Diamond in the rough!

In today’s Shoe Care Academy Video we will walk you through how to clean these Diamond Supply X Nike Dunk Highs in the Tiffany colorway. These Nike Dunks had been ran through the mud and then some, they were ultimately caked in mud, dirt, grime and more. We started by banging off the overly excessive mud that had crusted to the premium leather materials before cleaning the shoe with the Essential Cleaning Kit.

Once the surface was visible it was easy to clean the entire sneaker using the 3 different brushes and all natural solution. The leather materials that make up this sneaker are fairly easy to clean even when they are caked with mud, but the stiching and the tongue is where we run into issues.

To start we scrubbed the entire uppers of the sneaker using the Soft Bristle Brush before moving on to the reminder of the shoe. The Soft Brush created all of the bubbles needed to get rid of the mess on the sneakers, while still conditioning the leather. After that we went in with the stiffer brushes to bring the full sneaker back to life!

After they dried the before and after is100% a night and day difference! The tongue was one area that could have been a problem, but luckily the RESHOEVN8R Essential Kit cleaned it up great. Now our global sales manager, Akil can put these right back on foot!

Are you a bigger fan of the Nike Dunk High or do you prefer the low version? Let us know in the comments for a free Essential Cleaning Kit.

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What's going on R Sho Nation I'm Jordan And we are back with another shoe care Academy episode today we're going to be Cleaning up the Diamond Supply Nike high In the Tiffany colorway let me bring it In just so you can see exactly how dirty These sneakers are now we gave these to Our videographer Miguel and told him to Dirty these sneakers and he definitely Didn't disappoint not sure exactly what He did but we're going to attempt to Clean up this muddy mess using the Rejuvenator essential cleaning kit they Might need to go on the washing machine Just duee to the light color on the Tongue and potentially the sock liner But I have high hopes that the essential Kit can handle taking on this entire Sneaker so without further Ado let's get Into this [Music] Cleaning we went ahead and got our Cleaning station all set up with Everything that comes in our essential Cleaning kit we have our three different Brushes 4 oz solution in our microfiber Towel we did go ahead and pair it with a Couple other essential products like our Cleaning mat to keep our entire station Looking clean our shoe tree to hold the Shape of the sneaker while we clean it And our drying rck and bull combo to Hold our brushes and water in solution While we clean now as always we only

Clean one shoe on camera so we're going To set one shoe aside for before and After Purposes before I get into actually Cleaning this shoe we are going to head Outside and bang off some of this dirt If we don't it'll just really soak in The material and everything will be a Muddy disaster I would dry brush it with Our soft bristle brush but honestly These are just way past that point so Let's go [Music] Outside well we've banged off as much Dust and mud as we could you can at Least kind of see what sneaker this is But now it's time to scrub this sneaker And get rid of the rest of this [Music] Dirt now that we got most of the dirt Knocked off outside side we just need to Remove these shoelaces and then insert Our adjustable Sho [Music] Tree all right laces are out and the Sho Tree is inserted main benefit of the Shoe tree is it's going to allow us to Put as much pressure onto this toe box As we can when we're cleaning we're Going to need all the help we can get Because these are super beat but also It's going to push out any creasing that Might be in this leather material it Won't completely eliminate it but it

Will help you can pick up our shoe trees At rejuvenator tocom we have this option That stretches up to a size 12 in men's And we also have our extra large option If you have bigger feet head over to Rvat.org our solution is highly Concentrated so we recommend that you Only use two Squirts and a 4 oz bowl of Water it's all you need this little Bottle can clean up to 50 pairs of shoes Now that we got that out of the way we Are going to do a one last ditch effort To dry brush the sneaker and try to Remove all of the dust that's flying Around every time we put our hands on This [Music] Sneaker [Music] Well the dry brushing did its thing it Got super Dusty in here we got a lot of The dirt and grime off now we can see The surface it's not overly dirty Anymore now that we removed that surface Dirt but it definitely still needs it Clean as you can see my cleaning station Is a mess but we need to start scrubbing The sneaker using the soft bristle brush Brush and solution to give the sneaker a Deep clean so the main benefit of the Soft Bristal brush is that it creates All of the bubbles that are needed to Break down the surface dirt and Grime on The leather materials as well as really

Any other material it allows you to not Only break down the grime but it is Conditioning the materials as you scrub One other important thing to remember When you're cleaning Nike Dunk highs or Any other shoe that have a flap such as Wings on the Jordan fours make sure that You're pulling those down and scrubbing Underneath them they are the perfect Spot to trap in dirt and Grime all right the soft brush did its Thing the leather overall is looking a 100 times better there is a couple spots On this toe box specifically that didn't Come completely clean I'm not sure if It's from wear and tear these are our Global sales manager's personal pair and He wears these quite a bit so this could Not come off I'm going to try to hit it With our medium bristle brush as well as The tongue to really get a deeper clean On that so now we're going to be moving To the medium bristle brush to hit up The midsole and the deeper staining on The [Music] Uppers the medium bristle brush really Is the allpurpose brush it not only Works well on the rubber mids SES but it Works great on leather materials as well As the nylon on sock liners or the Thicker materials on the tongue it is a Little bit stiffer than our soft bristle Brush so really helps break down all of

The dirt and grime but it won't damage The materials all in all the shoe looks A lot better after the medium Bristal Brush there is still quite a bit of heel Drag on this back of the midsole that I Couldn't get off using the medium Bristle brush or the microfiber towel so I am going to try to hit that with our Stiff bristle brush I'm also going to Hit this outsole using our stiff bristle Brush and then I'll go over the midsole One more time just to get into this Super hard Stitch [Music] All right the stiff brush did a great Job breaking down that remaining dirt on The midsole as well as the out soole so Now that the shoe is clean we're just Going to set it aside take care of these Laces and then we're going to allow the Shoe to dry outside to get a nice even Dry [Music] All right we got the shoes and the laces Taken care of now if you can't tell by This cleaning mat the table and the Water these shoes were absolutely Disgusting luckily this cleaning mat Absorbs all of that Grime well minus the Little Splatter from dry brushing but Overall this cleaning mat is perfect for Keeping your cleaning station clean now All that's left to do is head outside

Now some of you guys might be enjoying Fall weather but for us in Arizona it's Still 98° so we shouldn't need too long Outside we're back we went ahead and let The shoe dry for a couple of hours and Overall it looks really good the leather Cleaned up really nicely as well as the Tongue which sometimes the tongue Doesn't clean up just cuz it's thicker Since we didn't put it in the laundry System I was a little concerned but Overall the shoe looks great now all That's left to do is lace the sneaker up Before we do that let's talk a little Bit about this shoe these shoes dropped Back in 2014 and they retailed for $108 now they're selling for upwards of $500 this specific pair was used by our Global sales manager so when he sells Them it's definitely not going to get $600 but maybe a solid 300 now I'm not The biggest fan of this shoe I really Like the color blocking and this like Texture leather here but I'm just not a Fan of dunk High's let us know in the Comments if you're rocking with the Diamond Supply times Nike Dunk high or If you prefer the low version now let's Place the sneaker [Music] Up all right we got the sneaker all Laced up now this clean cleaning is Complete let's bring up the before Sneaker and look at these before and

After Results in case you guys forgot from the Beginning of the video these shoes were Absolutely caked in mud and you can't Even tell that this is the same sneaker That looks like this one we achieved These results using the rejuvenator Essential cleaning kit clean the entire Sneaker with the three different brushes And all natural solution and then allow It to dry outside to dry evenly and These shoes are a night and day Difference you can achieve these results On every sneaker in your collection by Shopping right now at rejuvenator tocom Use my link in the description to save 10% off and pick up any product on the Rejuvenator lineup if you're new here Make sure you subscribe if you like Today's video hit the thumbs up button And I'll see you guys again soon in the Next shoe care Academy Video [Music]