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Come shop with me! Looking for some slides for summer and went to one of my fav local shopping malls. Picked up a new car along the way!

Today I say goodbye to my car of the Last 12 years it's a 2009 Lincoln MKZ That was passed on to me for my Grandfather and I'm gonna trade it in For this one Now in all honesty the car has served me Well for a very long time but there are So many things wrong with it for example There's a hole in the seat the sunroof Doesn't work and has been completely Sealed shut I hit a pole a few weeks ago The tires are very bald and only one set Of keys so luckily I secured something New and it is a huge upgrade but before We pick it up I want to hit up some of My favorite local malls and I want to Show you guys what I look for when I go Shopping at the mall alright so now we Are Yorkdale which is honestly one of Canada's biggest and best malls for the Very reason that they have a ton of Affordable stores as well as high-end Ones like Tiffany right behind me and so We are going to be on the hunt actually For a pair of black easy slides but I'm Also going to be hopping into a few of My favorite affordable stores to show You what I look out for when I'm there Stores like Unico stuff like that so Come with me and we'll check it out Alright so as you can see right behind Me is Uniqlo so once again first thing When I do when I hop in here is I start To look for the Uniqlo U collection

Which takes us to the T-shirt over here As we know one of the best t-shirts These are the Uniqlo UTS which are a Little bit less soft but they have great Structure and thickness I especially Love the band around the collar as well These are of course their Uniqlo airism T's a lot more lighter fabric as you can Tell there's actually a difference in Color between the inside and the outside Because there's a little bit of Polyester involved these ones have a Nice boxy fit and the sleeves are a lot Longer and as always one of the best Parts of the Uniqlo teas is they come in A wide range of colors I just noticed That they have this brown one right here Which is super clean but just next to it Is one of my favorite products from Uniqlo and it is Uniqlo open collar Shirt so I'm actually gonna be trying These on for you guys just to see show You guys how great they actually are Okay these are an absolute must cop the Uniqlo U drawstring shoulder bag I'm Literally wearing it right now I have Two colors I have this black color that You see here and I have this beige let Me show you guys what it looks like on Over to the mirror over here quick fit Checks do CT Chicago's And This is what the bag look likes I had to Have some heavier stuff in there so it

Looks it may look a little bit weird but Honestly I use these every single week I Absolutely love them also don't sleep on The women's section as well they have These really nice wide fit cargos over Here and all of the essential colors we Got the cream you got the beige the Black The Olive and honestly nobody's Gonna know that they're women so what Difference does it make they've got tons Of different sizes and availability so Be sure to check those out another one Of my favorite items are the utility Gear shorts look at all the different Colors they come in some bright some Plain I have the black and the olive Pair and these have such a great length A little bit I think maybe like a seven Or eight inch inseam side zipper Pockets Nylon rip stop material really really Good so if you wanted to switch things Up from cargos they do have these Baker Pants which are technically called Fatigues because of these large Rectangular Pockets along the front that Have a nice straight fit and come in the Browns the olives and the blacks so I Don't know if you guys remember from my Last unique little haul video they have These utility short blouse and that's Really clean looking these large Pockets Along the frame remember this fitting Huge though so we're gonna be after the Extra small all right so I basically got

Like kicked out a unique clothes they Told me to stop filming which I totally Understand not everybody wants to be on Camera in the background mind you I Wasn't focusing on anybody but it's kind Of a shame I've been shopping at Uniqlo For how many years but either way we're At cost now which has some great Elevated Basics so let's check it cost Was having a big sale and this beautiful Harrington style jacket was 40 off they Also had these wide fitting Olive Trousers for 70 off and you know they Always come correct with some open Collar shirts this one was 58 off this Is probably my favorite item this knit Polo I love the contrast color just look At the texture on that one and they Always have some nice matching sets as Well where the shorts match the shirt Don't forget about their high quality Tank tops as well and this shirt was Another favorite of mine I love the Texture on this one and here is another Matching set of theirs in a more taupe Color most people pulling up the Foot Locker which is just behind me it has Been many years since I walks into a Foot Locker and just bought a pair of Shoes but let's look what they got first Things first we have this really clean Pair of Adidas Gazelles across from it Was these on cloud running shoes which Is one of my favorite shoes to run in

And just do some general workouts in This is probably one of the nicest shoes In here as well no I love my A6 and both Of these were really clean Jordan 5 Crafts were sitting as well as the Air Jordan 2. I really like this shoe a lot And one of the biggest breaks of the Year are the cement print Air Jordan Ones unfortunately people did not want These let's move on to New Balances 2002rs are one of the best shoes in here As well as the 990 V6 and they had a Whole wall of New Balance 550s I know I'm here for a pair of Yeezy sides but These idea let 22s are really nice and I'm going to go with them instead they Have them at Champs apparently in my Size on our way to Champs and I had to Stop by one of the biggest Nike stores In North America not in the hunt for Anything in particular but I might as Well check it Oh Their Nike ECG line is honestly one of My favorites they don't have a ton of Stuff right now but this is where I Bought that brown ACG jacket that I Popped up in a bunch of videos with so Definitely go check out your local Nike Store for some of those gems here is the Massive wall of shoes that they had and Seeing these just reminded me of how Much have I left to see the flying Eraser maker return they also had some

Pretty standard colorways of the Air Force One and Nike Dunks however this One in particular was really nice to be Honest I don't even know the name of it By far this is the best shoe though the Nike Airship and the Air Jordan 5 craft Let's fast forward to Champs so I Finally got to see these in hand I know I'm a year late but man these are very Very comfortable and I bought them very Fast alright so I didn't end up getting The Yeezy slides I thought I would just Get these instead but you know what I'm Just gonna drop off some of the stuff That I bought and then I'm gonna go grab Something and by grab something to eat You already know I meant Chick-fil-A so For Chick-fil-A I got the spicy deluxe With the waffle fries of course all Right one by everyone knows the rules All right And for the record Chick-fil-A has only Been opened in Canada for a very short Amount of time so this is very new to us And it slaps incredibly hard and so here She is guys this is the 2023 Volkswagen GTI 40th anniversary let's start with The front of the car I love the red trim That you see throughout as well as the Honeycomb Grille with two front fog Lights which look stock let's move on to The wheels we got 19-inch all the way Rims black with the red trim and for the Rear of course it's a hatchback one of

My favorite details to open up the trunk You just put your finger right here and Lift up and your good money I'm already Starting to clutter it up there I got a Bunch of soccer balls because I gotta Play later so anyways I just love the Overall shape of it the interior is Honestly stunning for the seats you have Racing style seats with that signature Black gray and red plaid I absolutely Love the steering wheel plus you got a Digital dash and all of those Speedometers that you can see there are Fully customizable and you can change Them to whatever type of view that you Would like and you can do a GPS View you And just a bunch of other things it's Super high tech right next to it we got Apple carplay which for me is a huge Upgrade considering I had that old System before so apple carplay is huge Especially since I love music now I am By no means a car guy but this really is A glow up of a lifetime going from that Old car which once again I was very Appreciative to be able to drive it Still took me from point A to point B But this thing is like spaceship Compared to that all right now last Thing before I head back to the condo I Want to show you guys just a little bit Of what the car sounds like Uh A lot better than the Lincoln alright

Guys I am back home and I want to give You a quick recap of everything that I Bought first up are these ADI let 22 Slides I am super impressed with how These look and feel on feet I know they Came out last year this is my first pair Um but they're honestly a great Affordable alternative to a pair of Yeezy slides I did get this uh that Um that blows in from Uniqlo in that Green color that I showed you guys I Love the fit of it sleeves are a bit Long but we'll just have to sort of work It out and another thing that was just Sent to me by from size Canada Are these Adidas jogging yogin I think They're probably called because it's German but Um either way these are super clean Great alternative to the sambas I mean They look very very similar I'm not sure Too sure which one came first quality And these are excellent I love the hits Of orange on here great summer color and You already know they're gonna look dope With a pair of cargos so in terms of Vlogs you can expect them more on the Channel Um I'm not an expert yet and I have a Long way to go when it comes to vlogging To be honest I still have a little bit Of anxiety filming in public but it's Just something that I think I'm gonna Have to overcome and I will over time

But I'm gonna start switching up the Content more on the channel so be sure To stay tuned hopefully you're Subscribed I would definitely appreciate That and I'll catch you guys in the next One peace