With the help of some Reshoevn8r products, @KINGSKLEANS was about to bring these $5 Air Force One’s back to life! #shorts

So I was walking around town and I Noticed these beat up Air Forces at a Charity shop and they only wanted one Pound for them so I thought I've got to Get them and see if a chenor can bring Them back to life they're only a pound But I thought it was a good cause so I Gave him a Fiverr so let's see if the Chenor can beat the ultimate [Music] Test [Music] So now we've done the full clean they're Already looking 10 times better but that So's still really yellow so for this all You'll need is your a chven or Soul Revive we use a grow t with a UV light But all you really need is a bit of Sunlight and it will bring them yellow Sols back to life and make them pop Again but guys the proofs in the pudding I think the results speak for themselves But let us know down in the comments What you think and if you want to buy This kit yourself all you need to go to Is the link in our bio and head to the Website to purchase Yourself