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Your 20s are a crucial decade of your life, where a lot of the decisions you make, both good and bad, can impact and snowball into the rest of your life. As I’m about to turn 30, I wanted to share with you 7 things that I wish I knew earlier in my 20s, that can hopefully help some of you on your journey.

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Everybody is lost
2:22 – Do more things that give you imposter syndrome
3:10 – Don’t follow the crowd
4:30 – Invest in yourself
6:25 – Skillshare
7:45 – Nobody cares
8:54 – Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life.
9:40 – Your 20s are a tiny portion of life
10:33 – Outro

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Your 20s can be one of the most exciting Decades of your life it's that age when You finally get complete freedom and Autonomy over your life depending on Your culture of course but for many you Can kind of do whatever you want Whenever you want for the first time and You're still young enough that you get That childlike joy and excitement of Discovering new things for the first Time but your 20s are also a crucial Decade of your life it's the biggest Building block where a lot of the Decisions you make now both the good Decisions and the bad ones will have a Significant impact on the rest of your Life so you want to make sure you don't it up I'm about to turn 30 at the End of the month and I've done pretty Well for myself there's still a lot more That I want to achieve and room for me To grow as a person but I can genuinely Say that I wake up every day feeling a Sense of Pride and gratitude for the Life that I've built and looking back at This past decade here are some of the Things that I learned the hard way that I wish someone had told me sooner Specifically seven things that I wish I Knew in my 20s number one everybody is lost your 20s are an age where it's easy to get Into the comparison game look at what Other people are doing how they're

Living their lives especially in this Age of social media where everything is A highlight re people are showing the Most exciting embellished versions of Their life but you don't see the down Times you don't see people at their Lowest when they are depressed confused Demotivated anxious the reality is when You peel back the layers everyone has Their and they're most likely just As lost as you are we're all trying to Figure out how to navigate this crazy Thing that we call life and that is a Forever game by the way I mean sure Hopefully as you age you become a little Wiser but some people even in their 50s Or 60s still haven't got it figured out Your parents might not have it figured Out so don't put too much pressure on Yourself to have your entire life mapped Out and figured out out in your 20s it Is normal to feel lost and you are not Alone I heard this analogy about life Being a long stairwell that is dimly lit And you can't see the top of the stairs But you can see a few steps ahead of you So all you need to do is keep moving Forward taking one step at a time and Eventually it will all make Sense number two do more things that Give you impostor syndrome this has got To be one of my favorite life mots Because if there's one thing that I Learned in my 20s it is that you won't

Get anywhere by staying in your comfort Zone nothing worthwhile happens when You're staying comfortable whether it's Starting a business learning a new skill Asking out that girl you like or getting Into shape real progress only takes Place when you put yourself in Uncomfortable positions so I make it a Point to do more things that make me Feel like an impostor like I shouldn't Really be in that room but I'm putting Myself there anyways and I'm giving it My best shot they say if you're the Smartest person person in the room You're in the wrong room which I think Sums this up perfectly and it's a Mindset that I definitely plan on taking Into my 30s by the same token I wish I Had known sooner that following the Majority is most often not the right Path which can seem counterintuitive but It is valid in so many areas in life Look at investing for example if there's An investment opportunity that everybody In your surroundings starts talking About I mean your friends your Co-workers the barber the media that is Probably a decent indic Ator that now May not be the best time to invest you Want to be investing in things when They're on the download when it's not The Hot Topic that the news media Everyone and their mother is rambling on About not to say that the popular

Opinion is always wrong but it's wise to Think for yourself and ask yourself why Something is so popular all of a sudden Why is everyone talking about it and who Really benefits from people thinking That way in a similar vein I followed The standard path that Society sets out For you all the way until I was 24 the Classic study hard get good grades go to A good school and get that corporate job With the nice title that your parents And peers will be impressed by only to Realize that everything I had worked for Up to that point led to a life that Didn't actually fulfill me and that's When I realized that your 20s are Actually the time for you to take risks While you don't have all of the Responsibilities especially in your Early 20s you're probably not married Yet no kids or mortgage so this is the Perfect time for you to follow your own Path and chase your dreams while living Humbly number four invest in yourself I Want to start with a disclaimer that I Am not a financial expert the following Is my completely subjective opinion Based on my personal experience and you Don't have to follow any of it so I know The common investing advice is to invest In those big index funds like the S&P 500 and accumulate the compound interest Over a long period of time so that you Can have a nice pool of cash when you

Retire and while I don't think that's Wrong my view is that when you're you're Young early on in your career you'll get Much better returns by investing in Yourself and what I mean by that is Investing in building your Knowledge and Skills say you manag to save up two Grand if you put that in the stock Market and you get a 10% return on your Investment which is what the S&P 500 has Averaged in the last 60 years you'll Make $200 in a year not that great is it Let's say you saved 10 grand or even 20 Grand at 10% return that is still just $2,000 in a year and you only get to Have that money if if you sell some of Those stocks now let's say you're not Really happy with your job or the Industry that you're in maybe you went The corporate route by default but Really your passion lies in making Videos I promise you you will get a much Bigger return on investments by spending $22,000 on a camera that will allow you To shoot better videos or audio Equipment or some online courses to help You grow your skill set I'm speaking From experience here because that is Exactly what I did when I started this Channel I had very little money doing an Unpaid internship but the little I had I Invested in a camera the Canon 6D Mark I And this camera changed everything I Used it to start freelancing as a

Photographer which allowed me to make a Little bit of money on the side and I Made my first YouTube video with it Which is probably the best thing I've Done in my life because now I get to do This for a living something that is Genuinely fun and creative that I enjoy Doing every day and wherever your Passion lies whether it's video writing Graphic design social media marketing or Business there are many great resources To help you on your way and one of them Is our partner skillshare if you're not Familiar with skillshare it is basically An online learning platform for Creatives they have thousands of courses Taught by world-class creatives who have Themselves succeeded in their field I Actually just finished a course from The Amazing Tech YouTuber MKBHD uh to just Sort of keep the tone in mind as if You're just talking to a friend where he Dives into his methods for scripting Shooting and editing and he's someone Whose work I highly respect and look up To so it was really cool to get an Insight on how he makes his videos and His thought process behind it all my Head of production Viet did a course on Animating which is actually how he made All of the animations that you've been Seeing in this video but you can also Use skillshare to learn so many other Things for example you can learn how to

Successfully self-publish your own book Or how to build an Etsy shop to sell Physical products or how to manage your Creative projects with the help of Notion which is also the software that I Use to manage basically my entire work And life skillshare is the place that You go to get all the resources you need To turn your passion into a paycheck if You're interested in checking out Skillshare just go to the link in the Description and for the ones that are Fast enough the first 500 people to use My link will get a 1- Monon free Trial number five nobody cares it's like When you were a teenager and you had a Pimple on your face and you get all Insecure thinking that everyone at School is going to be staring at it but Then the day goes by and you realize Nobody even cared this is called the Spotlight effect it's this anate Tendency to believe that people notice Things about us or care about us way More than they actually do the reality Is people have their own lives their own Problems to deal with and nobody really Cares about you a bit sad but true and Thinking that way can actually be very Freeing I wish I understood that sooner Because this thought of what will people Think of me can be an obstacle to the Birth of so many Amazing Ideas projects And ways of self-expression if you care

Too much about what other people think You're going to box yourself in this Lackluster wash down shell of who you Really are I would highly recommend Reading or listening to the book The Subtle art of not giving a by Mark Manson because it really epitomizes this Mindset the harsh truth of the day is That if you care too much what other People think it's probably because you Don't have something more important to Care about the actions you take in your 20s will snowball into the rest of your Life and if there's one thing I've Learned for sure it's that making the Hard choices now will result in an Easier life in the future but making the Easy choices now will make for a harder Life in the future it's easy to stay Comfortable to keep negative people Around just because that's what you're Used to it might feel great now to eat The junk food or binge watch Netflix but I like to ask myself what would the Version of me in 10 years want me to do Today what would make him proud he would Probably want me to get off my ass and Go to the gym he'd want me to prioritize My health be around people that push me Upwards and he would want me to take That big risk to start my dream business Nothing good in life comes easy so Always make the harder better choice Despite the significance of your 20s I

Think it is just as important to keep in Mind that relatively speaking your 20s Are still just a tiny portion of your Life so if you are approaching your 30s And realize that maybe you haven't lived Up to your full potential or you regret Some of the actions you've taken or not Taken it's okay as Gary ve would say you Have time just cuz you're not winning at 23 or 27 or 32 you're not finished and By the way what's winning billionaire Jack ma started Alibaba at 35 ver Wang Entered the fashion industry at 40 Stanley created his first comic at 38 And Colonel Sanders started KFC at the Age of 40 so don't worry whatever path You're on whichever area of your life You want to progress in you are not late You are not falling behind you actually Are right on time and there is no better Time for you to start than now my Friends I hope you enjoyed this video I Know it's a little different to the Usual fashion content but you know Sometimes I like talking about other Things that can also help you grow and Better yourself and as I'm approaching 30 I just wanted to share with you these Few tidbits of knowledge that I've Gained that I wish someone had told me Earlier and hopefully it can help some Of you in your life even if it's just One of you knowing that would bring me Tremendous Joy but don't worry we'll be

Back with the fashion in the next one See you soon my friends