A couple minutes ago this giant package From Champion just showed up at my door I have no idea what's inside so why Don't we open it up check it Out here we go is this a Glenn rice Jersey we've also got what looks like a Hoodie with Glenn Rice's signature on The top yo that's sick looks like we've Got a champion duffel bag basketball has Been my passion joy and the journey has Been filled with hard work and Determination and unwavering support From fans and taste makers like you Feels a Christmas nice Box look at these The Zone 93s You' got The champion logo on the heel you've got The champion logo on the side you got a Beautiful high top basketball sneaker Made in leather which is my favorite Kind of basketball sneaker if you guys Have checked out my channel you know That and it looks like this pair of Sneakers also comes with dust bags a Hold up on the inside of the box it Looks like you've also got a diagram of The sneaker yo huge thank you to Champion and Glenn rice for sending this Pair of sneakers my way