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These are my picks for the biggest sneaker trends for 2024:
Timberland Boots
Colourful Sneakers
Nike Air Max
Retro Basketball sneakers

The sneaker industry is going through a Major transformation in 2024 the Air Jordan Ones that used to work back then Are no longer selling out there is still A lot to be excited about in the Footwork category in 2024 I'm going over Some non- sneaker options as well but These are the trends are going to rise To the top first up let's talk about as6 To me they are one of the biggest and Best Brands to shop from in 2024 they Are basically like the underdog of the Sneaker industry right now and if There's one thing that people love it is The underdog they almost Remind me of New balance in 2019 if you think about It back then the Raptors were through Their Championship run with Kawhi Leonard who just received his first Signature sneaker they had those fun guy T-shirts and just the brand itself was Just on a roll but first let's take a Step back how did A6 even come into the Mix well it was apparently a very Conscious effort according to their Senior director of merchandising they Wanted to create product that resonated With a younger audience who was into the Y2K Trend this then led to their J Collaboration with the Jael kiono 14 Which in my opinion was one of the first Times that we saw those early 2000s Runners in a more lifestyle colorways From there the internet started Ed doing

Their thing and they went viral on Tik Tok and Instagram for example with People rating them as a very underrated Shoot to pick up they went full steam Ahead with the collaborations with the 1130 which we saw with Hall Studios as Well as the 2160 that we saw with dime Which is easily one of my favorite Sneakers to release recently there's Also the onitsuka tiger line with the GSM and the Mexico 66 and I also got to Give a big shout out to Kiko kastenov Kiko kastenov Kiko casanov who's been Collaborating with the brand since 2018 And you got to give him credit because He was team early but for a lot of People this sort of design in silhouette Is something new something that they Haven't tried yet so how do we even Begin to style them well in my opinion I Think that they should just be worn like You would in Air Force One For example It's something that wears well with Shorts it's something that you can dress Up and the colorways that are coming out Are in a number of wearable Earth Tone Neutral colors that could go with Anything not to mention they are some of The most comfortable sneakers I have Ever worn let's move forward to the First non- sneaker option which would be Timberland boots if you guys have been Living on social media like I have over The past year or so you would see that

Timberland boots have become the whole Craze recently and for me it's it's a Little bit confusing because I have been Wearing Timberlands for a number of Years now when I was in high school we Had to wear a uniform we had to wear all Black shoes and living in Canada dealing With the winters boots were the only Option in the winter time so I would Always go with the Timberland 6-in Boot In Black it's interesting to see that it Has become sort of like the It piece of Footwear for a lot of the fashion Creators on social media but how did it Become the super trendy Footwear Recently well I think it's similar to The as6 story where uh the brand made a Very conscious effort it is the 50th Anniversary of the Timberland boots so They're marketing budgets grew and so Did the awareness on social media you Started seeing people post about it and Now the shoe is a full-fledged High Fashion shoe there are literally Articles and Vogue written about the Timberland boot about how they're all Over the runway and I got to admit the LV rendition of the Timberland boot is Honestly stunning I know I will never Get my hands on them but if I ever did I I would absolutely love them this next Trend is easily one of the newest and Something that I've been really Observing recently and it's this notion

Of colorful sneakers what I mean by that Is in the past few months there have Been a number of high profile releases That featured many many different colors I think one of the first examples that We saw of it was the Action Bronson New Balance 9990 V6 in The Baklava colorway This is easily one of my favorite shoes It's still a shoe that I'm after but the More you look at it it gets even nicer And nicer there's also the slei bbery 1906 r that just released in the lava Colorway which is super fire and those Are fetching for almost ,000 there's Also Lorenzo G who's a collaborator That's worked with Solomon and now Nike With the Air Max 95 and both pairs of These are phenomenal but either way There's the s j tips collaboration so There's just a number of shoes that are Really sought after and really Collectible right now that feature just Like a mish mash of just different Colors that all somehow work well Together I feel like this one is Definitely still up for debate so let me Know in the comments what you think About colorful sneakers for 2024 I also Can't forget the Air Max Sunder okay That's coming out in a slew of different Colors as well which then takes us to The next Trend which would be Air Max Sneakers I feel like it's going to be a Big year for Air Max specifically with

The Air Max TN I think it's an Anniversary year for the shoe and There's a number of great colorways that They've put out I even love the compl Version that they came out with these That was promoted by mbappe you know CDG Also has to do their own version of a Fresh pair of Air Maxes each and every Year and these new TL's look super Super Fresh I honestly am undecided which Color that I want to pick up there's Also rumored an amam maner 95 as well as A stash 995 which both of these look Incredible and the best part for me with Air Max is they are a shoe that I can Wear casually with outfits but also a Shoe that I can wear in the gym and I do Wear them all the time I wear the Air Max 95 Neons and the Air Max One big Bubble in the gym constantly especially When I'm doing like upper body workouts And stuff like that so it's definitely a Two for one shoe in that real we're Going to see a lot from Nike basketball This year with a lot of their more Traditional Retros specifically you know The Kobe line as well as the kd4s which Have a number of cool retros that are Coming out including the weatherman's Now I don't think that you're going to Be seeing people rocking fits with these Or getting them off they're not going to Be these Pinterest Moon board type Outfits but I promise you these are

Going to sell out 100% uh because They're going to be picked up by hoopers And people who love the shoes when they First came out in my my opinion this was Like the prime Nike basketball era and With the NBA growing as a sport each and Every day and seeing the players allowed To wear whatever they want on court a Lot of people are going to be influenced By their favorite hoopers and are going To want to pick these up as well and man Those Italian camo Kobe sixes another Big Trend that we're going to see for 2024 is the hype of Travis Scott Sneakers dying down a bit I'm not saying That they're not going to sell out or Anything but I definitely think that Resale prices are going to drop for These there will always be a market I Think for Travis Scott sneakers uh just Based off of the past releases but this New colorway that they have coming out This yellow canary it's just it's Hideous it's awful and I know I just Said that colorful sneakers are uh Definitely a trend but this one is just A bad example and historically yellow Sneakers have always been a difficult Sell and not to mention his new Silhouette just doesn't seem that good It's just the same design language that We've seen over and over you know just a Few years ago he was hitting us with Different uh Travis Scott models there

Was a trunner there was a Air Max there Was a this and a that so I think that he Should really try branching out a little Bit more my hot take for the year is That the Drake knct the line is going to Be catching a lot more Steam and I think That it's definitely taking more risks And for that reason I think I appreciate The nocta line more in 2024 than I do The Travis Scott line so 2023 was Definitely the year of Adidas and the Adidas Soma in fact it won the sneaker Of the year at the Footwear Awards in 2024 is going to be another year where They're going to be pumping out a lot of The same iterations on a lot of the Collaborations that including the Wales Boner Dita there's already a number of Releases that are planned for the year And I like them I like the unique ones I Like the ones that are different sort of Like the cheetah print ones uh I wear Those all the time and uh I'm more Interested in those ones but the impact And the influence of these sneakers Can't go unnoticed because Nike is Responding to this with their own Version of a Nike shoe with uh bod which I think is a is a little bit of a Miss I'm just not particularly interested in The shoe at all but just know that Adidas is going to keep hitting us with Those very simple Silhouettes the suede The neutral tones the Earth Tones with

The side Adidas Stripes whether it's the Speal that I'm sure you'll hear a lot of This year whether it's the Adidas Gazelle just know that Adidas is still Headed in this direction and I'm a Little bit worried because I do feel Like right now everybody loves them and They're super hot and they're easy to Wear but I do feel like sooner than Later people are going to get very tired Of these which is why I'm a little bit More interested in like the fear of God Direction Just because I have the uh Basketball shoes that came out and the Black and the Sesame colorway and I Absolutely love them they're super clean And I love wearing them with like sweats And a more comfier silhouette so if you Guys are interested in learning about The hottest fashion trends check this Video out here in just a few weeks it's Already at 100,000 views so there's Definitely something that I think you Guys will love there so why don't we Check that video out and I'll meet you Guys there