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If you have short legs and a long torso like me, or you’re just short, or maybe you want to look a little bit taller, this video is for you. We go into 7 tips & tricks to balance your proportions, helping you visually elongate your legs.

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I have short legs dramatically short Legs and a disproportionately long torso Which means I have mastered the art of Not making my alien proportions visible To the masses and today I would like to Share a few tips with you that I've Learned along the way whether you two Have short legs or you're just short or You just want to look a little bit Taller this video is for you disclaimer The following are tips and tricks to Visually elongate your legs but you do Not need to follow any of these top Secret hacks if you don't want to as a Short guy myself I sometimes break these Rules because I might just like the Silhouette of an outfit and feel Confident in it wear what you want to Wear with that said if you want a little Boost in making your legs appear not a Short feel free to follow along first of All avoid low-rise pants when tucking in Your shirts here's why in every outfit There is an imaginary line that gets Created between the top and bottom half Of your outfit let's give it a name Let's call it the equator line the lower The equator line the shorter your legs Will look and the higher the equator Line the longer your legs will look so Instead of low rise pants go for Mid-rise or high rise pants which will Visually elongate your legs the good Thing is low rise is not the most trendy

Silhouette nowadays so if you shop at Any of these High Street stores you will More often than not encounter mid-rise Or higher rise pants Tip number two avoid belts belts will Draw attention to that equator line and Create even more separation between your Top and bottom half which is the Opposite of what we're trying to achieve Here you're better off avoiding belts Entirely but with that said even I don't Own a belt and have to admit that Sometimes they do look great and can Improve an outfit so if you're a fan of Belts or if you simply must wear one go For one that is on the Slimmer side Rather than a big chunky one Next you want to avoid big contrast and Color between your top and bottom half Minimalists are gonna love this one so Instead of this you want to go for this Instead of this try this and instead of This you get the gist of it the Objective here is to vertically Streamline the Silhouettes of your Outfit getting rid of all the Unnecessary clutter and enabling the eye To naturally scan the outfits from top To bottom and back to top in one smooth Motion with no visual obstacles drawing Attention to one particular area Okay The next three tips are All About Pets Tip number four avoid baggy pants and All its other denominations wide relaxed

Loose fits Etc I know this might be a Tough one to hear I'm a big fan of the More relaxed oversized Silhouettes Myself and I definitely own my fair Share of wider fitting trousers but it Is true that these Silhouettes will make You look shorter but then again that's Why I made that disclaimer in the Beginning if there is something you love Wearing like me with wider fitting pants And you don't care that it might Visually diminish the perceived length Of your body then just rock it wear what You want to wear but if you do want to Be mindful of it and you're not Particularly a fan of baggy pants then You can avoid them Number five cropped pants another one That you want to avoid this can be Another tough one for some of you I used To love wearing cropped trousers myself But having your pants finished at ankle Height will make your legs appear even Shorter than they are ideally you want Your pants to end add the shoe anywhere From a no break to a full break one Important thing to note though is that This does not apply if you are wearing Boots because what really makes your Legs seem shorter is that visual Separation created between the bottom of Your pants and the top of the shoe which Does not happen if you're wearing boots In fact a black boot with some tapered

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Spot for a short jacket is for it to end Roughly at around your hips although you Could go even shorter above your hips For more of a cropped look playing on The two third one-third rule which will Really elongate your legs it is a bit More fashion forward so it might not be For everybody but it will definitely Make your legs look longer than they are The alternative to the short jacket is a Long coat but an actual long one not Some half-assed mid thigh BS you want The coats to end around knee level and You want to be careful not to go too Long or not too short because if you go Too long it's just gonna swallow you Whole and you'll look like a toddler Boring your dad's coat if you go too Short on the other hand you'll get to That awkward mid thigh length that Messes up the proportions of your Outfits so keep it balanced around knee Level these seven tips will help Visually elongate your legs but don't Feel like you need to do all seven of These all the time with every outfit Keep them in mind as guidelines mental Notes to help you dress in a flattering Way for your body shape but on the same Token feel free to disregard these tips If you want to wear one of these seven Things do it wear what you want to wear What makes you feel the most confident And have fun with it