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Got some Yeezy boots right here 29 bucks Is that real yo we got some really good Pickups today um it looks like someone Donated their entire Yeezy collection I'm buying the entire off-white the 10 Collection with just a $20 bill well not Exactly I'm buying and selling and Trading things that I pick up with this $20 bill in order to buy or trade for The entire off white the 10 collection But by now you guys know what I mean in Today's video we find an entire Yeezy Collection pick up a bunch of great Sneakers to flip it's going to be a Crazy one make sure to stay tuned but First I want to give a huge thank you to The farmers dog for sponsoring today's Video and no unfortunately I'm not Talking about the farmer's actual dog I Thought that might be the case initially But he is not making his own food but It's really not that farfetched because Ben the Dog is actually the brains Behind this operation and he's the one That writes all the scripts for all These Videos all right I'll get back to work Jeez so if you have a problem with me Using the phrase it is what it is and Honestly all the time then that's why It's his fault he just want to write Some and in order to keep this gravy Train going I've got to feed him the Best food possible so he's as healthy as

He possibly can be wow B you're really Doing me like that he wrote the script I Didn't I didn't mean any of that and That's where the farmer's dog comes in For the last couple months I've been Feeding Ben the farmer's dog and he's Been absolutely loving it he's been Thriving and frustratingly he's been Driving me even harder than he usually Drives me on this channel so if you see More videos it's cuz I'm feeding him the Best dog food out there the farmer dog Is made with real human grade food That's vet developed out of all the dog Foods that I've tried over the years the Farmer's dog is the only dog food that Genuinely seems like not only a healthy Meal but something that's actually Appetizing for me I'm not going to eat It but I could if I wanted to Plus it's Incredibly nutritious for your dog in Fact it exceeds industry standards and They keep it simple they don't add any Crazy additives with long words that you Can't pronounce they literally just Include meat and veggies that are human Grade plus it's made fresh and delivered Right to your door you don't have to go To the store anymore to pick up your dog Food you can have it delivered to you Not only that the farmer's dog tailors Your dog's meals specifically for them In fact the packaging comes in the Perfect portion for your dog with their

Name on it which I think is amazing it's Wild they've literally thought of Everything in fact you can even pick the Meats that your dog eats before you get Them in the mail to make sure that You're not getting anything that your Dog is allergic to or anything that your Dog just doesn't like even though my dog Is 9 years old he's gotten this renewed Vigor which is wonderful because I got To spend more time with him but it's It's a a bummer because now I'm pumping Out crazy amounts of videos in Tik toks And I'm pretty sure he uses chat GT for Some of these scripts cuz like some of Them are insane like I say the same Thing five different times dog people All across the country have ordered Millions of meals of Farmer's dog and I Can personally attest that my dog Absolutely loves it and he's genuinely Healthier because of it get 50% off your First box of fresh healthy food by using My link in the top of the description Below plus you get free free shipping And once again huge thank you to the Farmers dog for sponsoring today's video So we start off the week with a bank Total of $2.99 I know it's crazy low This was not supposed to happen but the Good news is we did have some sales over The weekend so we're not completely out Of money now the sales that we had were Of course the pairs of sneakers that we

Picked up from Sneaker Con in the last Episode and the first pair that we sold Were the Air Jordan 1 hyper Royals I Grabbed this pair for $50 and ended up Selling it for $995 which is incredible which means That after fees we're left with $7 $22.53 to add back into the bank and a Profit of $22.53 so as good as that sale was Unfortunately the next sale was not as Good and that of course was because I Bought the next two pairs that we sold For way over what they were worth maybe Not over what they were worth but more Than I should have bought them for so The first pair of these two shoes were The Air Jordan one Letterman which we Grabbed for $70 well technically we Grabbed both pairs that I'm going to Talk about for $190 but I wanted to Split them up in a way that made it seem Like I didn't lose too much money on Both pairs of sneakers so we're going to Say that this pair bought for $70 and uh I sold it for $65 the problem is is that After fees I was left with $552 to add back into the bank which Means I lost $4.79 the second pair from this awful Buy were the Air Jordan 11 Legend Blues I bought this pair for $120 or again Like I said I like to split it that way So at least it didn't seem like I lost

Too much money but the good news was I Sold this pair for $135 which is not bad But again it's the fees it got me I was Left with $121 44 to add back into the Bank which means I had a profit of $144 The good news is though even though we Lost some money at least we sold the Shoes quickly and the money was no Longer tied up and of course we did make Some profit with that first pair of Air Jordan 1es so after all of this we were Left with a new bank total of no longer $2.99 instead we had $252 17 to play with which I feel like Is pretty solid now make sure to stay Tuned and subscribed because at the end Of this video I'm going to be buying the Next pair of off-white sneakers from the 10 collection so we're getting There Here we got some Air Max special forces In really good condition for how much 45 Probably about what they go for cuz These don't really move like they used To but cool find definitely dope in Really good condition too okay so we got Some Air Max 85s here for 40 Easy pickup So these dropped like the middle of last Year they're the brand new big bubble Air Maxes or at least the uh I guess the Retros of the big bubbles and this black And red colorway it's one of the only Colorways that got the big bubble

Treatment other than the uh than the red Ogs so huge fine for 40 bucks is there Any problems with them no I don't see Any got some Tims up here for 65 Timberland composite toe that's actually An expensive pair let me check these Guys out online really quick all right So maybe that's exactly right so I'm Going to leave these guys next to them We've Got night okay we're good on those over Here we got some hyper fuses for 30 some Air Max 95s for 45 and all Red what are these oh Donovan Mitchell ISU four fours maybe issue 3es I don't Know which issue they're on but probably A lever so over here we got some Air Jordan one Low's not like a great colorway or like A super exclusive one but used pairs are Going for Less so I'm going to leave These but next them though we got some Ultra boost pretty clean for 32 let me Check these guys out Ultra boost Trails It looks like but unfortunately only new Pairs are moving so I'm going to leave Them we got some ispas here for how much 35 bit of a slower move and they're Going for like maybe 10 to 15 over this So probably not worth the risk we do Have these Vapor Max pluses right here I'm sure in decent condition wish they Went for they huge size size 13 46 bucks That seems about right so I'm going to

Leave these guys over here we got some Posits let's go for 60 o that might be a Lot so these fly posits are dope they Dropped in 2019 prob is this one's Another risk because I'm only seeing Nine pairs of used flight posits listed And they're not moving that quickly and They're going for between 60 which is What these are to like 109 with best Offer so I don't know what the best Offer was could have been 60 could have Been 70 I have no idea but just not Worth it for that price if these were 30 Easy cop but unfortunately they're not So I am seeing this pair of dunks but I Just picked these up from the outlet for Like this exact price maybe two or 3 Months ago so I know a used pair is Probably not going for that so I will Leave them although they're cool to see 196 RS these look like they're in great Condition 48 this might be a pickup This might be a pickup That's crazy cuz I literally was like not going to grab These at all and I just happened to look Up and these guys are there I mean not a Lot of solds but for the price that They're going for I'm willing to take The risk I feel like that's everything I Need for today yo we got some really Good pickups today that's awesome so I Know we've only hit up one thrift store At this point but that pair of Air Maxes

That we just grabbed the Buffalo Exchange turns out to be one of the best Pickups that I've had in a very long Time because literally the day that I Listed it on eBay it's sold so as you Guys remember I just bought this pair For $40 and I sold on eBay for $152 and I'll be real I probably could Have sold it for more if I had realized It was going to go for more but I'm sure I could have listed it for like 160 170 And it still would have sold and after Fees we were left with an amazing $123.4 which translates to a profit of $834 which is incredible if all my Pickups could be like this we'd have the Whole 10 collection by now so after just That one sale we have a new bank total Of $287 65 and we still have a pair of New Balances to sell I am of course going to Thrift in these Because got the $20 sneaker collection To deal and uh I got to do it no matter What I look like so um let's go a Goodwill got some Yeezys over here but They're ripped you can it that's one Problem yeah that rip is a pretty big Problem otherwise I'd be interested but I bet they price pretty high cuz they're Yees dang you can't fix that rip either Too bad probably why they got donated it Though got some Yeezy boots right here For how much tray no not worth it some

Reebok some Jordan 1es some Kawai Jordan 12s and an Xbox 360 they Even got Yeezy slides but these are Pretty worn Unfortunately Dang okay let's check the sneaker area See what we can Find got some Nikes some Hyperdunks not seeing much These guys almost look like the Adidas Um spring Blades but they're Not you've these I don't know what these Are P what's p stand For fat farm O I don't know what to say about that We've got some some uh some Team Jordans Right here that are very worn down and There's 20 bucks so we going to leave Those anything on these shelves Worthwhile if there is I don't know what It is But Maybe no it doesn't look like It sick Nerf though bro um it looks like Someone donated their entire Yeezy Collection which is crazy unfortunately None of it was worth it the slides were Beat the uh Yeezy 350s were torn and the Yeezy boots don't really go for anything So for 80 bucks not worth it but still Insane to see three pairs of Yeezys at The thrift store that's something I

Never never thought that I'd ever see And we saw it today too bad I couldn't Grab any of it cuz that would have been A really interesting uh pickup I'm Actually wearing my Yeezy socks on foot Today which you can't really see if you Guys haven't checked out my full review Of those shoes or my uh hopefully by by Now the video will be out but the Wearing these shoes for a week video Check them out Links at the top of the Screen all right so this Plato's Closet Is definitely out of the way for me it's Like a 45 minute drive but it is near One of the Nike outlets that I go to for My Nike outlet Vlogs and uh I figured Why not check it out when I'm on the way So last time we were here we found I Think the defiant ones which resold for A decent amount so I'm really hopeful All right so the good news is these Shelves are packed which is amazing it Means there's hopefully something worth Picking up Here oh man we got some of the Beyonces size 10 for 30 Bucks that's crazy got some Nike Dunk High 85s look at that for how Much ah 70 dang that stinks cuz these Are fire well they're not fire they're Dunks they're dunk 85s and I think they Would would move quickly but not for Price I'd have to sell them for to make Any money we do have some lebronze over

Here which I didn't see before Oh for 25 But look the whole toe is completely Worn off someone really bald in these so That's probably no go even for 25 just Cuz you can't fix out soole see we got Some Air Max 97s right here if these are A good price might be worth it 30 bucks Not bad I'm good on these plus they're Kind of Cooked so plus there's dog hair in there It just gross all around hold up we got Some Twelves let's go for how much 40 o yo I Thought that was a real person at first My Gosh I'm an idiot I don't know what to Tell you that was crazy I really got Shook for a second yo I think these are A cop 40 bucks no major issues that I Can see uh no yeah they look good I Think I'm going to grab them these Air Max pluses are kind of clean never seen These Before size 11 for how much 60 yeah Probably not worth it but they look cool Definitely cool I'm definitely a fan of The Air Max pluses at the moment at Least the Air Max Plus Drifts all right so not bad didn't Strike out this time which is amazing uh We did find this pair of Air Jordan 12s I believe it's the winter eyes 12 now The one side that they had on the Shelf Was definitely in slightly better

Condition the lace locks or lace tips uh Are still there on the other side of the Pair unfortunately the lace tips are Gone um the shoe itself looks okay Though there's a little bit of Separation on the midsole it's kind of a Bummer uh but for 40 bucks I feel like It's worth it I think I could probably Get I was originally thinking like 120 Now I'm thinking closer to like 80 or 90 But still 80 or 90 is doubling our money So definitely happy with that and uh Happy to finally pick up something in Plato's Closet for the first time in Like a month so sweet man I'm stoked on That so this week's been going great We've been selling a lot of sneakers Momentum is amazing and I wanted that to Continue so rather than waiting for a Bunch of sneakers to sell on eBay Because it was taking them a while I Decided to take them all over to whatnot And move them as quickly as possible the First pair that I sold was the Air Jordan 12 eyes that we had just picked Up from Plato's Closet for 48 bucks now As I'm sure you've noticed I don't have Any b-roll of this shoe because I Literally bought this shoe the night Before the whatnot stream did the Whatnot stream and then shipped it off Right after the whatnot stream and I Forgot to film b-roll completely so Shout out to editor Andrew for throwing

Over images of the shoe somehow I don't Know if it's images from play's closet Or just a funny meme I don't know and Unfortunately not only did I not get B-roll of the shoe I also didn't make a Profit when I sold the shoe so this pair Of 12 sold for $46 and whatnot so a $2 Loss right off the bat I probably should Have thrown them up on eBay and just let Them sit for a couple weeks but I was Hasty and after fees I was left with $412 which means this shoe actually gave Me a loss of $673 so great pickup next up we sold Those women's Nike Vapor Maxes that we Picked up last week at Sneaker Con for $15 I ended up selling these shoes for $19 and after fees we were left with $16.69 to add back into the bank which Means we had a profit of $169 but even with all that there was Some light at the end of the tunnel Because I sold the new balances that we Had picked up from Buffalo Exchange at The beginning of this episode and we Sold them for a decent amount so if you Guys remember I grabbed this pair for $48 and I ended up selling it on whatnot For $70 again I think I might have been Able to get a couple more dollars if I Listed it on eBay and waited but I Wasn't willing to wait I'm trying to get As much money as possible as quickly as Possible and after fees we were left

With $639 which means we had a profit of $159 so after all those sales we had a New bank total of $368 70 and honestly that's probably Enough to buy a pair of off-white Sneakers at least a used pair but I Wanted to test my luck and go [Music] Thrifted some Flats some Air Forces nothing Crazy May Jordan one little Elevates oo Air Max pluses that don't Look real but I could be wrong about That maybe it's just a different kind I Don't know about Got some new balances some 1906 RS for How much 99 o that's almost a good price So got these breads sitting here these Flu Game sitting here for a while such a Clean shoe too it's Crazy 29 bucks Is that Real is that legit $29 uh all right so yeah going for like 100 bucks I'm going to grab these $29 That's nuts that doesn't seem real I Have seen this sitting here for a while Though so maybe that's why but still What got some Kyrie [Music] Weatherman's got some Royal twos all Right grabbing these have to all right So obviously this entire situation seems Almost unbelievable finding a pair of

Air Jordan 11s for $29 doesn't make a Lot of sense so I get up to the register And as I'm about to check out the woman At the register says do you want a 10% Discount and I'm like why and she's like You just have to sign up for our email So I ended up grabbing this crazy pair Of Air 11s for $26.10 and you know just general wear And tear but honestly I think I can get $70 to $80 for this pair of shoes so the Profit margin there potentially could be Crazy and I know I said I was going to Buy a pair of off-white sneakers for the Collection at the end of this video and I did just do that but you guys are just Going to have to subscribe and turn on Notifications to see what it is when it Comes in but that pretty much wraps up The entire episode for today make sure To subscribe if you haven't yet and I Will see you all in the next one