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Size reference: I’m 5’7 or 170cm and 140 lbs

Levi’s trucker Jacket (size small):
Uniqlo Bomber Jacket (size small):

Brown Zip up Hoodie (medium):
Green Pullover hoodie (medium):

COS cardigan was bought instore, im not seeing it online. Here are some similar ones:
Taupe knit sweater (small – fits oversized):
(similar) Cable knit sweater (small):

Naked and Famous Selvedge Denim:
Affordable selvedge alternative:

Beige Carpenter Pants (fits slightly big, size down if you’re in between sizes):

Uniqlo flannel (small):

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Jackets: 0:15
Hoodies: 2:35
Knitwear: 3:45
Pants: 4:48
Flannels: 6:01

The items I'm talking about in this Video are guaranteed to never go out of Style and those are always the best Purchases right because it's money well Spent I mean at the end of the day we End up wearing like the same five Clothing items every single year so this Video is going to be about those Favorite items so let's kick it off with Jack it's specifically denim jackets These things have been around forever They were invented in the late 1880s They were made iconic by James Dean in Those early American movie stars and They're still relevant today my favorite Ones to wear are Levi's Levi's actually Invented the denim jacket so this one is Definitely a classic I prefer the Traditional trucker style jacket that Means it has a slightly cropped fit it's Got the pointed collar and ultimately The mid wash that you see here just goes With everything styling is super easy as Well you can wear it on its own you can Wear it over top of a vest or one of my Favorite expert styling tips is to Actually wear your top coat over top of Your denim jacket this thing just adds For incredible layering opportunities And the best part is is that you don't Have to go spending a ton of money in Levi's back it will run you around 80 US Dollars 85 US dollars they do go on sale But you can literally walk into your

Local thrift store and pull something Out like you see here this one is one That I grabbed for the low I believe I Got it for around twenty dollars it has A nice Wash Detail to it and it looks Nice and worn in so ultimately denim Jackets are super super classic next up Let's talk about bomber jackets bomber Jackets were originally invented in the 1900s for US Army Pilots they were worn By Steve McQueen and Tom Cruise in the 80s and still today people are loving The bomber jacket including myself and One of my favorites that I like to buy From is Uniqlo this one is the ma1 Blouson it is a bomber jacket that draws Inspiration from one of The Originals With the flat pockets and the zipper Side pockets as well this thing has some Nice insulation it's actually water Repellent so it will help Propel the Elements just a little bit and my Favorite way to style them is actually Over top of a hoodie a nice boxy fit Hoodie and the key here is to get the Right proportions because it's a little Bit of a wider fit you want a pair of Looser pair of jeans looser pair of Denim cargo pants for example what I Would recommend not doing is getting one Of those small thin ones that were like Worn and more menswear looks about five Six years ago get the true get the Original so before we move on to the

Next topic the hat that I'm wearing is Now back in stock this is my clothing Brand more apparel I went through dozens Of hot samples to find the perfect one I'm tired of wearing hats that no longer Fit the way that I like them too this One is absolutely perfect so if you guys Want to support me as a Creator and also Get one of the best hats that you've Ever bought trust me I guarantee it hit That link in the description we sold out But we just did a big restock so buy Them before supplies run out fall is Obviously the perfect time to wear Hoodies as well now I'm going to be Making a dedicated video about a ton of Hoodie options so once that video is Ready I'll link it in the description But the ones that I want to talk to you About are from a new brand that I've Been trying and it's called bungee Muji Bit of a weird name if I'm being Completely honest but I cannot explain To you how much I love these hoodies I Have two options I have a zip up and a Pullover the zip up is a nice brown Color with some wash details to it it Tons of distressing along the edges of The fabric which I personally love and The one thing that I love about zip UPS As well is that you can use the Undershirt to sort of accentuate the Outfit whether it's a graphic tee like You see here I think that it can add so

Much detail to the outfit and it's a Great way to like personalize the outfit Maybe the graphic tee is of your Favorite band or you know your favorite Sports team or something like that this Is just a really clean fit especially More in the streetwear category of Course and I just can't explain to you How comfortable uh the zip up is as well As the pullover the pullover it's Actually a sage green color so I decided To wear it with some little bit more Lighter tones with some light wash jeans And some white sneakers I'll have a Bunch more recommendations Linked In the Description once that video is ready but Uh you can never go wrong with a good Hoodie each and every season as well There's always one clothing item that I Like start to get super passionate about And I'll buy a ton of and that's Knitwear right now I love a good knit Sweater I love different types of knit Sweaters whether they're super baggy or Looser or more relaxed fit or some I Mean that's a little bit more fitted and My favorite ones to buy right now are From cost they have a ton of great Options and when you factor in the Quality for the price cost is really one Of the best Brands this knit cardigan That you've seen here this gray one is Easily one of my favorite items that I've bought this season it just has a

Ton of texture and detail and they're Perfect for more of a business casual or Menswear setting so if you have to dress Up for work then this is something That's going to be perfect for you cable Knit sweaters are some of my favorite as Well they make for like the perfect Undershirt this one from the Gap I wore A ton of and it's for a very reasonable Price I think that cable net sweaters Have been around for ages whether it's a Turtleneck option but either way a Chunky knit sweater something like this Is just perfect especially in that cream Color because it can be worn on its own I've wore it under a vest last year or You can just throw it underneath the Jacket moving forward I have some great Pant options as well starting off with Salvage jeans you guys just saw me wear These with some of the knitwear outfits But ultimately selvedge jeans are one of My favorite for a number of reasons Number one a lot of them typically come In some darker washes and with that it Really goes well with some of those Earth Tones olives Browns that you're Going to be wearing in the fall time Especially with black for example Another thing is that Selvage denim Typically comes in a thicker cut wearing Selvedge denim in the summertime has Always been a challenge for me because You just end up sweating a ton but in

The fall time it's absolutely perfect Carpets or pants are another one of Those styles that I love to wear in the Fall time similar to Selvage in that They are a little bit thicker but I find That they actually have a more rugged More masculine look to them which I Prefer and also they look really good With things like flannels and denim Jackets and some of those more Traditional sort of Workwear pieces and The cream color I know people say don't Wear white after Labor Day but there's Something about a pair of cream Carpenter pants or a Light Beige in the Fall I just personally love because it Goes so well with some of those other Tones that you guys know that I love to Wear I have some great options for you These ones are from Abercrombie and I Have some options from The Gap as well And the best part is is that if you want To go with something that's a little bit More of a cleaner look you can actually Dress it up which is actually what You're seeing with this green chore code As well now it wouldn't be a fall video Without talking about flannels as you Guys know I am like a flannel Connoisseur I'm like a flannel sommelier What bro what are you talking about man Now similar to the hoodies I am going to Be making a dedicated flannels videos so You guys better be excited for that I'll

Leave it in the description once it is Ready but one of my favorites to wear Right now and you guys have heard me Talk about it is from Uniqlo this one is One of my favorites it has a nice light Weight but it's still soft and warm okay It's got all three I promise you and the Best part is that it has that shadow Plot print that I absolutely love and This is great for a number of reasons Because you can style it in more of a Streetwear type of way it has a nice bit Of texture to your outfit and it's super Versatile right you can wear it on its Own you can button up you can wear it Underneath a jacket you can wear it with A hoodie possibilities are endless when It comes to flannels there's so many Great color combinations to go with These as well you guys have known I Bought a number of different ones Throughout the years but ultimately Flannels are just super classic so to Learn about some of the best fall Fashion trends that are guaranteed to Improve your style click this video Right over here or if you want to see Different ways to style the Air Jordan One low check this video out right over Here so let me click on one of those and I'll meet you guys there