does

Freak me out a little bit in terms of Pricing I think the easy 450 is too Expensive but at the same time you can't Really grab a pair of easy slides for Less than a hundred dollars because They're so hyped up I don't know if the Hype on this shoe will be as crazy as The hype on this shoe I'm assuming that It won't be because of how it looks but You never know with that being said Though I do actually really like this Slide a lot it's very comfortable Underfoot it's very unique and I love The design language on it it's wild are You gonna grab a pair of these let me Know in the comments