Up until recently this shoe is worth Thirty five hundred dollars but now it's Not the satin bread Air Jordan Ones are A satin version of the OG Air Jordan 1 Breads the first released back in 1985. The satin version of the shoe though First released back in 2016 and there Were only 500 pairs and those pairs were Only released at a specific event in New York City and they obviously all sold Out and in 2023 a pair of the satin Air Jordan Ones from 2016 go for between 3 500 all the way up to five thousand Dollars but it seems like Jordan brand Noticed the insane popularity of that Sneaker and are re-releasing the shoe to The general public as a women's only Release for what reason I don't know I Missed out on the original release and Now I'm stuck buying a women's pair and Actually if you wear anything larger Than a 10 and a half you're out of luck Because they're only making shoes up to A size 10 and a half in men's if however Your feet are small enough and you fit The criteria you can grab a pair of the Upcoming re-release of the satin bread Ones on October 18th for 180 bucks